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21 Little Victories In A Single Person's Life

Aha! Take that, couples!

1. Not having to share your last bite.

2. Making an impulse decision without having to tell anyone.

3. Getting seated first at a busy restaurant.

4. Getting to go on a first date. A couple of times.

5. When you get someone's number.

6. Coming home and having the entire bed to yourself.

7. When you let out a satisfying bodily function.

8. Getting a paycheck and knowing it's all going to be spent on yourself.

9. Having a successful marathon of the TV show of your choice.

10. Seeing your friends who are in relationships bicker.

11. When you realize you can move to wherever you want.

12. When you go out and you're never the one who's careful of breaking rules.

13. When you order a pizza and there's no sharing necessary.

14. When Valentine's Day rolls around and you don't have to plan or deal with the drama.

15. Getting a match on a dating site.

16. That first time you go to a restaurant or the movies alone and realize it's actually fun.

17. Thinking, Where does this go? and then realizing, Wherever the fuck I want.

18. Getting somewhere early because you weren't held up by anyone.

19. When you decide to leave something early or late because you can.

20. When you don't have to go to "couples parties."

21. Basically, every moment is a small triumph, because you're young, wild, and free.