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February 5, 2014

Who Are You?

No, really?

What Is Rape Culture?

Every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. A look at the cultural factors behind the statistic.

They Don't Call 'Em Ice Dams For Nothing: How Those Pretty Icicles Are Destroying Your Home

Icicles may be pretty but they can tear off gutters, loosen shingles, and cause water to back up into your house. Here are prevention tips, fast fixes, and long-term repairs from the pros at TOH. CHECK IT! Top Snow Removal Tips

18 Pieces Of Proof That Cam'ron And His Girlfriend Have The Perfect Relationship

True love is finding someone who thinks you're really hot and gets your weird sense of humor and cracks you up all the time for 10 years. These two melt my heart.

Grounded Bird

Despite beating analysts revenue and earnings expectations in its first quarter as a public company, investors sent Twitter shares down sharply because of poor user growth. The company only added a disappointing 9 million new subscribers in the quarter.

Dumb DIY: Home Inspectors See The Darndest Things

From the latest installment of TOH's Home Inspection Nightmares (often imitated, never duplicated!) here are some of the dumbest DIY moves ever, courtesy of The ASHI Reporter

19 Reasons Hermione Shouldn't Have Gotten Married At All

Forget the boys. Hermione should have ended up with Hermione.

The 33 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow During The Winter Olympics

They're taking the #selfie game to an Olympic level.

Disney Goes Sailor Moon - Princesses Transformed Photo

It's no secret that I adore all things Sailor Moon - so when I came across these amazing illustrations, I had to blog about them! The super talented Drachea Rannak has given some of the most infamous Disney Heroines a little bit of Sailor Moon flair - and these mash ups are

British Papers Tomorrow Are Going To Be All About A Clinton Sex Scandal Again

Everything old is new again... Millions of Brits are going to wake up to claims that actress Liz Hurley had an affair with the ex-President.

18 Hilarious Artist Re-Interpretations Of Weird Things They See

Draw me like one of your anatomically alien French girls.

Tara Lipinski Pays Homage To 'The Big Lebowski' In Viral Clip

Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski channeled The Dude from The Big Lebowski for a sketch that aired on a recent episode of "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

Facts That Will Change Your Mind About New Jersey

We pump our fists, not our gas.

Satirist Bassem Youssef Is Returning To TV At A Scary Time To Joke In Egypt

The Jon Stewart of Egypt is back. "It's full-on panic mode."

This Is What Happens When Middle Earth Meets Wall Street

Bilbo Belfort stars in this spot-on The Hobbit/The Wolf of Wall Street movie trailer parody by Post Pro Gumbo.

"SNL" Cast Member Brooks Wheelan Recorded One Second Each Day Of The Past Year

Watch him go from stand-up comic in L.A. to SNL featured player in seven minutes.

Green Mountain Looks To Conquer Home Soda Market, Coca-Cola Buys 10% Stake

Coca-Cola will invest $1.25 billion and help develop the "Keurig Cold" product for making bevarages at home.

5 Last-Minute Vacation Ideas To Escape Winter Lead The Daily Links

Plus 10 juicy stories from the set of Mean Girls, the best performances from Sundance, and gift ideas for your bookish Valentine.

Are The Big Social Networks Saturated?

Social networks are still growing, but only slightly. And they're more profitable than ever.

26 Pictures That Will Redefine Your Perceptions Of Tony Abbott

Take an imaginary journey inside the mind of Australia's Prime Minister. Via the satirical tweets of @DeptOfAustralia.

31 ideias extremamente divertidas para casamentos

Acrescente um toque de ~ousadia~ no seu dia especial.

10 Proyectos "Házlo tu mismo" del Día de San Valentín para tus personas favoritas

El día de San Valentín no es solo para personas que tienen pareja. Aquí están algunas opciones fáciles para asegurarte de que todos los que conozcas sientan el amor!

17 Hot Canadian Athletes Who Will Literally Melt The Winter Olympics

These Olympians are equal parts attractive and athletic. AKA more reason to root FOR the glorious Canadians at Sochi this year.

