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February 11, 2014

Men Reveal Their Biggest Sex Regrets

Just try not to cringe while you read them

Someone's Been Sending GOP Lawmakers A Bizarre Threat Over The Debt Ceiling

House Republicans have been getting a weird email in recent weeks: a threat over the debt ceiling vote that's been sent to the lawmakers' closely guarded personal email addresses. "It's got to be another member. Probably one of the crazy ones," one GOP lawmaker said.

These Hypnotised Footballers Are The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

Featuring Irish dancing, sticky footballs and shirtlessness. Well done, Port Adelaide.

Fearless Ram Takes On Two Camels

Someone wasn't so happy after switching to Geico....

10 Things We've Learned From Whisper Of The Heart

Concrete rooooad, take me hoooome

Olympic Curling Controversy - Team Great Britain

Curling Skip (that's like the Captain) Tom Brewster of Scotland/Great Britain - spent the last 4 years tailoring a silver medal World Chamiponship team that could make it to the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Everything looked great coaches suggested to bring in the skip of former Olympic team David Murdoch to leverage his experience. Tom Brewster essentially had to give up his spot and sit on the bench, or just not go to the Olympics at all.

"Beautiful Darkness" Is The Best Fairytale Horror Comic You'll Read This Season

Tezuka meets Moomin. Casual cruelty and betrayal set in a gorgeous watercolor graphic novel. Read the first 10 pages on BuzzFeed!

This Is Possibly The Most Embarrassing Typo Of The 19th Century

Rs and Es are easy to mix up when you're setting type.

What Kind Of Girl Scout Cookie Are You?

Find out exactly how sweet you really are.

Kerli's Kitchen: Shamelessly Delicious Estonian Toffee/Corn Puff Cake Photo

Moon Children, I have a special treat for this week's DIY Tuesday - a recipe for my favorite dessert. It's an old Estonian classic and my mom has made it as long as I remember. It is ridiculously easy to make but if you haven't cooked before, you might wanna ask

Creepy-Cute Vintage Valentine's Day Cards Photo

This Valentine's Day I'm getting all my friends together and hosting a super dope little party at the BubbleGoth HQ - stay tuned for some party photos :) - cause, fuck it, why not right?! Celebrate some love with ALL of your loved ones - don't be… These amazing and

The 5 Fish That Are Most Contaminated—And 5 You Should Eat Instead

Having sushi tonight? Before you order, read our guide

10 Best TV Character Evolutions

They go from "I hate them" to "I love to hate them" to "I love them!" or sometimes in the reverse. Either way, a mark of a good show is the evolution of their characters from good to bad or bad to good.

Adorable Instagrams Of U.S. Olympians When They Were Kids

We always knew you would be in the Olympics.

10 Reasons Why 2014 Has Been Awesome For Us So Far!!

2013 was an insanely amazing year for us, but we're only 2 months into 2014 and we're loving it already!

Things Men Say To An Australian Born Asian Woman

Wait so you look Asian, but you were born in Australia? I don't understand.

21 Photos Of Your New Favorite Frenchie

Following Stitch on Instragram is one sure-fire way to be empowered.

21 Animals Who Totally Believe In You

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem.” ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

18 Australian Valentine's Day Cards To Give To Your Special Someone

Ain't nothing finer than some love Down Under.

16 Questionable Wedding Rings For Valentine's Day

Because a big diamond is overrated.

How You Know When Your Best Friend Is A Guy

How I know my best friend is an actual guy.

27 Signs You've Found Yourself A Keeper

When you find something this good, don't let go.

10 Realistic Valentines For When Hallmark Just Doesn't Cut It

Valentine's Day is coming, and it's time to tell that semi-special someone how you REALLY feel.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Advice

The singer and actress just shared a great tip for people looking to slim down

The 50 Most Romantic Movies Ever Lead The Daily Links

Plus 18 throwback pictures of Kanye West, the Kickstarter campaign to buy a burrito, and what meal famous chefs made to win over their future spouses.

17 Crianças que são boas demais para a sua própria idade

Ora vamos, todos gostaríamos de ter sido tão fabulosos. Afinal de contas, YOLO - You're Only Little Once [Você Só É Pequeno Uma Vez].

