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July 11, 2013

Things Millennials Who Live At Home Love

A loving tribute to this and this that brings it all back home.

8 GUARANTEED Ironic Photos, Or Your Money Back

It's like 10,000 spoons, when all you need is some fucking heroin.

The 20 Most Relatable Woody Allen Quotes

Words of wisdom from the most neurotic man in cinema.

Free Slurpee Day: 7 Eleven Celebrates 7/11 With Free Slurpees

Every year, 7 Eleven celebrates its matching date by giving away free slurpees.

Bruce Lee Returns For Whisky Ad

Bruce Lee did not drink alcohol, but his CGI version is in a Johnnie Walker ad.

25 Things You Can't Believe Still Don't Exist In 2013

Get it together, the future is supposed to be now.

33 Things People In Los Angeles Absolutely Love

We have certain desires, and those desires include avocado on everything, followed by a brisk hike!

Former State Department Spokeswoman Downplays Role In Benghazi Talking Points

"I had no conversations with Susan Rice herself," Nuland says.

Hockey Player Retires With 12 Years Left On Contract

Apparently there's nothing wrong with that.

Awkward Moments Only Artists Will Understand

You love to draw. Alone. In a room. Away from annoying people.

The Woman Who Taught Herself To Dance In A Year Leads The Daily Links

Plus 10 SyFy Channel movies that are just as ridiculous as Sharknado, a very astute observation about Adam Sandler characters, and what happens when you try to kiss a lion.

17 People Who Should've Chosen Their Fonts More Carefully

Hopefully they learned their lesson.

This Is What The Birth Of The Royal Baby Will Be Like

Details on everything from the bed William might get to sleep in to the food Kate might eat. It's all so exciting and boring at the same time!

18 Recipes That Make The Paleo Diet Look (Almost) Easy

Blueberry French Toast Casserole? Enough said.

Twist In Peace, Chuck.

The pallbearers had to spin to see which handle to grab.

Lamar Odom Went On A Rampage With The Paparazzi

The basketball player got angry with two photographers and this happened.

Bracing For A Post-Facebook Facebook

Every tech company has to change eventually. For Facebook, What Comes After Facebook?

Britney's New Video, Debunked

a super important topic in society.

Your Historical Misconceptions Corrected

Maybe Napoleon didn't have a Napoleon complex after all. And a vomitorium is a what now?

What Your Facebook Post Should Have Said

Facebook is a lying little hoe.

Leah Remini Allegedly Leaving The Church Of Scientology (UPDATED)

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Despite Today's False Twitter Alarm, Kate Middleton's Maternity Ward Is Quiet

Reporters are just standing outside the hospital killing time by interviewing each other about what it's like to stand outside the hospital.

Never Looked Better! Helena Christensen, 44, Shows Off The Body That Made Her Famous As She Strips Naked For Photo Shoot

She was a top supermodel in the 1990s and two decades later, Helena Christensen has still got it. It’s hard to believe the star celebrated her 44th birthday in December, as she looks far younger than her years.

29 Signs You Go To A Women's College


Throw McQueen On Your Floor Without Feeling Overwhelming Guilt

In today's fashion collaboration news, The Rug Company plans to release a line inspired by Sarah Burton's Spring 2011 Alexander McQueen collection. The seven-piece line will include rugs, wall-hangings, and cushions. Does this mean fashion brands have finally exhausted every possible collaboration idea?

Lady Gaga Is Back And Out On The Town In A Bra

She's baaaaacccckkkk — and hanging her feet of out windows too.

PHOTOS: David And Victoria Beckham's Cutest Moments With Daughter Harper

As the doting parents celebrate their little girl's 2nd birthday, look back at Harper’s most aww-worthy moments since she joined the Beckham clan.

The Pope Makes It A Crime To Sexually Abuse Children In Vatican City

Because for some reason it wasn't already. Pope Francis also will impose tough penalties for staff who leak confidential Vatican information.

12 Things Humans Can Learn From Hedgehogs

We asked a bunch of attendees at HedgieCon 2013 to write down one lesson that people can learn from pogs. Here's what they said.

