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February 14, 2014

"The Lego Movie" Blooper Reel Is As Awesome As The Movie

Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Arnett deliver 2 1/2 minutes of pure joy.

16 Ways Dating And Job-Hunting Are Exactly The Same

OkCupid? LinkedIn? What's the difference? Either way, you're waiting anxiously by the phone.

16 Books Every Sports Lover Should Read

Playing sports — almost as fun as reading about them.

Woman Who Confronted Abusive Teacher On YouTube: "My Trust In Everybody Is Just Gone"

Jamie Carrillo, whose former basketball coach was arrested last week, described the impact of her years of alleged abuse on Katie.

8 Genius Ways To Use Veggies You Never Would Have Thought Of

Beat salad boredom with these beyond-creative veggie creations

24 People Having A Worst Valentine's Day Than You

At least candy will be on sale tomorrow, right?

11 Funny and Weird '90s-Themed Valentine's Day Cards

Have no fear, Someecards has the perfect Valentine's Day card for that weird '90s kid in your life.

9 Things Guys Don't Want To Believe About Girls

Gents... get ready. We're not as perfect as you think.

The Ultimate Olympics Drinking Games

The Winter Games have begun. Who's going to stagger home with the gold?

This Artist Transformed A NYC Subway Station Into A Tunnel Of Love

Ruvan plastered photos of couples kissing all over a tunnel wall to add some love to the grimy subway.

Which Clique Would You End Up In If You Could Go Back To High School?

Would the kid you were in high school want to hang out with the person you are now?

The 3 Sexiest Things To Eat On Valentine's Day, According To Rick Ross

These Rozay-approved dishes will make you fall in love.

What The Simpsons Sound Like In Other Countries

How do you say "d'oh" in Japanese?

The Great Lakes Are Nearly Frozen Over For The First Time In 20 Years

After months of brutally cold weather that smashed records across the Upper Midwest, the Great Lakes have been transformed into giant ice-covered ponds.

Signs You Have A Vitamin D Deficiency

This nutrient is notoriously hard to get from food—so you need to be extra vigilant and keep an eye out for these clues you may not be getting enough

11 Versions Of "The Wizard Of Oz" You May Not Have Heard Of

Some of these you may know, others you may not. What are your favorite retellings of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz?

21 Existential Problems, As Told By Bears

Sometimes, it's just too much to bear.

White House: Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Uninsured Young People

Valentine's Day offers a look at Obamacare allies' efforts to woo young men to health insurance through the women in their lives.

"" Gives Us The Most Perfect Valentine's Day Ever

Who knew it only took a front-facing camera and one click of the mouse to make all of your dreams come true?

O Manual do Funcionário de 1965 da Disneylândia era tão rigoroso quanto você poderia imaginar

Veja o que novos funcionários tinham que saber sobre trabalhar para a Disney nos anos 60.

24 Productos para el cabello que realmente funcionan

La gente cree ciegamente en estas cosas. Y tú también lo harás.

Let’s Get Teegether! Check out the Threadless Community Heartin’ Each Other.

It’s Valentine’s Day, so let us share with you two things that tug on our heartstrings: first, we love all of the incredible tees created by our amazing community, and second, we love seeing your beautiful faces in said Threadless tees. That’s why we asked you guys to snap some photos of yourself with a loved one rocking your favorite Threadless tees for a chance at a delicious dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. We compiled all of your submitted photos right here, but we wanted to highlight some of our favorites, along with the winner and the runner-up from the challenge.

Things Superheroes Do That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them

Oh no - it's perfectly normal to wear underwear outside your clothes in public.

Which "Living Single" Character Are You?

In a 90s kinda woooorld...

20 Criminally Underrated Romantic Comedies Lead The Daily Links

Plus 11 love songs about couples who later broke up, eight 8-bit GIFs of your favorite films, and an eighth grade football player who's already being recruited by colleges.

18 Things You Didn't Know About The History Of Fast Food

For something so fast, it was slow goin'.

Ryan Gosling Wants To Kiss You For V-Day

Now's your chance to kiss Ryan Gosling with this twee Internet app. Take a picture here!

Go Behind The Scenes At The Pet Collective! Cat Cat Bang Bang!

Dreamy Pet Collective staffer Ben takes you behind the scenes and shows you what it’s like to work at The Pet Collective. Plus KITTENS!!!!

Shaka The Golden Retriever Pup Is Out To Rescue Your Heart

I didn't even know my heart needed to be rescued until I saw this face.

This Delightful Video Tells A Love Story Using Puns

It will steal a pizza your heart!

