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Ian McKellen And Patrick Stewart Adorably Struggle Through The Newlywed Game, Best Friend Edition

For two men who spend every day together, the results were surprising... and priceless.

Who is Ian's spirit animal?

Patrick: Gazelle

Ian: A gorilla

No match

What food can't Patrick live without?

Patrick: Yorkshire pudding

Ian: French fries

No match

What phrase or word does Ian overuse?

Patrick: Absolutely

Ian: God I'm good!

No match

What would Patrick's go-to karaoke song be?

Patrick: "Yesterday"

Ian: Country western

No match

What is one role that Ian is dying to play or revive?

Patrick: Spooner [McKellen's character in their current play No Man's Land] on film

Ian: Widow Twankey (Aladdin's mom)

No match

What is one role that Patrick is dying to play or revive?

Patrick: Falstaff [a character in three Shakespeare plays and Giuseppe Verdi and Otto Nicolai operas]

Ian: No Man's Land on film; Yonadab

No match

Watch them fail miserably and charmingly below:

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