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July 21, 2013

Obama Will Pivot Back To Attacking Republicans On The Economy In Series Of Policy Speeches

On Wednesday, Obama returns to the site of a 2005 economic speech in Illinois to make his pitch "that the American economy works best when it grows from the middle out, not the top down," according to the White House. The speech was previewed in a White House video Sunday night.

Backstreet Boys' New Song Proves They're Still The Ultimate Boy Band

Check out an exclusive stream of their song "One Phone Call," off their upcoming 20th anniversary album.

23 Pickup Lines From Teacup Pigs

These teacup pigs are out to find love using their favorite pick-up lines. Even though they could probably win on looks alone.

11-Year-Old Who Escaped An Arranged Marriage: "I'd Rather Die"

Powerful video of Nada al-Ahdal, a Yemeni girl who was to be married off at age 10. Some are concerned with the accuracy of the translation, but the video has been posted on MSN and, with a detailed backstory, at NOW.

11 Facts Every Edinburgher Knows To Be True

If you live in the glorious city of Edinburgh, then you'll be oddly proud of all these unsettling truths.

INTERVIEW: Richard Simmons On Lady Gaga, How He Survived His Eating Disorder And Being Healthy

If you haven't heard of him, you've heard of his legacy: Bethenny Frankel, Kim Kardashian, Jillian Michaels and other big names have built exercise DVDs into their empires, a career choice modeled after Richard Simmons, the fitness pioneer. When the New Orleans native moved to California, he felt downcast by LA's fad diet gimmicks and trendy gyms filled with people who didn't need to lose weight. He opened his own center, Slimmons, and his workout videos were so integrated into American pop culture that General Hospital gave him a four-year recurring role playing himself. Thank goodness he chose to inspire people instead of becoming a priest!

21 Weird Things Kids Said In Sex Ed

Redditor XTheSmokingGunX asked if anyone remembered funny quotes from their days in Sex Ed. Here are some of the best responses via this Reddit thread (NSFW-ish language).

Scientists Discover Why Animals Love Being Pet

In what might be the cutest study yet, researchers believe they know why Kitty loves cuddles.

Why We Need To Look For Alien Life On Enceladus Now

It's an alien world right here in our solar system. Get your coat, we're going on a mission.

15 Signs You Went To American University

You know you went to the Most Politically Active School in the nation.

First Persian Leopard Cubs In 50 Years Born In Russian Breeding Center

MOSCOW, July 19 (UPI) -- The first Persian leopard cubs to be born in Russia in 50 years are part of efforts to reintroduce the endangered species back to the wild, scientists say.

Renault "Va Va Voom" Ad Banned For "Objectifying Women"

It truly is amazing that shite like this is still being produced in 2013.

Matt Smith Walked The Floor At Comic-Con In A Bart Simpson Mask

ATTENTION CONVENTION-GOERS: The person in the weird mask may actually be a celebrity.

The 25 Most Adorable Cosplayers At Comic-Con

These tiny little superheroes and villains will melt your heart.

Celebrate The Ingenuity Of Small Businesses (10 Photos)

They don't have an "ad agency" or even an "ad budget" — but they do the best with what they got.

Perverted Slogans

We all know sex sells, and here a few examples of some underlying sexual messages in slogans.

The Power Of Google Glass

How one man hacked it and unleashed it's potential -- and what it means for our privacy.

How "Glee" Should Do The Cory Monteith Tribute Episode

Ryan Murphy revealed that Glee is planning a tribute episode for Cory Monteith, who died earlier this month. The episode is still in the planning stages, but here are some suggestions for finding the delicate balance between honoring Monteith's memory and exploiting it.

"The Newsroom" Describes Watching "The Newsroom"

It's hard to be a Newsroom fan. Fans of the show go through many emotions watching the show and trying to justify their obsession to others.

15 Acclaimed Summer Books, Judged By Their Covers

Judging popular summer books by their cover art. My best plot guesses followed by their actual Amazon plot descriptions. Now go out and read these!

Proof That Tumblr Users Should Never Have Children

"Did you just say 'spawned'?" This list was originally compiled by Tumblr user InsertFandomNameHere.

15 Shots Of Holland

You think you know Holland? Photo shoot of everything Dutch at Madurodam... The one stop shop miniature park in The Netherlands.

Either Chipotle Doesn't Know How To Use Twitter, Or They Know Exactly How To Use Twitter

Chipotle's Twitter account Sunday was a stream of consciousness/a search for an avocado store in Colorado. Their tweets received more than 3,700 RTs in an hour. Now that's what I call leveraging your #brand.

8 Films Where People Hang From Giant Clocks

This seems to be a timeless movie trope. (See what I did there?)

Phil Mickelson Is Your 2013 British Open Champion

Lefty stole the show with one of the greatest final rounds in British Open history.

Meet the Royal Baby!

Kate Middleton and Prince William's child addresses the hysteric public for the first time

20 Badass Zombie Sightings At Comic-Con

The zombie apocalypse is officially here, and it's bloody beautiful.

105 Characters On "The Simpsons" Are Voiced By 6 Different Actors

That's a lot of vocal inflections! Via this Tumblr post.

The Painful Truth Behind Ryan Reynolds' New Bomb

Bad news for Ryan Reynolds fans: He had a double dose of awful news this weekend. Comic fans and geeks, maybe we kinda owe him an apology.

