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July 24, 2013

2 Rats + Balloons = Pop!

It was a love affair that lasted seconds.

House Shoots Down Amendment To Ban Funding For NSA Surveillance Programs

The amendment lost by only a 12 vote margin. "I like all those no votes," Speaker John Boehner said as time on the vote ran out.

Just A Post Of Anna Wintour Pictures

Categorized, of course.

What It's Like To Drive The "Google Bus"

Tech gossip, Muni scowls, and bicyclist attacks. Behind the wheel of one of Silicon Valley's tech buses.

If George R.R. Martin Wrote Disney Animated Movies

If you think these end in happily ever after, you haven’t been paying attention. Spoilers for Tangled, Mulan, Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid.

The 50 Hottest Male Indie Musicians

Playing an instrument makes you hotter, which gives these already attractive indie musicians an unfair advantage. Here are 50 guys who look as great as they sound.

5 Unrecognizable Photos of Dita Von Teese

In the late '80s Dita was a total California girl!

Cristiano Ronaldo Kicks So Hard, He Broke A Kid's Wrist

And now this 11-year-old has an amazing story.

15 Mindmelting Works Of Mirror Art

Artists bending the world with light.

Taylor Swift Lyrics That Could Justify She Is Crazy

She may look innocent but looks can be deceiving.

The Top 11 Stoner Duos Of All Time

Things are never quite as scary when you have a buddy at your side. Puff, puff, pass.

The Cover For The New Bridget Jones Book Has Been Revealed

"This is an occasion for genuinely tiny knickers."

15 Pieces Of Proof That Eeyore Completely Shaped Your World Outlook

You're the best kind of gloomy grown-up now.

Graffiti Artist —1, The Man — 0

Stencil artist DS put up the perfect response when some poor guy removed his original piece.

8 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

Here's what happened today!

18 Rare And First Edition Books That Are Worth Literally A Fortune

Can I borrow 100K? I totally need the copy of the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in my life.

Anthony Weiner Said In April "Basics Of The Story Are Not Going To Change"

According to The Dirty, he last contacted the woman on the other half of his newest scandal earlier that month.

Michelle Williams Fronts Fashion Campaign, And So Does The Other Michelle Williams

One's modeling for Louis Vuitton, and the other... isn't.

27 Crazy Things That Can Only Happen In Alaska

Everybody should live here, but they would die.

This Fanny Pack For Your Boobs Promises To Get You Through Any Rave

Hands-free iPhone carriage — in your bust!

Jason Sudeikis Confirms Exit From "Saturday Night Live"

He tells David Letterman that he will not return come fall on tonight's Late Show.

Tracy Martin Wants "Trayvon Martin Act" Added To Stand Your Ground Laws For "Black Boys" In America

He also gave details about the Trayvon Martin Foundation, which seeks to advocate against senseless crime and gun violence, mentor boys and educate about Florida laws.

True Facts About The Owl

So cute. So deadly.

The Real Reason Tinder Is So Popular

Tinder isn't really a dating app. It's a vanity machine.

28 Signs Your Friends Are All Getting Married

What are you doing this weekend? Oh, right ... another wedding.

These Charts Help Explain Facebook's Advertising Dilemma

Most of Facebook's new users come from emerging markets and don't generate as much money for the social network. As a result, Facebook has to find ways to make more money off its current users.

6 Ways To Stop Ruining Veganism For Everyone

I'm a vegan. I love vegan food. I like some vegan people. But most people don't. Some vegans are ruining veganism for the rest of the human population. It's time to take a stand and stop the madness!

Univision Airs A Gay Wedding For The First Time In The Network's History

The telenovela "Amores Verdaderos," or "True Love" lives up to its name.

Jimmy Fallon Is Now A Dad

That story and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

Royal Baby And Car Seat Safety: Advice For Prince William

So we say this with love, Will and Kate, but the future king was buckled into his car seat all kinds of wrong. We know you want to be hands-on parents, so here are some safety tips from Alisa Baer, MD, a pediatrician in New York City known as The…

10 Secrets Of "Arrow" Season Two From The Cast

There will be more bad guys, Roy is headed for the dark side, and hopefully a lot more shirtless scenes between Oliver and Diggle. Warning: spoilers ahead!

26 Awesome Ways To Wear Eyes

Yes, eyes are totally a Thing now. Embrace the trend with these fab finds.

