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February 7, 2014

Occupy Wall Street's Final Implosion

Infighting and backbiting that has crippled the movement plays out on Twitter, 140 characters at a time. Updated with comment from Justine Tunney

Women To Watch Out For At Sochi

We found the most tenacious female Olympians and the most inspiring stories so you know which ladies to keep an eye on at Sochi.


I am a Certified Real Estate Inspector and started my company in 1997. I worked as a law enforcement agent for many years, but I got tired of getting shot at, so I got out of that line of work. Nobody shoots at me in the home inspection business (unless I tick off an agent or seller), lol.

Journalist Kicked Out Of Turkey, Allegedly For His Tweets

Mahir Zeynalov, a prominent journalist in Turkey, was forced to leave the country on Friday — thanks to tweets critical of the government, his newspaper claimed. Concerns over press freedom in Turkey were already running on high. "It is definitely a message to foreign journalists," Zeynalov told BuzzFeed.

What Does Pussy Riot Mean Now?

With all eyes on Russia, two members of the country's most notorious band of shit-stirrers are free after nearly two years of political imprisonment and enjoying the rock-star treatment during their first trip to the U.S. But the group's unlikely journey from art-school project to international icons shows just how rotten Russia has become and how much the mission has changed.

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