12 Breathtaking Views From The World's Coolest Towers

It's no fun unless you have to pop your ears in the elevator. Presented in alphabetical order.

Why You Should Stop Complaining About NBC's Tape-Delayed Olympics Coverage Before You Start

Watch the live stream online. And don't tell other people how to live.

Canada's Response To Russia’s Anti-LGBT Propaganda Law Is Totally Awesome

"The games have always been a little gay. Let's fight to keep them that way."


Nothing is more beautiful then watching Sled Dogs do what they love!

Kristen Bell On Her War With The "F*cking Crazy" Paparazzi

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed, the actor and new mother talks about learning to love herself, Veronica Mars movie fears, and her fierce war against the pedorazzi.

David Beckham Purchases Miami MLS Soccer Team For $25 Million

The Ex-Manchester United, England, and L.A. Galaxy captain signs on for another warm-weather Major League Soccer experience.

Scarlett Johansson Buys Long Island Retreat

The Soda Stream ad star just bought a new home in Hamptons.

Wilkie Has A Hunch

Yes he does. Oh yes, he does.

Which "Labyrinth" Character Are You?

Who do? You do. Do what? Take this quiz.

Lil Bub And Andrew WK Made A Music Video That'll Make You Want To Party

VMAs, take note! This is the video of the year. Via Animal Planet.

19 Dogs Standing Up To Sochi's Deplorable Treatment Of Stray Dogs

In preparation for the Olympics, the city of Sochi has been killing stray dogs, with the justification that they are "biological waste." In response, the hashtag #sochidogs has formed among more fortunate pups standing up against the practice and the sickening term.

Misha Collins Is On Top Of His Twitter Game In 2014

"Actor, baker, candlestick maker..." Misha wins at Twitter.

For Everyone That Is Attracted To Kristoff From "Frozen"

Just because he's animated doesn't mean it can't happen.

How To Dress For Things You Hate

How to dress for your terrible office job:  Black pencil skirt, large-print silk blouse, great bangles, tight smile that masks your inner hatred, heels that make your ass look great while people metaphorically try to kiss it. How to dress for a dreaded double-date: A dress loose enough that you can sigh easily, comfortable shoes for frequent walks to the bathroom, pockets for easy phone access, necklace for fidgeting. How to dress for a restaurant job that you got out of desperation after getting fired from your office job you hated: Black tights with runs in them, empire-waist black dress…

Everything You Need To Know About The Bill Nye And Ken Ham Debate

A recap of my night at the "is creationism a viable model of origins" debate.

10 Things You Need To Know About Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

February 6 marks International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation. At the Department for International Development, we are working hard to raise awareness of the issue and to bring an end to the practice within a generation. It's shocking and hard to talk about, so check out these facts.

Joe Biden Defends Pope Francis On Economics "As A Practicing Catholic"

On Wednesday, the Obama administration's most prominent Catholic slammed one of the pope's most prominent American conservative detractors: "As a practicing Catholic, bless me, Father, for he has sinned."

Twitter Still Seems To Be Having A Hard Time Getting New Users

The company reported better-than-expected results, financially. But it only added 9 million monthly active users since the last quarter.

Why Didn't The "Today" Anchors Address "The Biggest Loser" Controversy?

Rachel Frederickson won $250,000 Tuesday for dropping 155 pounds on the NBC reality contest. In an interview with Today, the show ignored the uproar over her dramatic weight loss.

Members From This Small Town Rallied Together To Support A New Mother With A Brain Tumor

A week after 25-year-old Katie Hixson gave birth to her second child, she was told she had a brain tumor that needed to be removed immediately. Now her small Ohio community is rallying around her.

Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks You Need To Try

Butterbeer frappuccino? UM YEP.

12 Children Wounded In A Grenade Attack On A School In Benghazi

A hand grenade thrown into a school playground during recess injured 12 children, two of whom were seriously wounded. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES

"On Loving Women": A Collection Of Comics That Perfectly Captures Coming Out And First Love

A mix of awkward, sexy, heartbreaking, and down-right adorable.

