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February 17, 2014

The Best Pizzas In LA, By 'Hood

LA gets a lot of flack from New Yorkers for not having great pizza, to which we say: you're under a foot of snow right now and it's 80 degrees outside here. FACE. Oh, and also, we have a ton of great pizza, in literally every neighborhood in LA. To…

18 Things You Have To Explain To Out-of-towners About SF

At some point in your life as an SF resident, you're going to have friends and family come in from other cities, either to visit or move here, and you, as a denizen of this fair(-ish) city, are going to have to show them around. And part of that…

Urban Outfitters Launches Activewear, Uses S.F. As Playground

We’ll be honest — our ratty gym clothes are giving us the workout blues. And surprisingly, unless you’re down to always reach for those tried-and-true yoga pants, it’s a lot harder to find cool activewear than you’d think. With that in mind, Urban…

10 Ways To Makeover A Cardigan

In honor of the first episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, which debuted on Feb. 19, 1968, we're pulling those trusty cardigans out of the closet and showing them some serious DIY love!

22 Tipos Diferentes de Resacas

Desde "me siento de maravilla" hasta "estoy bastante seguro de que el infierno es mejor que esto". Todos hemos pasado por eso.

This Is Potbelly’s Entire Super-secret Menu

Potbelly's menu? Good. Potbelly's secret (!?!?!?!?!?!?!) menu? Even better. The Chicago sandwich standby puts West Coast burger chain In-N-Out's secret menu to shame, with ELEVEN sandwiches and FOUR desserts, all of which you won't find in any…

How The Best Director Winner Could Make Oscar History

Gravity's Alfonso Cuarón and 12 Years a Slave's Steve McQueen could be first Latino or black Best Director winner in Oscar history, respectively — which would be a huge deal for an industry that has been sorely lacking in diversity. UPDATE: Cuarón won! History was made!

Buzznet Instagram Takeover Recap Photo

As you may have seen yesterday, I took over the Buzznet Instagram. I wanted to give you all a closer look into my pink world.  Look through the gallery where you can see me get ready before the Breathe Carolina show!

This Winter Wedding Was A Total Shocker

A winter wedding was a far cry from what Carli Lampley was imagining for her big day; Her husband Edward had proposed to her in the middle of a field of sunflowers last July. Almost as soon as the ring was on, the couple began planning their… So, in a drastic move, and with a little nudge from friends and family, the pair decided to forego their fantasy and move their wedding date up to the next time everyone would all be together: December. That meant the couple only had about two months to alert guests and to prep for the (new) big day. The “dream” was over, and crunch time was on. So, what was it like for this Brooklyn-based duo to trade plans and predictability for some spontaneity? Click through, they told us in their own words!

The Sex Olympics

I needed a good laugh this week and this news report from The Onion about how the Olympic Village in Sochi was built with the athletes' sexual activities in mind was an LOL machine. NSFW.

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