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February 25, 2014

Ranking The "House Of Cards" Characters, From Worst To Best

Whether they're the puppets or the puppet masters, the diverse set of characters on House of Cards add depth and intrigue to the show's political machinations. Here's how they stack up against each other. Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS through the Season 2 finale.

Coldplay Are Back

The band is working on a studio album, its first since 2011. And they've released a spooky video for a new track, "Midnight."

Bond King Takedown

Bill Gross, founder of the world's largest bond fund, PIMCO, was the subject of a devastating article in The Wall Street Journal that questioned his management style and recent investment performance, laying much of the blame for the recent departure of CEO Mohamed El-Erian at his feet.

Cloud Nothings Don't Overthink Rock

Cleveland trio are better than ever on their upcoming fourth album, Here and Nowhere Else. Hear their new single "Psychic Trauma," debuting on BuzzFeed.

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