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February 1, 2014

New Weather Tech Designed For The Big Game

Guaranteed to blow you away.

Joe Biden Was The Suavest Man At The Washington Auto Show

The man must love cars -- it's his second auto show in a month.

Woody Allen's Daughter Speaks Out About Her Alleged Sexual Assault

Mia Farrow's daughter Dylan Farrow published an open letter in the New York Times on Saturday in which she describes being sexually assaulted by Woody Allen. Updated — Feb. 2, 5:30 p.m ET: A spokesperson for Woody Allen called Farrow's allegations "untrue and disgraceful."

Things Broadway Performers Can Do That Us Normal Folks Can Only Dream Of

These are the reasons Broadway fans are willing to pay to see these shows

Chris Christie Booed At Super Bowl Ceremony

Christie attended the Super Bowl Hand Off ceremony with the governors of New York and Arizona Saturday.

21 Animals Who Have Got The Whole 'Life' Thing Down

These guys know how to make the most of their life. And some of them don't even have opposable thumbs

El ranking oficial de los 51 hombres judíos más ardientes de Hollywood

Pueden no ser doctores o abogados, ¡pero pueden interpretarlos en la televisión! Todos los hombres que reciben el sello de aprobación de un rabino (el rabino siendo yo y no un verdadero rabino).

Vagina Weight Lifting Is Real

Kim Anami's vaginal weight lifting video is intended to be funny. But, are we the only ones rolling our eyes?

Three Indicted In Connection With Los Angeles-Area Fire

The Colby Fire burned more than 1,700 acres northeast of Los Angeles on Jan. 16.

10 Struggles Of Having A Big Booty

The struggle is real. Based on this post.

A Fry Cook Asked Obama About Low Wages—And His Hours Being Cut Due To Obamacare

Darnell Summers, a fast food fry cook, joined President Obama on Friday for his first ever live Google Hangout. Summers told the president about his troubles making ends meet earning $7.25 an hour and how he has been on strike four times to increase his wages. Summers also told Obama how his work hours have been "broken down to part-time to avoid paying health insurance." He asked how Congress and the president could help him and people like him "survive." In his response, Obama urged Congress to pass a minimum wage increase, but did not address the health care part of the question.

21 Weird Things People Actually Believed As Kids

A child's world is a scary place. Via Reddit.

This Dog Is The Next Instagram Superstar

Seriously. His name is Jojo. Follow him @iamvcute

45 Reasons Charlie Hunnam Is A God Among Men

Step aside peasants. It's like Brad Pitt got tough and British.

52 Wedding Dresses That Aren't Strapless

These modest wedding dresses are the antidote to the poufy strapless. Bonus: most of these can be bought online.

For The Love Of Animals, "The Dodo"

Animal lovers, rejoice! There is a new, up and coming, community based social media site all about animals and the people who love them. "The Dodo" features trending stories about animals from across the world using photos, videos, gifs and more. The website covers conservation movements, environmental issues, and even cute kittens just like on Buzzfeed. You can join the website and become apart of the community, sharing posts, videos, pictures; anything you feel important enough for the world to see.

Volcano Eruption Kills 14 In Indonesia

The day after officials allowed evacuated residents back to their homes, a deadly volcano erupted.

The Most Fab And Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted — here are the results.

Animal Facts That Are Too Damn Sexy

Animals sure like to do it.

27 Consejos que toda chica debería saber

Bueno, algunos de estos consejos y trucos pueden ser útiles para los chicos también.

5 Everyday Foods That Keep Surprisingly Long

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — With an estimated 40% of U.S food being wasted annually, the average family of four throws away anywhere from $1,365 to 2,275 a year. This problem is entirely avoidable; it only takes understanding when foods are safe to eat…

Invisible Men: The Year An NFL Player Didn't Come Out

Professional football's closet door isn't just closed; it's locked.

Otter Mom Is Early Contender For Mom Of The Year

Can you make it through this video without saying "Awww"?

60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos From The '60s

Retro weddings are so in right now, so why not take inspiration from the cuties that actually got hitched back when cat eye glasses and big hair were all the rage?

9 Videos You Can't Miss This Week

Featuring the best son in the world giving his mom a Super Bowl surprise, a man's emotional reunion with the stranger who saved his life, and the finest, cutest hamster actors of our time.

A Harry Potter Fan's Trip Around England

I can stand where he stood? *faints*

20 Things That Will Help You Through Your Long Distance Relationship

The distance sure isn't easy, but it's worth every moment.

Lego Just Got Told Off By A 7-Year-Old Girl

She may be young, but she sure knows how to write a strongly worded letter. Via @SocImages.

Cute Baby Pandas Go Down A Slide

Yeah, nuff' said. Baby pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base in China love this wooden slide just like a couple of kids on a playground.

5 Things You Think You Know About Your Period

LadyBits breaks down 5 things you probably don't know about menstruation.

22 filmes que farão você ficar feliz de ser solteiro

Na verdade, estar solteiro não é tão ruim assim.

28 Delicious Things To Cook In February

Face it, February is rough. Eat to make it better.

18 Fotos de hijos del medio siendo hijos del medio

Siempre estamos marchando al redoble de nuestro propio tambor. En realidad, no es nuestro propio tambor, era de nuestro hermano mayor pero igual estamos marchando.