Spring Break: College Vs Adult Life

MTV this ain't anymore.

Volcano Explodes In Indonesia, Killing Three

The eruption also forced 75,000 residents to evacuate their homes. This is one of several volcanic eruptions in Indonesia so far this year.

19 Times Mister Rogers Proved He Could Do Anything

The most interesting man in the neighborhood.

Animal Myths You Probably Thought Were True

Unless you're a zoologist or something.

Federal Government OKs Banks Taking Marijuana Money

The Treasury Department "seeks to move from the shadows the historically covert financial operations of marijuana businesses."

10 Fictional Couples That Need To Get Together

Happy Valentine's Day! And in honor of this romantic day, let us look at all the failed fictional romances that never worked out and ruined our perception of love... (Spoilers, obviously)

Free People Presents The Most Pinterest-Ready Love Story Ever Told

Even if you and your love constantly wear matching cardigans while taking walks in an idyllic forest, your love story couldn't possibly be as Pinterest-worthy as the one ahead. Model Jenny Parry and her husband, photographer Jason Lee Parry, set out… The couple photographed and filmed each other smooching in boozy pool halls, declaring their love via matching finger tattoos, embracing in a pine forest, and generally being in a state of rumpled, bohemian perfection. Click away to see all the beautiful pics, and visit BLDG 25 for the accompanying video. Just, don't blame us for your sudden mania for finger tatts, okay? More pretty for your Pinterest board: The Cool Girl's Guide To Going-Out Style This Is Officially The Dreamiest Fashion Film, Ever Would You Wear Double Bags, A La Rebecca Minkoff? Like this post? There's more. Get tons of style secrets, insider shopping dish, fashion news, and more on the Refinery29 Fashion Facebook page!

This Kentucky Newspaper Tried To Win Back Subscribers With Pleading Love Letter

"I know I'm not the bester listener, but our time together always left us wanting fulfilled."

The Truth About Snow Days In College

It's all fun and games, until you can't get pizza delivered.

Sexy Desserts For Your Valentine

Five sexy desserts that are sure to keep your favorite valentine coming back for more!

What Ads Look Like On Your Phone In 2014

More beautiful (and invasive!) than ever.

Buy Marijuana On Your Smartphone With ZaZZZ

"Tranzbyte is first and foremost a technology company but as the climate changed around cannabis legalization in the U.S. we recognized an opportunity in the legal marijuana market," said Stephen Shearin, COO with Tranzbyte. "The ZaZZZ machine with…

Quiz: Which One Of These Guys Should You Date?

Which one of these guys is your next boyfriend? See which type of guy from the book Are You My Boyfriend? is the perfect match for you.

Massive Crash On Icy Pennsylvania Highway Causes 50-100 Vehicle Pile Up

Multiple crashes along the Pennsylvania turnpike Friday created a massive back-up for hours. Several injured motorists were transported to local hospitals.

Meet Dinky, The World's Most Gangster Dog

He's marked his territory on Vine. Now, he's prepping to pee all over the world.

27 Of The Hardest Grocery Decisions Ever Made

Decisions were made here. None easy, I'm sure.

58 Romantic Comedies You Need To See Before You Die

Love is pain, which is why it's so much fun to laugh at. Here are 58 of the best romantic comedies of all time, presented in chronological order.

When Should You Actually Book Your Next Vacation?

It doesn't really matter what day of the week you book. What matters is how far in advance you book.

17 Crazy Love Spells You Can Cast Right Now

It's not too late to find love on Valentine's Day!

Watch This Message Of Love From The Syrian People On Valentine's Day

"We are a people of love living under a regime of hate."

29 Terrifying Pictures Of Police Hitting Turkish Protestors With Water Canons

Water cannons are a common police tactic for dispersing protests. In Turkey, the police use them to stop anti-government protestors from taking to the streets. WARNING: Graphic content.

22 Signs You're A Vagabond With Insatiable Wanderlust

♫ When it's time for leavin', I hope you'll understand that I was born a ramblin' man... ♫

These Heart-Wrenching Photos Of A Day In The Life Of Syrian Rebels Just Won An International Award

Photographer Goran Tomasevic won first prize at the World Press Photo Contest in the "Spot News Stories" category, recognized for his brutally intimate portrait of opposition forces in Syria. All photos were taken on Jan. 30, 2013 during a battle with government forces in Damascus. WARNING: Graphic content.

Newscasters Agree: Valentine's "I Love You" Edition

Your local news has a Valentine's Day story for you, so long as you have someone special and a mobile device.

