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February 6, 2014

9 Valentine's Day Activities For The Scorned And Bitter

Roses are gross, violets are too, sugar is actually repulsive, I hate you and you and you.

40 Amazing Uses For WD-40

Most people think of WD-40 as just a lubricant that helps take the squeak out of door hinges. However, it can be used for pretty much anything.

Abuse, Including Rape, Is Standard In Iraq's Prisons, Report Says

Iraqi authorities arbitrarily detain women and torture them into confessing to crimes, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch. “Do you want them to pamper you?”

29 versões minúsculas e adoráveis de coisas de tamanho normal

Por que tudo no mundo é muito mais fofo quando está em miniatura?

21 habilidades básicas de cocina que aún no tienes

Lo que significa que nunca podrás contribuir a la cena de familiar :(.

Miley Cyrus Shows Full Breast Channels Marilyn Monroe On Caitlin O'Brien's Blog

Miley Cyrus is gearing up for her Bangerz tour and is drumming up some publicity before she hits the road! Her latest photo spread is in German Vogue. Miley, 21, channels Marilyn Monroe, donning a retro blonde bob, red lips and vintage lingerie, in the spread, titled "Blonde Angel." The singer

19 Things That Are Totally Fine To Keep Forever

Holding on to these things won't make you a hoarder. Promise.

Crazy Celebrity Doppelgängers That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Could Kate Middleton and Lauren Conrad be long lost sisters?

On Eve Of Sochi Olympics, Reports Surface That JP Morgan Has Severed Ties With Two Top Russian Banks

JP Morgan cut off its correspondent banking relationships with Sberbank and VTB. One industry expert called it a "slap in the face" for the Russian banks.

21 Disturbing Examples Of Russia's Dill Addiction

So much dill in so many inappropriate places.

Scarlett Johansson & Kate Winslet Ditch Makeup For Art

Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet go barefaced for a Chuck Close portrait series in Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue.

Conversations With Dad That Only Happen In A Car

In your dad's car... no one can hear you scream.

19 sinais de que você não pode cozinhar para sobreviver

De novo, qual delas é a caçarola mesmo?

Esta es la chinchilla más importante del momento


The Heartbreaking Military Confessions Of Whisper

Anonymous confessions on the secret-sharing app Whisper capture the complicated lives of soldiers in the field and at home.

30 Animal Cupcakes Too Cute To Eat

But you will anyway, because they're cupcakes.

Best Birthday Cake Recipes

It doesn't really need to be your birthday to eat these.

Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson Says Her Weight Loss Was Natural

Find out how she and the show’s trainers are responding to all of the anger over this season’s finale

50 Under-$10 Valentine's Day Gifts

View Photo 1- 50 Under-$10 Valentine's Day Gifts

A Kiss Filmed From Inside Someone's Mouth Is The Most Terrifying Thing You Will Ever See

Over 11 months ago, Reddit user MrRobotoGotAGato posted this fascinatingly disgusting video of a slimy ass kiss filmed from inside the man's mouth and it was absolutely too terrifying not to share. You know, it's like when you smell rotten milk in…

21 Truths You Only Know If You Met Your Significant Other Online

It's all OKCupid, baby, 'cause you're the Lava-my-Life.

The Story Behind Why An "American Idol" Contestant Came Out On The Show

Keith London tells BuzzFeed why he sang Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy" without changing the pronouns, his thoughts on the controversial reaction from the judges, and how fans are responding to his decision to come out as gay. Updated!

6 Reasons Why The Binturong Is The Coolest Animal At The Zoo

We can’t get enough of this furry creature. In the wild, it lives in the forests of south-east Asia. But if you’re lucky, you might be able to spot one at your local zoo.

Disney's Lady And The Tramp With Kittens!

An uptown Cocker and a downtown mutt fall in love...except this time they are played by adorable kittens!

Wonderland Woman

On growing up poor and desperate, and finding oneself in The Wonderland Quartet by Joyce Carol Oates.

Senate Intelligence Chair: People Going To Olympics "Should Watch Their Backs...Stay Out Of Crowds"

Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman California Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on CNN that her advice to those going to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia should avoid crowds and "watch their backs" to be safe.

