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February 2, 2014

You Need To See The Coat Joe Namath Wore To The Super Bowl

Joe's giving Macklemore a real run for his money.

14 Everyday Trials And Tribulations Of Naturally Skinny Girls

Life is confusing when people keep telling you you don't exist.

National Congress Of American Indians Releases Anti-"Redskins" Ad

"Native Americans call themselves many things. The one thing they don't" is the name of Washington's football team, the ad says.

This Little Boy Crying To A Sad Song Is The Sweetest Thing You'll Ever See

Pretty sure this is me after half a bottle of wine.

21 Things You Didn't Know About Mary Lambert, The Featured Singer On Macklemore's "Same Love"

The female voice on Macklemore's "Same Love" is Mary Lambert, the poet/songwriter who has come out of a dark past into a very bright future. All facts from her website,

Philip Seymour Hoffman's 21 Best Performances

From a tornado chaser in Twister and a gay porn PA in Boogie Nights to a legendary music critic in Almost Famous and Truman Capote himself, the actor — who died at age 46 on Sunday — had done it all.

10 Iconic Philip Seymour Hoffman Film Scenes

Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of this or any generation's most talented actors, died today at the age of 46. He left behind a profound, but tragically incomplete, body of work. Below is just a taste of what Lester Bangs would surely call an “honest and unmerciful" career.

Obama Says Scandals Keep Resurfacing Because Fox News Promotes Them

President Obama was speaking with Bill O'Reilly in a Super Bowl interview.

17 Formas de perder peso sin cambiar de rutina

Los pequeños cambios en la vida diaria pueden tener un gran impacto.

55 Things That Happened Inside Howard Stern's Birthday Bash

It was impressively awesome (and we were there). Here's how it all went down.

Philip Seymour Hoffman's 10 Best Roles

Philip Seymour Hoffman died today in his apartment in New York at age 46. Let's remember his ten best roles (in no particular order):

Philip Seymour Hoffman en 15 vidéos

L'acteur américain a été retrouvé mort dans son appartement new-yorkais dimanche. Retour sur sa carrière éclectique en 15 vidéos.

Flappy Bird Will Eat Your Life

One little game has ruined my life and taken the life of many others. Don't fall for the trap.

Esurance To Give Away $1.5 Million On Twitter

Using the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag after the Super Bowl will count as an entry to potentially win $1.5 million. It's the biggest sum of money ever given away on the social network.

19 Signs You're Olaf From "Frozen"


This NFL And Star Wars Helmet Mash-Up Is The Best Thing You Will See Today

NFL and Star Wars fanboys UNITE! John Raya created these amazing images based off of Star Wars locations and characters.

Bacon Things For Everyone

Don't have enough bacon in your life? Here are some things you can get to fix that.

12 Disney Valentines That Will Destroy Your Childhood

Warning: Never search for Valentine's Day Cards on Tumblr.

Love Quotes | Women's Health Magazine

The Best Love Quotes of All Time

COHN&WOLFE INTERN: Summer 2014 Edition

Some dream of being a singer, some dream of being an actress, and some dream of being the next big athlete. I, on the other hand, dream of being the next Cohn&Wolfe INTERN.

Paul Ryan: Presidents Don't Write Laws, U.S. Congress Does

Though he thinks Obama is circumventing the Constitution, Ryan said he has no plans to move to impeach the president. Topics: Paul Ryan, Barack Obama © 2014 United Press International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction, republication, redistribution and/or modification of any UPI content is expressly prohibited without UPI's prior written consent. Order reprints Previous StoryWhite House still evalutating Keystone XL pipeline projectNext Story'Ride Along' leads weekend box office Recommended Stories Obama delivers '3-minute version' of State of the Union Feb 01 President Obama gets big business to help long-term jobless Jan 31 U.S. invests $5 million in geothermal, wind-energy development Jan 31 Obama touts job training in Wisconsin, education in Tennessee Jan 30 House leaders to Obama: 'We haven't given up on working with you' Jan 30

Finnish Olympian Swimmer Comes Out As Gay

"It’s a really great feeling that I can finally be myself."

