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Sailor Moon Was The Gayest Cartoon On Television

But you wouldn't know this if you watched it in America.

Sailor Moon was a great, innocent show about a bunch of friends in cute outfits fighting evil.

It had magical cats:

And girl power:


All of this is definitely true. But what you might not have known is that the original version of Sailor Moon had a ton of queer characters.

When the show was dubbed for American audiences, all of the gayness was erased. And there was a lot of it to get rid of.

1. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were lesbians.

In the original version, Sailor Uranus confused all the straight girls.

And Sailor Uranus continuously hit on Sailor Moon.

Also, Sailor Neptune and Uranus were deeply in love.

It was super cute and really obvious. They also constantly made "in bed" jokes to each other. So cute.

But in America, these two women were straight... and cousins.

2. Kunzite and Zoisite were gay.

In the original version, they were two men in a homosexual relationship.

Their sweet and tender relationship was super unexpected and cute.

But in America, they were a normal, albeit evil, heterosexual couple.

3. Fisheye cross-dressed.

In the original version, Fisheye was wily, seductive, and a man.

He was also really awkward.

But in America, Fisheye was wily, seductive, and a woman.

4. The Sailor Starlights were gender variant... literally.

In the original version, they were men who turned into women when they transformed.

The Sailor Starlights posed as a boy band on Earth. They were male-bodied when they were in their regular streetclothes, and then changed into female-bodied superheroes. Yep, you can actually watch the boobs grow in the gif above. I'm not convinced that One Direction can't do this as well.

It caused a lot more delightful confusion.

But in America...they didn't exist.

That's because Cartoon Network never aired this entire season, probably because of the "inappropriate" content that it covered. We really missed out, because this season is amazing.

I'll never understand why one of them had the superpower of "Star Gentle Uterus," though.