8 Audition Tapes Of Famous Actors Lead The Daily Links

Plus who you need to know for Fashion Week, 10 Russian novels you should really read, and the girl who replaced her family's pictures with Kanye looking angry.

23 fotos que provam que humilhar um pug é o melhor tipo de humilhação canina

Porque quem não poderia perdoar uma carinha como esta?

Meet The 27 Latino Athletes Competing In Sochi 2014

Some of these countries don't even have snow, but that doesn't stop these athletes from training.

10 Hot Men We Lost To Relationships Via Coffee Meets Bagel In 2013

Here are some of the Coffee Meets Bagel guys that were (unfortunately for us) taken off the market this year. Whether it was their gorgeous eyes or their killer smile, these are the top 10 guys we are most heartbroken over. Don’t get us wrong, we’re totally happy for them and their Bagels, but just give us a few moments to lament the ones that got away. It could be you or your Bagel on this list next year….

23 Everyday Awkward Situations

If it happens to all of us, why the hell is it so awful??

Helium Challenge - Shotgun Beer - Gum Challenge | Top Challenges #33

Subscribe to FunnyMeNow! Twitter: FB:

Why Pierce Brown Might Be Fiction's Next Superstar

At just 26, Pierce Brown’s debut novel, Red Rising, is already being hailed as the next YA fantasy series turned blockbuster movie franchise. So why isn't he more freaked out?

I Can't Believe You're Human - Yuurisans Cosplay Photo

I came across these uber adorable cosplaying cuties and absolutely had to share them with you! Twins - Yuuri-C and Yuuri-K - take cosplay to a whole other level that is so amazing…I cannot believe they are humans! Not only do they bring fantasy…

50 Reasons Why Australians Are The Luckiest People On Earth

Australia is known as The Lucky Country. Here’s why the 1964 book had it right

Defense Attorney Uses "N-Word," "F-Word" In Murder Trial Of Young Black Man Who Was Killed In Florida

Attorney Cory Strolla, lawyer for Michael Dunn, the man charged with the murder of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, quoted Davis using the "n-word" and "f-word" toward Dunn the night he was killed in his opening statement.

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Jesse McCartney

The one and only JMac took our Q&A. Spoiler alert: He chose puppies over kittens.

Obama Hitting The Fundraising Trail For Democrats After Reports Show Republicans Out-Raised Them

The president will raise money for the Democratic Party at two upcoming events over the coming month.

32 pequeñas razones por las que todavía estamos enamorados de Britney Spears

¡Feliz cumpleaños, reina! Estas son solamente algunas razones por las cuales todavía sigues siendo la mejor.

19 Of The Cutest And Most Underrated Baby Animals

All baby animals are cute but some get more air time than others. Here are 19 of the cutest and most underestimated adorable animal babies that you will drool over.

3 Disney Films You Must Be Reminded Of Right Now...

...that you can watch on Youtube!

Samoyed Puppies Are The Best Things You Will See Today

Prepare yourself to see the fluffiest, most adorable thing in the history of all things fluffy and adorable.

Five-Year-Old Star Of "Good Luck Charlie" Received Death Threats After Show Featured Same Sex Couple

The girl's mother discovered threatening messages on her Instagram telling the little girl to kill herself and that she deserves to die.

A Definitive Ranking Of Martin Freeman's Middle Fingers

"Fuck you, I won a BAFTA." Oh to be behind the scenes of The Hobbit.

The 17 Steps To Making Your Pet Famous On The Internet

You know they're the best animal on the planet, now it's time for the whole world to know!

The 5 Best Things We Learned About Britney Spears From Her 1999 Twist Magazine Questionnaire

The No. 1 thing: The world would be a better place if Britney ruled it.

Senate Once Again Fails To Move Forward On An Unemployment Benefits Extension

Senate Democrats couldn't garner enough Republican votes to get their latest proposal passed a procedural vote.

45 Things I Learned At The Creation Museum

Everything you ever wanted to know about the biggest creation museum in the world.