The Trouble With Katy Perry's "Roar"

Is She A Boxer Or A Tiger?

Amazing Video Of Two Syrian Teens Rapping About Reconciliation Not War

Amongst civil war, two teenagers in the city of Manbej, Syria rap about peace and reconciliation, not violence.

7 Bananas That Would Make Gwen Stefani Proud


Thousands Of Stray Dogs Are Being Killed Ahead Of The Sochi Olympics

The city of Sochi has hired a private company to round up as many dogs ("biological trash") as possible before the opening ceremony.

New Biggest Loser Controversy Highlights Much Bigger Problem

The latest Biggest Loser controversy highlights a much bigger problem.

Snow Bunny Contest: Olivia Palermo Versus Her Dog

How cute is Olivia Palermo in the snow?

Horrible Tweets From Sochi Are Actually Horrible

As reporters flood into the Russian home of the 2014 Olympics, things go downhill pretty quickly.

Can You Spot The Fake Grunge Song?

"What's real and what's for sale?" (Caution: NSFW-ish language)

A Journey Through Space, Time, And The Doctor’s Wardrobe

In its 51-year history, Doctor Who has featured not only 13 actors but a slew of wardrobe changes, which reflect not only the incarnation of the character but also the times in which we live.

10 Times Manhattan Mini Storage Was Sassy As Hell

We're dealing with some serious sassafras, folks.

The Definitive Ranking To World Wide Chocolate

From the best to the worst, where does your country come...

Are People Selling Guns On Facebook?

Facebook says no. At least one large gun-community page suggests otherwise.

9 Reasons Pennsylvania Rocks The Capitol

Statues and paintings of famous and fascinating Pennsylvanians are scattered throughout the U.S. Capitol. Here are just a few:

Stanford Football Recruit Picks Stanford In The Most Stanford Way Possible

To all future recruits: This is how it's done on National Signing Day.

23 Reasons Shaun White Is The Perfect Valentine For You

There's someone for everyone, except Shaun White. Shaun White is for everyone.

23 formas en las que las relaciones de mejoras amigas sobreviven la larga distancia

Tengamos una cita en Skype lo más pronto posible, por favor.

There Is A Peeing Sex Toy That People Use To Pass Drug Tests

But the store will likely turn you down if you tell them that's why you're buying it. Warning: NSFW.

The Search For The Internet's Next Top Weather Nerd

Why everyone is trying to hire the next great meteorologist.

27 Things You'll Never Forget If You Were A Teenage Girl In Taiwan

We're nostalgic too. Especially for our blinged-out cell phones and milk tea stands.

2014 Could Be A Year Of (Very Small) Action

Don't expect anything big from 2014 but there are some glimmers of optimism from members of Congress. "I'm sure there will be something that will burp out of this dysfunctional congress," quipped Rep. Peter DeFazio.

18 Reasons To Get A Beagle Right Now

Fun Fact: Snoopy was a Beagle. So clearly, you need one of your own.

42 Amazing Facts You Need To Know Before Watching The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The opening ceremony is right around the corner and chances are there is a lot you didn't know about Sochi or the Winter Olympics. Here are 42 facts you need to know.

Inside The Mind Of The Man Who Broke Madden

How Jon Bois' delightfully impish series became an internet sensation.

15 Classic Tales Wishbone Taught Better Than Your English Teacher

Because no one, not even Derrida, could deconstruct a dense text as well as this talking dog.

27 Tiny Animals That Will Warm Your Heart Today

Awwww. Can they get any cuter?

7 GMO Foods That Will Blow Your Mind

WTF, GMOs. You are crazy.

This Han Solo Flashback Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

This might be the first video that really captures what we were all thinking during Return of the Jedi.

Ackman’s Latest Herbalife Attack Raises Legal Red Flags, Experts Say

Pershing Square Capital has launched a new website attacking former Herbalife employees. Experts say the hedge fund could be in questionable legal territory with its "unprecedented" move.

