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February 22, 2014

12 parejas poderosas con las que quieres tener una relación

Parejas de famosos en medio de las que quieres meterte, en orden cronológico.

14 Reasons Why Juliette Barnes Is The Best Thing On Nashville

How Hayden Panettiere's character has evolved into the one we root for. *SPOILERS AHEAD*

13 Goth-friendly musicals

No, really. You may have thought that the bright, glitzy, happy-go-lucky world of musicals and the gloomy, macabre world of Goth would never go together. But in fact, this list was surprisingly easy to make - there are quite a few musicals out there that blend the two together, and not unsuccessfully too. Below, I've listed my top 13 musicals that Goths may enjoy (I've been pretty broad in my definition of musicals here, including examples from theatre, film and TV)

What It Means For Ukraine Now That Yulia Tymoshenko Is Free

"It's comfortable for us to work with Tymoshenko's government," Vladimir Putin once said.

Venezuelans March For Peace As Death Toll Rises In Anti-Government Protests

The Venezuelan president on Friday called for a dialogue with Obama to "put the truth on the table." Kerry responded by denouncing the Venezuelan government's human rights abuses.

The World's Most-Wanted Drug Lord Has Been Captured By Mexican Authorities

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, who eluded the Mexican police for 13 years, was captured in Mazatlan and sent directly to jail.

19 lugares realmente encantadores que tienes que ver antes de morir

Prepárate para deslumbrarte. Con ayuda de esta publicación de Quora.

Rihanna & Eminem Are Going On Tour Together, Try Not To Hyperventilate

Rihanna and Eminem are joining forces for the three-city Monster Tour.

A Designer Created These Amazing "Breaking Bad" Posters For Every Episode Of The Show

A Hungarian artist created 62 illustrated posters for every episode of Breaking Bad. Spoiler alert!

American Student Studying Abroad In Rome Found Dead In Railroad Tunnel

The Bates College junior was hit by a train in Rome on Feb. 20.

10 Oldies Songs That Will Become Your New Jam

Looking back on all that "corny" music you were exposed to as a kid, you realize that some of it wasn't half bad.

Centers For Disease Control: Deadly Listeria Outbreak Linked To Cheese

Eight cases of listeria and one death have been linked to cheese made in Delaware and sold in Maryland, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control said Friday.

The Two Types Of Driver You Meet On Country Roads

When you're driving on narrow roads in the country, every other car is one of these two:

Change The Way You Look At Women

Let’s start by looking around.

The Most Fab Or Drab Celebrity Outfits Of The Week

You voted – here are the results.

Who Needs True Love When You Have A Bromance Like Theirs?

Okay, so maybe they are both married and living their 'happy ever after' with their real true loves, but these two men have the bromance of the century! Check out 12 reasons why!

103 Reasons Why You Just Can't Go To The Gym Today

I swear, I would go if it weren't for this.

Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' Music Video Premieres

FINALLY! The moment we have all been waiting for. Katy Perry's music video for 'Dark Horse' has arrived and it is AMAZING. Katy-Pätra travels back to ancient Egypt for some man eating, Flaim' Hot Cheetos AND JIFF THE POM. This is all too much for me…

Top Vacation Destinations - The World's 7 Best Party Countries (Other Than The US Of A)

Leaving America doesn't have to mean leaving the party. We put together this nifty guide to the planet's ultimate party…

6 Moving Hacks You Need To Know

The faster you move, the faster you can have pizza.

History Of Rap: The Best History Lesson I Was Ever Taught!

Love JT and JF? Love rap? Well last night they were at it again with their 5th installment of History of Rap! Check out all 5 here and celebrate the greatness that is the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake bromance!

25 Impossibly Beautiful Wedding Locations In Hawaii

Why even bother getting married anywhere else?

