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July 5, 2013

Haunting Close-Ups Of American Ghost Towns

Will your town still be around in a hundred years?

10 Intense Photos Of Egyptians Fighting On 6th October Bridge

Armed clashes erupted Friday for several hours on the 6th October Bridge between supporters and opponents of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo. As many as 30 people have been killed in clashes around Egypt, according to the Associated Press.

14 Reasons Kids Are So Much Cooler Than Everyone Else

Warning: This post may contribute to overpopulation.

Chinese Beachgoers Swallowed By Tsunami Of Green Sea Snot

Thanks to a massive algae bloom off the coast of China, people hoping for a day at the beach instead find themselves frolicking in gooey green shag. The best part is that the mutant mucous is likely a result of human waste in the water.

A Truly Remarkable New Commercial By Toyota

It shows a pollution-filled dystopian future city — "unless automotive technology changes."

What Would Life Be Like In The 60s?

Oh how times have changed!

237 Years Of American Cocktails: The Evolution Of Red, White & Booze

Gin, Whiskey, Vodka... Each decade called for its own unique, alcohol-driven fad. What better way to track the growth of our country than by our most enjoyed national past time: Booze. Have a favorite decade cocktail of your own? Share below! Cheers to America!

10 Hideous Kate Middleton Photos

Kate Middleton isn't as perfect as she seems. Even the most flawless non-Disney princess ever isn't safe from unflattering photos, bad hair days, and fashion DON'Ts. These are her worst photos.

Solving The Discreet Bowel Movement Dilemma

A product so amazing, it has no problem using a terrible pun for a name

Olive The French Bulldog Puppy Takes The Stairs

Extremely brave and determined puppy alert.

The Inner Game Of Everything: Why Is A Four-Decade-Old Tennis Book Still A Self-Help Sensation?

A Harvard English major wrote The Inner Game of Tennis in 1972. A million copies later, its ideas are still some of the most influential in sports — and beyond, taken seriously by actors, politicians, and even sex researchers. What's its secret? Maybe that there is no secret.

The Definitive Ranking Of Classic Ice Cream Truck Treats

Remember the ice cream truck of your childhood, and all of its magical frozen treats? Here they are, from worst to best.

We Can't Go Out With You Looking Like That!

Two friends head out for a night on the town.

A Bunch Of Beautiful Boom Booms From 4th Of July Celebrations Across The Country

The bombs bursting in air! Gorgeous photos of Independence Day fireworks, from sea to shining sea.

8 Magical Facts About The Majestic Unicorn

Not only are they the horniest creature on the internet: They're real and they're spectacular.

10 Simple Ways To Upgrade A Basic Tote Bag

As the wise old saying goes, one can never have too many tote bags.

Six Things You Might See At An Apple Store

We've all seen some interesting things at apple...

21 Hot Models From The Menswear Catwalks

Super fine specimens of the male species, all from the spring 2014 menswear runways. (Pretty faces + hard bodies = you're welcome.)

The First Thing The New NBA Commissioner Needs To Do rein in the tedious and over-the-top recruiting of comically entitled free agents.

16 Two-Ingredient Cocktails Anyone Can Make

Drinks so simple, even a BABY could make them! Not recommended for babies under 21.

23 Books You Didn't Read In High School But Actually Should

You probably SparkNoted these books before, but now's your chance to read them.

5 Quirktastic Texas Museums

Are you a museum fanatic? If so (or even if you’re not, really) these offbeat Texas museums are totally worth a trip! They take the ordinary and make it extraordinary, from dogs to funerals and executions.

Americano The Beautiful!

Quench your summer thirst with an Americano, a refreshing blend of Campari and sweet vermouth topped with soda, a Negroni without the gin! (image courtesy of GregPC)

21 Gorgeous Beach Houses That Are Doing It Right

Packing a bag and heading there now k byyye.

10 "Seems Legit" Products

caveat emptor, ad infinitum.

The Best Seth Cohen Lines from The OC Season 1

Sometimes we forget how funny The OC was. Thank you Seth Cohen for reminding us.

Catholics Getting Two New Saints As Former Popes Given Vatican Greenlight

Pope Francis is breaking tradition to grant Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXII sainthood by the end of the year.

Egyptian Army Fires On Ex-President's Supporters, 30 Killed In Clashes

UPDATE: The AP is reporting that 30 have died nationwide, hundreds have been injured. The Muslim Brotherhood isn't going gently. "Kill me, Kill me."

Egyptian Millitary Opens Fire On Pro-Morsi Protesters, At Least One Dead

During what was dubbed the "Friday of Rage," when supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi took to the streets, shots were fired and at least one man was killed. WARNING: Extremely graphic images.

Signs A Guy Will Beat You In A Fight

Sometimes it's just best to admit defeat.

Fourth Of July Accident: Dad Runs Over, Kills Boy, 8

An 8-year-old boy died Thursday after his father accidentally ran him over during a Fourth of July parade in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Make Easy No-Bake Icebox Cake With Two Ingredients

Cookies + cream = cake. Cake = happy.