Minnesota High School Student Receives Death Threats After Coming Out On Facebook

"I can't wait for the day that I get to walk over your grave and if you don't put yourself there, I will be glad to."

Pharrell Is Still Rocking His Very Big Hat

If it's possible, it looks even more ravishing than the last time we saw it.

The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Love Songs

No one does love quite like Disney.

9-Year-Old Girl Battles For Her Life After Being Brutally Raped By Her Neighbor In India

A year after the brutal Delhi gang rape, another horrifying rape rocks the country's capital.

Shaun White Pulls Out Of Sochi Slopestyle Event, Latest Casualty Of "Sketchy" Course

After jamming his wrist during practice, the superstar says he will not compete in the snowboarding event that has already injured two other Olympians.

The Instagram Cooking Show

Fish Tales is billed as the world's shortest cooking show. Episodes are about 15 seconds long and in each one, you learn how to cook a complete fish/seafood dish. Here's the latest one, on cooking razor clams:

16 Cats Who Are Getting A Jump On Spring Cleaning

It's never too early to do a little tidying.

Sales Slim Down For Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand

Comparable sales of Skinnygirl, acquired by Beam in 2011, plummeted 26% last year, by far the worst performer of the liquor company's brands.

36 maneiras geniais de esconder as coisas desagradáveis que existem na sua casa

Faça daqueles utensílios domésticos horrorosos passarem de ui... para ui-ncrível!

Incredibly Life-Like Statue Of A Man In Just His Underwear Is Scaring Students At Wellesley College

The statue is called Sleepwalker, and according to the director of the school's museum, it's meant to provoke a dialogue.

#19ForTrayvon Imagines What Trayvon Martin Could Have Achieved, On His Birthday

"At 19, everything seemed possible and life seemed infinite. It was like just being born."

It's Not The 2000s Anymore: Politics Edition

Has Clay Aiken been sitting like this for 11 years?

Why Does My Body Smell?

Do you smell that or is it just me?

25 Reasons To Give "The Godfather Part III" Another Shot

It's not all bad. It's just mostly bad. Note: Contains spoilers!

Les 22 galères des filles qui ont des formes

Vos hanches sont le symbole de votre féminité, mais elles ont aussi tendance à heurter ce qui se trouve sur leur passage.

The 42 Ways To Type Laughter, Defined

Here's what your typed and texted LOL-ing REALLY means.

Scott Brown, Mike Huckabee Sent Out An Email Featuring A Vaccine Truther And Conspiracy Theorist

An odd email from the former Massachusetts senator. Brown has now cut ties with the company. Update: Mike Huckabee sent out the same email.

Joe Biden Has "One Overwhelming Reason Not To Run For President"

At a union meeting Wednesday, the vice president showed off his inner gearhead.

The 18 Different Types Of Travelers

Everyone has a destination, but we all have a different way of getting there. Which one are you?

36 Witches Ron Weasley Should Have Ended Up With

Because who wouldn't want Weasley to be their King?

Clay Aiken Is Running For Congress In North Carolina

The former American Idol star is turning his attention from music to politics, running for a seat in his home state.

23 momentos que hacen que ser padre valga la pena

Cualquiera puede ser padre, pero se requiere un verdadero hombre para ser papá.

16 Actors Who Enjoy Doing Impressions Of Other Actors

Lots of Christopher Walkens ahead.

Selena Gomez Admits Secret Rehab Stint Last Month

Selena Gomez admits undergoing a two-week treatment for "emotional issues" at The Meadows in Arizona.

The Real Cookie Dough Oreo And How To Make It

It's been here, in your heart, all along.

Which Al Roker Are You?

We've all got a little piece of the internet's favorite weather forecaster inside our hearts.

This "Frozen" Mashup Is Absolutely Wonderful

Sam Tsui does it again. This delightful mix of Frozen's "Let It Go" and Passenger's "Let Her Go" is the best part about winter. *Plays on repeat*

25 Ridiculous Gum Flavors You Didn't Know Existed

Even Willy Wonka couldn't concoct these insane flavors.

