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    Posted on Jul 4, 2013

    Welcome To The Strangest Music Video Of Your Life

    Also one of the smartest and most glittery.

    Meet DADDIE$ PLA$TIK, the gender-bending multimedia performance project from San Francisco.

    It's comprised of Tyler Holmes, San Cha, and Vain Hein. They're awesome.

    They've paired up with Persia, this fabulous drag queen, also from San Francisco:

    And they've produced probably the most overstimulating and amazing video ever.

    Warning: you might need to pause and recuperate periodically while watching this.

    I have no idea what any of it means.

    Alright, then.

    Actually, "Google Google Apps Apps" is making some pretty salient points.

    The lyrics, as confusing as they are, speak about gentrification and white-washing in San Francisco. They repeatedly ask "Where are you moving?" and shout "Gentrify me!"

    Oh, and then they put on white face.

    Shit gets pretty real.

    Basically, it's great.

    And strange. And fabulous.

    Watch it. Now.

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