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July 14, 2013

10 Desserts I Could Demolish Right Now

Screw swimsuit season, it's time for dessert!

Cat Learns How To Twerk

I am this cat. You are this cat. We are all this cat.

Patton Oswalt's First Paid Acting Job

The year was 1990. You can tell by the sweater vest.

10 Great Gifs Of Aubrey Plaza

If you're a Parks & Recreation fan, you know how funny Aubrey Plaza is. She's in a new film called The To Do List and is about to make the rest of the world see just how funny she is. In honor of her starring debut here are 10 great gifs of Aubrey Plaza being unenthusiastic and monotone, thus making her hilarious.

Who Attended Jimmy Kimmel's Star-Studded Wedding?

Everyone you'd expect, and then some.

George Zimmerman Will Get His Gun Back

Zimmerman's lawyer Mark O'Mara said Zimmerman will be entitled to get his Kel Tec 9 pistol back, since he has been cleared of murder. Zimmerman's lawyer said in an interview with ABC News that Zimmerman needs his gun "even more" than before.

21 Animals That Are Having A Quarter-Life Crisis

Science proved that animals can have midlife crises, so why not quarter life ones? Here are some animals suffering from such an affliction.

In Peace And In Anger, Hundreds In New York City Protest After Zimmerman Verdict

"There had to be something, somewhere. An outlet for people to vent."

Powerful Cartoon Captures Fears Of Many Parents Of Non-White Children After Zimmerman Verdict

Lalo Alcaraz posted the cartoon after the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict was announced.

Inside A Real Doll Factory (NSFW-ish)

Photographer Zackary Canepari recently shot a very creepy series called "Love Machines."

8 Kanye-Designed Pieces Of Clothing You Can Buy

They're not too showy and not too cheap.

Answers Could Come Slowly In The Death Of Cory Monteith

A spokeswoman for the coroner's office in Vancouver says it could take six to eight weeks to know what happened.

Federal Prosecutors Reviewing Zimmerman Case

"Experienced federal prosecutors will determine whether the evidence reveals a prosecutable violation of any of the limited federal criminal civil rights statutes within our jurisdiction, and whether federal prosecution is appropriate in accordance with the Department's policy governing successive federal prosecution following a state trial," says a Justice Department spokesperson. Update: Holder will address the case in a speech in Orlando Tuesday.

The Life And Death Of "Glee" Star Cory Monteith

The actor was found dead on Saturday. He was 31.

Obama's Statement On The Zimmerman Verdict

President calls for "calm reflection" after George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. "We are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken."

"Grown Ups 2" Gets Adam Sandler Back On Top

The comedy's $42 million opening weekend is exactly what Sandler needed after the one-two punch of Jack and Jill and That's My Boy.

5 Ways The Prosecution Lost The Zimmerman Case

A former assistant district attorney breaks it down.

Civil Case Against Zimmerman In Florida Has Little Chance Of Success

A University of Miami law professor tells BuzzFeed that “Stand Your Ground” will probably keep George Zimmerman from facing a civil trial. Federal charges are still possible.

How Old Would These Cartoon Characters Be Now?

Holy crap, Doug Funnie is 33?!

Skinny Funfetti Cake Dip

Now you can have your cake batter and eat it too! You are going to love this stuff!

American 100-Meter Record Holder Tests Positive For Banned Substance

Tyson Gay has not said what banned substance he tested positive for, but said he "put [his] trust in someone and was let down." He has pulled out of the world championships in Moscow next month.

Amanda Palmer Pens Song, Strips Off In Feminist Riposte To "The Daily Mail"

A spectacular takedown by the singer-songwriter, as performed onstage at London's Roundhouse on Friday night.

Outrage At News Station Duped Into Reporting False And Racist Names For The Asiana Crash Pilots... As It Emerges NTSB INTERN 'Confirmed' The Names To Station

Bay Area TV station KTVU is in hot water for falsely reporting the names of the Asiana Airlines pilots using racially insensitive monikers. The news outlet has subsequently apologized for the report but maintained that the names were confirmed by…

Mariah Carey's Three Most Fabulous Arm Slings

A dislocated shoulder didn't stop Mariah's fabulousness when she performed at the 2013 Major League Baseball All-Star Charity Concert in Central Park last night.

Florida Mother Receives 20-Year Sentence For Firing Warning Shots

Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville, Fla. was sentenced to 20 years in prison Friday for firing warning shots against her allegedly abusive husband.

Cory Monteith's Friends And Costars React To His Death

The well-liked and far-too-young Glee actor was found dead yesterday in Vancouver. Celebrities took to Twitter to express their grief.

The Best Secs

--And to the point...

The 22 Funniest Skittles Commercials

Ranked brilliant to less brilliant — all are funny. R.I.P., Trayvon. Maybe go buy some Skittles today. (Post is not sponsored by Skittles.)

American Man Detained In Northern Ireland On Suspicion Of IRA Activity

Wisconsin man arrested following jailhouse visit with Irish nationalist dissident accused of plotting pipebomb attack.

Etsy Superstar: HodiHomeDecor Photo

When I search through Etsy to find some amazing new designers, I don't stop at clothes or accesories, but also for home decor to add to the magic of the Bubblegoth Palace and get idea to try and make some of these incredible home decorations myself!…

19 Pictures That Prove We're No Different Than Animals

You and me, baby, ain't nothin' but mammals.

Bear Steals Fish

fast food :)))))

Georgia May Jagger Stars In H&M's Rock'N'Roll Campaign By Terry Richardson Photo

I am currently obsessing over the Rock’n'Roll Mansion campaign fromH&Mstarring Georgia May Jagger. The British model and daughter of rock royalty poses for Terry Richardson in white, silver and grey looks including biker jackets, mixed, shift…

The 51 Hottest Black Men In Hollywood

We've seen the hottest Jewish men in Hollywood, but what about our brothers from another (non-Jewish) mother?* (*Except for the two Jewish men on this list.)