The Story Of The Federal Reserve The Day After Lehman Brothers Collapsed

This is the story of what unfolded. Liquidity Concerns Bernanke started the meeting late, sometime after 8 a.m. Eastern time, and with his opening remarks said concerns were increasing about insurance giant American International Group (AIG). Then-Vice Chairman Timothy Geithner didn't attend the meeting that day because he was busy addressing the problems AIG faced and the risks the company posed to the financial system. As the first order of duty, the manager of the System Open Market Account, William Dudley, recounted the latest economic changes. While Lehman received a bit of attention, Dudley detailed the reasons the Fed worried about AIG. "The risk here, of course, is that, if AIG were to fail, money funds have even a broader exposure to them than to Lehman, and so breaking the buck on the money market funds is a real risk," Dudley said. The key problem the Fed addressed throughout 2008 was keeping overnight funding between funds liquid. Any breakdown in liquidity on hand by banks in a single day could have quickly spread across the system and created a panic. Starting in 2007, Bernanke realized many banks were having liquidity troubles and he wanted to guarantee that those banks avoided the problem. In an emergency meeting in 2007, he encouraged banks to use the Fed's discount window -- a short-term… To mitigate this problem, the Fed in late 2007 opened up the Term Auction Facility, which allowed the central bank to auction off a predetermined amount of funds to depository institutions that used a variety of assets as collateral. Little did they realize then that by September 2008 the largest banks by market capitalization would face the same crisis. Dudley concluded the update by mentioning recent changes the Fed made to some of its lending programs. Bernanke then asked Dudley to talk about swap lines offered to foreign central banks. Dudley said that Norway had just launched a facility to offer its banks U.S. dollar of up to $5 billion for one-week terms. "The fact that Norway is doing this suggests that the situation has broadened quite a bit further because this is the first time that we have heard about Norway in this story, except for maybe some exposures to the Icelandic banks," Dudley said. Fed members then discussed how broad the swap lines should be, and Dudley said it would be wise for it to be very large or open ended so as to provide a true backstop for the entire market. "My point here is that, if foreign banks worry about capacity limits, even having a large program could in principle not be sufficient in extremis," Dudley said. "But if the program is open ended, the rollover risk problem goes away." By a unanimous decision among the FOMC's voting members, the Fed consented to give the Foreign Currency Subcommittee the authority to enter into swap agreements with foreign central banks as needed. The Fed Still Misunderstood How Deep the Recession Was The Fed then turned its attention to a discussion of whether to raise the federal funds rate, which on that day sat at 2%. Bernanke asked members to report the latest economic updates from their districts and to offer their vote on interest rates. Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart opened the discussion. Lockhart started by saying that the committee could not ignore the Lehman Brothers event that occurred during the weekend and the day before the meeting. He noted that it was too early to say that a bottom had formed in any of the housing markets. Lockhart predicted that the federal funds rate target would remain around the current 2% level for "several months" going into 2009, and he recommended that the Fed not change the rate at that meeting. Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, whose comments pushed for the most accommodative monetary policy, offered a grim outlook. He didn't think that the problems accruing in the financial system were one-off events that only would hurt investment banks. "The failure of a major investment bank, the forced merger of another, the largest thrift and insurer teetering, and the failure of Freddie and Fannie are likely to have a significant impact the real economy," Rosengren said. "Individuals and firms will become risk averse, with reluctance to consume or to invest" Rosengren said he supported a 25 basis-point cut to the Fed funds rate -- the only member that day to outright recommend a cut. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, critics have said the Fed took too long to cut rates near historic lows at zero. Supporters argue, as Bernanke even said in this meeting, that the central bank was setting monetary policy ad hoc during an unprecedented period in financial history. Kansas City Fed President Thomas Hoenig encouraged the committee to resist the impulse to easy monetary policy just for the sake of doing something. But Hoenig and many of the members appeared to misjudge inflation pressures. Leading into the financial crisis, energy and food prices were soaring, and the FOMC, rightly, showed concern to keep prices in check. However, oil prices started to break down in the latter part of 2008, as did food prices. "We also have an inflation issue," said Hoenig, who, like most of his colleagues, didn't realize that the pullback in energy prices was part of an escalating trend that wouldn't soon reverse. Repeatedly, FOMC members noted that inflation seemed to be dropping thanks to the fall in oil and gasoline prices, which added to their satisfaction of at least one worry they could drop. Still others feared that the committee couldnt rule out a spike in prices. Philadelphia Fed President Charles Plosser's reasoning was that his concern stemmed from the fact that he didn't see the downturn as entirely demand driven. Minneapolis Fed President Gary Stern said: "But I will agree that it is still an open issue." It's a concern that later would become irrelevant, to the point that in late 2009, core inflation according to the consumer price index reported declining prices -- a suggestion that deflation could be a threat. Even amid the Fed's unprecedented monetary stimulus programs since the Great Recession, inflation has proven to be of little concern in the immediate term. Following Hoenig's comments, San Francisco Fed President Janet Yellen -- and current chairwoman of the Federal Reserve -- chimed in with anecdotal examples of economic headwinds. "My contacts report that cutbacks in spending are widespread, especially for discretionary items. For example, East Bay plastic surgeons and dentists note that patients are deferring elective procedures," Yellen said. The room broke into laughter. She followed it with another amusing remark that the Silicon Valley Country Club, which used to have a seven-to-eight-year waiting list, witnessed the list shrink to just 13 would-be new members. Yellen then said that the labor market was weakening, and that job cuts coupled with the housing and financial crisis "raises the potential for even worse news." The then-Fed president agreed with the majority that, at least for that meeting, they should not raise rates. St. Louis Fed President James Bullard was the first to offer a long prediction of how the Lehman collapse could hit the economy. "Concerning the national outlook, it is difficult and probably unwise to try to asses growth and inflation prospects in the immediate aftermath of an event like the Lehman bankruptcy. I expect to see more failures among financial firms, and I expect those failures to continue to contribute to market volatility," Bullard said. "This is part of an ongoing shakeout among financial market firms, following some of the worst risk management in a generation." Plosser correctly assumed that the slowdown and turmoil in financial markets could turn out to be worse than he expected, yet Plosser said that didn't mean it was time "to panic and lower rates." Chicago Fed President Charles Evans opened up with an offbeat comparison of the building financial crisis to the eve of the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Evans argued that risks to the economy may be too difficult for the Fed to characterize in its statements. "Then, on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, the FOMC decided that geopolitical uncertainty was so great that the committee could not characterize the balance of risks at all in the policy statement," Evans said. "Today, the downside risks to output are almost too dispersed to characterize. In one or two weeks, we may know better that either the economy will somehow muddle through or we're likely to be facing the mother of all credit crunches." Evans said it would be "quite an accomplishment" if the economy muddled through. Cleveland Fed President Sandra Pianalto said she had a "small preference" for an option that would raise the Federal funds rate by 25 basis points, but she also said she didn't have a problem with leaving it unchanged. Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker said he thought Lehman's failure was a good thing, and that "it will enhance the credibility of any commitment that we make in the future to be willing to let an institution fail and to risk such disruption again." After Lacker said he'd leave the funds rate unchanged, Bernanke asked the central banker a question about the role of fiscal intervention. Bernanke, who is well-known as a Depression-era scholar, said history like what happened to Japan and Scandinavia showed that when a banking system becomes decapitalized and dysfunctional, government intervenes on a large scale. "I'm seriously interested in knowing what you, or anyone else who would like to comment, think is the appropriate stage, if any, at which fiscal intervention becomes necessary," Bernanke