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July 22, 2013

Netflix's Video Chat Experiment, Like Its Earnings, Falls Flat

Far from innovative, it was just as dull as any other earnings call, and more confusing to follow.

Best Of Toonami: 1998-2004

For a lot of us Americans, Toonami was our first intro to anime, entering us into the eternal sub vs. dub debate, raising the question "what's an OVA?" and generally addicting us to a world of animated adventure, where extreme hair color and gravity defying martial arts were the norm. Here are 10 of the best anime Toonami aired between 1998 and 2004 - feel free to add your own favorites to the list!

Jimmy Carter: Peace Now Could Be More Difficult Than When I Was President

"I think that what John Kerry faces now is even maybe more formidable than it was back in those days."

Royal Baby's Birth Celebrated On Newspaper Front Pages

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a baby boy on Monday. And thankfully the papers had enough time to react.

Goosebumps For Grown-Ups

holly richmond, goosebumps, r.l. stine, i would read the egg harvest, lots of choose your own adventure material in here

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Lil Bub

Watch as The Pet Collective and "memesperts" from BuzzFeed, Cheezburger, and Tumblr trace the meteoric rise of an Internet A-lister, Lil Bub.

Southwest Plane Crash Lands At LaGuardia Airport

The plane's front landing gear reportedly collapsed upon touchdown in New York. Check back for updates.

10 Paradise Islands That Will Take Your Breath Away

Still looking for a summer getaway? Check out Travel and Leisure's top islands of 2013.

MLB Suspends Ryan Braun For Remainder Of 2013 Season, And Here's What That Means

The Brewers slugger admits to making "mistakes" with regards to performance-enhancing drugs.

This Is What The Earth Looks Like From 900 Million Miles Away

A few images to help to put the news of the day in perspective

The Royal Baby Will Become King In 2062

While the royal baby is only third in the line for the throne, we can't expect him to wear the crown for another 49 years according to this U.K. government data.

In The End, "Bunheads" Was Too Good For This World And Has Been Canceled

After a long wait, ABC Family has canceled Bunheads.

23 GIFs That Will Mesmerize You

The spirit of MC Escher is alive. Tune in, GIF out.

DC Chucks A Batarang At Marvel

DC Comics laid down the gauntlet this weekend with their announcement of Justice League. Oh, and Batman.

Putin Ally: Those Proposing Olympic Boycott "Need To Go Examine Their Head"

"The only problem is nobody wants any pride parade."

The 15 Most Adorable And Ridiculous Royal Baby Souvenirs

William and Kate's baby boy is also a tiny bundle of economic stimulus; one estimate says Britons may buy up to $238 million in royal baby commemorative items. Here are some of the wackiest and most delightful of the lot.

9 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Happy Monday, here's what happened.

Crow Recycles, Is A Hero To Us All

Crows are third on the list of worst birds (right behind vulture, then raven) but it seems we have a thing or two to learn from these guys.

Chris Christie Says His National TV Appearances Are Good For New Jersey's Public Image

Christie says when he took office, people's perception of the state was based on mob dramas and reality shows.

Only God Forgives Review, By Vince Mancini For

At its essence, Only God Forgives is a film about horrible people being bastardly to each other, so it was probably inevitable that critics (and I expect, audiences) would hate it. It’s not that it’s just graphically violent, and the characters say…

8 Likely Reactions To The Royal Birth From Seinfeld Characters

The important question: How would a Seinfeld character react to this baby story?

5 Inspiring Disney Theme Park Jams

Straight from the happiest places on Earth. (Don't find your fave on this list? Leave it in the reactions.

500 Convicts, Including Senior Al Qaeda Members, Escape From Iraq Jail

25 members of Iraqi security forces and ten militants were killed after allies of the jailed men launched military-style attacks on two jails, according to reports. Inmates only escaped from one jail.

Review: “Only God Forgives”

Dustin takes a look at the new film from “Drive” collaborators Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling, “Only God Forgives” and if all the negative publicity and disgust surrounding it is warranted.

