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    17 People Who Should've Chosen Their Fonts More Carefully

    Hopefully they learned their lesson.

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    Thank god, they usually charge you extra for them.

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    Wonder how much sales have dropped.


    An olde English term, presumably.


    Seems legit.

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    Time to learn how to sew.

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    One of those moments when you wish your child was illiterate.

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    "Honey, how about we just stay home on Saturday."

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    For when you have those oh-so-specific cravings.

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    The evolution of technology.

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    That's one way to boost sales.

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    As long as there isn't a fee...

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    Fun for everyone!

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    "Maybe we should stick to a mat."

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    So THAT'S why the bikini only comes in black.

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    Houston, we have a pt size problem.

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    Desperate Hotsauces.

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    How much for a share?

    H/t to this thread.

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