9 Pilates Moves That Burn Major Calories

Get your heart pumping for a leaner physique

9 Feature Stories We're Reading This Week: The Donald, Amazon, And Drake

This week for BuzzReads, McKay Coppins spends a day and a half with the Donald as he — yet again — talks about running for office. Read that and these other great stories from around BuzzFeed and the web.

Former All-Pro NFL Player Is Now Accused Of Rape In Four States

TMZ reports that Darren Sharper is in a lot of trouble.

Snow Day: The Musical #snOMG

Instead of shoveling our driveway like normal adults -- we did this on our snow day. Isn't a snow day better with a theme song? Stay safe out there.

Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu Takes Figure Skating Gold As Canada's Chan Falls With Medal On The Line

After a record-setting short program yesterday, Hanyu held on to the top spot as both he and Chan turned in shaky performances in the free skate.

What 20 NYC Real Estate Terms REALLY Mean

Finding an apartment in New York City feels like waiting for a subway that’ll never arrive, while someone plays an electric sitar on the platform, and another person pees on you. Now, while the entire process is awful, trying to decipher NYC’s…

12 Reasons Why BBC One's "The Musketeers" Is Fantastic

Buckle your swashes, ladies and gentlemen, and prepare yourselves for adventure, heartbreak, dueling, honor, duty, and - most importantly - SASS. So. Much. Sass. All for one, one for all!

What Kind Of Tattoo Should You Get?

You have to live with this tattoo for the rest of your life. Which is precisely why you need a BuzzFeed quiz to help you make this important decision.

The Ideal Rapper For Each Phase Of Your Love Life

Now in trading cards! You’ve already dated these types — the bad boys, the sensitive souls, the one-night stands. Collect ‘em all.

De La Soul Are Giving Away All Of Their Albums For Free

For 25 hours, you can download the group's entire catalog.

31 Animals Who Wear Their Hearts On Their Noses

Where else are you supposed to put it if you don't have sleeves?

"Sure" Is Not Sexual Consent, According To Canadian Student Campaign

"If it's not loud and clear, it's not consent. It's sexual assault."

Taco Bell Just Gave Us The Best Valentine Ever

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone with taste buds: Taco Bell is offering mobile ordering! But could this be just like most Valentine's Day gifts where the thought alone does not matter?

The Cutest Valentine's Day Video You'll Watch Today

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! This year the Department of the Interior asked foslk to send in their videos and photos of weddings or proposals in National Parks, Wildlife Refuges and other public lands, and wow did you respond. Here are some of the photos and videos you submitted for our Valentine's Day video.

6 Signs You're Dating A Cat Person

Goodbye, sleeping in on weekends. Comics for your significant (cat-obsessed) other by Cat Versus Human.

13 Awkward Valentine's Day Fails

These people will never forget February 14, but they're definitely trying to

27 sinais de que você cresceu comendo numa família italiana

Massa, azeite, queijo, expresso e vinho: os cinco grupos alimentares básicos.

Watch Cameron Diaz Get Scared By The Mask On "Ellen"

In honor of her 20 years she's been making movies.

Ugandan President To Sign Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Members of the party of President Yoweri Museveni have "welcomed the development as a measure to protect Ugandans from social deviants," tweeted his spokesperson when announcing his decision.

Proof Keith Richards Is Cooler Than Bill Murray

Everyone loves Bill Murray, but there is no one cooler than Keith.

Cat Curling Is A Thing You Need To See

Further proof that cats make everything better.

24 Issues Only Perpetually Hungry People Will Understand

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.

This New "Scandal" Promo Will Make Your Heart Stop

Want to get a sneak peek at Olivia Pope & Associate's return before the episode airs on Feb. 27? It's handled!

NFL Investigation Concludes Richie Incognito Harassed Martin And Others, Uncovers More Offensive Comments

An independent attorney's report says Incognito and two other Miami lineman regularly harassed Jonathan Martin, another offensive lineman and an assistant trainer.

“Drunk In Love” For Seven Minutes Is The Only Love Song You Will Ever Need

This is what I want to surfbort down the aisle to.

14 Unexpected Things You Can Do With A Can Of Frosting

Cooking-wise. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

What's Wrong With A Braless Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner is getting a lot of criticism for wearing a sheer shirt on the Marc Jacobs runway — but it's not warranteed.

21 Joys Of Being Your Parents' Favorite Kid

They'll never say it, but we all know it's true. Sorry.

