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July 27, 2013

Here's A Groovy Look Inside London's Playboy Club In The '60s

Where Austin Powers and Don Draper collide.

21 Signs You're A True Betch

So you agree, you think you're really betchy?

24 Reasons Everyone Should See Maine Before They Die

Maine's state motto is simply "Dirigo," which means "I direct" in Latin. Well, if you're into beautiful places, I direct you to go check out Maine sometime.

How To Tell If You Are A Senior Citizen Or A Hipster

If any of the following pertain to you, you are a senior citizen....or a hipster, or, God help us all, both.

35 Essential Life Lessons We Can Learn From Animals

These are all pretty important, so feel free to take notes.

32 Signs Feminism Needs A Reboot

Some victories have been won (some even recently), but many more remain. Here's a look at just a few of those and how, by banding together, the situation for women everywhere can improve.

Three Killed In Indianapolis Bus Crash

The Indianapolis Fire Department confirmed three were killed when a bus carrying passengers returning from a church camp crashed Saturday.

Orangutans: The True Pioneers Of Our Profile Pics

Meet the 19 trendsetters who've made monumental advancements in the art of the avatar. Orangutans, to you mankind is indebted.

YouTube Covers Better Than The Originals

Sick of all the overplayed songs on the radio? Well, maybe these will change your mind! You'll never want to listen to the originals again!

Mind In The Gutter: Accidental Pictures Of Penises Are Everywhere

After seeing that news reporter accidentally draw a penis on a traffic map, we've noticed dong-related mistakes everywhere!

Is This The Greatest Chick Flick Montage Ever?

You can always tell the dominant person in the relationship based on what movie theatre line they are on. The haves and have nots. The have nots hear, "honey, you ain't seeing "Pacific Rim" tonight." They are, in fact, trying to tell you something. This particular montage ebbs and flows with some choice cuts of love, passion completed by subconscious nudges to the male race and tell me you didn't say "aww" when Swayze appears. Who's picking the movie this weekend? Choose wisely.

Even Fewer Twentysomethings Have Full-Time Jobs Than Last Year

Regardless of education, the number of young Americans with full-time jobs is lower than it was in 2012.

There Was A Full-Page Ad In The Wall Street Journal Mocking Steve Cohen

It was written by the CEO of "Congratulations on the indictment, Stevie..."

More Quick And Simple Life Hacks

More ways to kill flies is always appreciated.

The Electric Power Of The Pencil

Did you know pencil lead has magical powers?

24 Vines That You'll Watch Over And Over Again

The things some people can do with six seconds.

11 Primates You Would Probably Befriend Sheerly Because They Look Hip

Bulbous noses, crazed eyes, upturned lips — all the stuff you need to catapult your social cache and make people think, "Wow, I'll bet they have interesting lives and amazing talents."

20 Awesome Minimalist Harry Potter Tattoos

Because some people want to show their affection for "the boy who lived" by showing it on their skin. Always.

Why Americans Can't Afford To Go To The Dentist

In part, it's because Americans aren't already going, causing each rare visit's cost to escalate.


This can't happen to me!

Twitter's Algorithm Has A Sense Of Humor

Sometimes you do get good follow suggestions.

Congressman Steve King: My Cantaloupe Comments Were Off By Ten Pounds

The Iowa Congressman said Saturday on Fox News a anonymous border patrol agent said his controversial comments were maybe off by ten pounds. King also said privately many of his Republican colleagues said he was correct.

Anti-Beer Pro-Marijuana Ad May Cause Riots At Brickyard 400

The 30-second spot is currently running on the Jumbotron outside of the entrance to NASCAR's Brickyard 400, which is Sunday in Indianapolis.

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results.

37 Housewarming Gifts People May Actually Want

Get your friends something they'll be proud to use.

16 Cereal Brands If They Were Sponsored By Rappers

With such natural brand synergy, I don't know why this didn't happen sooner. Via

Chuck Schumer Says If It Wasn't For George W. Bush, We'd Be In A Second Great Depression

Sen Schumer says without President Obama, President Bush, and President Bush's pick for chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, the economy could have been worse.

17 Office Cubicles That Meet Your Needs

Transformations for the most depressing of design plans, no matter what you need.

27 Occasions That Definitely Call For Cake

There's never a wrong time to have some cake.

16 Things To Do In California For The Last Bit Of Summer

There's the obvious: the beach. What else in this big, beautiful state is worth going to while the weather's still great(er than usual)?

The Five Steps Of Falling In Love

A Mottled Owl is over-the-moon besotted with this dude.

These Bears Know How To Handle A Heat Wave

The heat wave doesn't have to get you down. Two polar bears at Japan's Himeji Zoo took to the pool to cool off and relax this summer. They were even treated to fruit served in blocks of ice so yes, they are livin' the life. Thanks Jessica for the "cool" tip!

Parks And Recreation's Jerry Gergich Is The Most Annoying Person Ever

You might feel bad when the Parks and Rec department makes fun of Jerry, but they have a good reason. This is why Jerry is just awful.