said. Lacker responded, "We have a legislated program of fiscal intervention -- deposit insurance -- and the boundaries around that are very clear." Bernanke dropped the topic, but it seemed to foreshadow events that would lead to the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, that Congress passed to inject fiscal liquidity directly into the banking sector. It was Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher, though, who delivered one of the most bizarre updates to the committee on Sept. 16. Fisher, who often pushes for tight monetary policy, provided a politician-stump-speech-like comment, invoking Bob Dylan, that urged the FOMC to unanimously vote to keep the federal funds rate unchanged. "All of that reminds me -- forgive me for quoting Bob Dylan -- but money doesnt talk; it swears. When you swear, you get emotional. If you blaspheme, you lose control. I think the main thing we must do in this policy decision today is not to lose control, to show a steady hand," Fisher said. "I would recommend, Mr. Chairman, that we embrace unanimously -- and I think it's important for us to be unanimous at this moment -- alternative B. Thank you, Mr. Chairman." Fisher said he believed there was mitigation of inflation, but still offered an unusual anecdotal example of price inflation at a Dallas bakery he'd been frequenting for 30 years, saying the establishment had just announced a price increase due to cost pressures. Fisher's comments concluded with a coffee break announced by Bernanke. The Fed chief at the beginning of the meeting said they would cut the normally two-day event down to one. When members returned, the first vice president of the New York Fed, Christine Cumming, who filled in for Geithner that day, noted that she didn't believe the recent ebb in inflation couldn't simply be explained by a decline in energy prices. "We would attribute that to indications, again, that global demand is slowing," Cumming said. Her prediction was valid. As we now know, the financial crisis in the United States spread to the European continent. Throughout the meeting members contended that the housing crisis looked to be bottoming, but few of them offered a regional breakdown of housing sectors across the country, as Elizabeth Duke did. The member of the Board of Governors of the Fed said that bottoms may have been reached in Ohio and coastal areas of California, but not everywhere. "Florida is a bottomless hole -- speculation combined with insurance problems. In Arizona so much land was available that they can't find a bottom there," Duke said. While on the mend, housing sectors in Florida and Arizona remain two of the biggest struggling areas in the country. It's a Recession Then it was time for Bernanke to step up. The head of central bank delivered a gloomy outlook, and he was the only FOMC member the day after Lehman Brothers collapsed to say that the economy was in a recession. "Personally, I see the prospects for economic growth in the foreseeable future as quite weak, notwithstanding the second quarter's strength," Bernanke said. "I think what we saw in the recent labor reports removes any real doubt that we are in a period that will be designated as an official NBER (National Bureau of Economic Research) recession." Bernanke said the committee hadn't talked much about the fiscal side, which he called supportive, but feared would be less supportive moving ahead. He agreed with members that there was a need for a well-developed structure to help avoid situations like the too-big-to-fail scenario unfolding, but Bernanke reminded them that events were happening quickly and "we don't have those things in place." Ultimately, the FOMC agreed to leave interest rates unchanged, and they spent an extended amount of time determining the small changes in language to the statement. The meeting after Lehman failed showed that central bankers, despite having witnessed Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch tumble and unemployment rates begin to surge, remained oblivious to how much further the crisis would deepen. However, it also showed that some members, including Bernanke, were prepared for more surprises, and most appeared open to cut rates at any given moment. And it was this openness to quickly cut rates that motivated the language of the finalized statement on Sept. 16, 2008: "The downside risks to growth and the upside risks to inflation are both of significant concern to the committee. The committee will monitor economic and financial developments carefully and will act as needed to promote sustainable economic growth and price stability." Bernanke reminded everyone to be back on Oct. 28 and 29 and adjourned the meeting, unaware that he would call two emergency meetings before then in response to the darkest days of the financial crisis. -- Written by Joe Deaux in New York. >Contact by Email. Follow @JoeDeaux