Reporters Read Quotes From Their Most Horrible Internet Commenters

The Indy Star made this video for their #ShareTheLove project.

10 Greatest Anime Endings Of All Time

Whether triumphant or heartbreaking, these are some of the greatest anime endings of all time. WARNING: spoilers ahead.

13 Significant Disney Real Estate Listings

These spectacular properties are a dream come true for any prince, princess or beast/snow queen/lion king.

21 Things Twitter Thinks Bob Costas' Gross Eyes Made Him Look Like

...Or what he would look like if he took their fashion advice (mostly about pirate eye patches). Poor Bob.

Penguin India Agrees to Withdraw And Destroy All Copies Of An American Scholar's Book On Hindus

A right-wing religious group criticized Wendy Doniger's 2009 book, The Hindus: An Alternative History and its sexualization of Hindu gods and goddesses.

Which Billionaire Tycoon Are You?

A million dollars isn't cool.

What's Your Favorite Cover Song?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

21 Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your BFFs

The day before Valentine's Day is the most sacred of holidays: Galentine's Day. Get together with your gal pals and just celebrate each other!

Shia LaBeouf Is Sitting In A Room With A Bag Over His Head For An Art Stunt In L.A.

People can come in off the street one by one for the #IAMSORRY exhibit, but the actor doesn't say a word. It's kind of weird, and it's across the street from BuzzFeed's L.A. office.

17 Celebrities You Forgot Were On "Boy Meets World"

Wandering down this road we call life, some big names guest starred on our favorite '90s show.

27 Problemas que apenas os introvertidos entenderão

Eu amo você, mas chega de conversar.

Awkward Valentines For Your Most Complicated Relationships

What do you get the person you're drunk sexting?

Conservative Groups Stand By Kentucky Senate Primary Challenger

Following a report that Kentucky Senate candidate Matt Bevin once supported the 2008 bank bailout he now campaigns against, conservative groups are standing by him and accusing minority leader Mitch McConnell of "smears." Bevin says he has always opposed TARP.

Brooklyn Decker Didn't Always Look Like Brooklyn Decker

The super model and actress uploaded a picture of "high school Brooklyn"... She looks only SLIGHTLY different.

15 Reasons Valentine's Day Was Better In Elementary School

Gummy candy, hard candy, sour candy, chocolate-covered candy...

Shaun White Fails To Medal In Halfpipe Event, Will Leave Sochi Empty-Handed

The heavily favored snowboarding icon comes in fourth place.

Las 32 peores cosas de ser alto

Las personas altas son literalmente gigantes a comparación de la mayoría de gente. Caminando por encima de todos los demás con la cabeza en alto y con la ventaja de ver más allá de lo que la otra gente ve. Pero a veces esa bendición también puede ser una maldición.

James Joyce's Dirty As Hell Love Letters

Before there was "surfbort" there was "rosy-tipped bubbies."

"Please Give It Up For The Future Of Hip Hop, Kanye West"

Kanye West's debut album, The College Dropout, came out exactly 10 years ago today. My favorite artifact from that album is this video of an unknown Kanye performing a verse from an unknown excerpt from "All Falls Down" on Def Poetry Jam some time…

Olympian Kate Hansen's Competition Secret

Olympian luger Kate Hansen talks about her famous Beyoncé dance moves.

Prominent Hedge Fund Manager Throws Shade On Critic In Message Board Fight

An anonymous commenter on a hedge fund message board criticized hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson's market-moving call on a company called MagicJack yesterday. He didn't take it well.

33 Quotes To Write Inside Your Valentine's Day Cards

For when your own words won't work.

27 Reasons Your Cat Makes The Best Valentine

Happy Meowlentines Day, everyone!

56 Acessórios do Harry Potter que são totalmente usáveis

Para aquelas ocasiões onde um Vira-Tempo de ouro é só demais.

25 Famous Movies That Should Have Been About Cheese

Everyone knows cheesy movies are the best.

Who's Your Disney Best Friend?

Everyone needs a sidekick, right?

Answers To Every Question You Have About My Queer Polyamorous Relationship

I get asked a lot of questions about the mechanics of being in a relationship with two girlfriends. I'm usually happy to answer them, but a few keep coming up again and again.

