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July 23, 2013

11 Absolute Worst Things About Being A Grocery Store Bagger

Think it's easy stuffing some groceries in bags? THINK AGAIN!

22 Snapchats That Must Be Shared

We've all done it — saved a snapchat that was just too good, too funny, or too gross. Here's some of the best.

The Most Boring, Useless Facts You Can Immediately Forget But Probably Won't

There are boring facts and then there are "BORRRRRR-ing" facts. Here are a few facts to get people to nod indifferently.

Here Is The Woman Linked To Anthony Weiner In Sex Chats

UPDATED: A progressive activist from Indiana in her early 20s who identifies herself online as "Sydney Leathers" and "sidneyelainexo" is the woman whose online profile is linked to the latest Weiner scandal. Weiner, she wrote, could "continue sending dick pics every single day."

Lady Gaga Modest Naked In V Magazine

Holy crap. It’s like a girl got sucked up into some alien space ship, stripped, probed and punched in the face a few times just so she’d remember them, her chin turned toward the wall so the aliens could pleasure themselves with her nice body but…

Video: Jennifer Lawrence Star Struck Around Jeff Bridges At Comic-Con

People always seem baffled that the internet has collectively decided that we love Jennifer Lawrence and hate Gwyneth Paltrow, but it’s actually pretty easy to understand: Gwyneth Paltrow sells $165 sweat pants and Jennifer Lawrence does stuff like…

Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Hasn't Been This Bad Since The First Debate With Romney

Public Policy Polling's latest national survey shows no one's doing well in Washington these days.

These Stephen King Connections Will Blow Your Mind

With an author as prolific as Stephen King, it's no surprise his universe is expansive — but did you know most of his works are connected to one another? Here are some of the craziest connections, from the surface-level to the ones you might have missed.

Apple Reports Perfectly Ordinary Quarter; Life Goes On

Earnings, revenue, and key product sales all came about in line with analyst estimates.

13 Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird

Wallace Stevens' classic poem as a list. SORRY.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

23 Grammar Police Officers Who Should Turn In Their Badges

The Grammar Police need their own Division of Internal Investigation.

How To Make A Demoralizing Loss Even More Humiliating

The Cincinnati Reds lack compassion.

Anthony Weiner Already Inspiring New Alias On Gay Hookup Apps

There are some real-life Carlos Danger imitators out there.

VIDEO: Sister Covers Little Brother In Diaper Cream, Not Sunscreen

Log was just trying to protect her brother Bradley from the sun -- or so she thought!

Anthony Weiner: Some Sexts Came After I Resigned

The embattled former congressman said some of the illicit messages and photos he sent came after he resigned from office. He said he would stay in the New York City mayoral race.

Actor Dennis Farina Dead Of Blood Clot At Age 69

Dennis Farina dead at age 69. Cause of death was reportedly a blood clot in his lung that killed him suddenly in Scottsdale Arizona.

Free The Leash Kids

Please help.

Weiner's Wholesome People Magazine Spread Came One Week After Starting Online Relationship

"Anthony has spent every day since [the scandal] trying to be the best dad and husband he can be," his wife told People in 2012.

5 One-Song Workouts

Sometimes you just don't have time to hit the gym.

Why You Weren't Born In The Wrong Decade

Do you know someone who clutches their Urban Outfitters vinyl records while listening to the Beatles on a white iPhone 5 swearing that they were born decades too late? Here's a list of reasons(despite the obvious ones like women's suffrage, equal civil rights, etc.) you can tell them they're wrong.

How To Insult Someone As Told By The Real Housewives

The first ladies of Bravo have a comeback for every situation, but don’t cross them.

8 Presidential Pets You'll Wish Were Yours

As presented by Bo Obama, the current dog-in-chief.

The Royal Birth In "Lion King" GIFs

Someone had to do it.

Lady Gaga Tops The Forbes List Of Top-Earning Celebrities Under 30

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

The Office Cupcake Battle Is The Single Best Way To Resolve Your Differences

Office disputes happen. And after you watch this you'll never want to settle them without cupcakes again.

21 Photos Of Famous Heartthrobs With Their Moms

The royal baby—AKA the universe's newest future heartthrob—and his mum got their first photo taken today. Let us celebrate by staring at our other favorite heartthrobs and the genetically-gifted women who brought them into this world

Science Creates Self-Aware Drone Swarms

This will end well. A team of Swiss researchers have created the next generation of borderline science-fiction robot spies.