U.N. Security Council Unanimously Demands Humanitarian Aid For All Of Syria

Russia and China had previously vetoed three resolutions that pressed President Bashar Assad to end the conflict in Syria. But on Saturday the two countries joined the rest of the U.N. Security Council to send a message to Assad.

19 Frasier Comebacks To Use In Everyday Life

"Anything else in the box, PANDORA?"

How To Live Your Life To The Fullest As Told By Riff Raff's Tweets

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A Loving Fox

Dawn the fox loves to interact with others at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Picture Of A Gold Toilet Is Not From The Ukrainian President's Mansion

The photo is a hoax and has been on the web for years.

Hedgehog Modelling

Pendelton the hedgehog and his knitted hat would steal any runway.

10 Hyperrealistic Artwork With Supplies Used

With most hyperrealistic art it is usually based off a photo, Karla Mialynne starts from freehand and also shows what art supplies were used.

17 Signs You're Not Unemployed, But Really A Disney Princess In Disguise

A dream is a wish your heart makes. Just go with it.

33 dicas cruciais para encontrar o vestido de noiva dos seus sonhos

Tudo que você precisa para encontrar o melhor vestido de todos os tempos. (Prometo.)

Como se ven 16 cosas normales cuando estás ebrio

Todo debería ser pizza. ¿Por qué no todo es pizza?

This Superfan Has A "Rainbow Brite" Themed Home

And her hair's Rainbow Brite coloured too.

8-Bit GIF's For Comic And Movie Lovers

Pop culture has a special place in people's hearts, but when it goes 8-bit, it just makes your heart so much warmer. Dusan Cezek at Behance designed a series of GIF's called Pixelwood and Piexlomics. (titles are blank)

How Indecisive Are You?

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33 Accessories Every '00s Teen Owned And Loved

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23 Reasons Ann Arbor Is The Best Food Town In All The Land

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23 Hilariously Mispronounced Words By Toddlers

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Ukraine Protestors Raid Empty Presidential Compound To Find Zoo, Mansion, And Yacht

The president of Ukraine has fled among a bloody protest that has taken at least 75 lives this week alone. On Saturday, the country's parliament voted to remove the president.

22 Easy One-Pot Meals With No Meat

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Feminist Twitter Avatars

Consider using one of these preemptive internet avatars for your social accounts, and you’ll find criticism of your wily feminist ways beads right off.

People Are Psyched For New GAYTMs To Celebrate Pride

Cash out with pride Down Under. Bank redesigns ATMs for Sydney Mardi Gras.

Somebody Crossed A German Shepherd With A Husky And It's The Most Beautiful Thing Ever

It's called a Gerberian Shepsky, I want one just look how beautiful they are!

12 Reasons Warsaw Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

Sure, the language is tricky, but falling in love with Poland's capital city is easy.

26 Things Ryan Atwood Taught '00s Teens About Love

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Justin And Jimmy's History Of Rap 5!

Our favorite guys are at it again and better than ever!!

TV CONFIDENTIAL Archives: Show No. 221 with guest Alan Zweibel

Original Air date: Week of Feb. 12-18, 2014

8 Crazy Facts You Won't Learn In History Class

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10 Things Film Majors Are Sick Of Hearing

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13 Things You Learn About Dating By The Time You're 30

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Suri Cruise Looks Exactly Like 7-Year-Old Katie Holmes, Surprise Surprise

Katie Holmes looks just like daughter Suri Cruise in a kid photo shared for Throwback Thursday.

A Shocked Australia Mourns The Loss Of Charlotte Dawson

47-year-old Australia's Next Top Model Judge found dead in Sydney. Dawson was hospitalised in 2012 after cyber bullying by Twitter trolls.

Liam Neeson Says He Still Expects To Hear Natasha Richardson

Liam Neeson told U.S. news show "60 Minutes" the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, five years ago still does not seem real to him.

Mila Kunis's Favorite Date-Night Activity

No, expensive restaurants and swanky bars aren’t involved

13 Absolutely Delicious Ways To Eat Thin Mints

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The Evolution Of A Bad Haircut

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12 Signs Your Diet Needs A Makeover

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The 10 Greatest Scourges On The Tourist Landscape

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16 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

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Lily Allen Names New Album Sheezus After, Well, You Know

Lily Allen's new album is called "Sheezus."

Patrick Stewart Has Plans To Dress Up Like Captain Picard For His Wife

"There would be a certain impact in having the good captain in her bedroom ... I hope!"

The Greatest Living Animation Director Explains Why He's Retiring

In a rare interview, Hayao Miyazaki talks about why his latest movie The Wind Rises — which is opening with an English-language version in the U.S. this weekend — is also his last.

