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27 Things Every Parent Secretly Does

If you say you've never done any of these, you're lying.

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Lookin' good, Shout.

Also, Shout after hours for all you moms out there...sorry @TommyHobson

Tara Perry@taraperry

Also, Shout after hours for all you moms out there...sorry @TommyHobson

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3. Tell your own "abridged" version of a bedtime story.

plind / Flickr: 25466217@N07

"So there's these three pigs..." *turns page* "And they all built houses, but only one was strong..." *turns page* "Then a wolf blew down the houses except for the strong one..." *turns page* "The end! Now go to sleep."

5. Check your email when playing hide and seek.

Flickr: carolinaterp

"Ready or not here I come!" *opens email* "Wow! You must've really found a great hiding place!" *opens new email* "I can't find you anywhere!" *types quick response*

10. Lie about your kid’s age to get free kid admission.


“Really, sir? She’s 3? Because she looks like she’s in grade school.” “Nope! She’s just big for her age! Really freakishly big.”

12. Forget the name of one of your kid’s friend’s parents.

Apatow/Universal / Via

“Hey, there’s Billy’s dad.” “Oh, yeah. What’s his name again?” “I was hoping you'd know.”

25. Lie to a babysitter about your kid's bedtime.

TLC / Via

“Her bedtime? It’s, uh, 7:30 like a normal kid her age. But tonight it’s OK if she stays up until 8. Or even 9. Yeah.”

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