Artist Turns Discarded Books Into Beautiful Works Of Art By Crystalizing Them

The San Francisco artist Alexis Arnold created a series of crystallized books as a commentary on materiality and text.

Ostrich Chicks Cuddle Up With Baby Emu Cousins

The cutest cuddle pile you'll ever see. They're basically feathered dinosaurs.

Surprise: Facebook Is The Tech Company That Reports The Blowout Quarter

The social network surprised on the massive upside, outshining Google and Apple. Its mobile business is maturing at an even quicker clip than some aggressive estimates.

Scores Killed In Spanish Train Disaster

UPDATED: At least 80 people are dead and 130 others injured after a major train derailment in northwestern Spain, according to Reuters. [WARNING: Graphic Images]

Bruce Willis Does Not Want To Attend Your Press Junket

As evidenced by his boredom and blatant dislike for this interview.

The World Isn't Ready For The Chromecast Yet

Google's new TV device doesn't solve the only problem that matters. Until online content catches up, the hard tech barely matters.

27 Cats That Immediately Regret Their Decisions

"What was I even thinking?" —these cats

7 Underestimated Animals

"Don't judge a book by it's cover". "There's more than meet's the eye". All very appropriate sayings in this situation.

19 Things You Loved As A Teen That Your Parents Absolutely HATED

Is it weird that you now see where they were coming from?

Here's To The Amazing Animals Who Give Us Yarn

God only knows what I'd be without you, alpacas/angora bunnies/sheep.

Can Richard Simmons Stand Still For 60 Seconds?

BuzzFeed challenged Richard Simmons, legendary ball of energy, to stand completely still for one full minute. Hey, someone had to do it.

Crop Tops: A Users' Guide

Crop tops can be intimidating, but they hardly have to be the most revealing items in your wardrobe. Here's how to wear yours.

8 Sloths Who Could Use A Vacation

Starring the laziest—and the cutest—animals on the planet.

11 Expectation Of Your First Real Job

Because everyone knows that business is just what we imagined.

Can You Prove You Grew Up In The '90s?

Anyone who really grew up in the '90s should have no trouble acing this quiz. You're not some kind of poser, are you?

35 Tricks To Make Your Life Funnier While Confusing Others

Do these things and you will laugh more. Your friends, well, it depends on your friends.

The Definitive Power Ranking Of Every Single Hot Dog From Crif Dogs

Everyone knows Crif Dogs, everyone loves Crif Dogs, but rarely are any of those anyones clear-headed enough to determine which dog is actually the best at Crif Dogs. Because you deserve to know, we did all the delicious sober work for you, and…

The Astoundingly Comprehensive Guide To EVERY SINGLE Top Chef Contestant

With Top Chef Masters returning on Wed, July 24th, we decided to compile a list of all the restaurants opened (and shuttered) by the original show's cheftestants from seasons 1-10, and provide updates on what they're up to now. Pack your knives and…

Women Want To Know How Big It Is

"Both genders consider credit scores and overall financial responsibility when selecting a partner, but women are definitely more focused on those factors," says Ken Chaplin, senior vice president at "Survey results show that…

Here's What The Future Of Google Glass Might Look Like

For the Glasshole with a fashion sense.

Beth Ditto Married Her Girlfriend In Hawaii

And everything was perfect.

3 Extra-Crispy Ways To Eat Mac 'N' Cheese

Sometimes it needs to crunch, you know? (courtesy of Homeroom restaurant's The Mac + Cheese Cookbook)

12 Modern Movie Musicals You Might Have Missed

You've seen Les Misérables and Chicago, but have you had a chance to check out more indie fare? Here are some semi-obscure modern movie musicals, presented in chronological order.

Less Hair, More Violent: A Breaking Bad Chart

The Oatmeal has posted a chart entitled "Proximity to Violence vs. Amount of Hair on One's Head" (catchy, right?). Simple portraits and inside jokes abound.

Why Garrett Clayton Is Not Like Zac Efron

Because Zac Efron is a perfect individual and no one is like him.

Steve King Excoriated For "Hateful" Comments About DREAMers

“For everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds — and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert.”

14 Things You Didn't Know About "Labyrinth"

This was no easy movie to make.

City Of Detroit Moves Forward With Bankruptcy

A judge has overruled last week's ruling that bankruptcy would violate Michigan state law.

