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February 7, 2014

32 Photos From The 2004 Teen Choice Awards That Will Make You Nostalgic

Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, the cast of The O.C., and a lot of bad clothing choices.

Planning To Use A Hook-Up App In Sochi? Security Concerns Might Make Users Think Twice

"I would not use a gay dating app in Russia or the Middle East [or other places with anti-gay laws] … on my phone," said a security expert.

FYI: The Official Sochi Winter Olympics Gloves Have Rainbow Fingers

The colors represent the five Olympic rings and have nothing to do with LGBT pride.

19 Of The Most Senseless Crimes Ever Committed

These clandestine villains remain at large.

Signs You Have An Iron Deficiency

If you spot these telltale symptoms, get yourself a spinach and steak salad, stat!

10-Year Old Boy Reflects On Living With Autism

And what he has to say is all-together beautiful, hilarious, and heartbreaking.

17 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

Baby Jonas was born, Beyoncé was glamorous, and more!

8 Gorgeous Wedding Details You Could Totally Do Yourself (and How To Do Them!)

Stick it to the man. There are some wedding details to splurge on, and other areas where you can save. Don't pay a professional to get you these dreamy looks; DIY instead, you crafty woman you.

The Great Language Game

Think you can distinguish between 80 of the world's most spoken languages? Play the Great Language Game and find out. (Oof, I am bad at this.)

Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez, The New Thelma & Louise?

Rumor has it Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez are starring in a remake of Thelma and Louise. Here are the details!

Signs Your Man Might Be A Teenage Girl

You've heard him say some questionable things, but this is when you might start worrying he is secretly a fan girl.

10 Troubling Unicorn Tattoos That Will Make You Uncomfortable

Warning: these unicorns are not the kind that poop rainbows.

Foods That Stain Teeth

Cut them out of your diet to brighten your smile ASAP

Alex Rodriguez Withdraws Lawsuit Against MLB, Selig, And MLBPA

Yankees star will likely accept season-long penalty by MLB

Dear Coquette: Is It Time To End My Relationship?

Welcome to Dear Coquette, a place to have your burning and how-do-I-make-this-stop-burning sex advice questions answered. You might recognize The Coquette and her bare-knuckle honesty from her columns on, The Daily, or her own popular…

19 razones por las que Hermione no debería haberse casado en absoluto

Olvida a los chicos. Hermione debería haberse quedado con Hermione.

Here Is The Order Of The Parade Of Nations During The Opening Ceremony

Because the Russian alphabet is different than the English one.

Giada De Laurentiis Made Modeling Debut At New York Fashion Week

Italian-born Food Network host Giada De Laurentiis made her modeling debut Thursday at New York Fashion Week.

8 Weird Facts That Defy All Reason

Sometimes things aren’t as you would think they should be.

19 Razões pelas quais Hermione não deveria ter se casado

Esqueça os meninos Hermione deveria ter ficado com a Hermione no final.

14 Celebrities Who Are Way Too Rich For Their Own Good Lead The Daily Links

Plus a handy pronunciation guide for global beers, 7 rescued pieces of artwork that inspired The Monuments Men, and how Olympians mentally survive their superhuman training.

24 Things That Randomly Happen When You Become Polyamorous

The loving multiple people struggle is real.

11 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Boyfriends

This Valentine's Day, our date is better than your date.

Ranking The New Winter Olympic Events By Their Level Of Awesomeness

More speed, more flying, more tricks, more competition.

23 Camels Who Are Having The Best Day Ever

And it's not even hump day.

The Same Mastermind Behind "Scandal" Also Created These Moments

Before Shonda Rhimes wrote the critically-acclaimed series about a Washington D.C. fixer/president's mistress, she penned some different types of scenes. Here they are, reacted to by the cast of Scandal.

Incredible Shark Survivor Stories

Shark attacks are rare, but they do attack.

Bob Harper's Biggest Loser Win Reaction

Find out what he really thought when he first saw Rachel’s results

7 Things More Popular Than President Obama's 2014 SOTU

The numbers are in for President Obama's sixth State of the Union address, and they aren't pretty.

Russian Olympian's Snowboard Appears To Be A Tribute To Pussy Riot

Alexey Sobolev's snowboard features a feminine figure wearing a ski mask — the signature look of the dissident Russian punk group.