The Message

What I'll only admit to someone who's not there.

The Art Of Wearing Adorable Tiny Rings

Ring parties are the new arm parties. This is the best new trend ever.

Adorable Debuts Of Royal Babies, Then And Now

From Charles and Diana to William and Kate.

Pirates Superfan Sculpts Pro-Pirates Slogan Into His Own Chest Hair

He takes supporting the team to new, mildly disturbing heights.

Bianca Lawson From "Pretty Little Liars" Has Been Playing A Teenager On TV For 20 Years

It's funny that was she was in The Vampire Diaries because she might actually be a vampire.

Could We Stop An Asteroid? Feat. BILL NYE

Bill Nye answers the burning question: Do we stand a chance against a giant rock, on a collision course for Earth?

24 Important Pieces Of Life Wisdom From The Ladies Of "Girl Code"

MTV's Girl Code can be hit or miss, but when it's good, it's good! The show has been picked up for a second season so expect to see more of these funny ladies talking about everything under the sun.

Shepard Smith Describes Anthony Weiner Penis Photos

"It's like he's doing like this."

Bill Clinton Sings "Blurred Lines" By Robin Thicke

Well, the people at Baracks Dubs did most of the work. Watch their latest mash-up for some good ol' fashioned LOLs.

22 Wonderfully Bizarre Things You Will Only See At The Pitchfork Festival

Vinyl records pressed on the spot, R. Kelly's white dove balloons, and other stuff that you're not going to find at Lollapalooza or Coachella this year.

Beyonce's Hair Gets Caught In Fan And The Fan Apologizes

Last night during Beyonce's concert in Montreal, Beyonce's hair got caught in a Fan during her performance of 'Halo'. It seems the Fan has come out with a formal apology via youtube. Yup, the fan.

Stars Of "The Sandlot" Have Been Reuniting On A 20th Anniversary Tour

Good news: The pictures have been amazing. Bad news: You're officially old.

Huma Abedin Has Her Own Life

But Anthony Weiner's "notoriously private" wife is on the campaign trail with her husband — a calculated sacrifice from the woman who has already been through hell, and could see more of it yet. "She wants Anthony to win."

7 Actors To Consider For The Next Batman

With the sequel to Man of Steel in the works which one of these dark brooding thespians would you like to see?

Thomas Foolery - This DC Bar Has The Craziest, Craziest Rules

At the '80s-themed game bar Thomas Foolery, you'll never hear, "Stop acting like a child!", "Grow up!", or "Why can't you be more like your successful, though very anti-social half-brother?" because, 1) your unapologetic stepmother won't be around,…

Alleged Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Carnival Cruise Hot Tubs Triggers Grossest Class Action Lawsuit On Record

The plaintiff says he nearly lost his leg after it turned black and it was only saved after $70,000 in medical bills.

Anthony Weiner Admits "Some" New Sex Chat Allegations Are True

After BuzzFeed pressed the campaign for comment on new sex chat transcripts published on The Dirty, Weiner admits they're real. But timing remains unclear.

Heisenberg Mask: Bryan Cranston Walked The Comic-Con Dressed Up Like Walter White

The 57-year-old actor told surprised audience members in Hall H that he was actually the guy walking the Comic-Con floor dressed as Water White, his "Breaking Bad" character, who also goes by the alias "Heisenberg."

Tuna Capsizes Anthony Wichman's Boat

Hawaiian fisherman Anthony Wichman escaped with his life after an hour-long battle with a giant Ahi tuna.

This Tumblr Will Ruin Your Favorite Childhood Books And It's Amazing

Ever wonder what your favorite childhood stories would look like sexed, drugged, and rock 'n' rolled, up? Dirty Library and it's dirty-minded team has got you covered.

Badminton Brawl Breaks Out In Canada

There's a "black card" in badminton, and this guy really earned it.

32 Photos Of New York City In 1973

40 years ago the newly constructed World Trade Center loomed large over Lower Manhattan.

Baby Cambridge Emerges, Duchess In Polka Dots

The Duchess of Cambridge's first look as a new mother: a demure sky blue shift dress by Jenny Packham. Blue for a boy!

13 Signs You're Addicted To Froyo

Everyday I'm froyo-ing.

30 People Who Should Have Their Dating Privileges Revoked

Don't be any of these people. Just don't.

Double Plays Don't Come Much Harder Than This

That was one giant leap for Chris Stewart.