Beyoncé Holds Moment Of Silence For Trayvon Martin

Beyoncé honored the teenager during a concert in Nashville following the verdict in the George Zimmerman case. "I Will Always Love You."

Harry Potter Author J.K. Rowling Published A New Novel Under A Fake Name In April

UPDATED: The Cuckoo's Calling is a mystery novel and YOU CAN BUY IT AND READ IT RIGHT NOW.

"The Wire" Star Posts Grim Clip From Show After Zimmerman Verdict

"You can go a long way in this country killing black folks."

Cory Monteith's Greatest "Glee" Performances

Vancouver Police confirmed the Glee star's death Saturday. Here are some of his most memorable performances on the Fox series as Finn Hudson.

"Glee" Star Cory Monteith Found Dead In Vancouver

Updated: The 31-year-old actor was found Saturday in his hotel, police said.

Atlanta Falcons Player Tweets That Jurors Should "Go Home Tonight And Kill Themselves"

Falcons wide receiver Roddy White tweeted Saturday night that jurors in the George Zimmerman trial should kill themselves.

Fox News Found A Member Of The New Black Panther Party To Speak With

James Muhammad said the New Black Panthers spoke with people and told them to be nonviolent after the verdict reading."

The Power Of Glove

it's so bad

275,000 People Have Already Signed NAACP Call For Civil Rights Charges Against George Zimmerman

An appeal to Attorney General Eric Holder from the nation's oldest civil rights organization. [Updated]

Michael B. Jordan Reacts In Shock As Zimmerman Verdict Makes His Movie The Year’s Most Meaningful

Already considered one of 2013's best, the film from directorRyan Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan has now become the most timely and vital as well.

Democratic Candidates For NYC Mayor All Express Outrage At Zimmerman Verdict

Unanimous distaste for the verdict from the major Democrats in the 2013 primary for New York City mayor.


The latest viral buzz from

Guess How Many: Baby Shower Games

Avoid cringe-worthy baby showers with these 19 activities you'll (shocker!) actually have fun playing (20 Photos)

The Internet Does Not Want Us To Have This.

But I Found it! Haha. Suck it, Internet. Quick, watch this before the Internet is a selfish bitch again.

Dakota Fanning, Sister Elle Look Beyond Their Years In Fashion Campaign

Fanning sisters wear conservative dresses, suits in J. Estina jewelry, handbag campaign.

Hoods Go Up On Instagram After Zimmerman Acquittal

George Zimmerman was found not guilty on Saturday night. Trayvon Martin's hoodie has long been a symbol of support for the slain teen.

Can Obama Heal Racial Divide After Zimmerman Verdict?

From the Race Speech to the Beer Summit to Sanford, Fla.

Zimmerman Defense Lawyer On Knock-Knock Joke: "I Still Think The Joke Was Funny."

"I'm sorry I didn't tell it better but there was an important reason for it," Zimmerman Defense lawyer Don West said, responding to a question about the personal criticism he's faced over his handling of the case.

45 Of The Best Wedding Ring Tattoos Photo

As our wedding fast approaches, Swoon and I are figuring out what to do about rings. I really love the idea of doing a wedding ring tattoo. I like the idea of doing it in white ink, so you can see it but it wouldn't be black. There are so many…

This Is Why George Zimmerman Was Found Not Guilty

Powerful trial moments that changed Zimmerman's life forever.

Fox Sports 1 Is Spraying Alex Morgan With Water. Thank You, Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 1 is spraying water on Alex Morgan to promote ... uhh, a wet Alex Morgan, I think?

25 Works Of Art Paying Tribute To Trayvon Martin

Artists from around the U.S. and around the world have immortalized the tragic story of a young man's death.

It's Time To Rank The Top 5 Swimming Holes In Austin

Nothing says Summer in Austin quite like getting completely drenched... in sweat... on the walk from your house to your car. Luckily, the wheels of that two-ton air conditioner can transport you to a plethora of water-based Summer fun locations.…

George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

The man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin found not guilty.

A Pop Culture Drinking Game For Summer 2013

As if you need a reason to drink.

Teachers 'Denied Schoolboy, 10, Water On The Hottest Day Of The Year To Avoid Upsetting Muslim Pupils During Ramadan'

Kora Blagden, 32, claimed a teacher at Charles Dickens Primary School, Portsmouth, Hampshire, refused to let her son Luke (pictured) drink from his water bottle because it was unfair to fasting classmates.

Maryland Man Swims For 5 Hours In Storm To Get Help For Family

SALISBURY, Md., July 12 (UPI) -- A Maryland man says he swam for 5 hours to get help for his family after their boat capsized during a storm that hit as they were fishing.

Coco Rides An Indoor Surfboard (VIDEO)

I can’t imagine this particular exercise machine was designed for any reason other than to make women appear blatantly sexual. That leg spreader-closer machine thing was my previous favorite. Now, the surfboard rider. Yeah, Coco is a ginormous…

The Era Of Constant Photography

Photographer Clayton Cubitt and Rex Sorgatz have both written essays about how photography is becoming something more than just standing in front of something and snapping a photo of it with a camera. Here's Cubitt's On the Constant Moment.

Dominique Ansel Bakery - Cronut

Dominique Ansel, inventor of the Cronut and current Michael Jordan of the pastry world (sorry, Dominique Wilkins) refuses to rest on his cream-filled laurels. Instead, he's continued to innovate at his Soho bakery (which totally sells other things,…

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