Bank Of America Is Toxic To Your Portfolio

Case in point, two thirds of Dow Jones Industrial Average components are down year-to-date. And of those, half are down 5% or more since the calendar flipped over to January. They're not just underperforming; they're underperforming by a factor of… And Dow components are the least of your worries. A handful of other names (even big ones) look even more toxic right now. One of those is Bank of America (BAC). Buying Bank of America s (BAC)ix months ago would have been a really good move. Shares of the big bank are up more than 14% over that time, stomping the S&P 500's performance over the same time period. But they're looking a whole lot less good now. In the last week, BofA has gone from being solidly in "uptrend" mode to teetering on the edge. Here's how to trade it. Bank of America is currently forming a very well defined descending triangle pattern, a price setup that's formed by downtrending resistance above shares and horizontal support to the downside at $16. Basically, as shares bounce in between those two levels, they're getting squeezed closer and closer to a breakdown below $16. When that happens, we've got our sell (or short) signal. It's no coincidence that a breakdown below $16 also means a break in the uptrend that's been in force in BAC since last summer. I'd recommend staying away from the long side of this big bank until it exits the triangle -- one way or another. To see this week's trades in action, check out the Toxic Stocks portfolio on Stockpickr. -- Written by Jonas Elmerraji in Baltimore. RELATED LINKS: >>5 Stocks Under $10 Ready to Explode >>5 Stocks Insiders Love Right Now >>5 Stocks Ready to Skyrocket Higher Follow Stockpickr on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

Here's Everything On Mellow Mushroom's New Employees-only Menu

When you work at a restaurant, you tend to get creative with your shift meals. And when you're at the hippie-based Mellow Mushroom, those creations can get pretty inventive. Now, the Atlanta, GA-based chain has unleashed a menu designed by its…

50 Things You Should Stop Worrying About

This is all stuff that will not matter in a month.

LeBron James To Star In "Space Jam 2"

Everybody get up, it's time to slam now — AGAIN. UPDATE: An ESPN reporter says LeBron sources are refuting this and there is no Space Jam 2 in the works.

Hulk Hogan Returning To The WWE Is The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen

Who needs CM Punk when Hulkamania's coming back?

Ian McKellen's Powerful Message To Those Living In The Closet

"I've never met a gay person who came out and who regretted it," he said at BuzzFeed Brews on Feb. 21. "Never."

8 Animal Pairs In Happier Relationships Than You Are

You know you've hit rock bottom when your love life pales in comparison to your pet’s.

Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen's Impressions Of Each Other Are Hilariously Accurate

"That's very sexy," Stewart said of McKellen's effort.

Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Adorably Struggle Through The Newlywed Game, Best Friend Edition

For two men who spend every day together, the results were surprising... and priceless.

18 Pricey And Rare He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Toys

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Exclusive: Union Says It Will Organize Airbus In Alabama, Try Again At Boeing