11 Times Marco Rubio Spoke Out Against "Amnesty"

The Florida Senator used to talk entirely about border security, attacked Ronald Reagan for supporting amnesty in 1986, criticized McCain's past reform attempts, and said granting amnesty would only encourage more illegal immigration. He's now singing a different tune with a bill that has fines, background checks and other requirements allowing illegal immigrants to access the legal immigration system.

19 Insane Fan Theories About Movies And TV That Will Blow Your Mind

Some might make you roll your eyes... but some will blow your mind.

Pacific Rim Review, By Vince Mancini For

Do me a favor: don’t read this review until Monday, okay? I would feel derelict in my duties if I didn’t review this movie on opening day, but honestly, I don’t want to ruin it for you. I still remember that feeling of anticipation I had. This was…

21 Cake Toppers For Your Fabulously Unique Gay Wedding

Ding, dong, DOMA's dead! Here are some cake toppers for your perfect gay wedding cake.

Benedict Cumberbatch At His Benedict Cumberbatchiest

Cumberbatch is getting out of our dreams and into the car. The actor will appear on the BBC show Top Gear this Sunday.

Why Los Angeles Summers Are Actually The Worst

Summer is here! Hooray! Not so fast if you live in Los Angeles.

What Is Heaven Like?

There's a lot of debate and speculation about what happens when we die. Many agree that we either go to heaven or hell, but what are these places like? Allow me to take you on a visual journey, from hell to heaven. With animated GIFs. Just click the image and allow the journey to begin.

The 20 Pictures Of Miniature Pigs You Need To See Before You Die

Because you don't want to be that person on their death bed regretting not looking at that BuzzFeed list of mini pigs.

The 11 Most Perfect Parts Of The Robbie Rogers Out Magazine Cover

Well, technically, every part of it is perfect. But these parts are most perfect.


I'm testing Instagram's new embed code.

When "Recommendations" Go Too Far

Tech companies think they know what you want, and they're going to give it to you. And, dammit, you're going to like it.

Disney's Guide To Getting It On

In case you want to un-zip-a-dee your doo-dah.

Things Millennial Ice Cream Loves

With fond regards to this and this.

28 Reasons Cordelia Chase Should Be Your New Role Model

She may have been Sunnydale's resident bitch, but she was the only one who told it like it was. And for that, we should all become acolytes of Cordelia Chase.

15 Fictional Summer Camps You Wish You'd Attended

With the premiere of NBC's Camp and USA's Summer Camp, it's easy to feel nostalgia for summer camp — at least the fictional ones. Here are some of the camps that would have made your summer complete.

8 Cringey Corporate Facebook Updates Called Out!

Condescending Corporate Brand Page calls out brands for patronising engagement touting updates. Here are 8 of the worst offenders called out!

12 Sounds You Need To Hear Before You Die

These will change your life.

The '90s Were The Golden Age Of Alt-Rock Eyebrows

Because there's basically nothing sexier than a well-arched brow.

Derek Jeter's Most Iconic Moment Was A Goonish Faceplant, Not A Triumph

He caught the ball in fair territory and just kind of trip-jumped over the wall, guys.

11-Year-Old Girl In A Wheelchair Turned Away From A Museum Because Her Wheels Would Ruin The Carpet

A Georgia museum wouldn't allow a little girl with a neurological condition to go inside because they thought her wheelchair might make the carpets dirty.

Designing A Cathedral For The Centuries

The Cathedral of Christ the Light is 360 degrees of stunning design.

The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip Reading List

Books to put you in that cross country state of mind.

14 Marvel Heroes Before They Were Heroes

Even mutants and super-geniuses go to high school. And they have the embarrassing photos to prove it

The Stages Of Ramadan, As Told By The Internet

"Let the real Hunger Games begin!"

How One Of 2011's Best Games Became One Of 2013's Clumsiest Apps

Deus Ex: The Fall isn't the missing link between console and tablet gaming. It's proof that each should focus on what they do best.

