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37 Housewarming Gifts People May Actually Want

Get your friends something they'll be proud to use.

A housewarming party is always a good time — whether you're packed into a(n extremely charming!) one-bedroom apartment or wandering around your friend's sprawling new digs with a white fence and a yard for the dog. But showing up empty-handed is an absolute no-go (seriously, don't even think about it). We rounded up some thoughtful gifts you can bring in tow so you aren't banned from the next shindig!

1. A bottle of ~good~ olive oil because you should listen to Ina Garten when she sings its praises. BTW, this is one of her favs!

2. An adorable fridge refresher may look nicer than a crusty old box of baking soda they used in their old place. JK. It will definitely look nicer.

3. A candle as a throwback to their home state or a place they hold dear.

4. A QR Code for their Wi-Fi password.

5. A basic tool kit because emergencies can and will happen!

6. A legendary coffee grinder even coffee snobs will adore.

7. A personalized cutting board they'll cherish for ages.

8. Or a folding cutting board so less of their ingredients go to waste.

9. A pretty potted houseplant so maybe they can become the old plant lady their Insta likes history would indicate.

10. Or a set of tiny faux succulents your #1 plant killer won't have to bother watering.

11. A strong bottle opener so they won't have to depend on anyone else to strong arm a bottle.

12. An electric corkscrew for pulling the weight when it's vino time.

13. An actually helpful cookbook to help break in their new kitchen.

14. A flat colander they'll never run out of reasons to use.

15. And a handy guest book for a variety of important spots, like the bathroom!

16. A fire extinguisher people won't want to hide.

17. A customized Christmas ornament they'll treasure 'til the end of time... even if they move!

18. And an adorable garlic house so the bulbs can finally get some privacy.

19. A deodorizing candle meant to erase the funk of your fav four-legged friend can also do major things for weird kitchen smells. Also, it doesn't smell like a deodorizing candle!

20. A gorgeous spaghetti measure to lend a loop.

21. A customized doormat that's so cool the neighbors will want to steal it but then everyone'd know because it has the *true* owners' name on it!

22. A mini waffle maker and waffle mix that'll help whip up a quick and easy breakfast treat!

23. A set of six "drinking buddies" can help identify whose glass is whose and also make for some extremely silly snaps.

24. A personalized basket in case you can't find the perfect gift — just make it!

25. A pair of chambong shot glasses as an extra AF way to make a toast.

26. A custom framed photo as an excuse to make it onto their gallery wall — or for your doggo to make it onto that wall!

27. A llama looker for the folks who can't stop, won't stop sharing cute animal videos.

28. A speaker that'll work in the shower.

29. A snuggly faux-fur throw so they can be super comfy, even while sticking by their own no-shoes-in-the-house rule.

30. A tissue house for the perpetually sniffly person with minimalist tendencies.

31. A homemade chai tea kit to cozily sip after everyone's left the party.

32. A fresh set of coasters to use ASAP so that their new mid-century modern coffee table doesn't suffer from water rings post-housewarming.

33. A sweary mug that'll fully capture their pride in their new digs.

34. A pair of bookends that look like they were made to hold all their music tomes.

35. A tasting plate that'll hold their wine.

36. A guac-saving gadget in case they have any left over from the housewarming party.

37. Or a snuggly card even the pickiest of friends are guaranteed to adore.

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