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February 12, 2014

10 Pictures Of An Australian Brothel That Perfectly Capture The '90s

A fortress of lust filled with gold lamé and mauve bedding.

You Have To Watch The Schapelle Corby Facebook Look Back Parody

Relive ALL the (recently released convicted drug smuggler's) memories!

New Report Shows U.S. Diplomats Preparing For Complete Troop Withdrawal In Afghanistan

The White House and Pentagon remain optimistic they can reach a deal to maintain a limited troop presence in Afghanistan after the withdrawal later this year. U.S. diplomats aren't so sure, according to a newly released State Department report.

The 12 Most Inspiring Fictional Couples Lead The Daily Links

Plus 5 of the greatest Derek Jeter moments ever, 19 insanely great insults from around the world, and a 90s slow jams playlist to conquer Valentine's Day.

Texts That Prove Relationships Are Overrated

Based loosely on this post from Lenora Epstein and Erin La Rosa

Lawmakers Ask Obama To Soften Marijuana Restrictions

The drug is currently listed as Schedule I, the same category as LSD and heroin.

Are These The First iPhone 6 Photos?

Possibly the first of many leaks.

27 Reasons You Have The Urge To Hit The Road

Wanderlust: It's a real thing.

32 Important Things Every Fashion Week Party Needs

If it doesn't include twerking, you aren't doing it right. Read, take notes.

A Teenager Wrote A Gigantic Inspirational Message To His Mom In The Snow Next To Her Hospital

William Hart stomped out the words "Hi mom God bless u!" huge in the snow next to his mom's hospital room.

Olympic Skier’s Tits Cause Riots In Lebanon

I guess showing off your tits in Lebanon is not such a widely approved practice. At least not compared to the nationally approved hobbies of rubble rummaging and talking about how awesome Lebanon used to be. Lebanese Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun got…

Meet The Woman Behind One Of Facebook's Fastest-Growing And Most Lucrative New Businesses

Deborah Liu has nurtured the social network's Mobile App Install Ad product from concept to hundreds of millions of dollars in estimated annual revenue.

10 Fascinating Things That Happen To Your Body When You're In Love

Those butterflies in your stomach aren't the only way your bod responds when you're head-over-heels

Which Object At #IAMSORRY Should You Talk To Shia LaBeouf About?

Which one you choose says a lot about who you are. (H/t for the idea @thebluehoodie)

10 Reasons To Date A Community Manager

Community managers are like the Macgyver of social media. Or James Bond. Wouldn't you want to date James Bond? Well duh, of course you would!

32 Burgers That Are Better Than A Girlfriend

Or a boyfriend, for that matter. Basically burgers > significant others.

8 Accurate Comics About Being An OkCupid-Loathing Single

OkCupid brings out the worst in everyone. An exclusive peek into Liz Prince's new book of comics!

Ranking Of The 17 Main Characters Of The Office (U.S.)

Guess what? I have flaws. What are they? Oh I donno, I sing in the shower? Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I'll hit somebody with my car. So sue me-- no, don't sue me. That is opposite the point I'm trying to make. - Michael Scott

This Teenage Girl Pulled Off Some Of The Best "Frozen" Cosplay You'll Ever See

Move aside, everyone else, meet the new snow queen of cosplay.

Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson Says She Worked Out For Six Hours A Day

She admits she may have been “a little too enthusiastic”

The Chef, The Doctor, The Hedge Fund Manager, And Transcendental Meditation

Mario Batali can "comfortably meditate" on his Vespa. Batali, Ray Dalio, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Dr. Oz, and other famous practitioners make the case for Transcendental Meditation.

Four Movies To Match Your (Bad) Mood This Valentine’s Day

What to watch this Valentine's Day, whether your've been dumped, friend-zoned or you're #ForeverAlone. (Be wary of spoilers)

21 Cole Porter Lyrics That Will Make You Fall In Love

Thinking of the right words to say to your sweetheart? Forget Taylor Swift and take notes from the man behind the most romantic music around.

