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    One Exercise To Know This Week: Burpees

    The world's worst exercise is about to become your favorite.

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    How you do it:

    Chris Ritter

    Why you should know it:

    The burpee is one of the best full body exercises there is. It has both strength and cardio components making it a good go-to move. Because of the intensity, it is an effective way to blast calories, speed up your metabolism and burn fat. It also builds core strength and arm stability while improving your mobility.

    Other ways you can do it:

    Chris Ritter

    Instead of a push-up, perform six mountain climbers (while your feet and hands are on the ground, alternate jumping each foot toward your chest).

    Chris Ritter

    Hold a medicine ball or Bosu (curved side down). Instead of placing your hands directly on the ground, balance on the ball to introduce instability to your push-up.

    - The downgrade challenge: Start with 20 burpees, take a quick breather, then do 19, rest and continue until you reach zero.

    - The 30 day burpee challenge: On the first day do five burpees, then add five more burpees everyday (day 2 is 10, day 3 is 15, etc). Use one day a week as a rest day. At the end of 30 days you'll be able to do 100 burpees easy!

    - Guinness Book of World Record challenge: More than 1,840 in 1 hour!

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