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    13 "Game Of Thrones" Houses As Defined By Urban Dictionary

    "Stark - Someone who is good in bed." All right, which one of the Stark kids wrote this?

    1. House Arryn - "As High As Honor"

    2. House Bolton - "Our Blades Are Sharp"

    3. House Frey - House words unknown

    4. House Greyjoy - "We Do Not Sow"

    5. House Lannister - "Hear Me Roar"

    6. House Martell - "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

    7. House Reed - House words unknown

    8. House Stark - "Winter Is Coming"

    9. House Tarly - "First In Battle"

    10. House Tully - "Family, Duty, Honor"

    11. House Tyrell - "Growing Strong"

    Oddly, two major houses have no Urban Dictionary definition*.


    Feel free to leave your suggestions for House Baratheon and House Targaryen -- and any forgotten minor House -- in the comments!

    *as of this posting

    12. House Baratheon - "Ours Is The Fury"

    13. House Targaryen - "Fire And Blood"

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