Amazing Olympic Facts

Betcha didn't know these!

Pruebas científicas que harán que te alegres de estar soltero

Al menos ser #foreveralone tiene algunos beneficios súper específicos.

Hollywood And Friends Pay Tribute To Philip Seymour Hoffman

The Oscar-winning actor, who was found dead on Sunday, is considered one of the greatest performers of his generation.

Major Shock: Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in New York. Details are emerging.

This Video Of Neil Gaiman Reading "Green Eggs And Ham" Is Absolutely Delightful

Get ready to feel like a little kid again. The author uploaded a video of himself reading the Dr. Seuss classic, and it has never sounded more magical.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, Dies Of Apparent Drug Overdose

The Oscar-winning actor was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Sunday morning, according to police.

Kim Kardashian Returns To Her Brunette Roots

Kim Kardashian is blonde no more as she reveals a shot of her back-to-brunette hair on Instagram.

Os 19 estágios da gravidez a partir da perspectiva de um homem

É um momento emocionante, assustador e desnorteante.

20 Reasons The Mumbai LGBT Pride Parade Was Fabulous

"Queer Azaadi", the official name of the event, means "queer freedom" in English. The 4th annual LGBT pride parade was held in Mumbai on 1st of Feb 2014. It was a huge success with hundreds of people marching through Mumbai, stopping traffic and handing out flyers. Well done for taking a stand in a country where gay sex is still illegal.

23 Delicious Salads To Get You Through Winter

Who says salads are only for summer?

15 Sweet Treats To Get Your New York Valentine

Skip the teddy bear and Hershey's combo for something both local and delicious.

Evil Power-Hungry Groundhog Punxsatawney Phil Says We're Getting Six More Weeks Of Winter

Thanks, Phil. (Phil? Phil? Phil? PHIL CONNORS? Is that you?)

LEGO to Produce Ghostbusters Set!

Who you gonna call?

Two Senegalese Men Sentenced To Six Months In Prison For Being Gay

A judge in Senegal sentenced two men to six months in prison on criminal charges for being gay.

Where Should Your Next Vacation Be?

Time to find out where you'll be booking your next flight.

The First Ever Kitty Bowl Is So Important And I Need To Talk About It With You

The world is going through big, BIG, changes. Finally for the first year ever, kitties get their chance to shine! I'll be making some predictions of my own plus sharing some of my favorite kitties with you along with my predictions. Also, what will this mean for the future?! Will the world ever be the same? What does this mean for all other cute baby animals alike?! This is definite progress, people!

Dalston Was Full Of Clowns Today

They gathered at Holy Trinity Church for the annual Grimaldi memorial.

16 Señales que te estás convirtiendo en Demi Lovato

Llamando a todas las Lovaticas: ¡Tú y yo no somos tan diferentes! He aquí porqué.

21 Beauty Regrets That Happen To The Best Of Us

#tbt to my unibrowed, lip-linered, streaky-haired teenage self.

31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas

Add a touch of ~pizzazz~ to your special day.

Which "Parent Trap" Twin Are You?

You wanna know the REAL difference between us?

16 Signs You Are The Opie Winston Of Your Friend Group

Nobody blows up s**t better than Opie.

10 Things I Totally Love Right Now

Written back in November with some edits...but this should be called "A Timeless List of Things Melissa Will Always Love."

A Week With The Unlikely Breakout Stars Of This Year's Sundance

How the underdog cast and crew — led by a hard-partying septuagenarian eye surgeon — of a low-budget, offbeat buddy comedy became the surprise toasts of the festival.

47 Things You're Still Kind Of Mad Your Parents Wouldn't Buy You

But muuuum, everyone has light up trainers.

What Is Your Valentine's Day Horoscope?

Will your big day be full of lust or will it simply be a bust?

7 Reasons Why Harry And Hermione Should Have Ended Up Together

JK Rowling admits she put Hermione and Ron together for "personal reasons" and she says they would have needed "relationship counseling." For long-time fans, this revelation changes EVERYTHING.