How League Of Legends Took Over Colleges

Riot Games' bid to make a computer game an intramural sport.

The Crazy Daily Express 99% Polls

Each day the Daily Express has a poll... and there's a pattern to the results.

These Stunning Close-Ups Of The Natural World Will Fix Your Day

Take a few minutes to appreciate the wonders of nature paired with an appropriately dreamy new song by Washed Out.

First Pictures Of The Royal Baby

Prince William and Kate Middleton introduce their newborn son.

The First Royal Baby Commercial Is...A Beer Ad

The baby room decorator is in royal trouble.

How Coco Rocha Made It As A Supermodel

The brunette beauty discusses her rise from Irish dance competitions in Canada to the pages of American Vogue — and beyond.

All Last Night's Royal Baby Mayhem At Buckingham Palace

In summary: one big, sweaty, rowdy mess. The Queen would expect better behavior from her subjects, really.

John Fugelsang: Virginia Is For Very Bad Lovers

"Isn't this just another Republican who won't ever regulate big corporations but tries to regulate your bedroom?" — John Fugelsang

Beers With Senator Claire McCaskill

BuzzFeed sits down with the Democratic senator from Missouri. Live from D.C. on July 23, 2013.

6 Major Differences Between "Orange Is The New Black" The Book And TV Show

Netflix's new drama is getting tons of praise. How much does it owe to the book on which it's based?

The 25 Madonna Inn Rooms You Have To Stay In Before You Die

California's Madonna Inn has been a tourist destination for decades thanks to its 110 themed rooms and suites. Here are the Madonna's best (and most ridiculous) rooms to spend the night.

12 Sweet DIY Instruments For Cash-Strapped Musicians

It's time to throw away your rubber-banded tissue boxes, you guys. These homemade music-makers are the real deal.

5 Celebs You Didn’t Know Wrote Children’s Books

Recently, I’ve discovered a secret about some of our favorite singers, actors, and athletes: THEY WRITE CHILDREN’S BOOKS!

90s Boy Bands Vs. 2013 Boy Bands

Time to end that age-old question: Who's better? The 90's or the 2010's?

Do You Know About Aussie Burgers Yet?

Because it's OK if you don't. But let's fix that right now.

15 Reasons You Miss "Entourage"

Is it really possible to feel nostalgic for a show that ended only a few years ago? OH YEAH.

28 Reasons Why Life Should Be More Like An '80s Teen Movie

John Hughes should have directed all of our lives.

The Mayor Of San Diego Allegedly Did Some Despicable Things To Women

All according to the lawsuit filed against Mayor Bob Filner.

Absolute Proof That Guy Fieri Is The Jay Leno Of The Food World

This will blow your mind (your waistline is already screwed).

So Why Aren't There More Gay Superheroes?

Andrew Garfield wondered aloud why Spider-Man couldn't be gay, but the reason could lie within the very pages that first brought the character to life.

The 10 Best Places To Meet Women After College

College students don't know how good they have it. They live alone, with no parental supervision and almost no responsibility. They have crazy amounts of free time and are in close proximity with the opposite sex all day, every day.  Unfortunately,…

The World's Best New Cocktail Bar Is Just One Stop On This Tales-Inspired NYC Crawl

You may or may not have known that Tales of the Cocktail spent last week ensuring the streets of New Orleans were filled with even more interesting facial hair and Sazeracs than normal. But you probably didn't know that New York watering holes took…

Royal Baby Meets His Grandparents

Kate's parents Michael and Carole Middleton visited St Mary's Hospital today, as did Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.

20 Adorable Handmade Stuffed Animals You Need To Hug Right Now

These insanely lovable creatures are even more so because someone took the time to create them from scratch. Squeeeeeeeeee.

20 Things New Yorkers Older Than 40 Did

And will never do again. It was a great time to be a New Yorker.

White House On Increased Deportations: "We Have To Enforce The Law"

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked why the Obama administration keeps deporting people at a record pace while at the same time supporting a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants. Carney said the administration has to "enforce the law."

Mr. Goodbar And "8th Wonder Of Chocolate World" Propel Hershey Sales

Citigroup added Hershey to its top investment picks on Monday, saying its second quarter sale report Thursday should show "tremendous growth" in Mr. Goodbar, Heath, and Rolo, and it might have the next big thing with Brookside chocolates.

Charles Barkley Makes It Rain Benjamins At A Celebrity Golf Event

Sir Charles ran out of [expletive]s to give, so he gave away $3,000 to random fans.