Your Snow Day Survival Checklist

Snow days are like birthing children... there's a lot of planning involved, when it actually gets here people start freaking out like it was unexpected and drive like crazy people, we complain the entire time it takes place, and after it's over we just want another one!

8 Instagrams You See On Valentine's Day

Because if you can't have a significant other, at least you can have double digit likes! *Note: Most likely the Instagram user making the following posts has an "About Me" section that reads "emoji emoji emoji emoji emoji emoji #theblessedlife emoji."

Beauty, A Boy, Burns, and a Shopping Cart

Author Susan Straight on writing books and raising daughters in a world of beauty and burns.

24 Wonderful Things You Should Thank Your Dad For

Because he's the hero you need, and the goofball you deserve.

A Definitive Ranking Of High School Cliques

High school: Where it isn't always cool to be cool.

Richie Incognito Blasts Former Dolphins Teammate Jonathan Martin In Twitter Rant

Miami offensive lineman claims he was betrayed by his "best friend," whose accusations of bullying led to Incognito's suspension.

This Vocabulary Lesson Given To Icelandic Schoolchildren Is Pretty Racist

"Men on earth are not all the same. Black people are called negroes." I'm sorry, what year is this?

Jerry O'Connell Spoofs Shia LaBeouf In Competing Pop-Up Art Exhibit

UPDATE: Jerry O’Connell exclusively talks to BuzzFeed about starring in his own art exhibit, #IAMSORRYTOO, that looks eerily like Shia LaBeouf’s #IAMSORRY right next door.

19 proyectos de bricolaje para los amantes de viajar

Porque no hay realmente nada mejor que alimentar tu pasión por viajar.

The 7 Benefits Of Being Single On Valentine's Day

Cheap chocolate, Netflix and Pizza - who needs someone else?

What If "Doctor Who" Was American?

Smug Mode imagines what would the Time Lord's 13 incarnations look like if the show was made across the pond.

8 Insects That Want To Be Your Love Bug This Valentine's Day

Bugging out over not having a valentine? Look no further.

Eye-Opening Facts About Vaginas

What do sharks and vaginas have in common?

7 Valentine's Day Cards Inspired By Tina From "Bob's Burgers"

For all the smart, strong, sensual people in your life.

VALENTINE'S DAY Motivation For Single & Bitter People

Vlogger Chris Sanders makes a good case for enjoying VDay, even when you're alone, bitter and hopeless.

Hilarious Video Proves That Figure Farting Should Be An Olympic Event

Ghost Cow Films dubbed farting noises over American Olympian Jason Brown as he figure skates and oh my God, it's fantastic.

Las personas detrás de las caras más bellas de Hollywood

Estos son algunos de los talentosos artistas maquilladores responsables de preparar a tu celebridades favoritas para la alfombra roja.

The "Priceline Of Pot" Will Help You Find The Cheapest Weed Around

Provided you live in a state where marijuana is legal.

The Internet Gets Naked To Support Lebanese Olympian Criticized For Racy Photo Shoot

Lebanese Olympic skier Jackie Chamoun has been criticized by the media and government alike for nearly nude photos taken at a photo shoot three-years ago. The Internet thinks differently.

Ballot Battle Brews Over Hospital Pricing In California

The Fair Healthcare Pricing Act would cap how much hospitals could charge and would reduce hospital costs in California by at least $3 billion annually. A state hospital organization argues the initiative is an attempt by a union to increase its membership.

The 600 Year Old Butt Song From Hell

Tumblr user ControlledChaos123 has discovered the music written on a butt in hell in the year 1500. Literally.

What 9 Different Academic Disciplines Tell You About Your Life

EVOLUTION: procreate! EXISTENTIALISM: live authentically! ECONOMICS: you can't afford to :(

8 Celebrity Butt Selfies—and What You Can Learn From Them

Check out these booty pics, and learn all about how to flatter your assets and turn your bum into a star.