20 Stylish Gender-Neutral Nurseries

If you're just not a fan of the whole "pink is for girls, blue is for boys" mentality.

7 Quick Dinners To Make This Week

Delicious weeknight recipes for February.

Ir al gimnasio, según los gatos

Gatea tu camino para un cuerpo purrfecto.

"Hijab4Men" Is A Social Media Satire That Calls Out Double Standards In Muslim Discourse

"What would it be like if men and beards were treated like women and headscarves?"

5 Desserts That Look Like Modern Art

Caitlin Freeman, the pastry chef at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art, makes the best cakes.

This Is The Narrowest Road In London

It's just 5cm between those double yellows. (HT Londonist).

This Might Be The Strangest Book Ever Written

In 1976 Luigi Serafini, an Italian artist, architect and designer, decided to write about an imaginary world. The end result was utterly bizarre.

Why Zoe Hart From "Hart Of Dixie" Is The Fashion Icon We Need

"Have you not seen my outfit? Polka-dot blouse and leopard print skirt; I mix patterns! I am an 'outside of the box' thinker."

Judge In Amanda Knox Trial: "I Suffered" Over Verdict

Alessandro Nencini also says Raffaele Sollecito's decision not to testify may have worked against him.

This Biker Was Buried On His Beloved Harley Davidson

Billy Standley's funeral must have been sad, but kind of awesome.

27 Deep Dark Fears That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Animator Fran Krause has a webcomic where he draws his fears and those that people submit. It's utterly horrifying.

This Could Be The Best Selfie Ever Taken

As posted to Reddit by user Zchavago.

A Kickstarter Project Has Raised £60,000 To Bring Back The ZX Spectrum

If you grew up in the '80s your inner nerd is about to pass out with excitement.

Watch Sochi Become An Olympic Venue In Six Seconds

This GIF shows what happens when $50 billion is spent on a seaside town.

JK Rowling Admits That Harry And Hermione Should Have Ended Up Together

"I can hear the rage and fury it might cause some fans, but if I'm absolutely honest, distance has given me perspective on that," she told the Sunday Times.

Amy Poehler And Stefon Return To "Saturday Night Live" For Seth Meyers' Last Episode

As well as a few other friends, too. It's so haaaard to say goodbye...

7 métamorphoses stupéfiantes d'artistes du Burlesque

Le photographe Sean Scheidt a documenté la transformation d'artistes du Burlesque pour remettre en question les clichés souvent associés à cet art.

Everything You Need To Know About Food

Described by Jennifer Lawrence.

What The Super Bowl Is Like To People Who Don't Care About Sports

No, that doesn't mean I live for the commercials either.

Emily Maynard Goes Non-traditional With Engagement Ring

Jewelry designer Emily Maynard told her fiance she wanted "simple bands" for her engagement ring.

Will Hollywood Ignore Woody Allen's Daughter's Sexual Abuse Allegation Again?

In her first public declaration, Allen's daughter Dylan Farrow has accused him in the New York Times of sexually assaulting her when she was 7. Update: Cate Blanchett, one of the actors she called out for being complicit, and a rep for Allen have now commented.

The Definitive Ranking Of Family Restaurant Chains

Because sometimes a mozzarella stick is just a mozzarella stick.

Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Pets

Forget love and hair, the furry friend was always the best part of a Disney movie

Planets Orbiting Two Stars Yield Clues To Their Formation

British astronomers say they've uncovered secrets of a planet orbiting twin suns, like Luke Skywalker's fictional home planet Tatooine in "Star Wars."

16 Things I Wish Were Nail Polish Colors Inspired By My January 2014

january, polar vortex, nail polish colors, jacqueline bisset's golden globes speech, 18 million buzzfeed quizzes, kimchi vomit, celexa, melanie laforce

Dylan Farrow, Woody Allen's Accuser, Finally Speaks

Dylan Farrow, the adopted daughter who accused Woody Allen of sexual abuse, writes an open letter at the New York Times.

Does This "Beauty" Guide For Drug Addicts Go Too Far?

Jenny Bahn of The Style Con dishes up beauty tips for drug addicts in this satirical guide.

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