Your Therapist's Secrets

Are you curious what goes on in your therapist's mind during your sessions? Check out this list.

14 Things Taylor Swift Is Doing Right Now

"Not a lot going on at the moment."

12 Beautiful Vintage Photos Of Brides From 1850-1920s

Some of these gorgeous gowns just might serve as an inspiration for your special day.

22 Insanely Cool Conversation-Piece Plants For Your Garden

You, too, can harness a bit of nature's weirdness.

11 Reasons You Should Back Tiny Diapers For The Tip Of Your Penis On Thingstarter

Every guy hates dealing with male spotting -- that extra drop that sticks around after you pee. Ed Daniels finally solves this problem with tiny diapers that fit snugly onto the tip of any penis.

Two Cool Print Ads For Super Soakers

You need this. I need this. America needs this.

Why Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Totally Worth It

Distance means so little when someone means so much.

This High School Student Knows More About Love Than Most People

Kim Ho, only 17-years-old, published a monologue about a boy falling in love with his best friend. The story was turned into a short film, which has resonated with audiences all over the globe.

23 Things Pinterest Moms Don't Want You To See

Behind every masterpiece of modern motherhood lies a chaotic destruction that is surprisingly hardly ever pictured. Until now.

21 Books That Terrified You As A Kid

And probably still give you nightmares. Admit it: these books have been mentally scarred you for life.

Ram Vs The Idiot

Ram in helmet against a ram with horns

11 Classic Works Of Art Re-Imagined With People Of Color

"Put some colored girls in the MoMA" - Jay-Z, me

19 Of The Best And Worst #RoyalBabyNames Suggestions

PROTIP: Don't let Twitter name your baby.

High School Teacher Turned Democratic Congressman Trolls Republicans With Red Pen

California freshman Mark Takano whips out the correction pen to give GOP immigration hardliners "an F." Update: Republican calls Takano's edits "everything Americans hate about Washington."

6 Ways To Know Your Relationship Is Working

You can always tell when your friends are in a great relationship — but what about your own love life?

9 Signs You've Become That Person About Getting Healthy

You've changed your life for the better. And now you won't shut up about it.

Pope Francis Demands Statue Of Himself Be Removed, And Not Just Because It Was Hideous

Argentina, we know you love your native son, but he was all, "Are you actually kidding me, Buenos Aires?"

NYC Comptroller Criticizes U.S. Retailers' Bangladesh Safety Plan

John Liu, who oversees $140 billion in the New York City Pension Funds, is "disappointed" in U.S. retailers' plan to improve factory safety in Bangladesh. He says that instead of their own plan they should have joined the legally-binding Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

Golden Globes

Gobble up sungolds with two hands! These golden orange cherry tomatoes are exceptionally sweet, fruity, juicy and rich in beta-carotene. (image courtesy of Ann Althouse)

13 Deceptively Deep Pop Songs

You know they're great songs. But did you know they overflow with meaning?

Stephanie Gilmore Stars In Sexy Roxy Surf Ad Garnering Criticism [VIDEO]

The advertising campaign for Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 event is generating criticism from social media users for its sexual portrayal of pro-surfer Stephanie Gilmore.

6-Second Loop Of Woman With Broken Foot Scootering In Circles Around Jay-Z (Vine, 2013)

Jay-Z has been performing "Picasso Baby," a track from Magna Carta Holy Grail, at Manhattan's Pace Gallery for the past four hours or so. He'll reportedly do it for six total, because of art. Marina Abramovich has been hanging out and dancing with…

The Number Facebook Doesn't Want You To See

It turns out Facebook users drastically underestimate the size of their audiences. Yes, everybody's there, but nobody is listening.

23 Occasions That Don't Call For A Selfie

Can we all just agree that we should all finish up in the bathroom BEFORE we pull out our phones and start taking pictures.

3 Delicious Ways To Make Potato Salad

Including one that's mayonnaise free, for all the weirdos who don't like it.