U.S. Officials Blame Russian Espionage For Leaked Nuland Call

"A new low in Russian tradecraft." Meanwhile, Nuland apologizes to the EU.

14 Valentine's Day Nail Art Designs You'll Love

Looking for some nailspiration this Valentine's Day? You've still got a week left to get your nails looking lovely.

How To Spend Valentine's Day With Netflix

Because, regardless of your love life, this is the only stable relationship you have. Accept it.

16 Astounding Backpacking Trips To Add To Your Bucket List

Hit the rugged, dusty, spectacular road.

Elizabeth Warren Says Jamie Dimon's Big Raise Shows Need For More Criminal Prosecutions

"If regulators are even slightly willing to take a large financial institution to trial, that will have an impact on future behavior," Warren said.

Dakota Johnson Does "ELLE" As Her "Fifty Shades Of Grey” Character

The sultry lady looked the part for her new photo shoot for the March cover.

15 sapatos eternos que nunca sairão de moda.

Se você tivesse que usar os mesmos sapatos pelo resto da sua vida, quais seriam?

38 fotos que prueban que los gatos tienen un corazón de oro

Esta publicación te hará querer ir a abrazar a tu gatito.

Photographic Proof That Sochi Is A Godforsaken Hellscape Right Now

In Russia, Olympics compete against you! Follow @SochiFails for more of this.

The Best Reason Ever To Have Sex Today

You can learn a little something from the people with the biggest smiles on their faces...

This Powerful Video Of A Mute Man Complaining About India Has An Incredibly Important Message

This is a wake-up call for the country of a billion people.

This Mashup Of "Frozen" And "High School Musical" Is Hilarious And Perfect

"Let It Go" + "Bet On It" = THE BEST. Truly the most magical Disney mashup.

What Those Valentine's Day Stuffed Animals Are Really Thinking

You've seen them at the drugstore. They definitely hate their lives.

Se seus filmes favoritos da Disney fossem escritos por Woody Allen

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-la-di-da, la la. Ou algo assim.

Los 13 reflejos más desafortunados

Voy a comenzar con el hombre en el espejo.

21 Pun Battles That Are Actually So Bad They're Good

Every PUNchline is a delightful PUNishment. *World collectively groans.*

Forget Book Clubs — We're Throwing a Book Swap Party

Black Balloon Publishing and The Airship invite you to a night of boozing up and nerding out over your favorite books.

Just Another Interview Of Bradley Cooper Speaking In French

To help brighten your day. Le swooooon.

This Map Shows You The Worst Person From Each State In America

Who is your state's most notorious? UPDATE: This map contains both inaccuracies and at least one possibly innocent man.

A 7-Year-Old Boy Who Died Of Brain Cancer Had A Police Funeral With A Pallbearer Dressed As Batman

Jesse Heikkila wanted to be a police officer when he grew up, and local law enforcement decided to make sure he was honored as one.

What Happened When I Quit Booze For January

One woman comes face-to-face with why, exactly, she drank so much.

How To Cook The Perfect Steak For Your Valentine

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is a perfect medium-rare.

This "Binsky" Video Imagines Banksy As A Baby

What if Banksy was actually just a toddler? Turns out this is a marketing campaign for a film called Art Machine, but it's still pretty adorable.

Nick Offerman Sings A Song About Weed And Other Things

Listen before submitting your indie films to Sundance.

This Is The Only Coffee Shop Map Of New York City You'll Ever Need

Whether you're taking the R up to Queens or the L into Brooklyn, Butterfruit Labs has got all your coffee needs covered.

Cheyenne Jackson Announces Engagement To Actor Jason Landau

The insanely handsome couple has been dating publicly since last fall.

Ingrid Michaelson's New Music Video Gender Swaps An '80s Classic

The video homage to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" is getting mixed reactions from fans.

McVitie's New TV Ad Makes You Want To Eat Puppies

Isn't there a saying, "cute enough to eat?" Well, now it is!

Jay Leno Made A Cameo In Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" Video

He's had a number of performances, apparently.

16 Heavenly Cheese And Chocolate Fondues

Melted Chocolate + Melted Cheese = key to the universe.

