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Derek Jeter Is Back After 91 Games And Already Doing Derek Jeter Things

Hustle down that line, cap!

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After missing the Yankees' first 91 games this season due to a broken left ankle, team captain Derek Jeter made his debut this afternoon — and promptly had the Most Derek Jeter At-Bat ever.

Seth Wenig / AP

He swung at the first pitch he saw and legged out an infield single.

The ankle clearly isn't perfect but A-OK for doing baseball things.

Then he went from first to third on a single up the middle.

Then he scored on a sacrifice fly to put the Yankees on the scoreboard — and cut the early deficit to 3-1.

All the Yankees seemed happy to have Jeter back. (Travis Hafner in the background? NOT SO MUCH.)

Here's the entire first at-bat. The Stadium crowd was just a little excited.