12 vistas deslumbrantes das torres mais legais do mundo

Não tem graça se os seus ouvidos não estalarem no elevador. Apresentadas em ordem alfabética.

21 señales que tú eres el padre o la madre de la oficina.

¡No me obliguen a reformar esta empresa!

cat and banana

cat and banana

The Sochi Mascot Known As "Nightmare Bear" Will Haunt Your Life

Forget everything else, this is clearly the worst part of Sochi so far.

Former Russian Olympian Who Lit Olympic Flame Once Tweeted Racist Photo Of Obama

Irina Rodnina, a member of Putin's parliamentary party, gets a big honor on the opening day of Sochi Games.

19 Jokes You Should Send To Your Mom Right Now

Because, as moms everywhere truly believe, LOL = lots of love.

Do You Have A Sploshing Fetish?

Do you like-like food?

21 Recipes To Celebrate World Nutella Day

It's ok if you missed the celebration, but you can't miss these recipes.

Why You Need To Watch The New Amazon Pilot "Transparent"

The latest batch of Amazon Studios pilots are now available for viewing. In the lovely, funny Transparent, Jeffrey Tambor plays a father of adult children who starts to transition.

This Female Rap Trio From Brazil Is Everything The World Needs Right Now

Pearls Negras is trap-tastic baile funk at its best.

29 Problemas que só os escritores vão entender

Você deveria estar escrevendo.

18 divertidísimas reinterpretaciones de artistas de cosas extrañas que ven

Dibújame como una de tus anatómicamente alienígenas chicas francesas.

4 Cavemen Who Are So Sick Of Paleo-Gentrification

The Stone Age is, like, so over.

LGBT Activists In Moscow Arrested On Video, Beaten In Police Station

"They [beat] two of us ... before that they took us upstairs and said that we have to "suck their cocks" and that we have to be burned," the activists texted from inside the police station. Update: The eight Russian protestors were released around 12:30 Moscow time.

19 DIY Projects For The Travel Obsessed

Because there is literally nothing better than feeding your wanderlust.

Places We'd Rather Be Over Sochi, Russia

By now, you’ve probably all seen the nightmare that is Sochi’s hotel accommodations. Toilet lids installed upside-down, dead bees in containers of honey, missing door handles on hotel rooms, and yellowed drinking water are just a few of the horror stories that journalists and visitors to Sochi have been broadcasting across social media. As the Olympic’s opening ceremonies commence today, let’s take a look at all the places we’d rather be than in Sochi, Russia.

AIPAC Seeks To Reassure Members On Iran Bill

Reports that AIPAC doesn't support the bill are "mischaracterizations," AIPAC president Michael Kassen says weeks before the organization's yearly conference.

16 Reasons Why Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Your New Favorite NBA Player

The "Greek Freak" is making his way into the hearts of America.

A Definitive Ranking Of All 51 "Magic Tree House" Adventures From Least To Most Terrifying

Jack & Annie took their enchanted treehouse to some crazy places. Would you want to tag along?

Harry Styles Is Officially Back In England

FINALLLY. It was hard to concentrate knowing Harry Styles was breathing our American air.

Rob Ford Reluctantly Lets Pride Flag Fly At Toronto City Hall

"This is about being patriotic to your country, this is not about someone's sexual preference," the Toronto mayor said after ordering the flag down. He's since settled for the rainbow flag and Canadian flag flying together.

18 reinterpretações hilárias de artistas sobre coisas estranhas que eles veem

Desenhe-me como uma daquelas suas garotas francesas anatomicamente alienígenas.

27 Totally Baffling Russian Signs

Do not, under any circumstances, toboggan on the toilet.

The Top Ten Aspects Of Living Alone

Let's be's mostly about being naked.

Watch India's Luger Make A Spectacular Save After Falling Off His Sled At High Speed

Luger Shiva Keshavan fell off his sled on the track, but got back on it with incredible athleticism.

12 vistas asombrosas desde las torres más impresionantes del mundo

No sería divertido si no tuvieras que destaparte los oídos en el ascensor. Presentado en orden alfabético.

Did This Insane Thing Happen In Florida Or Russia?

Because Florida and Russia are basically the same place.

Why One Editor Thinks Manicures Are The Worst, In GIFs

The Gloss explores why some women secretly find getting manicures and/or pedicures to be an awful experience.

16 Of The Dumbest Excuses For Pokémon

You tried, Nintendo. You tried.