Definitive Proof That Blue Cheese Will Always Be Better Than Ranch

Ranch will always be the inferior condiment.

Youth Obamacare Enrollment Groups Surprised To Learn Obamacare Website Won't Work On National Youth Enrollment Day

"Obviously, it's unfortunate," says one youth enrollment leader. The Obama administration is giving applicants who save applications on Feb. 15 extra time to work around downtime on the site.

Abandoned Olympic Venues - You Can Still Visit These Forgotten Sites In Decay

Ever wonder what happens to Olympic venues after the games've finished? Check out these photos of the formerly glorious,…

17 Faces That Will Make You Want To Adopt An Older Dog

When the humans of Humans of New York adopted their senior dog, Susie, they saw an opportunity to help other senior dogs in need.

11 Reasons Why It's Frustrating Being A BuzzFeed Community Writer

Great idea? Check. Featured? Maybe next time.

This Will Be Derek Jeter's Last Season Playing Baseball

"I know they say that when you dream you eventually wake up. Well, for some reason, I've never had to wake up. Not just because of my time as a New York Yankee but also because I am living my dream every single day."

Ask A Dumb Cat: "My Boyfriend's Going To Propose And I Don't Want Him To"

Plus, how to negotiate V-Day when you've just started dating! “Ask A Dumb Cat” is a weekly column offering advice, consolation, and life lessons to real people from A Dumb Cat. Send your questions for A Dumb Cat to

36 Celebrities Who Are Flying Solo This Valentine's Day

Being single on V-Day is 100% UNDERRATED.

Badger From "Breaking Bad" Is Awful At Basketball In New Guided By Voices Music Video

It's like when Kirk tried to get the Enterprise out of that black hole, but, like, with a basketball.

There's A Twitter Account That Will Turn Anything You Tweet At It Into A Candy Heart

Alright everybody, commence Valentine's Day trolling.

Are You Cool?

Some people are really cool. Some people.

28 Westminster Dogs Who Did The Darn Thing Last Night

Sure, it's Fashion Week here in New York. But, there's also a major style showdown happening in the canine realm. Yesterday was the 138th Westminster Dog Show. We're talkin' the best of the best and the fluffiest of the fluff. Ahead, we've rounded… The faces, the hair, the mid-pose action shots; somehow, each of these images is better than the last. We want them all. In our laps, covering us with kisses, and letting us stroke their incredible fur.

24 Simple Tricks To Reduce Your Anxiety

Because we all get nervous sometimes.

15 Olympic Sports Any Twentysomthing Could Totally Win

Where's the award for consecutive hours of Netflix watched?

Elsa From "Frozen" Reminds Disney Princesses That They Don't Need A Man

"Why be confined to be hiding behind true love? Enough."

16 Scientific Reasons Love Is Bad For You

Love is a sexually transmitted disease you're better off without.

Which "Shark Tank" Shark Are You?

I'll offer you $100K for 35% of your result.

Catholic Archbishop Says Homophobia Is An Insult To God

"Just because a person isn’t in favor of gay marriage doesn’t mean that one is homophobic — let’s be very clear on that.”

Can You Guess Who This Hunky Old Hollywood Celebrity Is?

You might be surprised to find out who this is. #Beefcake

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Found Guilty Of Corruption

Ray Nagin, who served as mayor from 2002 to 2010, was convicted of taking bribes before and after Hurricane Katrina.

This Guy's Kickstarter For Sassy-Looking "Period Underwear" Raised $100,000 In Five Days

"Fun underwear that high-fives you for being a woman and serves as a warning to others!"

27 razones por las que tu gato hace el mejor San Valentín

¡Feliz Día de San Miaulentín a todos!

17 Reasons Why Day Dranking For A New Yorker Is Perfectly Fine

I've been getting my drank on during the day lately for various reasons and I needed to justify myself through a Buzzfeed list.