Dress A is a website where you... dress a cat. User Drag 'n' Drop to change the cat into a gangster or an hippie.

A Highlighter In A Microwave

It's kinda like fireworks.

Seagulls: The Original Flash Dancers

And they're dancin like they've never danced before.

When To Splurge & When To Save: A Guide To Smart Shopping

No matter how much money you’re making (or not), everyone loves a bargain. But sometimes a “good deal” can cost you more in the long run.

24 Shirts That Would Get Men Laid Today

This was the 1970s — you and your ironic t-shirts will cower in fear.

Nice Guys Do Finish Last: Your Guide To Being Just Enough Of A Jerk

There are two kinds of women: those who love dudes who play hard-to-get, and evolved women who’ve crossed the “no BS” threshold. Since the latter doesn't exist (under 30, at least), here’s how to be the Nice Guy with a dash of Jerk, rather than the…

20 Ways To Show Pride On Your Nails

These manicures say equality — and nail art — for all.

Inmates 'Forced To Have Gladiator-style Fights With Other Prisoners To Entertain Their Guards'

Now thirty inmates want to join the existing group of eight who have filed a federal lawsuit against the prison guards at the Medium Security Institution on Hall Street as they claim they were baited into fighting one another for their keeper's…

Going To University: Expectation Vs Reality

Going to uni can be awesome, but you may need to lower some of your expectations.

Albino Donkey Island

Check out this incredible story of the new residents of this former prison island.

When You Have To Work The Day After A National Holiday

If you're lucky enough to be in the office today, this is how you probably feel:

9 Things Your Parents Need To Learn About The Internet

Mom, trust me: It's okay to switch from your original AOL email address. The internet's just trying to help, honest.

David Beckham's Career, Recreated In Lego

From banana kick to red card.

Sex For Cronuts? Yes, It's Happening

People are now trading sex for cronuts. Seriously.

Amazing Swimming Baby Returns

now she can talk and stuff

Supercut Of The 'Easily Startled Man'

he just can't seem to catch on

Meow Men Parody

like with cats

A Muslim Brother In Defeat

Egypt's President Morsi was too "kind" to his enemies. But the movement will bide its time for the big "payback."

18 People Who Lost At Fourth Of July

Don't be these people.

INTERVIEW: Alex Bowen Sings The Blues

As America celebrates the Fourth of July, here's a treat from Down Under: Alex Bowen! Branching out on his own after years in bands, his impressive first solo EP – produced exclusively with crowdsourcing donations – is old fashioned blues music stripped clean of the big industry touch.

First Photos Of Henry Cavill And Kaley Cuoco

Guess this is the proof that they really are dating? Or, it's a great photo opportunity that's been planned, arranged, and executed to perfection. Either way: here's their debut as a couple!

Grumpy Cat Meets Adorable Kitten

Footage of these two getting to know each other coupled with the 90's R&B music takes me back to the films of my childhood. It has a 'Three Men and A Little Lady' vibe.

The Gift And The Curse

A short(ish) examination of living with, dealing with and sometimes not dealing with being bipolar.

40 Best Signs From The "Restore The Fourth" Rallies

More than 100 rallies were held across America to protest the NSA's surveillance of ordinary citizens.

Pictured: Lone Survivor Of Arizona Fire Crew Who Warned His Nineteen Friends To Get Out Just Before They Were Engulfed By Firestorm

Brendan McDonough, 21, was serving as lookout and relaying key information to his team when the wildfire, in the forest outside the small town of Yarnell, suddenly changed direction and headed straight for the courageous men. He managed to get out…

Breaking Amish's Katie Stoltzfus Does Sexy Shoot For Maxim

Katie Stoltzfus, star of TLC's "Breaking Amish," has shed more than her bonnet for a photo shoot in next month's Maxim.

Movie Trailer: Pacific Rim Final Trailer, From Guillermo Del Toro

I finally received my press screening invite to Pacific Rim yesterday, and I got so excited that I drove down to the pet store and punched all the lizards, shouting "How you like that, Mr. Hitler!" I think that's a line from Red Tails , but like I…

James Gandolfini's Will Shows The 'Sopranos' Star's Generous Spirit

As the world continues to mourn the loss of the beloved actor, his true generosity to his loved ones is revealed

The Weekend Playbook: A New Tacolicious, Mo' Fireworks, And Partying In The Streets

In our effort to help you celebrate that crucial 237th year of existence for our…

Celebrate The 4th At These Places

Think you can go to seven 4th of July parties in one day??? You probably shouldn't,…

Could This Real-Girl Barbie Doll Actually Make A Difference For Kids?

You've undoubtedly seen the freakishly Photoshopped, real, live Barbie girls of the world (though you might wish you could un-see them now). But the latest head trip goes in the other direction. Artist Nickolay Lamm created a 3D model of a doll with…

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