27 animaizinhos que aquecerão seu coração hoje

Óóóin. Tem como serem mais fofinhos?

5 Tasty Taiwanese Treats

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside. (Mark Twain)

Sotchi 2014 : le classement définitif des disciplines

De la plus chiante à la moins chiante.

17 Reasons You Should Love Bob Costas

NBC's face of the Olympics has gradually become one of the most respected voices of our era.

Multilingual Coke Commercial In Klingon, Dolphin And Other Unusual Languages

I hope to God those were American dolphins singing.

Sporks Are Unnatural

"That's just your religion talking"

Russian Pop Duo T.a.T.u Performed During The Pre-Show To The Olympic Opening Ceremonies

The group that made a name for itself by posing as a lesbian couple performed in Sochi, despite Russia’s “gay propaganda” law.

9 Feature Stories We're Reading This Week: Pussy Riot And The Miracle On Ice

This week for BuzzReads, Miriam Elder discusses Pussy Riot, the Russian activist group everybody's heard of but few understand. Read her story and these other great features from around BuzzFeed and the web.

Occupy Wall Street's Final Implosion

Infighting and backbiting that has crippled the movement plays out on Twitter, 140 characters at a time. Updated with comment from Justine Tunney

The Only Problem With The "Harry Potter" Movies

Every thing was great until the last one minute of the final film.

A Roommate Takes Home Protection Too Far

In this new sketch from KOKOMO comedy, Mikey decides to buy a "House Gun" (not a thing) to protect himself and his roommates. The results are not so great.

15 Passive Aggressive Valentine's Day Cards

Send them to your loved ones, if you must.

Reports: Man Detained Following Attempt to Hijack Plane to Sochi

A Pegasus Airlines flight landed in Istanbul Friday after a passenger claimed to have a bomb and demanded to be taken to Sochi. Officials say the man did not have a bomb on him.

Watch Justin Bieber Get Patted Down By Police In Jail

The newly-released surveillance footage shows the musician right after his arrest.

32 Things You Always Believed That Simply Aren't True

This changes everything! Well, some things.

What To Buy From The Peter Pilotto For Target Line

The latest Target collaboration launches officially on Sunday Feb. 9, and I tried on the entire collection in advance. Here's what's worth buying — based on quality, fit and overall cuteness.

33 Times Mindy Kaling And B.J. Novak's Best Friendship Killed You In The Heart

These two are what "It's complicated" was invented for.

The Myth Of The Alcoholic Writer: An Interview With Olivia Laing

The author of To the River and The Trip to Echo Spring on loneliness, being drawn to transgression, and the American glamorization of drinking.

A Marauding Band Of Naked Men Are Terrorizing This Online Game

They're called "The Penis Brothers" and you'll need to take your pants off right now if you want to live.

Paul Wesley Will Make His Directorial Debut On "The Vampire Diaries"

The man behind Stefan Salvatore will direct an upcoming Season 5 episode. "It's an honor," he exclusively tells BuzzFeed.

Meet The New York Photographer Who Finds The Beauty In Everyday People

Brandon Stanton moved to New York City with the goal of taking 10,000 photos. But what he created was so much more than that.

What The Dickens? 11 Surprising Facts About Charles Dickens

When you think of Charles Dickens, you probably picture a grim scene of poverty, orphans, and despair. Yet Dickens was not only a great writer of very long books about depressing things, he also knew how to have fun. To celebrate his birthday (he would be two hundred two), here are eleven highlights from Fred Kaplan’s biography Dickens.

What Early 2000s Internet Forums Were Like

RUDE AS HELL is what they were.

Federal Student Loan Interest Rates Can't Accurately Be Calculated

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — It's bad enough that student loans are so expensive. But what's worse is the notion that borrowers whose federal loans are in repayment plans may be paying too much. Bedeviled by the details — especially the interest rate…

27 Pequeños animales que reconfortarán tu corazón hoy

Awwww. ¿Será que podrían ser más lindos?

21 sinais de que você é o pai no escritório

Não me faça tirar essa empresa do buraco!

This New Game Is Like "Flappy Bird" Rehab

Threes will make you feel better about yourself, not worse.

Having A Cat Means You Can't Have Nice Things

Cats are assholes sometimes. Scratch that, they're assholes all the time.

Which Spice Girl Were You In Fifth Grade?