The Rich Can Now Get Last-Minute Online Shopping Orders Delivered By Seaplane

Net-a-porter shoppers in the Hamptons who need that Cavalli bathing suit instantly can pay extra for a service that will ship the items to them via Seaplane. Because nothing is more tasteless than regular mail. As if that belongs in the Hamptons.

It's 7-Eleven Free Slurpee Day

Get it? It's July 11th. Or 7/11. Like their name, 7-Eleven. Yeah?

What I've Learned From Re-Watching Laguna Beach

The summer session of Retro MTV has included morning marathons of Laguna Beach. It has been the best thing to happen to morning television since Regis & Kelly (and I mean that, sorry Michael Strahan) and has reminded all of us what we've learned from the kids of Laguna.

Big Banks Seen As Less Evil Than Before (But Still More Evil Than Not)

In a massive survey of consumer attitudes, the biggest gainers are some of the biggest banks. But it's just less negative.

Heartbreaking Story Of How A Dead Girl's Message In A Bottle Reached Her Mom

A little girl had thrown a bottle with a note in the waters off Long Island. Two years after her tragic death, it was delivered to her mother.

Lawmakers Who Really Oppose Immigration Reform Come From Really White Districts

The members of congress who are most outspoken against immigration reform all have something in common: They have overwhelmingly white congressional districts. [Note: Stats are from the 2010 Census and include people who identify with multiple races so numbers may not add up to 100%.]

Infielder-On-Infielder Crime Wave Strikes Major League Baseball

Elvis Andrus can't stop messing hilariously with Adrian Beltre, and Robinson Cano gave his shortstop a dirty look (but was joking).

Bethenny Frankel Accused Of Calling Ex 'Trash, Lazy, And Stupid' In Front Of Daughter

Bethenny Frankel is being accused of insulting her soon-to-be ex husband, Jason Hoppy, in front of their three-year-old daughter, Bryn, following an unsuccessful court date in which the couple wasn't able to reach a financial and custody agreement.

10 Steps For The Perfect Shopping Experience By Jasmine The Pup

Grocery shopping can be stressful and Jasmine the pup is here to help you out.

Meet The New Guard At Microsoft

Microsoft finally announced a massive reorganization of the company. Here are the software giant's new power players.

Fox News Host Hurls Ball Into Toddler's Face, Makes Him Cry On Live Television

Let's hope Elisabeth Hasselbeck can keep her co-hosts under control when she takes over the middle spot on the Fox & Friends couch.

The Granny Panty Epidemic

The magazine editors must be stopped!

What’s One Song That Never Fails To Make You Happy?

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up, and music is a great way to snap out of a bad mood. Share a song that always cheers you up in the comments below! Bonus points for sharing a YouTube video so we can all listen along.

James Holmes' Lawyers Say Theater Shooting Was "Psychotic Episode"

It's the first time they've acknowledged that he killed 12 and injured 70 in Aurora last July.

Shia LaBeouf Is Method Acting

The actor is starring in a new movie Fury and has really taken on the life of a soldier... but mostly just in pants wearing.

The Definitive Ranking Of Cereals From Worst To Best

So many cereals. But which one is the ultimate?

21 Joys Of Being A Girl With An Older Brother

And by "brother," I mean frenemy and bodyguard.

20 Movies That Are Now 20 Years Old

We're old, people, really really old.

Cruffin, Dangel, Dookie, Pake, And More

Everyone knows that the Cronut craze is getting out of hand. It's spawned countless knockoffs, popped up in cities around the country, lied about its drug usage -- all of it. The time to discover the next crazy pastry hybrid is nigh, and we've come…

11 Reasons Why Congress Needs To Fix Student Loan Rates Now

Shamefully, Congress failed to act before the July 1st deadline to prevent your student loan interest rates from doubling. This is an issue on which we should all agree. I call on Congress to pass legislation that will retroactively prevent this de facto tax increase on young people already struggling under mountains of debt. At a time when Americans owe more than $1.2 trillion in student loans debt, the last thing we should do is make college more expensive for students and their families. Here are 11 reasons why Congress needs to act on student loan interest rates.