10 Possible Pixar Movie Subjects

From toys to "Cars," monsters to bugs, Pixar has almost run the gamut on things to make come to life. Now with "Planes" coming to theaters, we have to wonder what their next move will be. Here are a few ideas that I think would make for great films.

Anthony Weiner Wrote A Long Email About Why He's Not Dropping Out

"The bottom line is that the 'news' today is about my past life," he wrote to supporters. "New Yorkers don't quit, and I'll never quit on you."

53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

The decade that was truly, truly, truly outrageous.

LGBT Olympians And Allies Should Show Up In Russia

You Can Play Project co-founder Patrick Burke writes that out LGBT and "publicly pro-gay" people should not boycott the Sochi Olympic games despite Russia’s anti-LGBT environment and laws. "Show the world that there are elite LGBT athletes who are not afraid to be themselves, on and off the playing field," he writes in this BuzzFeed op-ed.

Police And Anti-Gay Protesters Clash During Montenegro's First Gay Pride Parade

When protesters chanted "Kill the gays!" LGBT activists shouted "Kiss the gays!" in response.

The 8 People We've All Sat Next To On A Plane

Chances are if you haven't sat next to one of these people, you're one of them.

The Incredibly Diverse 2013 Man Booker Fiction Prize Nominees

The prestigious prize is open to writers from Britain, Ireland, and the Commonwealth who write full-length novels in the English language. The long list of nominees this year includes seven women, three debut novels, and a multimedia e-book series.

A Second A Day From Birth

Sam Christopher Cornwell from England recorded one second of his son Indigo's life for a year and put together this lovely, sweet, adorable video. Just watch and enjoy.

There's Now Carlos Danger Swag For You To Buy

The internet never misses an opportunity to make a quick buck from a political scandal.

Obama Enthusiastically Seizes Ownership Of Economy

In the first of several new economic policy speeches, Obama takes a victory lap — and says there's a lot more running to do.

44 Life-Changing Things That Happen At A Beyoncé Concert

You don't go into a Mrs. Carter show without expecting to leave a changed person. You just don't.

Gay Couple Gets Married In Pennsylvania Despite Ban On Same-Sex Marriages

"Nothing is going to change, but now we’re gonna have a piece of paper so everyone else recognizes it."

19 People Who Prove That There Is Still Good In The World

Everything and everyone is not terrible.

Professional Football Player Draws Like A First Grader

Showing off that Alabama education.

Watch Paid TV Sports Analysts "Debate" With The Elegance Of Drunk College Kids

When hilariously high tensions meet embarrassingly limited vocabulary.

6 Exoplanets Humanity Could ALMOST Colonize

Finding a new Earth is hard. These contenders were so close, but sadly humans cannot live on molten lava or plasma water...yet.

10 Famous Works Of Art Recreated On The Human Body

You have to see these to understand. By Chadwick & Spector.

7 Behind The Scenes Images From The Aston Martin Design Studio

Normally kept under wraps, we received a behind the scenes look at where Aston Martin houses their innovative designers.

How To Ditch The Gym Membership And Still Keep Fit

Gym junkies spend more than $500 per year on their athletic club memberships, but can you stay in shape without one?

Fraternity Lobbyists Really Want To Keep An Anti-Hazing Bill Out Of Congress

How a powerful PAC killed the efforts of a mother who lost her son to violent hazing.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Anderson Davis

It's National Tequila Day! What better way to celebrate than an interview with Sauza's resident lifeguard (and extremely attractive person) Anderson Davis? Yes, please.

What Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy Is Not

Dammit, Jim, he's a doctor. Not a...

A Pennsylvania Police Chief Refuses To Apologize For Threatening On YouTube To Shoot Liberals

The mayor's office says the chief is acting within his First Amendment right to express himself in his free time.

10 Best Gizoogle Searches

This genius website has made a comeback, turning websites into ridiculous slang. Here are the best.

22 Childhood Feelings You Wish You Could Get Back

Ahhh, it was all so simple then.

The Royal Baby's Name Is George Alexander Louis

Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced the name of their newborn son, the Prince of Cambridge.

The Second Coming, Sandwich Edition

By William Butler Eats.