10 Things We Need To See In The "Magic Mike" Musical

Our prayers have been answered, and the Magic Mike musical is happening. Here's our wish list. WARNING: Some mildly NSFW thrusting and bare asses ahead.

11 Foods You Won't Believe People Eat

Everyone knows culture is relative, after all "when in Rome!" After this list, though, you will never want to eat outside your house again.

27 Reasons San Diego Just Might Be Heaven On Earth

If you're not already from here, you're going to want to move here.

Review: The Conjuring

We take a look at the semi-disappointment, The Conjuring.

Revisiting The Grisly Cheshire Murders

A new documentary examines the questionable police actions and media portrayals surrounding the 2007 deaths of three Connecticut women.

This Is A Book About A Sexy Hedgehog

Paranormal shapeshifter romance novels are a thing. Behold the smutty were-animal glory.

Why The Internet Hasn't Shattered My Mormon Faith

Mormons around the world are stumbling upon information online that contradicts the stories they hear in Sunday school — and it's driving many from the church. But the internet doesn't have to spell the end of faith.

36 Photos From Russia That Everyone Needs To See

It's a scary place for LGBT people in Russia right now.

We Just Discovered A New Dinosaur (It Happens More Than You Think)

Further proof that Utah was pretty much Jurassic Park a few hundred million years ago. Also, dinosaurs are awesome.

14 People Who Are Already Plotting The Royal Baby's Wedding

Eighteen-year age difference? No problem!

5 Men The Royal Baby Should Be Named After

Hop on that Royal Baby train. Which man should the Prince be named after?

25 Gifs That Will Make You Take Breakdancing Seriously

Here are 25 amazing gifs that exhibit some of the best talent from around the world.

Newborns React To The Royal Birth.

We know what you think but lets hear from some of his possible suitors...

Miley Cyrus Clarifies, Says Her "We Can't Stop" Lyrics Are Indeed About Drugs

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

This Is Your Throne: A Musical Guide For Prince George

Your world is a bit more complicated than you expected. But don't worry, you'll pick it up.

20 Reasons "Pitch Perfect" And "Stomp The Yard" Are Exactly The Same Movie

Except for the obvious difference. One has dancing, the other has singing AND dancing.

36 Things You Will Naturally Understand If You're From Colorado

Things are a little better in the Mile High state. Also, weirder. And higher.

16 Ways Foodies Drive You Crazy

Don't worry, we're probably all guilty of one of these foodie faux pas.

The Royal Baby Is Baby Jesus

The Royal Baby was born and weighed 8lbs and 6 oz....and so did Baby Jesus. I don't think it's a coincidence

21 Signs You're Addicted To Crossword Puzzles

What's a three-letter word for obsessed? YOU.

Florida Gator Arrested For Barking At A Dog Named Bear

Taking a page out of the DMX playbook.

Lady Gaga Goes Nude For 'V Magazine' On Stylelover's Blog

Accustomed to seeing her with rare costumes, and even of meat, Lady Gaga gave full twist to her style! Her new album will be released on November 11. What do you guys think? I think she looks beautiful!

The 10 Worst People On BART - Thrillist San Francisco

With the strike over (for now), BART has just gotten new seat covers that are "easier to clean" (ohthankgod) and "harder to cut into with your knife" (?!), so, with that good news, we've compiled a list of the 10 people you are definitely not going…

Watch Conservative Republican Steve King Get Asked About That One Time He Compared Immigrants To Dogs

The interview with Fusion's Jorge Ramos is as awkward as you imagine it would be.

Meet Mowgli, The Fiercest Basset On Instagram

Who says long legs are needed to be a top model?

Prince William And Kate Middleton Welcome A Baby Boy

The royal baby has been born! The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a healthy son Monday, her first child with Prince William.

A Day In The Life Of A Teenage Girl In The Early 2000s

You spent so much time straightening your hair.

BSB's New Video Takes Us To The Mountaintop For Marriage Equality

The boy band released their music video for the single "In A World Like This," off their upcoming comeback album. It features a beautiful message, and a lot of the boys singing on a hilltop.

Songs That Sound Way Better When It's Hot Outside

Make sure you're hydrated, because you're about to dance out roughly 63% of the water in your body.

