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March 11, 2014

Rico Love's New Video Unapologetically Brings Back Bad Boy's Shiny Suit Era

Producer-turned-singer Rico Love made last year's most flagrant (and catchy) R&B single, "They Don't Know." Today, his new video debuts on BuzzFeed.

The Most Downloaded Books In Each State

Scribd released its list of the most popular eBooks across the United States. Turns out, Americans love romance. And ice cream.

The Cast Of "Game Of Thrones" Answers Who Should Sit On The Iron Throne

Vanity Fair asked the cast of Game Of Thrones who they think deserves the Iron Throne, and this is what they said. Spoilers from last season!

12 Questions That Changed Everything (and 1 Statement That Will)

Friday, March 14, is Question Day 2014, inspired by the innovative and inquiring mind of Albert Einstein (whose birthday is March 14). To demonstrate the power of Questioning, here are 12 life-changing questions, all explored in Warren Berger’s A MORE BEAUTIFUL QUESTION

There Is One Movie Neil deGrasse Tyson Approves Of Scientifically

After famously criticizing Gravity, the astrophysicist — and host of Fox's COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey — doesn't know if he'll ever publicly fact-check a film's science again. Praising a film's science, however, he can do.

12 Historias horroríficas de dos oraciones

Se les preguntó a usuarios de Reddit sobre las mejores historias de horror que pudieran inventar con dos oraciones. Los resultados, son absolutamente terroríficos.

14 Things That Will Happen In Your First SoulCycle Class

Never been to a SoulCycle class? Your fave celebs have, and here's what you should expect from the intense, and intensely fun, workout.

People Are Posting Some Really Kinky Things About Politicians On Whisper

Whisper is an anonymous messaging app where users post their most private thoughts on a subject superimposed over a photo relating to that subject. When you get into the political side of Whisper, things get weird.

CNN Profiles A Weed Sniffing "Nasal Ranger"

Futurama's Smell-O-Scope is real and is busting pot smokers in Colorado for being too smelly.

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