A Currant Affair

Pick jewel-like currants that are glossy and firm. Black are the tartest and must be cooked, while red or white currants can be eaten fresh.

Inspirational YouTuber Talks About Why He Doesn't Mind Being Blind

Props to you, Tommy Edison. Props to you.

14 Types Of People You Meet At The Gym

AKA Please don't be these people.

12 Reasons Why Hufflepuff House Is Actually Badass

Did Pottermore put you in Hufflepuff? Excellent. Welcome to the best-kept secret of Hogwarts.

The 21 Most Inspirational Moments From The World Synchronized Swimming Championships

Dancing around while treading water and doing the exact same thing as your partner is extremely hard, but these ladies made it look easy. The best moments from the 2013 World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona, Spain.

Predicting a Movie Flop

…because you should know when to save your $14.50 for something better. Like Chipotle.

18 Foods With Unexpected Origins

Think you know where your food comes from? Probably not. Here's 18 foods with unexpected origins, as discovered by flavour experts Glorious Foods.

Being Single When The Entire World Is Getting Together

Everyone in your life is hooking up, dating, getting engaged... and you're just about done.

Couple Gets Creative With 7 Wedding Parody Posters

It's this summer's can't miss event! When photographer Joshua Watson proposed to his film industry girlfriend Rachel, they knew better than to settle for a standard announcement.

Royal Baby Cliché Bingo

How many of these will you hear today?

19 Depressing One-Star Reviews Of Classic Literature

All the kids that ruined English class are back to haunt you on the internet. :(

Bill Hader Called Out For Wearing The Same Shirt All Of The Time

There's a site that collects all of the instances in which he's worn the same shirt — but Bill Hader secretly thinks his wife is behind the whole thing.

Here Are The Country's Best Cheesesteaks NOT Made In Philly

Brotherly Lovers claim that the further you get away from Philly, the worse the cheesesteak... but, then again, many of them haven't been too far away from Philly. So hope exists! And since there are, in fact, many delicious, worthwhile outsiders…

31 Unique Side Effects Of Being An Indian Girl

You have aunties all over the world, none of whom you're related to.

20 Examples Of Why 90s Teen Book Covers Were Amazing

Let us take a moment and bask in the glory that is 90s teen book cover design. Want more? Take a look at these 1990s Teen Covers: Then and Now.

Dog Doctor Provides Hope And Happiness At Children's Hospital

When you're feeling down, sometimes a fuzzy friend is all you need.

Anthony Weiner Faces New Sex Chat Allegations

The Dirty posts explicit Facebook and Formspring exchanges. "I'm deeply flawed." UPDATE: Weiner has released a statement acknowledging that at least some of the messages are authentic. This is the woman linked to these chats.

#ThanksGeorge Sarcastically Heaps Praise On George Zimmerman For His Feats Of Courage

After reports that Zimmerman saved a family from an overturned car, Twitter users imagined his other feats. "Zimmerman was able to save both Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes #ThanksGeorge."

You Need To Hear This Guy Beatbox

I mean how is it even possible to make this many sounds with your mouth?!

Is This Steven Tyler Or Somebody's Mom?

These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Meet Carl Icahn: Wall Street's Loudest (And Richest) Mouth

Icahn is as well known for his fiery temper and pointed one-liners as he is for his hedge fund's activist investing.

Robert Pattinson Is Another Bee In The Bey-Hive

R-Patz and the band Death Grips went to the Beyoncè concert in L.A. and got to meet her backstage because they are all famous and they get to do these things.

Hokuri Nails Are The Most Kawaii Form Of Nail Art Ever

The designs inspired by a Japanese nail salon called Hokuri feature tiny adorable details that anyone can do. Here are a few of the popular Hokuri nail motifs.

O'Hare Airport Is Just The Worst

Your flight is connecting through Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Congratulations, you've just booked a one-way ticket to hell.

21 Awesome Pictures Of "Bunny Island"

I want to go to there. Ōkunoshima, or "Rabbit Island," is a small island off of Japan's coast with a dark past and a fluffy present.

30 Signs You Went To Rutgers

The Scarlet Nights, late night pizza and falafel, cutting-edge research, football, and fat sandwiches.

The 10 Best Ads From Science World

You've got to see this.

30 Things Librarians Love

Check out the cool stickers I just put on my book cart!

"The Fox And The Hound" Are Real-Life BFFs

The Disney movie The Fox and the Hound made you weep, but dry those tears 'cause the real-life fox and hound have been reunited!