Phat Phuc, The Golden Shower, And Other Wonders Of Unintentional Restaurant Signage

It doesn't matter if you're Gandhi or a 3yr-old who just potty-trained... you simply don't drive past a restaurant called "My Dung" without giggling. So, presented without comment other than that comment, here's a worldwide look at…

John Fugelsang: Why Mississippi Schoolchildren Should Pray For No Prayer In School

"You also only got around to officially banning slavery this year. Yes, it's fair to say the state of your state sucks so hard, Alabama has a hickey." — John Fugelsang

Royal Baby Name: James Is The Favourite For The Future King Of England

James has emerged as a clear favourite for the name of the little Prince last night – at least among the betting public. At 2/1, it overtook the earlier leader George, now 5/1.

How Would You Spend $1 Million?

Fifteen nights in a palatial suite or 70 years in a run-down motel? A few bottles of bubbly or André for life? Would you splurge for a few of the best or settle for a lot of the bargain?

35 Things Every Engineer Has To Deal With In College

It all seems worth it when you graduate with a profound sense of self-respect. And a job.

The Great Gatsby's Plot, Visualised

Nicely done, old sport.

New York Tabloids Lay Into Weiner


Pepsi's Earnings Explained In One Super Cool Graphic

The beverage and snack company provided key highlights of its second quarter earnings in an easily digestible way.

Why Baseball Players Should Take Elephant Steroids During Games

Hear us out! There IS a relevant point here.

Why Shopping Sucks For Every Body Type

Yeah, I said it. Shopping sucks.

Oxford Dictionary Will Change Definition Of "Marriage" To Include Gay Couples

You want the definition of marriage? Go look it up.

Could Taco Bell Be Making Its Best Move Ever?

…well probably not, because Cheesy Gordita Crunches were its best move ever. But dropping the kids' meal is a close 2nd.

3 Amazing Falls From Destiny's Child's Past

BRB, watching on repeat. Also, poor Michelle.

22 Dogs Who Are Excellent Wingmen

These dogs are pros at being bros.

Letterman Mocks Anthony Weiner With Top 10 Other Sexting Names

Nothing really tops "Carlos Danger," though.

20 Pics Of Amelia Earhart: American Badass

It's Amelia Earhart Day! "Adventure is worthwhile in itself." - Amelia Earhart

Bountiful Blackberries

Bask in blackberries! Their deep color indicates their incredible nutrient density, from abundant antioxidants and fiber to omega 3s.

The 16 Most Homoerotic Photos Of Vladimir Putin

To paraphrase Shakespeare: "Methinks thou dost protest too much, shirtless stud."

Britain's Leading Anti-Porn Politician Doesn't Seem To Know How The Internet Works

The member of Parliament who spearheaded the U.K.'s proposed porn ban had her website briefly hacked. But she doesn't appear sure about the details.

17 Cats Who Just Want To Have Pun

You have cat to be kitten me right meow.

23 Unexpected Cultural Delicacies From Asia

A small sampling of the most unusual foods from Asia. Warning: may not be for the faint of heart or stomach.

The Smartest Ever Ad Campaign To Use National Flags

It's via Portugal. And it's not kind to the United States.

Unveiled: The Jane Austen £10 Note

It'll be in circulation from 2017.

New Stock Boy: Dog

No wonder I can't find a job.

There Is A Mercedes Golf Cart That's Way Nicer Than Your Car

Finally, a luxury brand makes golf seem even more pretentious.

24 Things Most People Pretend To Understand But Don't

"I mean, I know the gist of it..."

7 Shocking Bible Verses You Probably Won't Hear In Church

God-commissioned bear attacks, praise of infanticide, and cannibalism? Yep, all in there.

White Sox Game Of "Hot Potato" Leads To Inside-The-Park Home Run For Tigers

I didn't even know it was possible to be this bad.

87 Baby Pictures Cuter Than The Royal Baby

Sorry, Prince No Name, but you've got some tough competition when it comes to being a cute baby. The BuzzFeedAnimals Twitter account did some research. If you missed out on your chance, add your pet's baby picture in the comments!

Christopher The Lion Celebrates His 20th Birthday In Style

Even for a lion, nothing completes a birthday party like some great friends and some delicious cake! The Franklin Park and Stone Zoo in Massachusetts gave Christopher a 20th birthday to remember.

7 Ways You Can Tell You've Matured Past College

There comes a point in your twenties when you will mature past the simple joys of college life, but don't panic! You're still technically young until all your friends' Facebook photos become baby pics.

"Vogue Italia," 1970

"Vogue Italia," 1970

Dexter The Corgi Enjoys His First Baby Pool

He's confused but he loves it. And I love him.