Bun B And ItsTheReal Celebrate Natural Bush For Valentine's Day

The funnymen offered a BuzzFeed exclusive premiere of their new video "Girls With The Dirty Souths." NSFW.

11 Reasons Why Chipotle Is The Bomb Diggity

In honor of my lunch and its eternal greatness. And who doesn't love Chipotle.

This Is The Most Terrifying Cup Of Coffee In The World

Er, actually make that in Middle Earth.

Valentine's Superhero Speed Dating

Spend Valentine's Day speed dating superhero rejects in this YouTube collaboration spanning 10 channels and four countries.

This Is Hands Down The Best Cover Of Frozen's "Let It Go"

Christina Bianco covers "Let It Go," all while impersonating Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Kristin Chenoweth, and several other famous vocalists. Pretty brilliant, tbh.

25 Stunning Engagement Rings That Aren't Made With Diamonds

Diamonds aren't every girl's best friend, and that's okay.

A Geeks Valentines Day

Geeking out and getting the girl. #geeklove

Handy Comics And Venn Diagram For Every Job On Earth

Cat And Girl knows what you give up, even if you're lucky enough to be employed. Plus: a helpful Venn diagram!

Obama Thanks Democrats For "Hanging In There" On Obamacare

"I think 10 years from now, five years from now people are going to look back and say this was a monumental achievement that could not have happened had it not been for this caucus," Obama said.

33 Crucial Tips To Find The Wedding Dress Of Your Dreams

Everything you need to find the best dress ever. (Promise.)

The Only GIF You Need To See Today

This dog got so scared when that paper hit his face.

Everything You Need To Know About Mercury Retrograde

So you've been hearing people talk in worried, hushed tones about something called "Mercury Retrograde." Here's what you need to know, besides the fact that it is the worst.

Naming Names: Writing About Relationships With Famous Authors

What does it mean for one author to write about their relationship with another, more prominent one?

From Utah, With Love: One Couple's Fight To Bring Marriage Equality To Their Home State

"We are more than just two guys in a relationship." Update: The couple got engaged on Valentine's Day.

23 Ways To Know You're A Super Senior

Every hero needs their victory lap

24 experiências que você só tem em supermercados asiáticos

Você vai sofrer com o fedor peculiar de salgados fritos.

41 Maneras en que tu perro te hace la vida 100% mejor

No hay amor como el amor de tu mejor amigo peludo.

The Best Valentine's Gift Ever: Go Down On Her

The NYC sketch group B.Y.G.(WOOF!) Comedy did a Valentine's Day video parody of 1950s advice videos and it's hilarious. Watch it below--warning, a little NSFW so headphones on.

7 Things That Are Better Valentines Than Humans

Think you don't have a valentine? Think again.

This Spoof "Take Me Out" Musical Will Change The Way You See The Show Forever

"Let the piles see the pliers, Let the bailiff see the house..."

Tory Voters Really Care About The Size Of A Man's Penis

Meanwhile, polling finds that Liberal Democrat voters insist that they don't care.

Does Sex Affect Athletic Performance?

Should you be 'getting your game on' a night early? The real reason Tinder is so popular in Olympic village.

How Dateable Are You?

Everyone and their moms loves to talk to you about you being "dateable." It's time to put the question to rest.

10 Ways To Have A Low Key Valentine's Day

New Relationship? Just Dating? Just friends? Here are a few ways to spend Valentine's Day without too much build up or pressure.

29 Things Finnish Mums Love

Cheeky trip to IKEA, anyone?

Gorgeous Photography Series Portrays Gay Couples All Over The Globe

Braden Summers traveled to six different countries to prove that no matter where you are, love is equal.


These women have it all: incredible talent, genius writing skills, catchy songs, and stunning style. In short, they're the bees knees. Written / Created By Michael Graye (@michaelgraye)

19 Valentine's Day Tips "Workaholics" Taught Us

Because how could you possibly find better role models?

Paris Hilton And Kimberly Stewart - The Lost Love Letters

Day after Maxim's Hot 100 Party. 2003.

9 Love Stories From The Civil War

Leather, lace, and steel: the Civil War provided the all of the essential ingredients for classic love stories. In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some of the most romantic and heart wrenching tales of the American Civil War.

Joe Biden Tells House Democrats To Stay Positive

The elections are "three political lifetimes" away, he said.

10 Niche Dating Sites That Will Blow Your Mind

Single this Valentines Day? No problem! This list will help you find your true love, whatever your passion.

Someone Just Proposed To His Girlfriend Via Mail Online's Sidebar Of Shame

Nestled between Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue and something about One Direction, is the strangest proposal of the year so far.