18 Reasons Shirley Temple Was Basically The Coolest Kid Ever

The actress, who died on Monday at 85, will always live on in our hearts.

21 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Sonic The Hedgehog

With Sonic Boom revealed as Sega's latest addition to the Sonic franchise, here are some things you didn't know about everyone's favorite hedgehog.

This Is What Happens When People Try To Identify The U.S. Presidents

Turns out, we've had a lot of presidents who look suspiciously like vampires.

Vintage Beer Commercials Are Still Pretty Awesome

Back on September 27, 2011, I published my original BuzzFeed post, Vintage Beer Commercials Are Awesome. 200 BuzzFeed posts later, it turns out they still are.

Best Taco Tuesday Deals In LA - A Hood By Hood Guide

On the first day, God created light. On the second through sixth day, he created pretty much everything else. On Sunday, he rested. And on Tuesday, he consulted his Taco Tuesday guide from Thrillist LA and proceeded to eat mad shredded beefs for $1…

Las 17 cosas más estresantes de tener un iPhone

En caso de que ya no tengas más de qué quejarte.

21 Lies You Tell Yourself In Your Early Twenties

I'm not jealous of my college classmates' success in the slightest.

27 Real Struggles That Only RAs Will Understand

*Hears duty phone ringing* *Cries*

Jessica Biel And Justin Timberlake's Marriage Is 'Hard Going,' Says His Grandma

Justin Timberlake's grandmother Sadie Bomar has stepped in to dish on her grandson's controversial marriage to Jessica Biel.

10 Super Sweet White Tees For National White T-Shirt Day

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you’re wearing anything but a white t-shirt, just go home. If you ARE, in fact, wearing a white t-shirt, give yourself a hug and high-five; you are either unknowingly or knowingly (if it’s the latter, props to you, history buff) celebrating National White T-shirt Day. February 11th marks the end of one of history’s most famous 44-day sit-down strikes by General Motors employees in 1937, and it’s now tradition to wear a white t-shirt to symbolize blue-collar workers’ dignity won. In celebration, we thought we’d share our ten most popular white tees. Ok, so they’re not entirely white, since they have designs on them, but still... they’re white. So whiten up, won’t you?

The Evolution Of Your Favorite Websites

Such humble beginnings.

GOP Congressman Compares Consumer Financial Protection Bureau To Nazis

"This is more than just NSA-style, this is more Gestapo-style collection of data on individual citizens who have no clue that this is happening," Florida Rep. Daniel Webster said Monday at a Rules Committee hearing.

Klout Said To Be Acquired In A "Low Nine Figures" Exit

Joe Fernandez finally found a buyer for his somewhat floundering social analytics company, according to a report from Re/code.

Watch LGBT Kenyans Speak Out Against Anti-Homosexuality Bill In Neighboring Uganda

"This bill has major repercussions to human rights across the East African community," said a Kenyan activist during a rally in Nairobi.

"Full House" Stars Candace Cameron And Scott Weinger Are Playing A TV Couple Again

The former '90s teen stars will reunite on the season finale of ABC's The Neighbors.

Top Ten Largest Vine Accounts By Followers

What do they all have in common?

The Biggest Loser Will Be Making Some Changes

Looks like viewers aren’t the only ones responding to Rachel Frederickson’s dramatic weight loss

The Greatest Game About A Goat Ever Is Coming Out This Spring

Goat Simulator goes from impossible dream to blessed reality.

Abercrombie's New "Campus Fit" Short Shorts Look Really Familiar

Chubbies, an online-only shorts company, pens an open letter to Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries.

12 Ways To Get Buzzed While Reliving Your Childhood

Must be 21 or over to view this post...

These Star Wars Dresses Win Fashion Week

Rodarte unveiled a line of fierce and fabulous Star Wars-themed dresses in its runway show at New York Fashion Week.

22 Reasons "House Of Cards" Is The Only Valentine You Need

"Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power." (Season 2 comes out on Valentine's Day.)

16 Things That Happen In Every "Scandal" Episode Ever

We actually know more about the Gladiators in Suits than Shonda Rimes thinks. Here's stuff they do over and over again.

Are You A Hipster?

