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    60 Adorable Real Vintage Wedding Photos From The '60s

    Retro weddings are so in right now, so why not take inspiration from the cuties that actually got hitched back when cat eye glasses and big hair were all the rage?

    1. A hippie wedding in San Francisco.

    2. This ballsy blue dress.

    3. Peter pan collar wedding dress!

    4. Those matching yellow dresses!

    5. Gorgeous bride and family on the porch.

    6. The pretty views in New Zealand.

    7. Classic elegance.

    8. The most radiant bride's smile.

    9. Posing for a quick photo with the cutest little guest.

    10. ~*Just Married*~

    11. Indian wedding in 1964.

    12. Getting pelted with rice.

    13. Flirty short dress and a bundle of roses.

    14. Cat eye glasses forever.

    15. A sailor and his lady.

    16. Guests — lookit that coat!

    17. Gorgeous bride and groom looking classic.

    18. *SMOOCH*

    19. Last checks in the mirror.

    20. Nothing like a foofy tea length dress.

    21. A casual summertime wedding.

    22. "me".

    23. A handsome couple in the backseat.

    24. Sass and glasses.

    25. Those bangs! That smile!

    26. So cute and clearly in love.

    27. The look of love.

    28. Super hip bride and groom.

    29. Getting a piece.

    30. A beautiful elaborate princess gown.

    31. Her girls.

    32. Cheers!

    33. The faces of happiness.

    34. Gorgeous giant bouquet.

    35. Getting some help with that skirt.

    36. Adorable bride and her maids.

    37. A salute.

    38. Her gloves!

    39. An extremely excited groom.

    40. Sassy groom and his blushing bride.

    41. Love this shot.

    42. That white jacket!

    43. A veil with volume.

    44. Colors!

    45. Perfect snapshot.

    46. Flower children.

    47. Admiring that bridal look in the mirror.

    48. A short dress for an extremely happy bride.

    49. A living room portrait opportunity.

    50. Proto-duck-face.

    51. A sunshiney portrait.

    52. Emerging from the church.

    53. :) :) :) :) :)

    54. Such an adorable hat on this bride!

    55. Typical groom behavior.

    56. Flashes are bright.

    57. An adorable short dress and matching flower gals.

    58. These two spit-swappers.

    59. The pinkest bridesmaids that ever bridesmaided.

    60. She said "it was the only one I liked, and I didn't care what they said."

    Correction: One older picture was mistakenly included, it's been swapped out for a photo taken in the '60s.