What You Really Do On Your Computer When You're Bored In Class

You want to concentrate, but sometimes the enticing lure of the internet is too much. So instead you end up reading lists like these.

This Hot American Olympic Skier Is Also A Puppy Saver

Gus Kenworthy is not only an Olympian, but while in Sochi he has become a hero for the stray dogs that need homes.

50 Reasons Everyone Should Watch Doctor Who!

The girls from Literally, Darling LOVE watching "Who," here are 50 reasons why you should too!

What It's Like Being A Black Student At A Mostly White College

Students from UCLA's law school shared their stories in this video to "raise awareness of the disturbing emotional toll placed upon students of color" in predominantly white institutions.

8 Cars That Should Have Been Swallowed Up By The National Corvette Museum Sinkhole

A sinkhole in Kentucky damaged 8 cars at the National Corvette Museum. Here is a list of cars that should have been eaten up by the sinkhole instead.

17 New Slang Terms You Should Start Using Immediately

Are they all sex-related? No. Are most of them? No comment.

28 Creative Technology Tips That Every Computer User Should Know

When it comes to technology chances are that you don't know everything there is to know. Hopefully this will help point out some shortcuts to help you be more effective.

26 Ways To Cook Dinner For Your Favorite Vegetarian

Roses are red, violets are blue, your vegetarian partner doesn't eat meat, and tonight, neither do you!

11 Valentine's Day Books For The Single And Bitter

These books perfectly explain why Valentine's Day is pretty much the worst holiday ever.

The Definitive Ranking Of Vagina Euphemisms

A rose by any other name would sound totally effing stupid.

52 Hilarious #ActivistPickUpLines For Valentine's Day

"I'm underrepresented. In your pants."

Russian Environmental Activist Who Criticized Sochi Olympics Jailed For Three Years

An appeals court has upheld a three-year sentence against Evgeny Vitishko, who was found guilty of hooliganism after spray-painting a fence in a case widely believed to be politically motivated.

This Adorable Rescued Fox Will Melt Your Heart

Dawn the fox was rescued by someone who thought she was a dog. She's been living at the Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Centre ever since and seems pretty happy about life these days.

12 Incredible Stories Of Life-Saving Organ Donations

February 14th is National Donor Day. These inspiring stories demonstrate the true heroism of donating.

14 Reasons Diamonds Are A Scientist’s Best Friend

Diamonds are a symbol of love, but to researchers supported by the National Science Foundation they are also precious for their amazing physical and chemical properties. Afterall, there are more things to do with diamonds than just put one on your finger. Scientists and engineers use diamonds to:

22 Conversations Every Cat Owner Has Had With Their Pet

"So help me god, if you don't get down from there!"

Every Way Duke Is Better Than UNC

A comprehensive list.

These Otters Celebrating Valentine's Day Will Make Your Heart Smile

The staff at the Georgia Aquarium set up an adorable treat for some adorable otters. Or shall we say, awww-ters.

The Hottest New Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Barbie will join Heidi Klum and Christie Brinkley in the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

54 Photos Proving The U.S.A.-Canada Women's Hockey Rivalry Is Becoming The Best Part Of The Olympics

It was only a preliminary game, but it proved that this is quickly becoming the best rivalry in sports.

23 Cosas que Todos los Camareros Entenderán

"Hola, mi nombre es ___ y me haré cargo de usted esta noche lo quiera o no".

Bill That Would Allow Religious Discrimination Against LGBT People Advances To Kansas Senate

Opponents of the legislation say it is an attempt to keep the LGBT community relegated to "second-class status."

21 Awesome Book Covers Illustrated By Erik Blegvad

Erik Blegvad, the famous illustrator of over 100 children's books, died on Jan. 14. In 1979 he wrote, “Illustrating a children’s book gives me a role which seems natural, accompanist rather than soloist."