Channel 4 Has Changed Its Logo To Support Gay Athletes At The Winter Olympics

It's also released an advert called Gay Mountain, which really is rather special.

Top U.S. Diplomat For Europe: "Fuck The EU"

A phone call is leaked that appears to expose a conversation between a top U.S. State Department official and the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine. Updated with comments from Jay Carney

What Really Happens When You Go To The Dentist

Improv/Sketch group Superego released this video showing what really happens when the dentist puts you under. As if it wasn't already scary enough.

Los Angeles Lakers' Center Fouls Out And Keeps Playing Thanks To Little-Known NBA Rule

With the Lakers down to just five players, Robert Sacre's sixth foul meant he had to keep playing.

10 celebridades que podem servir de garotos-propaganda para destinos turísticos famosos

Ah, você está indo passar as férias na Espanha? Que legal. Eu estou indo para George Clooney.

17 Free Printable Valentines That Are Really Fantastic

Exchanging valentines with the people in your life is super fun. But why spend all of that money when there are so many free printable valentines day cards around? Here are 17 of the most fantastic printable valentines around.

20 cosas que te ayudarán a lo largo de tu relación a larga distancia

La distancia definitivamente no es fácil, pero cada momento vale la pena.

Shows We At Cast Hub Never Wanted To End

And the reasons why we love reruns

Real Pope Meets Chocolate Pope

This was foretold!

John Krasinski & Jimmy Kimmel Give Away $1.5 Million From Esurance

The Super Bowl Sweepstakes brought in a total of 3 million tweets. One couple in California got really, really lucky.

Germany's "Fierce Frauen" Are Ready To Dominate At The Winter Olympics

Okay, after taking home 2nd place overall in 2010, we'll admit our athletes are a little restless. Restless and ready to win. This year, for the first time ever in Germany, more women than men are competing in the Winter Games. Here are a few of the fiercest "Frauen" in the competition.

18 Important Things You Should Know About Your Raw Denim

Get out your highlighter and take notes because getting the perfect pair of jeans is a long, arduous process.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Best Literary Performances

Celebrating the late actor's finest performances inspired by novels, plays and nonfiction works.

16 atores que adoram fazer imitações de outros atores

Muitas imitações de Christopher Walken pela frente.

10 Types Of Friends You Shouldn't Feel Bad Dumping

Not that you HAVE to, of course, but if you've had it up to here? It might be time.

23 Lies You Tell Yourself While Traveling

"This can all fit in the carry-on."

Las 10 acciones más estúpidas del día de San Valentín

Hola, ¿Es muy tarde para hacer una reserva?

17 signes que cette personne n'est pas faite pour vous

Si son appartement contient un de ces éléments, ne réfléchissez plus. FUYEZ.

Check Out Rashida Jones' Inaugural Column For "Glamour"

Rashida's inaugural column for Glamour — called "Love, Rashida" — kicks off in the mag's March issue and you can see her "Mixed Messages" column right here on BuzzFeed.

A Drag Queen's Advice On How To Get Valentine's Day Right (Or Die Trying)

With only eighteen days to go, the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race is close, but V-Day is even closer. Here's some wisdom from contestant Bianca Del Rio, BuzzFeed's Drag Queen-In-Residence.

15 Incredible Pieces Of "Sherlock" Fan Art

How do you art?? Also, how do you Sherlock??

Take A Terrifying Virtual Ride On The Snowboarding Course That Keeps Injuring Sochi Athletes

I'm not feeling very good right now. This is the same course that's injured Shaun White and others.

These Confessions From Women In Their Eighties Will Challenge Your Views On Sexuality

Author Iris Krasnow looks at the sex lives of women at various stages of life in her new book Sex After... Ladies in their golden years are having the most fun of all.

Turkey Moves To Crack Down On Internet Freedom

Turkey's parliament approved a new law on Wednesday that critics say will drastically reduce web freedom in the country — and let the government further clamp down on the press. "Turkey is moving very quickly in the wrong direction on internet freedom," says a watchdog.

What's Your Favorite TV Theme Song?