10 Weird And Wonderful Ice Cream Flavors

Unlike anything you usually find at the grocery store.

19 Signs You Are A Selenator

All hail Princess Selena Gomez!

Aubrey Plaza Didn't Realize She'd Have A Full Masturbation Scene In Her New Movie

Conan O'Brien couldn't help but ask Aubrey about the scene in The To Do List where she pleasures herself. And it was just as awkward as you'd expect it to be.

Indian Police Arrest Headmistress Of School Where As Many As 23 Children Died After Eating Poisoned Food

She is at the center of one of India's deadliest food poisoning outbreaks.

Female Quarterback Shreds The National Anthem On A Ukulele Before Winning Gold

This is the most inspiring combination of sports and music you will ever see.

Facebook Is Now Directly At War With Twitter

The fight for the live internet — and its advertising dollars — is on.

32 Dorm Posters That Won't Make You Feel Like A Living Cliché

Keep Calm and Don't Buy That Stupid Poster.

Where Are They Now: "Sabrina, The Teenage Witch"

What's the cast of the magical show up to now? NOT hanging out with cool, talking cats, I can tell you that much.

Can You Make Grumpy Cat Happy Again?

Add some sparkle to her eyes.

39 Splendid And Tremendous Alan Partridge Moments

We love you, Alan. In a way...

Aaron Paul Reacts To His Acting On The Original "Beverly Hills, 90210"

The latest installment of "Hey, Wasn't Aaron Paul In That Thing?" comes courtesy of The Tonight Show. (Jay Leno, we could have told you that Aaron Paul was on 90210. Have you seen his pops? Or his Price Is Right clip, for that matter?)

15 Perfectly Unique Posters For Any Dorm

Whether you are heading to college for the first time or your heading back, here are some awesome posters that you won’t find in every dorm room you enter. . . No offense M. C. Escher!

Horse In McDonald's Gets Owner Fined

A British woman was fined after she was told she couldn't bring her pony through the drive-thru at McDonalds and took the horse inside the fast-food restaurant instead.

Sad Footage Of Amanda Bynes And Her Gasoline-Soaked Dog In A Liquor Store

This happened after the alleged incident where she started a fire in a random woman's driveway on Monday.

And This Is What Kate Middleton Must Wear To The Royal Baby's Christening

Perfect timing: the new Alexander McQueen campaign debuts. KMid did wear a McQueen wedding dress, after all.

25 Signs You Went To UCLA In The “Good Old Days”

If you know anything about UCLA's campus, you know that it's ever evolving.

Dell Ups Offer To To Save Deal Despite Saying He Wouldn't

The battle for Dell rages on, with founder Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners upping their offer to take the company private. The vote is now scheduled for August 2.

Reports: Snowden Is Awaiting Paperwork, Will Stay In Moscow Airport

UPDATED: Edward Snowden has not yet been issued documents allowing him to leave a Moscow airport. Earlier reports said he would leave Wednesday.

Publicist Kelly Cutrone Blames "Consumers" For Super Thin Models, Not The Fashion Industry

She says industry only gives us what we want to see: size zero models, apparently.

Some Very Questionable Product Packaging

I'm not eating that. I'm not drinking that. Nine products.

61 Tons Of Silver Recovered From SS Gairsoppa Shipwreck

A marine expedition recovered a record-breaking haul of silver bullion from a shipwreck three miles below the surface in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Crop Tops Of The Week: Miley's Underboob Nicole's Vacation Look And More Photo

Crop tops are the look of 2013. They may have started their comeback slowly, but bare bellies are officially back in. In fact, stylish stars are showing their midriffs on such a regular basis, that it's hard to keep up! Do stylish stars like Miley…

How The Royal Dog Is Handling The New Baby

All this talk about the baby and we have forgotten all about a very important part of the Royal Family: Lupo. He has an update...and it isn't too happy.

39 Signs You Took A Gap Year

And, like, totally found yourself.

A Guy On Facebook Live-Status'd The Harry Potter Movies

... and it was glorious. Truth bombs were dropped. Arguments were made. Friends were lost. In the aftermath I like to think we all learned something about ourselves. At the very least, we learned a hell of a lot about Harry Potter.

28 Cast-Iron Rules Of Office Life

Please don't use Comic Sans. Or crap on the floor.

14 Shows Everyone Claims To Have Watched

Because you never want to look stupid in front of your friends. "Two and a Half Men" fans need not apply.