18 Cats Who Are Stealing Your Car Right Now

They don't call them "cat burglars" for nothing!

How Porn Lost The Internet

The social, app-based internet has no room for porn. How your smartphone's browser became the dirtiest place on the internet.

Teen Girl Dating Advice From The 1950s

Via strange sanitary napkin ads.

Possibly The Worst Job Interview Performance In The History Of The Eastern Seaboard

Cameron Wake was this close to nailing it. And by "this," we mean...

8 Reasons We're Jealous Of Selena Gomez

On her 21st birthday we wish Selena nothing but the best, but we can't help that our jealousy for her continues to grow!

PaperKarma App Provides Salvation From Junk Snail Mail

As retailers get smarter at collecting consumer addresses, services enabling shoppers to opt out are gaining popularity. The PaperKarma app has helped stop "millions" of pieces of unwanted snail mail.

The Rejectables: 10 Foods People Love To Pass Over

Whenever a variety of foodstuffs gather in the same place, be it a variety pack, a snack mix, or a bag of candy, there's always that one item that's invariably ignored, passed over in favor of better options like a fat kid in kickball (who probably…

5 Films "The Conjuring" Borrows From That Are Better Than "The Conjuring"

The Conjuring topped the box office this weekend, delighting critics and audiences alike. But is there really anything here we haven't seen before? Here are five horror films that did it first — and better. WARNING: Some spoilers.

19 Amazing Photos Of Female Riveters During WWII

Rosie the Riveter ain't got nothing on these girls.

"Blurred Lines"/Fat Albert Mash-Up

In anticipation of Robin Thicke's new album release next week, here's a quick little something to tide you over 'til then.

D.I.-Why?: Emily Matchar On The Allure Of The “New Domesticity”

I first stumbled across Emily Matchar’s website in the aftermath of my December 2011 wedding. Planning the wedding had unleashed in me a seemingly endless energy for DIY projects, and for six months I crafted, thrifted, embossed and antiqued…

What Do Your Dreams Really Mean, Anyway?

A video for the next time you wake up panicked from a dream about falling naked out of a plane you were flying to school for a test you're going to fail.

What It's Really Like To Be A Celebrity At Comic-Con, As Told By "Arrow"

I followed around Oliver, Laurel, Diggle, Felicity, and Roy before and after their Comic-Con panel. It was a lot of freight elevators, and awesome cosplay.

14 Coffee Drinks To Break Your Coffee Rut

You have so many more options than your regular order.

Jiff The Pomeranian Is Definitely The Most Talented Dog There Ever Was

Whoever is training this dog needs to do a worldwide class.

This Man Is $600 Million Richer

Dan Loeb, the activist-investor who leads hedge fund Third Point, sold 40 million shares of Yahoo stock Monday, effectively ended his campaign against the company.Loeb made more than $600 million during his 21 month Yahoo crusade.

Dennis Farina, Cop-Turned-"Law & Order"-Star, Dies At 69

The police officer-turned-actor died of a blood clot in his lung, his publicist announced.

The 21 Most WTF Moments From One Direction's Latest Music Video

I don't understand what's happening. But I love it.

21 Cozy Makeshift Reading Nooks

Creating the perfect reading space doesn't require building a window-seat or converting a closet. Sometimes all you need is lots and lots of pillows in your own little corner of the world.

How The Animal Revolution Will Go Down

Consider yourself warned.

One Direction Is Really Good At "Playing Gay"

They know how to get and keep your attention.

The Best City Council Television Ad In Existence

The ad for the Whitehorse City Council, which airs Mondays at 7:30 p.m. on Community Cable 9, is the most exciting thing to come out of the Yukon since the gold rush.

Founder Of Digg Caught On Video Flinging Raccoon Down Flight Of Stairs

It was attacking his dog and he sprung into action. He says his dog is OK, but has some claw and bite marks.

10 Times Being A South-Asian Is The Worst

It's not all paint-throwing and amazing food.

Lessons On Life And Love From The Mystical Being That Is Ezra Miller

Don't worry, Ezra Miller is here to guide us all through this thing called life.

