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July 27, 2013

Robert Pattinson Avoiding Kristen Stewart In LA? — Staying Far Away

I was a fan of the R and K coupling and would do a back flip if they was concrete proof they are back togther. But here are the facts: Fact- Rob and Kris haven’t been photographed together since their return trip to NYC in early May. Fact, Rob did not attend Met gala wi/ Kristen despite his BF Tom attending Fact, they did not spend Rob’s Birthday together Fact, Rob was spotted with bags, luagge and belongings and dogs to his home in Mid May Fact, Rob’s car was subsequently photographed in his drive days after the move Fact, Rob was spotted with Katy Perry at Y. Ranch the weekend after the split (No Kristen) Fact, Rob was at CM having dinner with K Perry, John Mayer and other friends, no Kristen Fact, Rob attending a Bjork concert with Katy and other friends (no Kristen) Fact, Rob’s handlers told E-news initially Rob was torn and it could go either way. Fact, Rob’s handlers later told e-news Rob’s not particularly cut up over the split Fact, Rob Dior campaign was a huge deal and Kristen was not part of the festivities, or after party Fact, Rob had a huge party on 6/22 and Kristen was not in attendance Fact, Rob’s handlers told PEOPLE Rob is def OVER Kristen and open to dating, other outlets reported the same Fact, Rob’s been seen out at CM and other establishments during the month of the split – no Kristen Fact Rob was photographed leaving CM in the wee hours of the moring on 6/27 with a woman in the car (not Kristen and rumored to be Michelle Rodriguez) Fact, Rob was photograpned several days later with a myster red head that was not Kristen or Riley in his truck Fact, Riley’s team said she was not with Rob nor dating him and is very friendly with Kristen Fact, Rob was seen attending the Beyounce concert with male friends – Kristen was in Paris at the time Fact, Rob’s hung around LA when people expected him to visit home. Fact, a picture of Rob’s mother and Riley K’s aunt was posted on Riley’s Aunt’s instagram the later part of June and has since been removed. Speculation, Riley’s Aunt and Clare could know one another through their respective daughter and son (Victoria and Michael I think is the males name) so who knows what that photo means. Speculation Rob went to Jilly’s an adulty male entertainment longue (strip club) the Sat night he was in Toronto, two twitter claims report seeing him enter the club. Fact, Rob is seen embracing and kissing friends when he departs Tornonto. Fact, the night after his return he’s seen out to dinner. Speculation he was out with a male and female and the female was Michelle Rodriguez Fact, a tweeter at the restaurant said Michelle and Rob where there. Fact, Michelle attended Rob’s party and she was on the show Lost with his friend Emile De Ravin. Fact, the sweat shirt Rob was photopraphed in on 7/25 does NOT have ties to Marfia Tx. The creative director was in Marfia in June and Kriisten went to Marfia in April. Fact, Black scale recently distributed to CANADA and has a flag ship store in LA Fact, Kristen is not sporting her sentimental jewlrey Fact, Kristen has been seen wearing a hat she and Rob use to wear but that she wore more and no one knows whether it’s her hat or his. Fact, K was seen wearing the us vs. them hat in a picture last week Fact, K was seen boarding a plane from Nashville to LA in hoodies Rob’s worn before. No one knows if it’s hers and he wore it or the reverse. Fact, there was a photo of Bernie and Bears paws posted on Kristen’s friend’s instagram account two weeks ago. The picture is from Kristen’s livingroom- however no one knows when it was taken. It was posted two weeks ago, could haved been taken any… Fact, Scout posted on her twitter a picture or she and CJ on Kristen’s bed about a week and one half ago, and then quickly removed it.- Kristen’s at least going to her LF home. Speculation- rumblings of Rob no longer living in LF and staying somewhere in West Hollywood. Fact, Rob’s been spotted shopping at various food markets NOT located in LF. Speculation- you shop close to home

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