7 Tips To Help You Stay Safe Online Shopping

With a just a few clicks of the mouse, online shopping has never been easier. Of course, to do so, you’ll need to be willing to provide some of sensitive personal information (Target, anyone?). But hey, what could possibly go wrong?

Three Easy Marks Of A Burnt-Out "New Flame"

I am a twenty-one year old female, with a boyfriend, and some secrets in my closet which he may or may not slowly uncover. Having stated this, my article is not only directed towards women, but men, as well, in their early-twenties. If you spot these signs, I suggest you run (FAST) because unless you are just "having fun," you are being played, and you will end up hugging your pillow (or worse, an ex..,) crying in bed at night when you are once again alone, because you were "tricked!"

Andy Cohen Officiated An Incredibly Sweet Same-Sex Wedding On The "Watch What Happens Live" Aftershow

During the Watch What Happens Live aftershow on Tuesday, host Andy Cohen married Ricardo and Daniel in front of the Bravo clubhouse, Jonathan Groff, and Tamar Braxton.

Russia Won't Let Team USA Receive Its Shipment Of Chobani Yogurt

"With the Sochi Olympic Games starting at the end of this week, there is simply no time to waste in getting our Olympic athletes and employees a nutritious and delicious breakfast – Chobani Greek Yogurt," Sen. Chuck Schumer said in a statement.

The Official Hotness Ranking Of The Cayman Islands Olympic Team

This list is definitive and rock solid, do not attempt to change or alter.

Dan Goldman's Illustrated Guide To Drawing A Page Of Comics

How to use vectors, photos, selfies, and 3D models to finish a page of "Red Light Properties," which hits bookshelves today.

38 Powerful Pictures From The Sony World Photography Awards

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards have announced this year's shortlist, revealing some incredible pictures from around the world.

24 ideas para hacer una fiesta perfecta en contra del día de San Valentín

Si crees que el 14 de febrero es de lo peor, no estás solo.

Important Debates With The Cast Of "Workaholics"

This is what happens when Blake, Adam, Kyle, and Ders show up at the BuzzFeed office.

Brandi Glanville Joined Twitter To Obsess Over LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian

Brandi Glanville opened up about her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's relationship with LeeAnn Rimes in her latest book.

Billie Jean King Won't Attend Sochi Due To Mother's "Failing Health"

The out tennis legend will no longer be part of the U.S. presidential delegation at the opening ceremonies.

It's Official: HBO Is Way More Profitable Than Netflix

Time Warner dislcosed HBO's results for the first time ever. While Netflix has more subscribers in the U.S., HBO brings in much more money.

It’s Been 10 Years For Facebook

Can you believe it’s been that long?

The Kardashians Got Too Rowdy On A Trampoline

Kylie Jenner even sustained an injury during their jumping session. Ouch.

13 Best Ways To React To Someone Hating What You Love

Every once in a while someone you know will hate on something you love. Here are the 13 best ways to react to the hater.

26 Signs You're At An Italian-American Wedding

Spoiler alert: You'll hear the tarantella. A lot.

Ted Danson Once Did Mushrooms With Woody Harrelson

Ted told Conan the story of when he was on a boat with George Wendt and Woody Harrelson when he and Woody decided to do shrooms.

Thinking Beyond Pink and Blue

What exactly does "gender fuck" mean? Author and photographer Susan Kuklin profiles six transgender young adults in her new book, Beyond Magenta.

21 Signs You're The Parent In The Office

Don't make me turn this company around!

For Everyone Who Knows In Their Heart That Spicy Food Is The Worst

If I wanted to be in this much pain, I would literally just light my tongue on fire.

I Did It! I Became An Internet Meme!

From writing for Thought Catalog to being mercilessly ridiculed on Meme Generator, this was my sad, sad life.

Twitter: The Console War Is A Sad Stalemate

Further proof the "console war" is currently a tepid pillowfight.