"So no one told you life was gonna be this way..." *clap clap clap clap*

'Biggest Loser' Winner Rachel Frederickson Defends Staggering Weight Loss

The 24-year-old contestant won the "Biggest Loser" by slimming down to a shocking 105 pounds.

21 Signs You're A Cat Lady In Training

...or a cat gentlemen. It's 2014, let's not discriminate.

Sleeping Man Hurled 150 Feet Skywards In The Japanese TV Prank To End Japanese TV Pranks

This surely contravenes all manner of health and safety laws.

8 Ways To Make Kale Less Smug

Even couch potatoes can bask in the warm, self-righteous, glow of kale. In cake.

Orcas Won't Be On Display At The Sochi Olympics After All

Reports that two wild-caught orcas would be on display during the 2014 Winter Olympics had sparked outrage.

21 cosas que ocurren inevitablemente cuando trabajas en una oficina

Advertencia: esto seguramente traerá algunas preocupaciones a la oficina. Pero todos estamos juntos en esto.

Six Hallucinatory Egyptian Newspaper Headlines Attacking The Western Press

Egypt is sliding toward military dictatorship, and the country's press is cheering it on.

A Surprising Number Of Londoners Think The Tube Strike Is Just Like The Blitz

Yes that's right, walking to work IS just like the destruction of London by bombs.

"The Guardian" Is Testing A New-Look, Easy-To-Read Website

The newspaper site is gearing up to grow its audience on mobiles and tablets.

19 People Who Haven't Quite Worked Doors Out Yet

Apparently this is harder than it looks.

25 Chai-Spiced Treats To Warm Your Winter Kitchen

Spice up your life (and everything that comes out of the oven).

27 British People Who Must Be Stopped

But the rest of us are just lovely. Promise.

The World's Longest Place Names Ranked From Long To Very Very Long Indeed

Taumata­whakatangihanga­koauau­o­tamatea­turi­pukakapiki­maunga­horo­nuku­pokai­whenua­kitanatahu? WTF?!

23 sintomas de síndrome de abstinência pós-intercâmbio

Ditado de intercambistas: aproveite até o finzinho.

29 problemas que solo los posponedores entienden

Por eso es que no podemos alcanzar cosas buenas.

Top 10 Valentines Cookies For Everyone You Love

They say the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach right?

Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital In Italy Is The Most Chilling Thing You'll See Today

Haunting photos offer an insight into the brutal and uncaring ways we used to treat the mentally ill.

20 coisas que irão te ajudar no seu namoro a distância

A distância com certeza não é mole não, mas vale a pena.

27 normas para trajes sastre no explícitas que todo hombre debería conocer

No puedes esperar verte todo pulcro y como todo un caballero sin conocer Casimir 101.

Iran Is Parading Cardboard Cutouts Of Ayatollah Khomeini

Please be upstanding for (a cardboard cutout of) Ayatollah Khomeini.

True Facts That Sound False

Great thread at Reddit about true facts that sound made up. And here's a similar slightly older thread. A few favorites: When you

29 Ways To Have A Perfect Weekend In Brighton

You’ve got 48 hours in Brighton. This is how you should spend it.

'PornHub Comments On Valentines' Are The Only Cards You'll Need This Holiday

From the same brilliantly deranged minds that brought us PornHub Comments on Stock Photos, comes a new series of real PornHub comments on some frilly, twee pink valentine hearts you won't be able to find at CVS. PornHub Comments on Valentines is…

Ranking The Sochi Men's Hockey Teams By Rootability For Americans

International hockey is coming, you better be ready.

25 Incredibly Gay Things About Russia

The Winter Olympics are here, and we're outing Russia.

22 Signs That Prove You Are From The McAllen Metropolitan Area

The definition of true Tex-Mex culture.

11 Things You Should Never Say To A Canadian

We say "about" just like everyone else okay?

This Is How You Eat Vegemite

Americans, take note.

14 Things You Didn't Notice About "The Brady Bunch Movie" As A Kid

Here's a story of a fam named Brady who had some supreme innuendos in their movie.

27 épreuves que traversent les filles aux cheveux bouclés

Les gens adorent jouer avec vos cheveux. C'est franchement dégueulasse.

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