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12 Incredibly Intricate Harry Potter-Inspired Manicures

Celebrate Harry's/JKR's birthday the best way possible: by painting symbols and spells all over your talons.

1. Quidditch Nails

2. Avada Kedavra Nails


Digging that font, though.

3. Expecto Patronum and Sectumsempra Nails

Marginally better.

4. Simple Black and Metallic Nails

5. Character Nails

You can make everyone try to guess which is Fred and which is George, and then you'll probably annoy all your friends but it's OK because you'll have these nails.

6. You can buy this design as a set of press-ons from Etsy as well.

Available here.

7. Hogwarts House Sigil Nails

She's been quite democratic, but feel free to rock one house with pride.

8. Deathly Hallows Movie Nails

Complete with splatterings of blood.

9. Iconic Harry Potter Symbol Nails

RIP Hedwig, you will live on in our hearts and atop our nailbeds forevermore.

10. Battle of Hogwarts Nails

11. Deathly Hallows Thumbnail

You could do a lot of damage with this baby. (And it might work best as an accent nail.)

12. Harry + Voldy = 4ever Nails