Judge: Kentucky Must Recognize Out-Of-State Marriages Of Same-Sex Couples

Kentucky's constitutional marriage ban treats gays and lesbians in a "way that demeans them," U.S. District Judge John G. Heyburn II wrote in his ruling.

Antioxidant Rich Foods

A list of delicious and healthy foods rich in antioxidants

Unlovable: The 13 Worst V-Day Gifts

No gifting holiday is more fraught with meaning — and, thus, anxiety — than Valentine's Day. The perfect present should tell your beloved that you adore them more than Netflix and Nutella combined and make them feel glad they chose you. But, just so… These are the low-effort, low-rent, and just plain rude gifts guaranteed not to elicit grateful smiles or tearful eye-fanning. On the other hand, if your relationship isn't quite working for you and you're looking for a change in partner, these might be just the ticket. Yep, from the ho-hum to the heinous, these 13 gifts are sure to make 'em say, "Oh, honey, you shouldn't have..." Like this post? There's more. Get tons of style secrets, insider shopping dish, fashion news, and more on the Refinery29 Fashion Facebook page!

Marijuana Stock Index Outperforms S&P 500

For all intents and purposes, the marijuana stock index has outperformed the S&P 500. Since January 1, 2014 when marijuana was legalized in Colorado, the S&P 500 is up 0.4% compared to 10.6% for the marijuana index and as of January 1, 2013, the S&P…

Hurricane-Level Winds Are Ravaging Ireland And Wales

With 99 mph winds and nearly 100,000 people without power, Ireland is facing a quickly escalating severe weather crisis. Update: Wales is facing similarly crippling severe weather and strong winds.

The Shoshi Games Are, Like, Totally Stealing Olympic Gold

So, the 2014 Winter Games have been waging on for, oh, six days and only one meme has surfaced. Now, the Ashley Wagner Face is good; it makes for a fabulous, timely reaction response to sassy text messages, but it's not #winning. Behold, The Shoshi Games: the gold medal winner for marrying Internet humor with zeitgeist-y television, where Shoshanna from Girls is in about every Olympic event possible and counting. It's not like the real games aren't important, but, like,… Ha! Oh, Shosh. She (and the Tumblr genius with more time and wit on their side than the average human) is just so hyped up on that blue Red Bull to stop competing. See her pop up in a luge; watch her perform a triple axel into a toe loop jump (which, if she were really here to remind us, is called a cherry flip in Europe — duh). Nailed it, Shosh. We're rootin' for ya even if you're actually a secret spy creeping around the Olympics wondering where Ray is.

11 Steve Carell Gifs That Describe My Morning

Mornings can be tough. Even for Steve Carell.

16 ejemplos geniales y creativos de arte con las hojitas adhesivas Post-It

Los artistas españoles nos demuestran por qué nunca deberías ir a ningún lugar sin tu pequeño bloc amarillo.

If Shoshana From "Girls" Was An Olympian, Then We'd Have The Shoshi Olympics

Thanks to the Tumblr Shoshi Games 2014 for bringing this unknown dream to fruition.

19 Fun Websites To Waste Time On Right Now

You're welcome, bored people and procrastinators.

14 Must-Read Works Of Chicano Literature

Unputdownable books that speak to Chicano politics, identity, and culture.

Which "Sailor Moon" Character Are You?

Moon Prism Power, make up!

65 Photos Spanning Two Centuries Of Flooding In Britain

Flooding has always been part of British life. From damsels in distress being rescued in bicycle baskets, to Brits playing tennis in waterlogged courts - we look at photographs of floods as far back as 1877.

Bangers & Biscuits: Your Guide To Translating British Food Slang

Want to know what your British friend just ordered at a restaurant? Or ensure you get the right thing when you ask for a "butty"…

5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Promoting Equality

Sweet merch with a sweet message for your sweetheart

12 sports russes qui auraient dû faire partie des Jeux Olympiques

Comment le CIO a-t-il pu laisser passer ça ?

