3 Delicious Ways To Make Potato Salad

Including one that’s mayonnaise free, for all the weirdos who don’t like it.

1. Store-bought potato salad is rude and insulting to summertime.

Potato salad is an amazing barbecue superstar that should be given just as much love and attention as the burgers.

2. Unless you live close to this tub of miracles, or an equivalent, Make Your Own Potato Salad.

Emily Fleischaker

3. Among other reasons to diy, you can add more of the stuff you like and none of the stuff you don’t.

Like the right amount of salt. And the right amount of tangy acidity. And fresh things like herbs.

4. (For example: WTF is all that stuff in this salad.)

5. Here are three easy versions of potato salad, courtesy of Food52, to get you properly fed on a hot summer time.


6. DELICIOUS IDEA #1 (for garlic lovers): Spanish Roasted Potato Salad

7. You’ll need: potatoes, garlic, lemon, mustard, and mayo.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

8. Cut potatoes and dress them with oil, salt, and lots of pepper. Then, spread ‘em in a casserole and roast them in a 400°F oven.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

9. Make your dressing: dump mayo, lemon juice, and mustard into a bowl. Add garlic.

Get the amounts in the full recipe at Food52.

10. Mix the dressing and the caramelized potatoes and that’s it: amazing roasted potatoes with garlicky mayonnaise.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

12. Start with potatoes, buttermilk, mayo, horseradish, dill, and scallions.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

13. This time, you’re going to boil the potatoes in a big pot of water.

Rules of thumb for boiling potatoes: Cover them with only about an inch of water. Don’t add salt. Get the full recipe at Food52.

14. Slice the scallions, chop the dill, and mix everything together until it’s creamy and smooth.

Season with lots of salt. Get the full recipe at Food52.

15. Once your potatoes are no longer hot potatoes, cut them to the size you like, then add the dressing.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

16. IDEA #3 (for those who don’t like mayo): Potato Salad with Arugula and Dijon Vinaigrette.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

17. Cover potatoes with cold water by an inch and boil until just tender. Drain them and cover them with salt and pepper.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

18. Add arugula, chopped chives, and chopped red onions.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

19. Make a simple dressing of red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, and olive oil. Pour it over your potatoes and arugula.

Get the full recipe at Food52.

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