23 Best Gilmore Girl Episodes Ever

As per a certified Gilmore Girls fan-for-life and expert

George Zimmerman Helped A Family Out Of Their Overturned SUV

The crash happened on Wednesday, just days after Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin.

Spike Lee Asks Kickstarter To Fund His Sexy Movie About Blood Addiction

For a $10,000 donation, you get to join Spike courtside at a Knicks game. For $5, you can get a tweet.

How To Keep Dyed Red Hair Actually Red

It's one of the fastest-fading colors you can dye your hair. Here's how to keep your (fake) redheadedness going strong FOREVER AND EVER.

Dunkin' Donuts: Drive-Through Drama

It's always a gamble.

This Is What Las Vegas Looks Like When It Floods

A wild storm with winds reaching 71 MPH hit Las Vegas on Friday, flooding parts of the Strip. As many as 33,000 people were affected by power outages.

See Lady Gaga Naked, Sitting On A Stool

It's not like this hasn't happened before, but just humor her.

Thousands On Facebook Support Cop Who Leaked Boston Bomber Capture Photos

The Save Sgt. Sean Murphy page on Facebook has more than 45,000 likes. Murphy may lose his job for leaking pictures of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's capture to Boston Magazine.

Remarkable Raspberries

Reap the most antioxidant benefit from raspberries by buying them organic and fully ripe. Keep refrigerated and eat within a day or two. (image courtesy of Dexter Mixwith)

Royal Baby Glee Leads To #RoyalFetus Talk On Twitter From Anti-Abortion Conservatives

Excitement over the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby was too non-political for the taste of some.

27 Underrated Things About Being In Your Thirties

Basically, your twenties are a nightmare, and your thirties are the gift that keeps on giving.

28 Fruit Desserts Easier Than Pie

Pie who? Let me introduce you to your new, totally low-maintenance fruity friends: betty, buckle, crisp, crumble, grunt, pandowdy, and slump.

The Only Royal Baby GIF You Need Today

Don't even bother trying to beat it.

22 Things Celebrities Did At Comic Con

For those of you who haven't been following along all weekend.

Landon Donovan Single-Handedly Defeats El Salvador, Looks Great In Shades

The veteran carried the U.S. men's national team to the Gold Cup semifinals.

Democratic Women Have Little To Say About Their Male Colleagues' Sexual Misconduct

The "war on women" rallying cry that helped win several House and Senate races last year has gone quiet now that Democrats are in the spotlight. "The difference is that Republicans' words and personal actions are backed up by an actual party legislative agenda that hurts women," said an Emily's List spokeswoman.

Aaron Hernandez Listed As Key To Patriots Offense In "USA Today" NFL Preview

The next time an old person starts complaining about the decline of newspapers and magazines vis-à-vis "blogs" and "Twitters," show them this.

Kitten Scares Mamma Cat

Who knew scary could be so cute?

Tragic Pictures Of China's Twin Earthquakes Reveal Destruction Of Lives And Homes

At least 89 are dead. More than 21,000 buildings damaged; 1,200 have collapsed.

You've Been Peeling Oranges Wrong Your Whole Life

The YouTube Channel SmallLightInc has stumbled upon an exciting new way to peel oranges. This technique is easiest if you have a mandarin orange or clementine.

18 Great Pre-Deployment Gifts For Military Families

The only thing harder than deployment is finding the perfect gift to give before they leave.

Ken Cuccinelli Would Like To Tell You About A Fly: "Bzzzzzzzzzzz"

"Of course, I'm talking about...the fly."

Justice League Dark #22 Scrambles To Clean Up Superman's Mess

The tipping point is quickly approaching. Three Justice Leagues is two too many, and a showdown is only a matter of time.

Let's Play The Ctrl+V Game

What do you have saved to your clipboard right now? Hit Ctrl+V (or Command + V if you’re a Mac) and paste it in the comments so that we can judge you. Gold stars and badges and awards and special earnable reactions for the most interesting and strange.

25 Things Way More Exciting Than The Royal Baby

The real issues we should be talking about.