6 Awesome Al Bundy Lines

In 1997, after a ten year stint Married With Children went off the air but Al Bundy's legacy will live on in our hearts forever.

Best Of The Web: 8 Of The Raunchiest TV Shows Of All Time

The FCC might excel at policing Janet Jackson's boob, but when it comes to some shows, it can be weirdly lax. (Have they even SEEN that Joanie Loves Chachi smut?) Still, we're not complaining, since that's how these 8 unbelievably raunchy shows made… 8 of the raunchiest shows in TV history Check out these insane augmented reality glasses Dennis of It's Always Sunny discusses being mortal enemies with Josh Groban

If George R.R. Martin Wrote For Disney

The Seven Disney Kingdoms are at war. See how your favorite Disney characters fare when George R.R. Martin takes over the writing.

Horrified Kendall And Kylie Jenner Forced To Listen To Kris Jenner's Sex Tales

Checking in on Kris Jenner's new talk show, week two.

Jennifer Lawrence Got Star Struck When She Met Jeff Bridges

Just another adorable thing Jennifer Lawrence has done.

16 Ways To Dress Like A Grown Man

Essential fashion tips that will help you dress for the occasion.

8 Very Unusual Ways To Die

I dare you not to press the WTF button.

A Pair Of Divers Were Almost Swallowed By Humpback Whales

It is equal parts terrifying and awesome.

16 Signs You're A College Student Who Needs To Go Back To School

Summer has become long and boring since you came home from college. Bring on the land of keg stands, tailgating, and overpriced textbooks.

The Best Response To The Ryan Braun PED Scandal

The Marlins are the league's lovable losers.

"Seventh Son" Trailer Proves It Has Massive Potential

Despite its death knell January release date. After all, who doesn't love Julianne Moore as an shape-shifting witch dragon?

What Teachers Make: An Illustrated Take

The popular web comic Zen Pencils takes inspirational quotes and illustrates them for powerful effect. This time, they took on the true significance of what it means to be a teacher.

"The Daily Show" And John Oliver Go Delirious Over The Royal Baby

It's OK because the host is British. CNN gets a nice jab too.

Spotted: Simon Pegg And Nick Frost, Before They Were Famous

A Redditor spotted the Shaun Of The Dead/World's End buddies on a DVD of a Fatboy Slim gig from 2002.

Andrew Dice Clay: No Regrets Over Homophobic, Sexist Persona

He became a massive star with jokes that were in many cases rampantly sexist and homophobic. With an assist from Woody Allen, Dice is back and has a whole lot to say.

9 Unnecessary Groupon Deals

Sometimes Groupon offers some weird sh*t.

"Vogue," 1977

"Vogue," 1977

This Is What The Earth Looks Like From A Billion Miles Away

A NASA spacecraft near Saturn captured incredible images of Earth and its moon.

Read This Impressively Offensive Anti-LGBT Pamphlet From Ghana

Who wouldn't be convinced of homosexuality's immorality after reading these totally factual and logical arguments?

25 Extremely British GIFs

Drizzle. Royalty. Swearing. That about covers it, right?

30 Super-Geeky Spelling And Grammar Questions

Think you know your grammar? Think again.

Ranking The Top 10 Remaining NBA Free Agents: Neon Bodeaux, Teen Wolf, And More

What teams would make the best fits for those still on the market?

Predictable "Private Eye" Cover "Satirizes" Royal Birth

Oh, those Brits and their dry sense of humor.

A Woman Can't Buy A Car By Herself, According To New Commercial

"I don't need to bring a dude with me." Another clueless company fails to grasp that it's 2013.

28 Sure Signs You're Addicted To Twitter

There really ought to be a support group.

Well Played, Private Eye

The best royal baby front cover so far?

In Memoriam: 9 Beautiful Videos Of Amy Winehouse

July 23rd, 2013 marks the second anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death at the age of 27. Here are 9 stunning live videos that remind us why we fell so in love with her in the first place.

Anderson Silva Is Still Crying About That Fight He Lost On Purpose

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva went on another TV show to cry about his loss to Chris Weidman.

Mulder And Scully Are Getting Hotter, FYI

Sure, they were never not hot. But 20 years after "The X-Files" premiered (yeah, you're old), they're off the charts.

