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July 13, 2013

9 Disneyland Shortcuts And Secrets

You’ve had a pass for…How long? Really? Well did you know the following 9 facts about the theme park? If not, you may want to reconsider bragging about how well you claim to know Anaheim's Wonderful Land of Disney.

Ron Swanson Made From Eggs And Bacon

Your argument is invalid.

What It's Really Like Being BuzzFeed

As explained by "You Mad?" memes.

When Big Companies Get Called Out For Their Offensive Ads

10 incendiary ads that forced public apologies out of major brands.

Family Of Inspirational Animals Adopts World's Cutest Kitten With Disabilities

If you want to restore your faith in the world, read this post. BTW, the kitten plays Fruit Ninja.

No, REALLY, Garfield The Cat IS The Next Maru.

How many cats have been touted as the next Maru only for you to be, like, no he ain't! TRUST ME, Garfield The Cat is the real thing. Just watch this video to see for yourself!

All The Annoying Things People Do When They're In Love

Happy couples: Putting the "P" back in "PDA" since forever. Ew.

The NSA-Inspired Pixar Animation Parody

That lamp has some explaining to do.

California Dreamin' — 4 Stunning Local Brides Flip The Cover On Their Wedding Albums

View Photo 1- California Dreamin' — 4 Stunning Local Brides Flip The Cover On Their Wedding Albums

Hidden Camera Captures Snowden Statement

Yesterday, NSA leaker Edward Snowden surfaced from his hideout in the Moscow airport to address international human rights groups. Someone was able to sneak in a camera to capture his statement as it happened.

The Best Couple Tattoos Photo - Buzznet

So lately I have been thinking about possibly getting a new tattoo and then I got to thinking about how adorable couple tattoos are. I wouldn't want to just get a couple tattoo with anyone, it would have to be the right person and the right time.…

Ira Glass On The Peculiar Experience Of Watching Himself Go Viral

In 2011, a video of the This American LIfe host talking about creativity spread across the internet. But for Glass, it was a "weirdly impersonal" experience.

Disney Stars: Then Vs. Now

They grow up so fast!

Places To Swim In San Diego - Thrillist San Diego

If you find yourself walking around San Diego wondering where to swim, there's probably something wrong with you, as the Pacific Ocean is RIGHT THERE! However, when you get tired of making your way through tourist-packed beaches, dodging sharks, and…

Comedian Susie Essman On Male Critics: I Don't Give A Crap If They Think I'm Funny Or Not

Joy Behar, guest host Susie Essman, and comedians Lizz Winstead, Debi Gutierrez and Bonnie McFarlane discuss their experiences honing their craft, the documentary “Women aren’t Funny” that McFarlane made with her husband and comedian Rich Vos and…

Buckingham Palace Awaits The Birth Of Royal Baby

As the baby's due date approaches, the palace prepares.

This Zimmerman Trial Anti-Riot PSA Is Patronizing And Embarassing

This is an official video posted Tuesday and released by the Broward County Sheriff's Office in Florida.

Cat Amazingly Turns Off Ceiling Fan Light

That's just one of the ten Best Cat GIFs of the Week.

The Moment You Knew You & Your S.O. Were Perfect Together

WARNING: These might make you cry. (In a good way.)

Home Explosion Injures 3 In Corpus Christi

Any early-morning explosion rocked southeast Corpus Christi, Texas, injuring at least three people and damaging homes as far as three blocks away.

Restrictive Abortion Bill Passed In Texas

Democrats vow to fight the legislation in court.

11 More Of The Funniest Fake Ads

Get those scared, conservative clients out of the way, and advertising is fun.


Hi guys Bill here... in my travels I see all sorts of strange stuff - One I want to share with you today involves a rather odd ritual of passing babies under elephants...

The 11 Absolute Weirdest True Facts About The French Revolution

A little liberté, égalité, and fraternité in honor of Bastille Day on July 14. A few oddities to remind you that the French Revolution was ridiculously awesome.