You Can Make Amazing Accessories Out Of Twine

Who knew the world's most basic craft supplies could be so stylish?

Karen Gillan Revealed Her New Bald Head In The Most Epic Way Possible

The Doctor Who actress no longer has her signature red hair as she gets ready to film Guardians Of The Galaxy in which her character is bald.

Werner Herzog Knows The Apocalypse Is Coming, But He's Not Worried At All

The famed filmmaker talks about the end of the world, why he's very lazy, and an incredible new documentary called The Act of Killing.

This Hedge Fund Manager Made $600 Million In 21 Months Off Yahoo

Hedge funder Dan Loeb and Third Point sold 40 million shares of its stake in Yahoo today. It brings to a close one of the most successful activist investor periods in tech.

24 Dances That Look Just As Silly As Twerking (Almost)

That distinctive butt-wiggle is getting a lot of attention lately, but before you start yelling "get off my lawn," think back to the days when you used to dance. Hell, think about the dances you do right now. Aren't we all a little bit of twerk?

Bryan Cranston Wore A Really Terrifying Bryan Cranston Mask To Comic-Con

He then took the mask off and kissed it. Then Aaron Paul kissed it. It was weird.

12 Crazy Foreign McDonald's Items That Should Absolutely Be Sold In America

Everybody knows McDonald's has some pretty crazy items in other countries (Vegemite McMuffin FTW!), but they've also got some pretty tasty items that you'd be crazy not to dive right into -- and that they're crazy for not selling here, because…

Carlo Van De Roer's Auracam 6000 Photographs Capture The Colors Of A Person's Soul

In his psychedelic collection of images, the New Zealand-born snapper used an AuraCam 6000 camera to tune into the colors - or aura - that surround his different subjects - and the result is nothing short of spectacular.

The 16 Weirdest Names For Canadian Cities

Have you heard of any of these places?

13 Ways For Gamers To Enjoy The Summer

Who says gamers don't like playing outside?

Accurate Corporate Logos

A group of French designers has recently published some humorous redos of iconic logos.

Aubrey Plaza And Rachel Bilson Playing Sisters Is Kind Of Like A Dream

In an alternate universe Summer Roberts and April Ludgate are sisters who are complete opposites — as you'll soon see in this exclusive clip of The To Do List.

'90s Nickelodeon Cartoons As Dysfunctional Adults

There's no way these characters turned out OK. Here's what they're probably doing these days.

Little Red Sox Fan Pwns Yankees With Hat Switcheroo

If this kid is the future, then the future is going to be hilarious.

Tequila + Florence Welch = Magic

Florence Welch decided to hop on stage for a random sound check. The result was, um, interesting.

10 Easy(ish) Steps To Making The Indie Movie Of Your Dreams

Karl Jacob is a writer/director/actor whose new drama, Pollywogs, is in the midst of a festival run, including the Los Angeles Film Fest. Here, he lays out a roadmap for BuzzFeed to making a great movie without a Hollywood budget.

3 Cheap & Easy Egg Dinners

For the nights when you're tired, but just can't eat scrambled eggs on toast again.

"Ice Ice Baby" As Sung By The Movies

There are supercuts and then there are supercuts.

Chris Pratt Has Turned Into An Actual Fox

HOT DANG! Behold his beautiful transformation for his role in Guardians Of The Galaxy.

How To Make Orecchiette Carbonara With Hard-Boiled Eggs

A version without raw eggs, this carbonara gets its creaminess from mascarpone cheese.

10 Jewelry DIYs That Have A Way With Words

Whether you want the world to know your name or your current emotional state, spell it out with a rad word jewelry project.

How To Make Spicy Egg In The Hole With Harissa

Dinner in 10 minutes. Maybe less.

35 Instagrams From North Korea

Some things not even a camera filter can improve.

12 Perfect Handmade Items For Your Royal Baby

Okay. . . so maybe Kate and William won’t be getting their new little bundle of joy anything from Etsy, but there are lots baby items that are totally fit for the new little princess or prince in your family.

