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25 Stunning Engagement Rings That Aren't Made With Diamonds

Diamonds aren't every girl's best friend, and that's okay.

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3. Moonstone and Oxidized Silver Ring, $175

Fun fact: if you present a moonstone to your significant other during a full moon, it is supposed to bring everlasting passion to the relationship.

From Etsy

11. Colored Topaz and Sterling Silver Ring, $495

An off-center setting for the off-center gal. This one is "inspired by UFOs and all things extraterrestrial" (COOL) and the stone is meant to look like it's hovering over the band.

By Delfina Delettrez, from Opening Ceremony

17. 18K Gold and Opal Rings, $885

This is another set, which comes with one Ethiopian opal ring and a separate braided band, but the two can easily be worn together for a more textured look.

From Etsy

18. Ruby and 14K Gold Leaves Ring, $900

What is it about nature-inspired engagement rings that is just so appealing? This one can be made to order with any gemstone, though the ruby is particularly delightful.

From Etsy

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