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    23 Simple And Essential Hiking Hacks

    You'll be king of the trail.

    1. Be flexible with your tent setup.

    2. Make an extra portable spice pack.

    3. Use biodegradable trail marking tape.

    4. Re-waterproof your rain jacket.

    5. Maximize your packing efficiency.

    6. Learn how to estimate remaining daylight.

    7. Pack duct tape around a lighter or water bottle to save space.

    8. Use the duct tape to deal with blisters.

    9. Or for quick tick removal.

    10. The Tick Key is another super portable option for tick removal.

    11. Know your knots.

    12. Familiarize yourself with these poisonous plants.

    13. Make your own walking staff.

    14. Waterproof your matches with shellac.

    15. Pack some simple DIY firestarters like cotton pads dipped in wax or cotton balls coated in Vaseline.

    Tips for preparation here.

    16. Line your backpack with a garbage bag for extra rain protection.

    17. Pack a space-saving first aid kit.

    18. Fashion your own portable utensils.

    19. Pitch your tent entrance facing into the wind to discourage mosquitos from congregating.

    20. Don't wear cotton.

    21. Put important and sensitive items in separate plastic bags for safe keeping.

    22. Study up on layering, especially for cold weather hiking.

    23. Study up on which spiders to be legit scared of and which are just creepy.