A Horchata Of Another Color

Blend the seedy innards of a ripe cantaloupe into a refreshing horchata! Melony and slightly nutty, it's protein-packed and entirely vegan.

Mayors Abandon Bloomberg's Gun Control Group

Some weren't sure what they signed on for. And as some mayoral members of Bloomberg's group leave office, their successors are hesitant to sign up.

The 5 Stages Of Bath-Time Grief

The inevitable course of mourning experienced by all pets when forced to face the sad, sad fate of cleanliness.

Brooklyn Meets Madrid, A Match Made In Spain

The Spanish countercultural movement La Movida began when Dictator Francisco Franco died in 1975. Today its free-love, rock and roll roots are most prevalent in Madrid's most vibrant neighborhood: Malasaña (pronounced ma-lasagna)

10 Amazingly Bad Examples Of Kate Middleton Fan Art

Surely some of these could be classed as treason?

10 Reasons Beyonce Needs To Release An Album

Queen Bey, that throne is starting to look mighty good for the taking...

13 Signs You Read Too Many Women's Mags

And now your perception of the world is skewed.

8 FAQs Of Comic-Con According To Non-Geeks

Comic-Con happened this weekend, but the rest of the world is still completely lost...

Courtney Love, '90s

Courtney Love, '90s

Dubai Pardons Norwegian Woman Imprisoned After Reporting Rape

The 24-year-old had been sentenced to 16 months in prison after she told police she was raped. She is now free to leave Dubai.

Actress, 56, Who Starred In EastEnders And Is Married To Downton Star Dies After Being Hit By A Tube Train Near Her Home

Actress Briony McRoberts, wife of Downton Abbey's David Robb, has died after being hit by a Tube train at Fulham Broadway station in London.

The Six Most Popular Creative Director Outfits

Ironic T guy, nerd glasses woman, Mr. Black, etc.

Moving To London: Expectations Vs. Reality

Has LDN left you asking WTF?

15 Unbearably Sad Doodles

Ben Cameron's illustrations have been labelled "tragi-doodles" on account of their melancholy quality.

50 Signs You Went To Cambridge

You spent more time at Cindies than in lectures but hey, at least you had fun.

The 17 Most Camden Things Ever

Camden Town is a world of its own.

The Tale Of Porn Star Andy San Dimas, A Cop, And A Unicorn Mask

Porn star Andy San Dimas got in some trouble at a Pittsburgh Pirates game for what you would expect: dancing like a slut while wearing a unicorn mask. Sure, we’ve all gotten wasted and pranced around in short shorts and a mask of a mythological…

12 Insanely Cool Uses For Puffy Paint

You might think Puffy Paint is only good for making an ugly Christmas sweatshirt. Think again, my friend. Think again.

Kate Middleton Is In Labor

UPDATE: The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy. The palace has announced that the Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to St Mary's Hospital in London in the early stages of labor.

Pictures Of Musicians Wearing Their Own Band's T-Shirts

Because sometimes your band is your favorite band. Hello, is it me you're looking for?

This Picture Is Just Water.

Pretty cool, huh?

50 Life Lessons From Musicals

From the hilarious to the profound, musicals can teach us all a few things.

The Best Of Voldemort On Grindr...So Far

The Dark Lord needs love, too. Text may be NSFW-ish, especially if you work at the Ministry of Magic.

The 12 Kinds Of People You'll See At An Amusement Park

We're not just talking funnel cake eaters and tilt-a-whirl riders. Whether you're at Walt Disney World, Cedar Point, or any other amusement park, you're bound to find these classic characters.

11 Reasons Ron Swanson Is My Perfect Man

I'd climb all the the way up to Honor on that pyramid.

17 Wishes The Make-A-Wish Foundation Has Granted This Year

From bedroom makeovers to celebrity meet and greets, here's just a sampling of the wishes the Make-A-Wish Foundation has granted in 2013.

Living In New York City Vs. Living In Los Angeles

It's the age-old West Cost vs. East Coast battle: sunshine, smog, and traffic vs. subways, that pee smell, and the best pizza around?

32 Perks Of Living In Michigan Despite The Economy

Detroit may have filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, but it isn't all bad here in The Great Lakes State.