12 Reasons Why The Laundromat Is The Worst

Whether your washer and dryer set is on the fritz or you live without this exceptional clothes-cleaning technology, taking a trip to the laundromat is definitely a humbling, yet annoying, experience.

Meet The New "Project Runway" Designers

Last Thursday's season 12 premiere featured lots of trash talking and outfits made out of nylon parachutes. Let's take a look back and see how the remaining designers stack up against each other. Warning: more trash talking ahead.

Here, Have 100 Johnny Depp GIFs

Why? Because you need your Johnny-fix for the day.

A Hannibal Cavemen Player Got Dropkicked By A Skydiver

So, this happened: a shortstop for the collegiate summer league Hannibal Cavemen got dropkicked by a skydiver. Yep.

15 Signs You're A Fifth (or Sixth) Year Senior

It's called a Victory Lap for a reason, people.

11 Types Of Young-Adult Novels You Totally Miss

Because who doesn't want to re-read teenage angst?

10 Of The Best Animal Feeds On Instagram

Does your Instagram feed need a dose of animal awesomeness? Here are 10 IGers to help turn your feed fierce!

Anthony Rizzo’s Local Chevy Ad Isn’t Terrible

Chicago Cubs slugger Anthony Rizzo joins the "Professional athletes in awkward local TV commercials" club with an ad for Phillips Chevrolet in Illinois.

Meet The Most Powerful Junior Republican In The House Of Representatives

Michigan libertarian Justin Amash is getting results in the House, and that may translate into a Senate bid.

INTERVIEW: Hilary Kole Admits, She And Taylor Swift Are Alike

The New York TImes said jazz singer Hilary Kole's "smooth melodic lines have never been so consistently infused with literary subtext." But like a certain country songstress, her relationship status and songwriting go hand in hand – often, the outside world wants to know what is really happening between the lyrics – and as she learned, it can interfere with your career when you walk off the stage. Kole, like Swift, is open with how she perseveres through dating choices and is planning her next tour.

Cannabis Plants Spring Up All Over German Town After Campaigners Plant Thousands Of Seeds In Protest Against The 'Demonisation' Of The Drug

Anonymous pro-marijuana activists planted several kilograms of marijuana seeds in June, which are now sprouting all over the town of Gottingen, Germany.

19 Signs You're The Cady Heron Of Your Friend Group

So you've actually never been to a real school before?

These Reviews Of The Life-Size Iron Throne Replica Are The Best Thing Ever

Jon Snow, the Dark Lord Sauron, and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air all weigh in on their latest purchase.

Google Reader Died Because No One Would Run It

No one took ownership of Google Reader internally because it wasn't a top priority for Larry Page and his inner circle of lieutenants. And if you aren't working on something that the boss cares about, then what's the point?

Eliot Spitzer Admits "I Failed Big Time" In Campaign Ad

The disgraced former New York governor released a new video on Monday in which he directly addressed the prostitution scandal that led to his resignation.

Things That I Found In My Girlfriend's Childhood Bedroom

A short list of some things that I found while rummaging through my 23-year-old girlfriend’s childhood things (under the guise that I was looking for a pen) that were indicative of how big of a homo she’d grow up to be.

You Have To Read This Intense And Ridiculous Twitter Exchange Between Tom Arnold And Roseanne Barr

The exes who were married from 1990-1994 got into a heated twitter sort-of-argument that is truly a whirlwind of emotions. But don't worry, it has a happy ending!

Joseph Morgan: The Original Geek

The star of The Vampire Diaries spin-off series, The Originals, took a break to chat with me at Comic-Con. Fun fact: this Original hybrid is a total geek.

Why Tyler, The Creator Would Be An Awesome BFF

He may not be a role model, but he would be a sweet best friend forever.

Betting Bad: It's Fantasy Football For The Last 8 Episodes Of "Breaking Bad"

Do you love Breaking Bad? Do you love fantasy football? Are you angry that it is July, and neither of those things are happening right now? Here is Betting Bad, a (non-AMC affiliated) game where you predict what will happen in last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad. Person with the most points wins. YOU GUYS ARE ON.

The $8.2billion Google Love Rat: How Boss, 58, Of Internet Giant Resisting Online Porn Crackdown Has A String Of Exotic Lovers In His 'Open Marriage'... But DOESN'T Want You To Know About It

In the past few years, the unlikely sex symbol with thinning hair and pockmarked skin has embarked on a string of affairs with younger women, including a vivacious television host who dubbed him ‘Dr Strangelove,' a leggy blonde public relations…

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