Take this definitive quiz, and then let's never speak of it again.

17 Ventajas de tener más de un pasaporte

Maldición, ¡ qué bien se siente ser un gangster !

28 Wardrobe Essentials For Female Gamers

"It's dangerous to go alone. Take these!"

Sarah Jessica Parker On The Wendy Williams Show

Worlds collide in the best way possible. How you ladies doin'?

18 Kids Movies From The '90s You’ve Probably Forgotten About

Let's be honest, some of these films deserve to be forgotten.

29 Tasty Vegetarian Paleo Recipes

Eating meat-free AND paleo is tough. But not impossible.

16 Legitimate Reasons Why Valentine's Day Is The Worst

And why you shouldn't feel bad bowing out — whether you have a valentine or not.

Literotica: Sophisticated Smut For Highbrow Readers

Rather than reading 50 Shades of Grey, grab one of these 10 highbrow novels for your erotic fix.

Get A Room, Kittens - Part 2

Sometimes I think your kneadiness will never end!

Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Stephanie Beatriz

Find out more about the actress you know as Detective Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Beautiful Music Video Puts Double Exposure In Motion

Latest music video for The Peach Kings "Be Around" The dreamy effect emulates double exposure photography while taking cues from the song’s 60s vibe. “Be Around” is the first single off The Peach King’s upcoming EP, Mojo Thunder.

Life Stories: An Interview With Rebecca Mead, Author Of "My Life In Middlemarch"

The author talks about discovering Middlemarch, trying to debunk a George Eliot quote, and how a book shaped her own life.

This Woman Came Out To Her Entire Family On Christmas Eve And Recorded Everything

After her aunt passed away unexpectedly, Kelly Dipaola realized life was too short not be honest with her family. "Merry Christmas. Surprise. I'm gay."

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Drinking Game

Valentine's Day is dumb. Time to chug.

14 Reasons Spending Valentine's Day With A Book Is Better Than A Date

Don't fret if you don't have a date this Valentine's Day, you're better off spending it with one of your favorite authors.

22 Struggles Only Bros Will Understand

You don't bro me as well as you think you do.

23 Reasons Why Greg Bretz Should Be Your Valentine This Year

Move along Shaun White. This 23-year-old snowboarder is the only thing you'll need to stay warm this valentine's day.

Undeniable Signs That The Pope Is A Time Lord

Mindblowing parallels. A comic by Ryan North.

Kristen Stewart Has Written An "Embarrassing" Poem

And it's called My Heart Is A Wiffle Ball/Freedom Pole. Hmmm...

7 Leslie Knope Ways To Tell Your Bestie You Love Them This Galentine's Day

For the "beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox" in your life.

Notes from the Underground: 5 Modern Writers who Worked in Exile

On the anniversary of Voltaire’s return from exile, we celebrate five other authors who wrote on the run.

Taylor Lautner’s Latest Role? Replacing Andy Samberg In British Sitcom "Cuckoo"

It's a rather unexpected announcement, to say the least.

52 Formas fáciles de organizar tu casa

¡Es hora de ordenar tu vida! Estos son consejos rápidos y baratos que no implican remodelar o comprar muebles caros hechos a la medida, para ganar un valioso espacio de almacenaje.

Want To Work At An NGO? Check Out This Kenyan Mockumentary First

"We mustn't lose sight of what is important here." "Saving Africa?"

LGBT Skiers And Snowboarders Club Throws Snowballs At Giant Banner Of Putin's Face

Hit him in the nose and get 100 points. Update: The club plans to make a donation to the Russia Freedom Fund.

Why Are You Single?

Let's find out why you are alone!

I Don't Have A Coffee Problem

Seriously. I don't.

Which Old-School Pro Wrestling Legend Are You?

You got in trouble for suplexing, elbow dropping, and pinning your siblings/classmates, but no one understood it was because you had a legend inside you.

A Message From The Flappy Bird Creator

His personal high score is 0.

25 tentatives de drague pourries

"Si tu étais un hamburger tu serais le Mc-gnifique". Parce-que même sur un malentendu ça marche rarement.

27 Chocolate Desserts That Make Valentine's Day Worth Celebrating

Remember: Feb. 14 is the only day of the year when it's acceptable to eat nothing but chocolate. Take advantage.