Going On A Blind Date, As Told By "Titanic"

By the time your appetizers come, your heart is sinking faster than the RMS Titanic.

Why Won't Obama Pay His Interns?

A former marriage equality advocate turns his attention to what he calls the Obama administration’s greatest hypocrisy: pushing for a higher minimum wage while relying on unpaid interns. And he’s got help from some powerful White House allies.

12 Things We All Do But Won't Admit

Don't judge. We all know you do it too.

Let's Get Rid Of All The Mosquitoes

Is there anything more universally detested? No. No, there is not.

Michael C. Hall On This Week's Most WTF "Dexter" Moments

That's right, Dexter himself spoke to me about the importance of "Scar Tissue." Warning: Killer spoilers ahead!

Abercrombie Updates Its "Stars On The Rise" Ad Campaign For A New Generation

The original marketing campaign from the early 2000s featured then-rising stars Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher, and others.This one has actors from Glee, The Hunger Games, and dogs!

The Best Burgers In San Diego - Thrillist San Diego

If you want a good burger, you just bust out your old Kenan & Kel DVD and laugh HYSTERICALLY, but if you want a great burger, that's a little trickier. Thankfully, we've painstakingly done the legwork for you and brought you not just five great…

The Best Burgers In Philadelphia

Sometimes, some of you -- we're not naming names -- would rather eat ground sirloin over griddle-slapped rib eye. It happens to the best of us, especially when those beef patties are piled with pimento cheese, dipped in liquid nitrogen, and…

The Best Burgers In Miami - Thrillist Miami

Over the past few years, “Have you tried that new burger place?” has become a more common question around Miami than, “Did you also not watch that Marlins game?” And if you actually did try all of them, chances are you’d end up with a cholesterol…

Best Burgers In Boston - Thrillist Boston

Last month, we bestowed upon you our list of the 33 best burgers across this great land. Today, we take it local, power-ranking the top five (plus an Honorable Mention!) burgers in all of the Hub. Check 'em out, and prepare to get excited/possibly…

Is Kate Middleton In Labor Right Now?

Is Kate Middleton heading to the hospital to give birth to the royal baby?

Tyrese, Ginuwine, And Tank (TGT) Do An Awesomely Horrible Performance On Local News Show

Local CBS affiliate WLNY hosted the new R&B supergroup as they sang their new single, "I Need," and by "sang" I mean mangled. They mangled their new single.

8 Surprising Facts About ABC's "Whodunnit"

The ABC reality competition presents a murder mystery each week for its contestants to solve, but the show has presented its own mysteries.

Goldie Hawn's Son Oliver Hudson Is A Father For The Third Time

LOS ANGELES, July 19 (UPI) -- Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn announced via Twitter the birth of her first granddaughter.

Trailer: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Full Trailer/trailer 2

The second installment of The Hunger Games is set to open in November, and naturally Lionsgate took Comic-Con weekend as the opportunity to release the first full-length trailer. Named Catching Fire, after my bed sores, this installment trades…

"1913: A Message In A Bottle That Reads From Titanic. Goodbye All Washes Ashore In Ireland"

At NYMag, a brief, arresting history of messages in bottles: 1999: A bottle is discovered in the River Thames sent from World War I private Thomas Hughes, who wrote a message for his wife and tossed it into the English Channel as he left to fight in France in 1914. He was killed in battle two days later. The… 2005: After being abandoned at sea off the coast of Costa Rica, 88 South American refugees are rescued when a fishing vessel receives their plea for help in a bottle tied…

17 Actresses You Want As Your Best Friend

Because you've definitely pictured yourselves watching Pretty Little Liars and eating froyo together. Just admit it.

The Surprising Truth About Celebrities Who Die Young

Cory Monteith is yet another promising talent to die before his time. But how often does an untimely celeb death really happen?

Here Are The Women Who Got Our Attention This Week

There are too many women to keep track of in your weekly internet reading. So we've decided that the best service we can provide is to give you a recap of the ones that are most worth your full attention. Whether they've done something ridiculous or…

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