Top 10 Aphrodisiacs You May Find In Your Kitchen

Looking for a way to put yourself and your significant other in the mood? Look no further—aphrodisiac foods you may not know about may just be hidden somewhere in your kitchen. Brought to you by Learn2Serve.

Jos. A. Bank To Buy Eddie Bauer For $825 Million

But its dance with Men's Wearhouse continues.

Signs You're An Age 50+ Rock 'n' Roll Fan

Can you relate to these signs of being an over 50 rockin' head-banger?

Boost Your Libido: 14 Sexy Tricks

These tricks will boost your mojo even more than flowers and chocolate

The Story Behind Today's Super Romantic Google Doodle

This American Life's Ira Glass tells BuzzFeed about the radio-inspired stories gracing today's Google homepage, as well as his own Valentine's Day plans.

O Guia de "Harry Potter" para o Reino Unido.

Pronto para uma sessão séria de nerdice?

16 espectaculares carreteras que debes recorrer antes de morir

Quiero manejar hasta allí. Sugerencias a través de estos maravillosos viajeros Quora.

Relembrando Os 15 Dias Inesquecíveis Em Que Mick Jagger E Keith Richards Invadiram... Matão

Documentário reconta o rolê (quase) secreto dos Stones pelo interior de São Paulo em janeiro de 1969

This Could Be The Most Adorable Cat Moment Ever

Is this the most adorable cat moment ever? Internet Star Mylo the Cat is on literally every single Patch page in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island!

11 Reasons Books Are Better Valentines Than People

A library card is the only Valentine's Day card you need.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Stars Three Girls Not Named Kate Upton

The barely-there-bikini queen has been knocked off her throne.

Victorian Valentine's Day Cards Were Much Hairier Than You'd Expect

Valentine's Day fell in Movember in 1900, apparently.

12 Very British Chat Up Lines

With the help of these great one liners you could be kissing someone's stiff upper lip before the night is out.

19 Literary Crushes

Spend Valentine’s with one of these fictional fitties and guarantee yourself a good time.

Escola de hoje Vs. Quando nós éramos crianças

Muita coisa mudou desde que o último sino tocou.

20 Fully Appropriate Movie Quotes To Use In Your Valentine's Card...

Stuck for ways to express your love? Don't worry, there's a movie quote that will work whatever your situation.

16 Startlingly Lame Valentine's Day Press Releases

Valentine's Day: the ultimate excuse to try and sell you a bunch of crap.

Oscar Pistorius Breaks Silence On Reeva Steenkamp's Death

In a message on his website Pistorius has called Steenkamp's death a "devastating accident."

How Gay Are You?

Finally, an answer to the question that's been puzzling you all this time.

A Scottish Council Just Built This Massive Ramp For A Wheelchair User

West Dunbartonshire built this ramp to help seven-year-old Katie get in and out of her home.

This Man Trolled His Girlfriend With A Valentine's Ad

It will melt your heart, then break your heart, then suddenly fill your heart with joy.

17 cartes de Saint-Valentin pour les cyniques

Cette année, dites-le avec des séries.

SnoopyBabe's Guide To Turning The V-Day Blues Into A Brand New You

Lessons from the world's most adorable cat on how to banish the Valentine's Day blues and reclaim your love life.

Cheryl Cole Has Dyed Her Hair Blonde, Everybody

So long deep, dark brunette hair...

15 Illustrations That Perfectly Capture London

Entrants for the 2014 Serco Prize For Illustration were asked to submit pieces based on the theme "London Stories".

Proof That A Bad Relationship Is Just Like Dial-Up Internet

Um, I don't think this romantic union loaded properly.

21 Songs That Aren't Too Subtle

Happy Valentine's Day... or whatever.

Kendall Jenner Exposes Her Nipples For Fashion At NYFW

She made her Fashion Week debut in Marc Jacobs show in New York earlier this evening.

Madonna Speaks Up About Her Body Image Insecurities

Yes, even Madge suffers from self-doubt sometimes

19 Professional Wrestlers Who Don't Want To Be Alone On Valentine's Day

Date with a Wrestler is why OKCupid exists. Because even men armed with steel chairs and baby oil need love.

26 personnes qui sont de bien plus mauvais parents que vous

Ces « parents » vous donneront l'impression d'être parfaits.

Sesame Street's Flappy Bird Owns

Because Flappy Bert. Just Flappy Bert.

Happy Valentine's Day From 18 Animals With Hearts On Their Noses

Forget heart-shaped chocolates! These noses are a boop for the soul.

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