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45 Fabulous Prom Dresses Inspired By Your All-Time Favorite Disney Characters

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1. Cinderella

From Cinderella. Get it here.

2. Nemo

From Finding Nemo. Find the dress here.

3. Dory

Get the dress here.

4. Alice

Get this tea-party chic look here.

5. The Cheshire Cat

From Alice in Wonderland. Rent it here.

6. Queen of Hearts

Available here.

7. Jasmine

From Aladdin. Get the dress here.

8. Rajah

Jasmine's trusty sidekick. Get this tiger-striped maxi number here.

9. Genie

From Aladdin. Make one of your own wishes come true; get the dress here.

10. Tiana

From The Princess and the Frog. Get it here.

11. Aurora

AKA Sleeping Beauty. Dress from Herve Leger, available here.

12. Maleficent

From Sleeping Beauty. And Maleficent. Get the look here.

13. Megara

From Hercules. This grecian number is only $80 here.

14. Hercules

Be a hero, rent it here.

15. Rapunzel

From Tangled. Get it here.

16. Pocahontas

Get it here.

17. Cruella De Vil

If she doesn't scare you... the price of this coat actually might. Available here.

18. Perdita

Dog number one of 101 Dalmations. Get it here.

19. Mr. Smee

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the pirate's stripe for me.

20. Peter Pan

Think happy thoughts. Like wearing this dress.

21. Tinkerbelle


22. Captain Hook

Get it here.

23. Jessie

From Toy Story 2. Get the dress here.

24. Buzz Lightyear

Rent it here.

25. Ariel

Aka The Little Mermaid. Get it here. Dinglehopper not included.

26. Sebastian

Get it here.

27. Ursula


28. Simba

Be the envy of the pride. Get this fierce dress here.

29. Sulley

From Monsters, Inc. Get it here.

30. Snow White


31. Dopey

Get it here.

32. Merida

If you're feeling Brave, get this (expensive) dress here.

33. Jane

From Tarzan. Get it here.

34. Princess Dot

From Disney and Pixar's A Bug's Life. Get the dress here.

35. Lightning McQueen

From Cars. Get it here.

36. Lilo

Of Lilo & Stitch. Similar styles here.

37. Jessica Rabbit

From Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Get it here.

38. Mulan

Get the dress here.

39. Belle

From Beauty and the Beast. Get it here.

40. Beast

Get it here.

41. Lumiere

Light up the dance floor. Get the dress here.

42. Sorcerer Mickey

From Fantasia. Dress by Victoria Beckham, here.

43. Minnie Mouse

Get it here.

44. Elsa

From Frozen. High-Low never bothered me anyway. Get it here.

45. Olaf

Get it here.

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