10 Best Rock Drummers Ever?

Dave Grohl (and Ringo Starr) fans, go take 1mg of Klonopin and come back in an hour.

The Activision Blizzard Deal Means Universal Music Group Could Be Next

Vivendi's sale of the giant video game company signals a very real chance that the world's largest music group could wind up on the block. Less and less reason to stay together.

What It Feels Like To Quit Smoking


Male Body Sex Facts | Women's Health Magazine

Bizarre but totally interesting details about his anatomy

18 Things Celebrities Did This Week

All the funny, noteworthy, and completely random things that you probably missed — for your viewing pleasure.

Parasitic Meningitis Confirmed In 12-Year-old Arkansas Girl

A 12-year-old girl from Arkansas has come down with parasitic meningitis.

Get A Load Of Mini Mini Baby Harry Styles

His name is Wesley Kimmel, but you can call him baby Styles... or the baby bachelor.

U.S. Exclusive: "Downton Abbey" Season 4 Photos

Our friends at PBS and Masterpiece have given BuzzFeed an exclusive look at five images from Season 4 of the British period drama, which returns to Masterpiece on January 5, 2014. Baby Sybil!

23 Signs You're A Modern-Day Katniss Everdeen

Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" is most-played on your iTunes.

Terrifying Video Shot Inside Southwest Plane During Crash Landing In New York

A passenger aboard Southwest Flight 345 captured this stunning footage of the incident Monday, providing a glimpse of what it felt like as the plane slammed into the runway and skidded down the tarmac.

19 Pictures Of Dueling Egypt Protests That Turned Deadly

Millions of people took to Egypt's streets Friday in rival protests between supporters of the Egyptian Army and those of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. At least 70 were killed when security forces attacked Morsi supporters, the Muslim Brotherhood said.

The 5 Reasons You're Not Getting Laid

Been having a dry spell? It's probably because of this.

Sarah Palin: I Was Banned From Talking About Jeremiah Wright By The McCain Campaign

"I wasn't allowed to talk about things like that because those elitist, those who are the brainics in the GOP machine running John McCain's campaign at the time said that the media would eat us alive if we brought up these things."

Why You Should Go To College On The West Coast

I know, I know, everyone knows, the East Coast has all the Ivy Leagues, all the pretty forests, and all the pretentious people, right? Well, not really. (I mean, it does still have the Ivy Leagues; last I checked teleportation was still impossible for entire institutions.) Here are some reasons why you (or a rising high school junior or senior you know) should consider going to college on the West Coast.

Miley Cyrus Poses Nude For Charity

Miley Cyrus is a girl who benefits from the black and white medium. Also closing her mouth and and being naked and being Photoshopped. I’d wear her naked on a t-shirt for charity. Even if that charity is for skin cancer who has tried desperately…

Miley Cyrus Versus Selena Gomez: The New York Times Discusses

Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Which is better?

Has J.Crew Gone Too Far? CEO Mickey Drexler Thinks So

J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler personally responded to a customer's dissatisfied e-mail and admitted that the brand's styling may have gone "too far."

20 Signs That Jennifer Lawrence Is Your Spirit Animal

The Catching Fire star is just the right amount of adorable meets awkward. Just like you.

What Were You Worried About? After Fearing She Would 'Never Be Sexy Again' Post Baby, Shakira Shows Off Her Stunning Figure In Two Different Bikinis

The 36-year-old Colombian born singer displayed her svelte figure and perfectly flat stomach in two different bikinis while on holiday in Hawaii.

Anna Paquin Goes Naked In Steamy True Blood Sex Scene With Rob Kazinsky

So hopefully actor Stephen Moyer won't mind seeing his wife Anna Paquin's character move on with other male characters now that Sookie and Bill are no longer romantically entwined.

You're Eating Bugs: Red Food Coloring

Red dyes in many foods are made from crushed insects -- and this isn't a new thing

Latest Food Mash-Up: Popeyes Launches Chicken And Waffle Mutation

Have you always wanted your chicken and waffles in one simple package? Rejoice, Popeyes has the dish for you!

Chromecast Is The Most Important Device Google Has Released To Date

I've had the Chromecast for a little over two hours, and I'm here to tell you why it's going to completely change the home media game.

Anthony Weiner's Top 15 Rejected Sexting Names

Once we found out that Anthony Weiner had continued to sext people online under the name "Carlos Danger" AFTER being outed for doing that very same thing, Thrillist's Special Investigations squad rushed to our phones to work our sources. But upon…

Travel Apps - Best New Summer Travel Apps And Services

Summer often involves going outside, but fear not -- we're here to load up your trusty smartphone with all the latest ass-saving tech.

The Best Bar In The World And Other 2013 Tales Of The Cocktail Winners

Every year in mid-July, the booze-stained streets of New Orleans flood with alcohol industry professionals for Tales of the Cocktail: a five-day industry conference, drinking endurance test, and awards ceremony. With accolades ranging from World's…

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