A Couple Wounded In The Aurora Shooting Were Married On Its One-Year Anniversary

Eugene and Kirstin Han married Saturday in Aurora, Colo. They said they wanted to remember July 20 for happy reasons.

Cutest Dreaming Kitten - Full Version

Little BoBo kitten sleeps in my hands and has a dreams.

Kate Christensen's Blue Plate Special; Or, "Another Fucking Food Book"

Six-time novelist Kate Christensen has written another beautiful book, and this one's a memoir, out now from Random House. It’s called Blue Plate Special, after the home-cooked, simple but sustaining meals her mother used to make. As I read Kate’s…

Colombian High Court Rebukes Top Opponent Of Marriage Equality

This could be a sign that the court will endorse full marriage rights for LGBT couples in Colombia.

Irony — We Haz It (10 Photos)

It's like your Real Doll telling you she has a headache.

20 Amazing People Who Play By Their Own Rules

Learn how to stick it to the man like a seasoned expert!

Wave Smashed The Boat

Do not have time to ...

Win McMurry Is Michael Phelps New Girlfriend

She’s a golf channel TV host, a model, and an author. Though I’m guessing there’s less active energy spent on the latter. She was Michael Phelps date to the ESPYs so naturally everybody is asking about the new hot chick he’s banging. Err, about the…

The Earth-Shattering Truth About Taco Bell Cinnamon Twists

Are you ready for this? ARE YOU READY?!

The "Avengers" Sequel Gets A Provocative Title At Marvel's Comic-Con Panel

Also: Guardians of the Galaxy looks funny! And Captain America: The Winter Soldier looks good!

And Now, The Best Burgers In All Of Dallas

Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts. And when we think about you, it makes us want a burger. Preferably in the Dallas area. It might even help if you had five of them and ranked 'em 5-1.

9 Hedgehogs Who Are Absolutely Up To No Good.

Enemies of the Hedge, Beware.

10 Signs You Go To College In Chicago

DePaul, Loyola, University of Chicago, UIC, Roosevelt, Robert Morris, Columbia... wherever you go to school in the Windy City, you know how this goes.

Tom Hiddleston's Appearance As Loki Drives Comic-Con Completely Insane

Perhaps Marvel Studios should consider changing Thor 2's title to Loki: The Dark World?

UPDATE5] Obama, Clinton Salute Helen Thomas; UPI Reporter

WASHINGTON, July 20 (UPI) -- Helen Thomas, who doggedly pursued accountability from 10 U.S. presidents as United Press International White House correspondent, died Saturday. She was 92.

14 Tintype Photos Of The Afghan War

Someone used Civil War-era technology to photograph the war in Afghanistan. The results are stunning and surreal. (via Reddit)

Lunar Day Photo - Buzznet

The Moon has been a source of inspiration and magic to people since the beginning of our times. It is often considered to rule the senses and emotions and has profound effects on the human psyche, representing the unconscious side, our deepest needs…

The Best Damn Burgers In Austin. You're Welcome.

It's BurgerTime! And no, we're not talking about the 1982 arcade patty-puzzler in which Peter Pepper evades Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle, and Mr. Egg, but rather the moment in which we rank Austin's juiciest whoppers, ranging from donut-bunned delicacies…

Ranking The Best Wedding Passed Appetizers

But which of these passed morsels of appetizer-y goodness should you seek out with the greatest fervor? We've taken the liberty of figuring that out for you, but first some ground rules and criteria. First, the committee attempted to identify the…

Best Burgers In DC - Thrillist Washington DC

Sorry, vegans and anyone else who abstains from the use of animal products in his/her diet and rejects the commodity status of sentient animals, but we just picked out our top five favorite burgers in all of this great District, and they're pretty…

The Best Burgers In Atlanta - Thrillist Atlanta

A new burger place opens in Atlanta about as frequently as you want to eat a burger: everyday. But the sheer number of legitimately sweet meat-wiches can make it hard to know which's best, so we scoured the city for the most delicious, juicy, and…

The 10 Best Music Blogs That Aren't Pitchfork

View Photo 1- The 10 Best Music Blogs That Aren't Pitchfork

Vogue Photoshops Claire Danes' Leg Off...We Think

Claire Danes might be missing a leg in one image from her spread in the August issue of Vogue shot by Annie Leibovitz.

Rihanna's Take On Ombré Is Definitely Like Nothing We've Ever Seen Before

Rihanna dyed her hair a black to gray ombra and took to Instagram to announce it.

5 Ways To Salvage A Baking Flop!

It happens to all of us -- a sunken cake, an overbaked cookie, an odd-flavored muffin where you realized you used salt instead of sugar… yuck. Don’t waste all of your hard work and throw all those sweet treats away in the trash (especially if you bake from scratch!) and use these helpful tips to reincarnate that cake, cookie, muffin, brownie, etc!

Uh Oh! Newlywed Quarterback RG III In Sexting Scandal As Hooters Waitress Claims He Sent Her Incriminating Texts

A tangled web of tweets, texts and emails has emerged after a young woman claimed to have incriminating photographs of newlywed quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Wrong House Demolished By Mistake In Fort Worth [VIDEO]

A demolition crew in Fort Worth, Texas flattened the wrong house.

The New Toy That Will Blow Your Dog's Mind

OK, so maybe the bar was already set pretty low, but trust us, this warrants a closer look.

Hairstyles For Face Shape: Find What Works For You

Turns out there is a magic formula for choosing a flattering hairstyle. Here's the simple how-to.

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