18 Reasons You Cry When You're Hungover

When your emotional barriers are low you just can't help it. We won't judge you.

24 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Place For Free

By the time you've paid your rent, bought your furniture, and forked over cash for toilet paper, the last thing you want is to drop more dough.


An anthem dedicated to your mom's favorite place to sit in the summer.

Sports Fans: What Are Your Superstitions?

Super Bowl XLVIII is happening, people. How are you going to help your team win?

The Worst Superheo Films

Superhero films have gone from strength to strength with each passing year since Blade and X-Men lit up the box office. With Marvels The Avengers (none of that silly assemble business here thank you!) becoming the third highest grossing film ever behind Titanic and Avatar respectively and amassing huge amounts of cash; superhero films are a big business. Sadly there are two bad films for every good so in no particular order here are my least favourite comic book movies and why they should be avoided!

Are You Your Parents' Favorite?

Your parents say they love you and your siblings equally, but let's be real.

29 Delicious Vegan Breakfasts

No eggs, no bacon, no problem.

17 Feel-Good French Films You Should Definitely Stream On Netflix

Travel without leaving home. No passport required.

20 Reasons Why Harry Styles Should Be Your Obsession

Like a fine wine, he gets better with age. Happy Birthday Harry!

27 Angry Reactions To Australia's Shark Cull

Thousands have rallied against Western Australia's catch-and-kill policy.

19 Tapas de libro trilladas

La que salen todo el tiempo.

This Swedish Schoolgirl's Attempt At Colouring In The Finnish Flag Is Hilarious

An English test revealed that someone has been watching too much F1. Via redditor _j0nas_.

Vodka Blamed For Short Life Expectancy -- Age 64 -- Of Russian Men

Twenty-five percent of Russian men die before age 55, the average life expectancy for Russian men is age 64, and many blame vodka, researchers say.

15 Reasons Why Galentine's Day Is The Best Holiday In The Universe

February 13th is only the best day of the year!

Have You Ever Heard Of Seal Beach?!

"WAIT. You're telling me there is a beach where I can just hang out with seals?!" - You.

Overhaul Your Beauty Routine With Small Changes For 7 Weeks

In just 7 weeks, your beauty look will be entirely refreshed

Lana Del Rey Unrecognizable Without Makeup On Anna Brevanou's Blog

Lana Del Rey is known for its fabulous and retro video clip of the particular voice and the old Hollywood style. To her makeup is usually bright and never forgets to paint her lips and put eyeliner! Her appearances without makeup are rare and there are few who have seen the

6 Tips To Do Better On Your Next Test

An experienced professor offers suggestions for how to do better before and during your next test for the best possible score

15 One Direction Songs That Sound Like Other Songs

"Up All Night" trying to figure out where you've heard that song before? Hopefully this list will help.

19 Reasons Andy Dwyer Is Your Spirit Animal

Bert Macklan is truly an angel without wings.

Ways To Make Sex Extra Romantic

For those nights when you want to emphasize the

Things New Englanders Will Learn About Driving In Southern California

There should be a west coast driving manual...

25 'PornHub Comments On Stock Photos' That Are Very Dirty Yet Generic

'Real Pornhub comments. With a little help from some stock photos.' via Tumblr NSFW-ish

13 Awesome Childhood Toys That Made Bath Time Great

Nothing made you want to get an bathtub quicker than having one of these bad boys to play with.

Why Is Everyone Freaking Out Over Pubic Hair?

Refinery29 discusses the recent resurgence of "natural" pubic hair.

Paz De La Huerta Goes Fully Nude In New Psycho Thriller 'Nurse 3D' (NSFW)

Actress Paz de le Huerta is no stranger to nudity in her roles. You've probably seen her bare it all as Lucy on Boardwalk Empire. Or in this fully nude spread in Playboy's January/Feburary 2013 issue. But her newest role finds her as a sex-crazed…

10 Crazy Plot Twists The Walking Dead Needs To Do

We've had a lot of time to think with The Walking Dead gone, so some of these are a little "creative."

Baking Soda and Vinegar - Mustard Challenge - Tongue Frozen to Pole | Top Challenges #32

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Transcript Of GOP Response To The State Of The Union Address

May God guide you and our President, and may God continue to bless the United States of America. Topics: Barack Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Immigration Reform, Oval Office, War in Afghanistan © 2014 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI's prior written consent. Order reprints Recommended Stories Transcript of President Obama's State of the Union address Jan 28 Obama vows to work to expand opportunities -- with or without Congress Jan 28

Ask Baba Yaga: I Feel Like I'm Underwater When I Try To Socialize

Transcript after the jump. Dear Baba Yaga, I can’t socialize anymore. I will stand with a group of friends and feel like I’m underwater while they talk and giggle. I don’t know what to say, and when they look at me I am terrified they are sensing my weirdness and it will push them away. I… BABA YAGA: Forget about the others. :What you need is something…

13 Signs You Grew Up As An Only Child

Most superheroes are only children.

Ackman Pours Out Some Whiskey Profits

Bill Ackman's hedge fund Pershing Square sold 7.3 million shares of Beam this week for $608 million. A Japanese beverage conglomerate announced it was buying Beam on January 13.

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