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February 19, 2014

Why Facebook Had To Have WhatsApp

The messaging service is hugely popular outside the U.S., with over 450 million users. Facebook just bought the only app that could truly call itself a Facebook killer.

U.S. Bans Visas For 20 Top Ukrainian Officials In Wake Of Violence

"Today we moved to restrict visas, to ban visa issuance to some 20 senior members of the Ukrainian government and other individuals who we consider responsible for ordering or otherwise directing human rights abuses related to political repression in Ukraine," a Senior State Department official said Wednesday.

In One Day, Bills Allowing Anti-LGBT Discrimination Fail In Four States

Legislation that would protect those who discriminate against LGBT people based on religious beliefs either failed or faced major setbacks in South Dakota, Kansas, Idaho, and Tennessee. LGBT advocates say the failures are an "important repudiation" of the latest anti-LGBT tactics. Update: The Arizona Senate, however, approved a similar bill Wednesday.

What Is Virgin-Shaming?

Like slut-shaming, virgin-shaming involves making fun of someone for their personal choices regarding sex.

Center Stage

The proposed $45 billion mega-merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable put the spotlight squarely on Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler. The FCC and Department of Justice will conduct the merger review, looking at such factors as market concentration, pricing power, and broadband access, among other issues, to determine approval or rejection.

10 maneiras de estilizar um casaquinho de lã

Em homenagem ao primeiro episódio do seriado Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, que estreou em 19 de fevereiro de 1968, estamos tirando esses fiéis casaquinhos de lã do armário e dando uma séria estilizada neles ao estilo "Faça Você Mesmo"!

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