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    16 Alternative Wedding Invitations And Save The Dates

    Flat paper and ink is BORING and so 1447.

    Chris Ritter

    1. Print on Cloth

    2. Viewmaster Invitation

    3. Ornament

    4. This Ribbon Photo Thing

    5. A Scratch-Off Invite

    6. Pop Up

    7. Plexiglass

    8. A Balloon

    9. Film Canister

    Oh So Lovely / Via
    Ambient Studios / Via
    Ambient Studios / Via

    10. Print on Wood


    BONUS: Moss!

    11. Game Board


    BONUS: Cookie!

    12. Seeds


    13. Photography and a Little Chalk

    14. Photo Strip

    Oh Yay Design / Via

    15. Planter with Date

    16. Paper Airplane with Directions

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