This is not a quiz. BABY SPICE You were blonde and actually talked like a baby. Everyone secretly thought you were a dullard. Boob size: Fried egg SPORTY SPICE You always had to leave sleepovers early in the morning to go to practice. You were more flexible than Mr. Crenshaw’s rubber band ball. “Where’d you get those tearaway track pants with your name embroidered on the upper thigh?” “Special order.” Boob size: Hot plate SCARY SPICE You were a racially diverse member of the group, or you had curly hair and several pairs of patterned, boot-cut stretch pants and a…

Women To Watch Out For At Sochi

We found the most tenacious female Olympians and the most inspiring stories so you know which ladies to keep an eye on at Sochi.

Does Kevin Jonas Have A Sponsored Baby?

This baby was brought to Dreft?

19 Perfect Printable Valentines That Are Totally Free

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday engineered to sell cards. But, the jokes on them! Here are 19 free printable valentines so you can enjoy the fun of the day AND stick it to the man.

Winter Olympian Or Mugshot?

Sochi's Olympian photos look like they were taken just after the athlete woke up in a fluorescent lighted hallway by a secretary with a 2.5 megapixel point and shoot. See if you can identify which photos are of Sochi Olympians and which are mugshots of actual criminals.

21 señales de que eres una señora de los gatos en potencia

...o el señor de los gatos. Estamos en el 2014, no discriminemos.

26 indícios de que você está num casamento italiano

Alerta de spoiler: Você vai ouvir a tarantela. Bastante.


I am a Certified Real Estate Inspector and started my company in 1997. I worked as a law enforcement agent for many years, but I got tired of getting shot at, so I got out of that line of work. Nobody shoots at me in the home inspection business (unless I tick off an agent or seller), lol.

Yours Truly: Ruthless Blurbs from the Rejection Letters of 10 Celebrated Authors

Everyone gets rejected at some time or another, but you can always take solace in knowing that you’re in good company.

12 Homemade Valentines That Won't Terrify Your Casual Hookup

Because undefined romantic parameters are way more forever than diamonds.

Definitive Proof That Dogs In Pubs Are The Best Thing Ever

A pint of bitter, and a bone please.

10 Things Schapelle Corby May Not Know Exists

Convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has been granted parole after nine years in an Indonesian jail.

Journalist Kicked Out Of Turkey, Allegedly For His Tweets

Mahir Zeynalov, a prominent journalist in Turkey, was forced to leave the country on Friday — thanks to tweets critical of the government, his newspaper claimed. Concerns over press freedom in Turkey were already running on high. "It is definitely a message to foreign journalists," Zeynalov told BuzzFeed.

Bob Costas Is Reporting From Sochi With A Horrible Eye Infection

The show must go on! UPDATE: the infection has spread to his other eye as well.

Matt Damon Got Shunned On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Last Night

The cast of The Monuments Men even turned a blind eye! Poor Matt.

Conoce a los 27 atletas Latinoamericanos que compiten en Sochi 2014

Algunos de estos países siquiera tienen nieve, pero eso no frena a estos atletas de entrenar.

Are You Ready To Have Kids?

You should probably take this before the next time you get busy.

André Leon Talley Tells Oprah Why He Left Vogue

Andre Leon Talley opens up to Oprah about leaving Vogue and what his next career move will bring.

5 DIY Ways To Get Excited For The LEGO Movie

Kid, adult, it doesn't matter: LEGOs are awesome! Those of us at AllFreeKidsCrafts are just dying to see The LEGO Movie, and we bet you are too. Check out our crafty ways to celebrate the movie's premiere!

This Advice By Ira Glass Will Inspire You To Pursue Your Creative Career

Powerful words by the This American Life presenter.

Meet Cheesecake, The Capybara Babysitter Of The Future

Cheesecake is one of the many magical animals living on Rocky Ridge Refuge. Her main job is to mind the little ones and make sure they don't get into too much trouble.

9 Badass Librarians

For better or worse, they’re doing it for the books.

21 sinais de que você é uma mulher que prefere gatos

...ou um homem que prefere gatos. É 2014, não vamos fazer discriminações.

Mesmerising Nasa Video Shows The True Power Of Our Sun

Bonus: it's narrated by Liam Neeson.

16 Selfie Double Chins That Double Win

Embrace the beauty of the #snapchin.

7 Budget-Friendly Weekend Cooking Projects

DIY + delicious eats + extra money in your wallet.