24 Next-Level Burgers You Need To Know About

Sometimes, even the most delicious sesame seed bun starts to feel like a prison. These burgers are BUSTING OUT.

"The Canyons" Has An Official Trailer Now

Lindsay Lohan and "The Canyons" are both going to be released (one from rehab, one in theaters) in a 48-hour time period. I'll drink to that.

Katie Price's 40 Most Outrageous Outfits And The Inspiration Behind Them

Forty guesses as to the inspiration for each of the following CRAZY fashion choices.

Giant 3-D Street Art Will Make You Feel A Little Weak At The Knees

Artist Francois Abelanet has decorated the streets of Lyon, France, with record breaking (and head wrecking) street art.

Weird Ways To Burn 200 Calories

Sure, you could go to the gym, but these options sound more fun!

U.K. "Blowjob" Ad Created Specifically To Be Banned

This is what advertising has come to in the new Out of Ideas Age.

Sailor Moon Was The Gayest Cartoon On Television

But you wouldn't know this if you watched it in America.

Florida State Joins The SEC, Tells No One

Okay, they technically told one guy.

Why Muppets Should Never Have Human Eyes

This brilliantly simple Tumblr has been circulating the web today, but it hasn't been updated since last January. We want more!

Can Men And Women Really Be Just Friends, No Benefits?

Can you be buddies or is there always underlying sexual tension? To be true platonic pals, a few rules apply.

John Fugelsang: Fox News Explains Why Crushing Student Loan Debt Is A Good Thing

"Students now pay rates nine times higher than what the banks pay. The same banks that destroyed millions of jobs and nearly broke your economy." — John Fugelsang

24 Things That Prove You're An Improv Nerd

Between the late nights and the inside jokes, here are some ways you can spot an improviser from a mile away.

Justin Bieber Apologized To Bill Clinton For Cursing Him Out

Is this the end of BieberPissGate 2013?

The United States Of YA

Read your way across the USA! One YA book set in each state. How many states have you "visited?" Originally posted on Epic Reads.

How "This American Life" Made It To Episode 500

Ira Glass: "My main goal has been to just be in a situation where I’m not bored with my job."

Justin Bieber Is Officially Dead To Me After Peeing In Bucket On Amy Scarlata's Blog

nbsp; I write this post to you currently in a state of rage. Justin Bieber and his ragtag group of slackies must be stopped! This event went above and beyond his usual saggy pants, leopard print car business.  Biebs and his boyz ran amuck in a classy restaurant in NYC and proceeded to

Molly Ringwald, '80s

Molly Ringwald, '80s

15 Ways To Know If Your Turkish

Ne Mutlu Turkum Diyene!

10 Tech Companies That Are Basically Hipster Indie Music Acts

There's plenty of ammo for the argument that tech professionals are basically total hipsters. But the reality is, the companies themselves are pretty much analogous to indie hipster music acts.

Time To Close The Windows! Tyre Mountains For Huge Bonfires Spring Up Across Belfast As Protestants Mark Historic Defeat Of Catholic King James

The huge tyre mounds, many of which are more than 100ft tall, have been built as the city nervously prepares for an annual Protestant loyalist celebration.

Grammer Misteaks Every Wear

In your ramen shop, in your Dollar Store, on your NYPD wanted posters, etc.

Breathe Carolina Release New Mixtape On Sara Scoggs' Blog

Breathe Carolina released a new 3-song mixtape over the weekend for all to enjoy. The Bangers mixtape includes three brand new songs and it's all available for FREE. Yippee! It's the kind of music that comes in handy when you have a party on your…     You can also catch BC on

There Are People Climbing Up The Shard Right Now

Six Greenpeace protesters are climbing up The Shard to protest against Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic.

22 Reasons You Need To Follow @BBCSporf

Quite clearly the best parody sports account on twitter. Via @BBCSporf.

10 Signs You're Over Your Job

Maybe once upon a time you entered your office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but those times are long gone. One day, you find yourself taking a coveted sick day so you can see a matinee of an embarrassingly bad movie or passing out at your desk from sheer boredom, and you ask yourself: Why am I still here?