Micro Pig Has His Belly Rubbed

LISTEN TO THOSE PIG NOISES!!! They're pretty good, is what I'm trying to say here. (via Adrian)

10 Eery Photos Of London's Disused Underground Stations

An amazing and creepy array of abandoned caverns underneath the capital.

The Five Stages Of Grief While Withdrawing From "Orphan Black"

First you're like, "Hey cool, I'm gonna start this new show because everyone on Tumblr loves it." Then you realize it's not coming back until Spring 2014, and your life is ruined.

15 Reasons Summer School Is The Absolute Worst

From early wake-up calls to stifling, sticky classrooms, here are some reasons summer school totally sucks.

From Secret Waterfalls To Crazy Rope Swings, These Are The 5 Best Places To Swim Around DC

Are you always dying to swim somewhere awesome, but just end up sitting in your stepdad's Jacuzzi tub and weeping? Well, stop doing that (it's weird), and check out our list of the five best actual swimming holes around DC:

5 Health Foods That Aren’t So Healthy

View Photo 1- 5 Health Foods That Aren’t So Healthy

58 Signs You Went To Summer Camp

Why else would any self-respecting person own Crocs?

These Hungry Dogs Want Your Dinner -- And Lunch And Breakfast Too!

Maybe it's beef. Or chicken or lamb. Possibly even duck. Every dog has their favorite treat that they go just wild to eat. The pups in this piece have one thing in common: they've mastered the fine art of begging for the treats they have just gotta…

5 Things You Could Do With A Lifetime Supply Of CHOCOLATE!

Just take a second and observe what you're doing… now imagine it with a chocolate bar in your hand. Sounds better, right? Now take it to the next level and picture life with a LIFETIME supply of chocolate. Oh yes, we just went there (and met Willy Wonka on the way)

The 5 Best Swimming Spots In And Around Portland

In the Summer, there's nothing better than living in a city bisected by a huge river… that you totally shouldn't swim in unless you want 15 strains of hepatitis. Luckily, Portland also has lakes, clean rivers, and other awesomeness to cool you down.…

TYT Panel Votes On George Zimmerman: Guilty Or Not Guilty?

“The Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur, TYT producer and legal analyst Robin Sax, and panelists Ana Kasparian, Hermela Aregawi and Logan Pollard talk about the trial of George Zimmerman, who says he shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February…

13 Signs You're A Millennial In A Long Distance Relationship

Because absence makes the heart grow fonder. And prone to long nights of Netflix. Alone.

30 Things People Love

If you are a human, chances are you like these things.

10 Steps To Become A Sex God

If you think you have room for improvement, put some of these into effect immediately.

Suri Cruise Called 'Brat,' 'Bitch' By Photographer

Katie Holmes has learned to handle paparazzi without a second thought, but her seven-year-old daughter, Suri, couldn't help but show her annoyance.

0% ALERT: Grown Ups 2 Is Still Pitching A Perfect Bucky Larson

With only 10 critics reporting, Grown Ups 2 is still pitching a perfect Bucky Larson on RottenTomatoes with zero positive reviews. It’s strange, you’d think critics would love a movie with a deer peeing on Adam Sandler’s face in the trailer.

Awesome Photo Of John Lennon And The Cast Of “Happy Days”

Officially one of the coolest photos ever.

Kuwait's Booming Instagram Economy

In Kuwait, people sell all sorts of stuff on Instagram, using the service as a visually oriented mobile storefront instead of using a web site or something like eBay. From an interview with artist/musician Fatima Al Qadiri:

Why Microwaves Are Kind Of Terrifying

This ain't science fiction.

Power Rankings: The Best Not-too-far-from-SF Swimming Holes

Now that it's Summer in San Francisco, it's finally warm enough to swim in the Bay! put just your feet in! sit really close to the water! Luckily for us, there are plenty of not-too-far-from-SF spots with warm enough weather and water to actually…

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