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    The Case Of The Professional Athlete Who Couldn't Stop Losing His Balance And Falling Over

    Chad Qualls fall down, go boom.

    Last night, Marlins reliever Chad Qualls pitched his way out of an eight-inning pickle by striking the Mets' Omar Quintanilla on three pitches. No one was prepared for what he did next.

    BOOM. And he stuck the landing!

    No matter the angle, this tumble defies all reasonable logic, which makes it the perfect tumble.

    Of course, with the worst record in the National League, the Marlins will take any laughs they wrangle.

    Even in real time, Qualls' fall is no less amazing.

    The best part is that he also fell over for basically no reason last season, in a game against the Baltimore Orioles in June.

    Seriously, Chad Qualls should possibly walk with crutches at all times.