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24 Next-Level Burgers You Need To Know About

Sometimes, even the most delicious sesame seed bun starts to feel like a prison. These burgers are BUSTING OUT.

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2. The Beef Fàn-Tastic

A very un-delicious, limited edition McDonald's sandwich that was available (briefly) in Southeast Asia in 2006. Somebody thought it was a good idea to make a bun out of mushy, sticky rice patties. Description here.

22. The World's Most Expensive Burger

$295 will get you a Waygu beef burger with a fried quail egg, aged cheddar, caviar, black truffles, and gold dust. Only at NYC's Serendipity 3, where you can follow it up with a $1,000 sundae, if you also wipe your butt with money.

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