12 People Struggling Comically With Umbrellas In The Wind

It is wet and windy in Britain right now. And your brolly is no match for it.

"Mo' Sochi, Mo' Problems" Is The Only Putin Pump Up Jam You Need

"We have no gays and many broken toilets." Turn it up!

Taylor Swift Gets A Haircut — In Front Of A Giant Crowd Of Her Fans, Naturally

Taylor Swift decided to switch up her hair in London, going Karlie Kloss short and recording the whole process on Instagram.

This Man Helps Pens To Make Self-Portraits And It Is Beautiful

Meet David. He draws pens, using the pen he's drawing. (And some other stuff...) Find his work over at pensbypens on Tumblr.

Demons - A Short Film About Mental Health, Depression And Surviving Suicide

Jody Ruth was stood on the edge of a cliff, luckily, he came home. Subsequently, he found help through blogging and came to realise that he was not alone. Close friends and family also had their own demons. However, there is sadly still an ugly stigma that surrounds discussing mental health, something which this films aims to eliminate. Demons is Jody's story of survival. His bravery to share his story is an attempt to show that you can talk to people, you're not alone, and that there's no need to hide.

17 Cupids Who Will Murder You The Second You Close Your Eyes

*whispers terrifyingly* Happy Valentine's Daaaaaay.


The world has yet another sequel that no one asked for. Billy Ray Cyrus has released a #songquel to his biggest hit, "Achy Breaky Heart," as a guest of rapper Buck 22. I guess in this world, sense is for lesser souls. Here are the 10 times Billy Ray showed us how to WIN:

If There Is A Hero In This Ruined World, It Is Keytar God Jeff Abbott

But don't just take my word for it. Let the sweet strains of KeytarJeff take you to the moon and back.

23 Insanely Romantic Ways To Say I Love You

All of these involve food because it's the only thing that matters. Helps Cupid's Undie Run Raise Fund For CTF

Ready... Get Set... Go!!! Make your Valentine's Day count. Help raise money for the Children's Tumor Foundation to help make people with Neurofibromatosis improve their lives.

These Ithaca College Students Don't Speak African

And they want you to know that neither does anyone else.

23 camisetas sin mangas en las cuales no deberías hacer ejercicio

Estar en forma es super lindo quitando la parte de hacer ejercicio.

27 People Who Are Way Worse At Parenting Than You

These "parents" will make you feel like a freaking Huxtable.

What was the First Sex Scene You Ever Read?

Modern authors, editors and literati discuss their first encounters with the literary sex scene.

Brooklyn Residents All Look Alike To This CNN Anchor

“You go to Brooklyn, everybody’s got a beard and plaid shirt. They may be able to tell each other apart but they kind of all look alike to me.”

The Sweetest Songs To Play On Valentines Day

The most romantic soundtrack for the most romantic day

12 Last-Minute Printable Valentines

Did you forget about Valentine's Day and now need a last minute solution? With these printable Valentines, you can save the day! You'll have to pay for the pdf, but printing is free when you do it at work.

The Most Important Cake Train In Human History

The Cake Train is the ruler of all trains. There are none better. This sketch premiered on the first episode of season 2 of The Kroll Show but it just got put online. So now we can make gifs of it! Written by Chelsea Peretti.

Two VEEPs Collided When Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hung Out With Joe Biden

The two were seated next to each other at the State Dinner and I think we are all now rooting for a Biden/Louis-Dreyfus ticket.

Which BuzzFeed Quiz Are You?

Because QUIZ...Yay!

The 10 Best Whiskey Bars In NYC

You can drink whiskey pretty much anywhere... except in your car. Or in the street. Or at your job. Or at the grocery store. But literally, ANYWHERE else, except those places. The best places to do it in NYC, though? These 10 whiskey bars:

How James Van Der Beek Became A Character Actor Trapped In A Leading Man's Body

Now 36, the former teen star continues to make bold career choices without shying away from his Dawson's Creek past.

Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Date Set

The trial for accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is scheduled to begin Nov. 3.

Shani Davis Comes Up Short In Attempt For Third Straight Gold

Davis finishes eighth as the Netherlands' Stefan Groothius takes the title.

Comment faire de l'art avec des Post-it

Cet artiste espagnol prouve qu'il ne faut pas grand chose pour faire de l'art.

Egypt's Security Forces Once Again Using Virginity Tests On Female Detainees

“I thought the tests were history," said one of four women who spoke to BuzzFeed about the revival of the practice.

Meet America's Yarn-Bombing Banksy

He goes by HOTTEA and is changing the non-destructive street art game for good.

The 22 Awful Stages Of Going To A Conference

Conference season is upon us - here's all you need to know about the most boring way to spend a day.

14 DIY Valentine's Cards That Require Little To No Crafting

The web is full of free printable Valentine’s. Some of them are so cute you’ll want to skip the card isle and go DIY! The best part is these DIY cards require little to no crafting ability or supplies! All you need is some nice paper, a printer, the ability to fold and maybe some scissors!

This Man Has Reinvented The Door

Klemens Torggler, an Austrian artist, has created these splendid doors.

Insane Russian Sports That Should Be In The Olympics

Hey, IOC, get your shit together.

Facts About Abraham Lincoln That You Didn’t Know (Because They’re Not True)

Happy 205th birthday, Honest Abe (you’re looking great)! It’s pretty apparent that our community loves Mr. Lincoln, as he appears in more Threadless designs than any other U.S. President. To celebrate his big day, we did a bit of research and uncovered five completely baseless facts about our 16th President. And by research, we mean we just made all of this stuff up. That’s how you research, right?

Six Women Who Would Kick Your Ass (In Space)

Who says saving the galaxy is a boy’s game? Inspired by Rachel Bach's new novel Fortune's Pawn, here’s our list of the most badass women in the known universe.

As pessoas por trás dos mais lindos rostos de Hollywood

Aqui estão alguns dos talentosos maquiadores responsáveis por preparar suas celebridades favoritas para o tapete vermelho.

17 cosas que pasan cuando amaneces con alguien

¿Perdiste la moral? Más bien perdiste los calzones.

Watch This Radio 1 DJ's Magnificent Take-Down Of A Rapper Who Made A Rape Threat

Nihal was judging The MC Rap Battle at The Jump Off in London when the threat was made, so he stepped in. (Contains NSFW language.)

14 Awesome Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

Need a romantic last minute gift? Or maybe a quirky present for a friend? Fiverr, Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Etsy, and The Thinking Closet offer some of the best last minute gifts to celebrate Valentine's Day.

The Beginner's Guide To Becoming A Frequent Flier

And no, you don't need to sign up for a bunch of credit cards to do it. (Though that will help you get free travel faster.)

12 Spectacular Examples Of Media Conference Gobbledegook

SES London is a conference about "Converged Media" running 10-13 February in London. Some very deep things have been said there.

Labour Creates Spoof Facebook Look Back Video To Attack Conservatives

All parties are banking on social media playing a massive role in the 2015 general election. The battle's already underway.

Two Gold Medals Awarded In Historic Downhill Skiing Dead Heat

Slovenia, Switzerland women's downhill skiiers share gold to make history.

21 Cheap Dinner Recipes

Each one can be made for less than $2 per serving. Who said you couldn't eat well on a budget?

The Pinprick Of A Cat Bite On The Hand Can Be Dangerous

Cats bites can be dangerous -- 1-in-3 people bitten on the hand by a feline have to be hospitalized, U.S. researchers say.

14 Gifts Tony Abbott Can Give The Australian People This Valentine's Day

(Beside getting Mrs Abbott to make 23 million cookies, and personally delivering them to every Australian on Friday.)

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