Epcot Centre's Twitter Is The Funniest Thing You'll Read All Day

Yes, this is a parody account. But whoever is behind it deserves to be Epcot's social media manager ASAP.

Six “Dream” Destinations That Look Like Anxiety-Ridden Nightmares

As someone with a heavy interest in traveling, I spend a lot of time examining other cultures and subliminally plotting future travel locations, which has led me to find some truly incredible places that aren’t cliché tourist traps. That being said, in a cruel twist of irony, I also happen to have severe anxiety. I mean, usually two or three glasses of wine is enough to curb it to brace me for social interaction, but some places I’ve seen are enough in pictures alone to make me feel like I need a Xanax or 12. With that in mind, here are six supposed “dream” destinations that are actually my tribulation.

What Font Are You?

Where words fail, typography speaks.

22 Fotos do pequeno Theezy

Ola a todos, veja o pequeno francesinho que todos deveríam ter em suas vidas.

Shirley Temple Dies, Our Hearts Break

Beloved former child star Shirley Temple has passed away at the age of 85.

12 Fab Beatles Fan Art You Can Own!

50 years after the Beatles debut in America, means 50 years of Beatles fandom. Here's some of the latest handmade stuff inspired be the Beatles!

The NYC Hot Chocolate Checklist

After stepping in your ninth slush puddle of the day, there's a very good chance you're gonna want something to warm you up, and an even better chance you're gonna want that something to be hot chocolate, and an even better better chance you're…

Russian Olympian Figure Skates To Ginuwine's "Pony" In This Perfect Remix

This dubbed video of Evgeni Plushenko is easily the best thing you'll see today.

The Definitive Ranking Of Poop

It's not the ranking we need, but the one we deserve right now.

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Samuel R. Delany

Most of these boil down to "because he's AWESOME," but if you need more convincing, read on.

This Abandoned School In Berkshire Is As Creepy As It Gets

It was shut down after serious child abuse was uncovered there.

The Bloggess Suggests Buying Angry Bees For That Not-So-Special Someone

Sounds like a perfect Valentine's gift for your ex.

22 Valentine's Day Children's Books To Warm Your Heart

If adorable picture books don't cheer you up, nothing will.

6 Bonus Songs From "Frozen" That You Need To Hear

Because who doesn't want more Frozen music?

21 Pictures Of Politicians In Wellies Staring At Floods

There's not much that Britain's politicians can do about the floods. That isn't stopping them having a look.

14 métodos cientificamente comprovados para ser uma pessoa mais feliz

Quem diria que melhorar seu humor fosse assim tão fácil? Obrigado, ciência!

27 Things That Could Be Made Better For University Students

People think life at university is one big party. When actually we have problems, you know.

21 Fotos hermosas de cines vacíos

Una maravillosa y evocadora serie por el fotógrafo Franck Bohbot. Estas fotos fueron tomadas en una serie de cines alrededor de California este año.

Aleppo's New Nightmare: Barrel Bombs

As peace talks resume in Geneva, the Syrian city of Aleppo is facing a relentless assault from oil drums stuffed with explosives and metal shards and dropped from the sky. "We never know when the barrels are coming."

Bob Costas Is Replaced By Matt Lauer After Infection Spreads To Other Eye

Not sure who was more upset about it, Matt or Bob.

21 Signs Pajamas Are Your Significant Other

All I need in this life of sin are me and my jammies.

Chicago's 12 Best Under-the-radar Burgers

Don’t get us wrong -- we love the burgers at Edzo’s, and Kuma’s, and Leadbelly, and Owen & Engine (seriously, we do) -- it's just that Chicago has approximately infinityzillion burgers. And even though the same 20-ish show up on everyone's "Best…

A Global Pronunciation Guide To The Names Of Beers

All these years you thought you were schooling people with the proper pronunciation of beer names, when really you've just been…

Styles Of Barbecue In America - Regional BBQ Meats, Sauces, Preparations

In which we break down all the different types of BBQ in the USA, so that you get hungry and immediately eat an entire pig.

Here’s What Happens When You Ask People To Draw The House They Grew Up In

Houses come in all shapes and sizes. Does your childhood home match up to any of these?