Cooking With Cannabis: 8 Delicious Marijuana Recipes

Of course, cooking with marijuana should only be attempted if you can purchase the drug legally. In the U.S., weed is currently only legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington state, and you have to be 21 and older to buy it. While…

15 Reasons To Binge-Watch The New Season Of "House Of Cards"

Season 2 of House of Cards premieres on Valentine's Day, so get ready to binge-watch.

19 Glorious Shots Of Shoe Porn Starring Kylie Minogue

The pop diva's #ShoeOfTheDay Instagram posts are a gift to us all.

10 Pictures That Prove Angelica From "Rugrats" Is Lily Allen's New Style Icon

We knew we recognised the look in her new music video from somewhere.

What Are Your Odds Of Becoming An Olympian?

Which sport and country give you the best chance?

Four LGBT Activists Arrested At St. Petersburg Olympics Protest

They carried a banner quoting Principle 6 of the Olympic Charter that read, “Discrimination is incompatible with the Olympic Movement.” Updated: The activists have been released, will have first court hearing on Saturday.

Joe Biden Can't Think Of A Good Reason Why He Shouldn't Run For President In 2016

"Doesn't mean I'm the only guy that can do it. But if no one else, I think, can, and I think I can, then I'd run. If I don't, I won't."

Only 113,000 Jobs Created In January

Well below expectations of 180,000. Unemployment rate dips to 6.6%.

The Only Chicken Vine You Will Ever Need To See

Hope this is covered under your smartphone's insurance plan.

What Does Pussy Riot Mean Now?

With all eyes on Russia, two members of the country's most notorious band of shit-stirrers are free after nearly two years of political imprisonment and enjoying the rock-star treatment during their first trip to the U.S. But the group's unlikely journey from art-school project to international icons shows just how rotten Russia has become and how much the mission has changed.

The "Forrest Gump" Guys Had A Reunion And It Was Beautiful

Forrest Gump, Bubba, and Lieutenant Dan Taylor together once more after 20 years apart. Life really is like a box of chocolates.

23 momentos que você percebe que você falhou como  homem

Não se preocupe, eu também não usei os pesos livres que eu comprei para ganhar massa muscular.

Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that we can't all be Lizzy Bennet.

So There Is A Doge In The Financial Pages Of The Guardian Today

No explanation. Much advert. Such confusion. Wow.

22 Dishes Every Vegetarian In London Has Got To Try

And they're all from strictly veggie restaurants.

This Guy Has An Ingenious Solution For Avoiding Boredom On The Train

Take a leaf out of illustrator @OctoberJones' book and your commute will be changed forever.

Taylor Swift, Cara Delevingne And Ed Sheeran Sang "Heartbeats" Together And It Was Just Perfect

An impromptu gig that dreams are made of. New band, please? Please?

Confessions Of A Mermaid

We're counting down to summer.

17 Things That Would Only Get Reported In British Local Newspapers

There's a lot wrong with this country, but don't ever say it's dull.

Prince Charming Is Real!

Introducing Prince Thomas Des Brisay... if you haven't already heard of him, do yourself a favour and click here, here and here.

7 Reasons The Summer Olympics Are Better Than Winter

If snow wasn't a good enough reason

23 Reasons Why Darya Safai Is The Best Beat Rein Ever!

My Beat Rein is turning 23 today and everyone deserves to know why she's the best beat rein there is! *A beat rein is a best friend that you make while heavily intoxicated and only knowing the person for >5 min before confessing your platonic love for one another

20 Crucial Items To Your Childhood

Furbies to Nintendo 64 and everything in between. RIP to our childhood necessities, gone but never forgotten.

If "Blue's Clues" Met "Clue"

A sad, sad image.

Avoir un chat : attentes vs. réalité

Spoiler alert : les chats dorment tout le temps.

14 Bands You Probably Didn't Know Were Manufactured By TV Shows

Remember American Juniors, the kid version of American Idol? We're so, so sorry.

Kim Kardashian And Oprah Sang Jay Leno Goodbye On His Final "Tonight Show"

"So long, farewell, you really raised the bar. If you were me, you'd buy them all a car."

Women Want Sex & That's What's Up

A new psychologist is working to reframe the argument about women and sex.

Dakota Johnson Does Her Elle Cover As Anastasia Steele

See Dakota Johnson's new Elle cover.

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