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    14 Marvel Heroes Before They Were Heroes

    Even mutants and super-geniuses go to high school. And they have the embarrassing photos to prove it

    1. Steve Rogers - Most Likely To Be Confused For Johnny Storm

    Chris Evans

    2. Marie D'Ancanto - Best Kisser

    Anna Paquin

    3. Ororo Munroe - Most Likely To Be Struck By Lightning

    Halle Berry

    4. Scott Summers - Biggest Douche

    James Marsden

    5. Raven Darkholme - Least Likely To Give Two Fucks

    Jennifer Lawrence

    6. Clint Barton - Most Likely To Regret His High School Hair

    Jeremy Renner

    7. Emma Frost - Prom Queen (Twice), Homecoming Queen (Four Years Running), Best Mean Girl

    January Jones

    8. Bruce Banner - Least Likely To Get In A Fight

    Mark Ruffalo

    9. Philip "Hank" McCoy - Most Likely To Become A Mad Scientist

    Kelsey Grammer

    10. Tony Stark - Most Likely To Succeed, Prom King, Best At Being Best

    11. James “Rhodey” Rhodes - Best Wingman

    Don Cheadle

    12. Wade Wilson - Most Likely To Mouth Off To A Cop

    Ryan Reynolds

    13. Natalia "Natasha" Romanova - Least Likely To Be A Double Agent

    14. Nick Fury - Most Likely To Kick Your Ass And You'll Thank Him For It

    Samuel L. Jackson