This time, the union would know what was coming. Also, the IAM has some unique advantages. It has regularly lobbied aggressively to help Boeing get defense contracts, so its involvement could be said to benefit Airbus, which has suffered in seeking… The IAM has not set a timetable to organize in Mobile, although Airbus has started to hire there, or to try again in Charleston, where it has a record of 1-1 in union elections. The union lost a 2009 Boeing unionization vote 199-68, losing its certification at the plant after a smaller group of Boeing Charleston workers voted to join the IAM in 2007. The IAM has been talking with and seeking support from Airbus executives in Europe for several years, and has also begun to work with Airbus unions in France and German. "We tell (Airbus) that we are the leading aerospace union in the North America and we would like to get off on the right foot and organize their workers," Buffenbarger said. "We can bring order in the work place: We are a union with a demonstrated history of trying to work out problems and to create an efficient operation, just as Boeing became more proficient because of its skilled work force. "We can help make them successful, or we can have a knock-down, drag-out fight." he said. Airbus spokeswoman Maryann Greczyn said, "Airbus continues to stand by the philosophy that our current and future employees have and will have the right to choose representation if they desire to do so -- the decision is completely up to them." Airbus' Mobile plant will eventually employ 1,000 people. Aircraft assembly is scheduled to begin in 2015, with the first delivery scheduled for 2016 to JetBlue (JBLU). The plant will build narrowbody aircraft in the A320 family. Buffenbarger said that while he was saddened by the UAW loss in Chattanooga, it is not necessarily an indicator of what might happen in an Airbus election. "I felt bad for the UAW," Buffenbarger said. "We saw (Tennessee) Gov. (Bill) Haslam and Sen. (Bob) Corker come out and viciously attack a union that has done good things for its members, just as (South Carolina Gov.) Nikki Haley has slammed Machinists." At the same time, of the 11 Confederate states, Alabama is by far the most highly unionized, with 11.7% of employed workers represented by unions. IAM Local 2003 represents about 5,000 workers at Fort Rucker; some members maintain the Army's helicopter fleet. "Throughout the state, the reputation of the Machinists is stellar," Buffenbarger said. IAM spokesman Frank Larkin noted that IAM Local 2003 in Daleville "has a big facility that serves as a community disaster relief center where residents go to withstand tornadoes and hurricanes. It's integrated into the community in a way people from outside Alabama don't understand." When the union hall opened in 2012, Daleville Mayor Wes Etheredge helped cut the ribbon. "We have a good relationship with many mayors in Alabama," Buffenbarger said, adding that before he became a Republican, Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby was a Democrat who courted IAM support. As for the IAM's relationship with Boeing, Buffenbarger said, "I would rate it as pretty much the same as always. We have disagreements. At times we are in like, at times we are in hate. Right now, it's fair." Boeing said Tuesday it will build new composite wings for the 777X in Everett, Wash., next to its widebody Jet final assembly plant.  The wing is expected to employ 2,700 people, while assembly work on the 777X is expected to bring 7,000 additional 777X jobs to Everett. Last month, Boeing machinists approved a new 10-year contract with Boeing in a second vote, which was backed by Buffenbarger but opposed by Seattle IAM leaders. Speaking at a Feb. 5 investor conference, Boeing CEO Jim McNerney said, "We now have this unbelievable 10-year opportunity. When we have a strike for six weeks, it costs us a couple of billion dollars." "We've had some tensions with our work force," McNerney acknowledged. "There are still some hard feelings ... But I think like we always have before, we're going to get through this. The teams will come together. And I think it's going to be more characterized by a cooperative environment between the union and management as opposed to a not cooperative environment."  Written by Ted Reed in Charlotte, N.C. To contact this writer, click here. Follow @tedreednc

5 Of The Strangest Relationship Texts

Real conversations with loved ones can be very strange.

Scout Sells 117 Boxes Of Girl Scout Cookies In 2 Hours To Green Cross Weed Dispensary Patients

Though it's had flings with sushi and Nutella, weed has a particularly special bond with Girl Scout cookies -- and one savvy Scout exploited that fact in the name of old-fashioned capitalism. On Monday, a San Francisco scout set up shop outside weed…

Curling Gets Planet Earth'd

OK, this is the best: Sir David Attenborough agreed to narrate a curling match as if it were a scene from Planet Earth: "And off she goes, gently but flamboyantly launching the oversized walnut down the frozen river." This sport somehow makes more…

OC/Gossip Girl Romantic Pairings, Ranked

oc gossip girl romances, luke and chuck p hot, anna and vanessa have a lifestyle blog and it's insufferable, julie and chuck love to hate-bang, dan and anna submit simultaneously to n+1, lily and sandy make lots of pancakes, dorota teaches seth…

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The Hot Bartender Olympics - Thrillist New York

The Sochi Olympics are coming to a close this weekend, which means today is kind of our last shot at running a barely tangentially related story on the subject. To wit: here's our second, bi-annual Hot Bartender Olympics, where -- just like the…

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