8 Earth-Shattering Events That Could Only Happen On Grey's Anatomy

You love the show, but it's been a crazy ride over the past ten years. Take a look back at the wildest ways Grey's Anatomy made us scream, cry, and make us want to throw out our TV's.

A Woman's Right To Booze

Second Sex on the Beach Susan Beer Anthony Woman’s Libation Shandy Day O’Connor Cotes du Rhone Vs. Wade Creme de 19th Amendment A Rum of One’s Own Sojourner Vermouth Rosé the Riveter Intrauterine Deviceroy Pabst Smear Pussy Rye-ot International Women’s Daiquiri Joan of Arc and Stormy Vermouth Bader Ginsberg Pimms Diva Cup Judith Butlery Nipple Our Toddies, Ourselves All Heterosexual Triple-Sec is Rape Equal IPA Act Pickle-Back the Night Mary Thom Collins Female Condom Perignon Bloody Mary Wollstonecraft Morning After Pillsner Glass Yuengling A Woman Needs a Man(hattan) Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle Jane-Claire Quigley is an underemployed freelance…

10 "Just Girly Things" Parodies That Will Make You Laugh And Cry At The Same Time

I honestly don't know whether to be delighted or terrified. Warning: Some of these are downright demented.

King Noodle - Dorito Kimchee Carbonara Is Calling You To Bushwick -- Just Do It

Bushwick's newest culinary/craziness player King Noodle is half Chinese joint, half acid trip, half roller disco, and half undersea coral reef adventure (the art is based on nudibranchs -- Google it), which all adds up just fine, because you're on…

Obama Executive Order Requires Federal Government Employees To Learn To Spy On Co-workers, To Prevent More WikiLeaks-Type Disclosures

So-called 'Insider Threat Program' is an unprecedented crackdown across all federal agencies and contractors seeking to identify 'high-risk persons or behaviors' through secret directives. A question about it Wednesday had White House spokesman Jay…

Russian Advertising Is Obsessed With Boobs

Well, all advertising is, but the Russians take it up a notch with extra boobs and extra bouncing.

Who Do You Think Will Win The Challenge: Rivals II?

If you're like me, you pretty much live for the chaos this show brings to MTV. Here's a breakdown of the competitors' past rankings to help you bet on a winner.

Ya Dig Amanda Bynes Rocks Blue Locks And Sweats In Court On Amy Scarlata's Blog

Between calling everyone from Drake to President Obama U-G-L-Y, Amanda Bynes made time to attend her court date in NYC today regarding her throwing of the bong out the high rise window situation.  She wasn't giving us court room couture like Lohan always did, but instead served up sneakers, sweats, and a Nicki

Joy Behar On Hasselbeck Joining ‘Fox & Friends’

Joy Behar and Famestream guests Galina Espinoza, Chuck Nice, and Rob Shuter discuss Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s transition from “The View” to “Fox & Friends.”

26 Tech DIY Projects For The Nerd In All Of Us

So many ways to store, tote, and gift your favorite technologies - the possibilities are endless!

Mother Spends £1,000 On Daughter's School Prom Including Hiring Katie Price's Cinderella Wedding Carriage After She Endured FIVE YEARS Of Bullying

'No expense spared': Single mother Ms Harker, from Telford, said she had promised her daughter the 'amazing' prom night she deserved and even organised for her blue dress to be hand-made in China

Bonanno Family Indicted In NYC Mob Crackdown

The Bonanno crime family is facing mob charges typically relegated to shows like "The Sopranos."

How To Cope Now That You Know Tiva Is Over

Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS the show, i.e. Ziva David is leaving Tony DiNozzo, her more or less one true love. Cue the heartbreak bells.

Channing Tatum Carries Baby Daughter In A Wrap Carrier

He's the world's sexiest (and downright cutest) new dad! See the latest reason we're swooning over Channing Tatum...

This Pregame Dugout Dance Will Get You Amped For Anything

Guess Munenori Kawasaki was feeling a little footloose.

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