The Guardian And News UK Exchange Blows Over Business Models

It's safe to say that these leading UK newspaper companies are not the best of friends.

Find Your Perfect Bacon Tshirt

No matter who you are, there is one out there for you!

14 Apps That Need To Get a Room

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, loving couples around the world are preparing for their special night together. Here's what may happen if you paired up some popular apps, locked them in a hotel room with a dozen chocolate covered strawberries, and checked back 9 months later…depending on download speed.

24 formas creativas de decorar tu hogar gratis

Para cuando hayas pagado tu alquiler, comprado tus muebles y comprado el papel higiénico con lo que te quedaba de efectivo, lo último que querrás será gastar más dinero.

Shiba Inu Komugi. Drink Water.

Komugi Drink Water.

CVS To Stop Selling Tobacco Products

CVS, the second largest drugstore chain in the U.S., announced Wednesday that it will stop carrying tobacco products on Oct. 1, 2014.

700 Words That Explain Exactly What It Feels Like To Do Heroin

As stark and honest an account as you'll see anywhere.

Supermodel Irina Shayk Shows Off Her Olympic Spirit With Homemade "Swimsuit"

It's not particularly practical but A for effort?

Backstalking Is The Best Thing About Facebook

It is the absolute simplest way to find the most embarrassing photos that your friends have ever posted to Facebook. Use carefully.

How Angry Car Owners Became The Driving Force Of Ukraine's Protest Movement

The activists of Automaidan have faced vicious reprisals, including kidnapping and torture, for their central role in Ukraine's protests. "We're the revolutionary cavalry," a founder says.

10 Ways To Save Money This Valentine's Day

Don't be like every other couple on Valentine's Day. There's no need to buy a cardboard heart filled with mediocre chocolates and a terrifyingly large teddy bear. Plus, haven't you done that every other year? Make this year special without breaking the bank.

You Absolutely Need To Celebrate "Galentine’s Day" This Year

The glorious holiday was founded by Leslie Knope and honors lady friends.

Watch An Irish Drag Queen's Powerful Speech About Homophobia

"For the last three weeks, I have been lectured to by heterosexual people about what homophobia is and who is allowed to identify it."

Elizabeth Wurtzel’s The Bachelor Recap: All The Promises Will Be Broken

Tonight we'll be free/ All the promises will be broken. So exudes Bruce Springsteen in the bridge of "Thunder Road," the triumphant track that opens his 1975 breakthrough album Born To Run. It is a song so exuberant, it has been covered by both…

A Little Girl Sees Rain for the First Time

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo da Vinci)

How "Gravity" Could Finally Redeem Science Fiction At The Oscars

In the Academy Awards' 86-year history, only eight sci-fi films have been nominated for Best Picture, and none have won. But Gravity could break that losing streak, proving to Hollywood that the genre is worth taking seriously.

Proof That Geese Are Actually Demon Spawns From Hell


30 Películas que te harán olvidar que odias el día de San Valentín

¡Hasta podrían hacerte creer en el amor! Pero no te preocupes, no te criticaremos si quieres llorar con tu caja en forma de corazón llena de dulces...

As 26 tatuagens de animal mais legais da artista russa Sasha Unisex

Essa brilhante artista é conhecida por suas tattoos geométricas de estilo único que parecem aquarela. Já volto, tô planejando minha viagem pra Rússia.

19 Lovely Cupcakes To Make This Valentine's Day

Sweet holiday + sweet tooth = cupcake magic.

Are You In Love?

There's only one way to find out.

21 People Posing With Photos Of Their Younger, More Awkward Selves

We were all young and geeky once. Courtesy of photographer Merilee Allred's “The Awkward Years Project”.

Stoke-On-Trent Council Will Send Residents "Motivational" Texts If They Get Too Fat

The voluntary scheme covers 500 people at a total cost of £10,000.

If Instagram Had Been Invented In The '80s

It probably would have looked a lot like this. This well-observed 1980s pastiche is the latest in the Wonders of the World Wide Web series.

