22 Insanely Cool Conversation-Piece Plants For Your Garden

You, too, can harness a bit of nature’s weirdness.

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1. The Blue Honeywort

“Fast-growing, tough, hardy, and easy to grow from seed.” They also yield the prettiest combination of blue leaves and purple flowers. Get the seeds here.

2. White Alpine Strawberries

They’re sweeter than regular strawberries, with a hint of pineapple. “Closely related to wild or woodland strawberries, the alpines are considered a gourmet strawberry. Producing throughout the summer, alpines are easy to grow, either in beds or containers. They are hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 3a through 8b.” Buy them here.

3. The Fernleaf Fiddleneck

They thrive even when neglected, with long-lasting blooms. Get the seeds here.

4. Globe Thistles

It’s a little late to plant these, as they should be planted outside after the last frost of spring, but hey. Maybe next year! Get the seeds here.

5. Korchia Balls

Say hello to your new friends! To sow inside: soak seeds overnight. Use peat pots. Germination time: one to two weeks in the light. Get more information here.

Here’s the hot pink version.

6. The Chicory Flower

Yep, this is the same plant used to make chicory coffee, and you can put the leaves in your salads. They should be planted in full sun. Get the seeds here.

7. Spiky “Hedgehog” Cucamelons


Get the seeds here. Plant the regular cucamelons if you want a delicious edible plant.

8. Sunzilla Sunflowers

“These grand giants are fun and easy to grow with dramatic results.” Get the seeds here.

9. Blue Passionflower

Thrives in warm climates. “Seeds are easy to germinate in warm, moist soil. You’ll just need a few, because each vine is huge, and after the first summer, you’ll have plenty of your own.” Get the seeds here.

10. Wild Maypop

Frazzled and bedazzled! This flower actually thrives in cooler climates, and looks like it stuck its finger in a socket. Get the seeds here.

11. Purple Triple Datura

These annuals will grow anywhere and are picturesque like a Georgia O’Keefe painting when fully formed. Get the seeds here.

12. The Dwarf Weeping Larch Tree

In case a huge backyard plant creature resembling Cousin It happens to fall in your aesthetic. Get the seeds here.

13. Giant Dandelions

For the loftiest wishes your heart could ever hope for. Get the seeds here.

14. The Black Bat Flower

The seeds are expensive at $10, but if even a couple of these germinate, they’ll be the crowning star of your garden. Get the seeds here.

15. Prickly Caterpillar Beans

“Caterpillar Beans were grown in the 1880’s as a curiosity, usually to surprise unsuspecting dinner guests. They were not meant to be eaten, (they’re too prickly), but are harmless and quite amusing.” Yes indeed! Get the seeds here.

16. Broccoli Romanesco

This spiky, twirly flower is possibly the most psychadelic-looking vegetable ever. It has a pleasing nutty taste. Get the seeds here.

17. Bleeding Heart Flowers

Blooms late spring, early summer. Get the seeds here.

18. Lamb’s Ears

It’s the plant you want to PET. In warmer climates they may grow year-round, but suffer where it’s hot and humid. Get the seeds here.

19. Birds of Paradise Flowers

“We have had great success with the following potting medium for strelitzias: 2 parts loam, 2 parts sand, 3 parts 12 cm bark, 3 parts compost and 1/2 part bone meal, and 1 part Bounce back® or 1 part 3.1.5 fertilizer.” The instructions are complicated, so grow if you dare. Get the seeds here.

21. The Watermelon Radish


“Its flavor is mild, only slightly peppery with almond-sweet notes.” Get the seeds here.

22. Giant Allium Flowers

Also known as truffula flowers, of Dr. Seuss fame. Get the seeds here.

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