27 Signs You've Found The Perfect Roommate

Home is wherever I'm with you + wine + Netflix + no pants on.

17 Maya Angelou Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Better Person

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud." Remembering the prolific author on the one year anniversary of her death.

This Japanese Blogger Queued Up For The iPhone 6 Seven Months Early, Dressed As An iPhone

The iPhone 6 doesn't even have a launch date, but this guy still wanted to be first.

Story On Beyoncé And Barack Obama Affair Denied By Washington Post

After the Internet began buzzing on Monday with rumors that the Washington Post was working on a story about an affair between United States President Barack Obama and Beyoncé, a spokesperson for the paper has said they are false.

32 Pictures Of Britain As It Battles The Floods

There are severe flood warnings in place along the Thames and in Somerset. The Prime Minister has said the areas are "in it for the long haul".

Shiba Inu Komugi. Snow Day.

Shiba Inu Komugi play in the snow.

Are You Smarter Than A Crow?

They are scarily clever.

19 Short Novels For The Shortest Month Of The Year

February may be short but it is packed with feelings. Here are a few books that feel the same.


Time to drink some vino, crank up the volume, and get down to business. Here are 10 Songs to help you go from Kissing to Climax. Possibly NSFW. *This list can be utilized by singles as well. Imagination not included.* Written / Created By Michael Graye

25 Cosas que nadie te dice sobre tu primer apartamento

Desafortunadamente, el hada del papel higiénico no te hará ninguna visita.

The 19 Worst Couples You'll See Out On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the day couples flood our nation's restaurants with love and too much cologne, forcing single people back into their homes, where they'll heat up another sad microwavable meal. If you make it out on the 14th, this handy guide will…

At Least 103 People Have Died In An Algerian Plane Crash

Bad weather is thought to have been the cause of the crash.

The Bachelor Recap: Week 6

Eating Cookie Dough Oreos is more entertaining than listening to Clare and/or Nikki talk.

Can You Spot The Real Daily Mail Headline?

Have you got the news instincts of a top Mail executive?

Werner Freund, The Man Who Led His Own Wolf Pack, Has Died Aged 80

He was so close to the animals that they would eat from his mouth. Spiegel Online reports that he has died after a short illness.

Here's More Conclusive Proof That Television Subtitles Aren't Very Accurate These Days

I think somebody has to reset the voice recognition software.

Police Detain Man Dressed As A "Tactical Banana" While Carrying An AK-47

A gun shop's banana stunt ends in police citation.

The Shortest And Most Accurate History Of The World You'll Ever Read

Reddit users were asked to come up with the TL;DR version of world history. They didn't disappoint.

Nigella Lawson's Perfect Response To Trinny Woodall's "Domestic Abuse Joke"

Turns out Nigella can serve-up shade just as well as she can food.

24 Amazingly Cute GIFs Of Shirley Temple As A Child To Remind Us What An Icon She Was

RIP to one of our favourite screen legends. Shirley died at the age of 85 on Monday.

How Important Is It To Shower After A Workout?

Gross question, yes... but you know you’ve wondered the same thing yourself!

Should You Move To Australia?

Are you destined for the land Down Under?

Actress Shirley Temple Dies At Age 85

The former child star was America's top box office draw from 1935 to 1938. She later served as a diplomat.

'The Bachelor' GIF Recap Week 6: There And Back Again

This week on The Bachelor the gang rolls down hills, searches for Bilbo Baggins, and Cassandra gets an unexpected birthday surprise!

19 Signs You're The Creepy Friend

Mmmm I love the smell of your musk.

26 Devilishly Clever Words You Never Knew You Could Get Away With In Scrabble

All approved by the Associated Board of British Scrabble Players.

Things Single People Will Save On Valentine's Day

It's that time of the year when the prices of tacky cards, roses and chocolate prices soar. So what does a single person save on this day?

The Most Romantic Declaration Of Love You Will Ever See

I almost forgot it's a commercial for shampoo...

6 Things I've Learned From My Guy Friends

I've had the pleasure of maintaining relationships with a couple idiots I went to high school with and after 8 years of observation, here's what I've learned.

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