9 Beautiful Hand-Drawn Animations From Disney Films

You can't beat the old-fashioned pencil and paper.

Selena Gomez Secretly Went To Rehab Voluntarily Last Month

But it was not substance related. Developing...

24 formas criativas de decorar a sua casa de graça

A partir do momento que você pagar o aluguel, comprar os móveis e pagar pelo papel higiênico, a última coisa que vai querer é perder mais dinheiro.

How Facebook's Groups Application Got So Big — And How It Plans To Get Bigger

One surprise in Facebook's last earnings call was that Groups now has a half billion users, without its own mobile app. One of the application's lead product managers talks about its rapid growth.

This Sound System Is Loud Enough To Kill You

You probably wouldn't want to stand too close to this thing.

10 Expanded Universe Characters That Need To Be In "Star Wars VII"

Because rumour has it that Mara Jade - Luke's wife - could be part of the new series.

Meanwhile In Dorset, A Wave Shaped Like A Face

OMG, ghostwave. This lucky shot was taken yesterday in Lyme Regis by photographer Simon Emmett.

You'll Want To Hear Miley Cyrus' Cover Of An Arctic Monkeys Song

It's a nice reminder that she's actually quite good at singing.

The Best Commercial For Literacy (And Scotch) Ever Made

Reading is its own reward... but scotch is nice too.

A British Chef Has Created The World's Hottest Pizza

Warning: eating it might actually kill you.

These Pictures Of Freedivers With Beluga Whales Are Pretty Special

They faced sub zero temperatures and a ceiling of ice over their heads, but boy was it worth it...

35 Cosas frustrantes sobre jugar videojuegos en los años 90

Battletoads, Virtual Boy, Double Dragon III, niveles debajo del agua... ¿Qué tienen todos estos en común?

Things That Were Better Before I Realised What They Were.

Some things are named deliberately to mislead. Sometimes I'm too trusting of people. Because of these facts and because I jump to conclusions I have had some crushing disappoints in my life and I defy you not to enjoy my pain. If there aren't any Wookies, why isn't it just called a hole?!

The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To The Tube Strike

Just so you know, this post features quite a lot of people in queues.

This Woman Is The First Person To Be Jailed For Trolling Herself On Facebook

Michelle Chapman has been sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Where In London Should You Actually Live?

There's a place for everyone in London. Find yours.

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Slowly Collapsing And Here's Why That Should Scare You

It's not going to happen overnight, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be worried.

Android Users Have Better Sex, But iPhone Users Have More Of It

A large national study from finds that iPhone users have sex more frequently, but Android users (and even... BlackBerry users) have more orgasms.

A House Has Exploded In Clacton

The police say there are ten casualties. One is in a life-threatening condition, two are in a severe condition.

How To Train Yourself To Do A Split

Make like Bruno Mars in two easy steps

Journalists Are Having A Rotten Time At Sochi, And Their Tweets Are Pretty Funny

Everything's ready for the Sochi Olympics, except the hotel rooms, the door handles, the shower curtains, the tap water, and the floor.

29 Reasons Single Mums Are The Best

Of course it can be tough. But it can be pretty awesome too.

21 Punny Pop Star Mash-Ups

Rick James Franco, Mr. T-Pain, and Ludakiss make up some of artist's Justin Hager's hilarious work.

11 Emotionally Repressed Valentine's Cards For British People

For those of us who think hand holding is an unnecessary PDA.

7 Reasons Shouting Into The Grand Canyon May Be Better Than Starting A Blog.

The internet is full. Well, ok it's not full. It is still accepting pictures of people's dinners by the million. And there is no such thing as 'too many cats'. However, I suspect that even the most eloquent and urbane of our modern-day Pepys' are lost in the cut-throat ker-fuffle of the blogosphere. My advice to those starting out? shout into the grand canyon instead.

This Goat Simulator Video Game Looks Amazing

At the moment it's just a demo. On this evidence, the full game needs to be made.

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