How Winter The Dolphin Inspires The World

This sea goddess from Clearwater, Florida is a movie star. But she still takes the time to wave a flipper to her fans.

The Only Cover Of "When I'm Gone" You Will Ever Need To Listen To

K-Pop girl group SPICA has one of the best covers to the cup song EVER.

18 Problems With Being An 18+ One Direction Fan

Nothing says "responsible adult" like One Direction posters plastered on your dorm room walls.

Why Hollywood Should Pay Attention To Black Nerd Girls

We barely see any comic books, Sci-Fi Fantasy movies or TV shows featuring black girls. Maybe Hollywood and the industry thinks there is no market but trolling the internet will prove them wrong.

35 Signs You Grew Up In North Edison

It's all about Noside, baby!

Bananas Used To Be Totally Different In The '50s

And the ones you see at the grocery store might change again in a couple decades! What!

Japan's 10 Weird/Shocking Moments Caught On Twitter Photos

Japan seems to always have weirdest things happening to it. Here's a glimpse of Japanese people's everyday life. Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Sign up for mailing list for latest updates, including our favorite Japanese kitten Wasabi-chan's news.

Awesome Parent Looks For Chick On Craigslist To De-Virginize Son

It would be easy to shake your head and lament the state of American parenting after reading this Craigslist ad in Philly. Or you can go ahead and  name this poster the fucking parent of the year. Back in the day, when a boy showed himself a…

15 Reasons Juan Pablo Is The Perfect Next Bachelor

The best thing to come out of Venezuela since, well, ever.

Steve McQueen 1952 Chevy Camper On Auction

A camper truck belonging to actor Steve McQueen goes up for auction this week.

7 Epic Events To Crash Over The Next 7 Years

If you are ever going to crash a party or buy your way in, these would be the most epic ones to do it for. No one said it would be easy, but it'll definitely be worth it.

24 Ways You Know You Went To Community College

Not NYU. Not Rutgers. Not the Ivies. Just bare bones community college.

What One Share Of A Company Can Buy You At That Company

Here's what you can buy at a random sample of 13 publicly traded companies for the price of one of their shares.

16 Celebs Who Share A Birthday With The Royal Baby

The royal baby isn't the only celebrity who blows out his candles on July 22. From Selena Gomez to Alex Trebek, a few other well-known figures share a birthday with the royal bundle of joy.

Suspicious Quotation Marks Here (10 Photos)

I don't trust any of these people as far as I can "throw" them.

Guy Dupuy Of Team Flight Brothers Raised Blake Griffin's Bar

Guy Dupuy of Team Flight Brothers went between the legs and dunked over a car. The middle part (of a convertible)!

How Popular Websites Looked When They Were First Launched

Yikes! Yeah, we complain about all of the new facebook layouts, but at least they're all a step up from these.

Beyoncé & Jay Z Take A Stand For Trayvon Martin

See Beyoncé and Jay Z at the Trayvon Martin rally in NYC.

‘RIPD Is DOA’, A Mega-gallery Of This Week’s Most Popular Headline

With a movie about undead policeman with an acronym title not only bombing but sucking, this weekend and the lead up to it offered the temptation of that perfect, once-in-a-lifetime apt acronym description, the siren song of which was just too much…

21 Signs That You're The Ultimate Jonas Brothers Fan

There's just something about those three boys from Jersey...

Claire McCaskill Says She's Apologized To Bill And Hillary Clinton

The Missouri Senator said her once-rocky relationship with the Clintons is on the mend. She's ready for Hillary.

Claire McCaskill: No One Touches My Twitter Feed But Me

One of Congress' best tweeters explains how it's done.

19 Vintage Photographs Of Stylin' Librarians

Definitive proof that books are the sexiest accessory of all.

Royal Baby: First Photo Revealed

Kate Middleton and Prince William are leaving the hospital! Here's a glimpse of the new royal heir to the throne.

A Look Inside The First Google Glass Porn Leads The Daily Links

Plus a look inside the first-ever Google Glass porn (starring James Deen!), photos of Queen Elizabeth before she was a great-grandmother, and a brief guide to the world of "Blurred Lines" YouTube parodies.

9 Breathtaking Pieces Of Microsoft Paint Art Made By A 97-Year-Old

Some know Hal Lasko as Grandpa, but soon everyone will know him as artist.

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