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February 18, 2014

16 Horror Films That Were Snubbed By The Academy Awards

Like so many genres that aren't drama, horror is frequently overlooked at the Oscars. Here are some movies that should have been up for major awards, but were predictably ignored.

Watch This Liquid Sorcery

Bring out your mad scientist.

22 Signs You're Shamelessly Head Over Heels For Your Dog

Short haired, long haired, don't care cuz its ma dog.

The Best Time I Said Yes To Everything For A Week And Ended Up Having Bad Sex (Twice), Going Camping And Contracting Shingles

"You know, I’m just really coming from a place of yes,” I confessed out loud to the table, knowing exactly how I sounded, and also that no one would blink in this group of Los Angeles girls who all seemed to be successful in a certain way: the way… I had moved back to LA after being in Santa Barbara for five years, and I was trying to reestablish…

21 Epically Nostalgic ’90s Cartoons As Tattoos

These tattoos are the best way to commemorate your childhood.

Pampered Pooches: 5 Celebrity Pets That Have It Really Rough

5 Dogs that are more popular than you will ever be

Think You Could Be A Professional Gambler? Here's What It's Actually Like

On the day of the Super Bowl, Bill Krackomberger spent a lot of time driving around, a lot of time looking at his phone, and a little time thinking about a painful bet on Christina Aguilera's performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner" three years ago.

14 Mysteries From Chipotle's Hulu Series Solved

Watch out for the truth bombs.

Who Said It: Vladimir Putin Or A U.S. Politician?

Think you know the answer? Maybe nyet.

Watch The Difference Between A White Guy And A Black Guy Committing The Same Crime

YouTubers Simple Misfits conducted an experiment to see what people would do if a white guy and a black guy broke into the same car.

JoS. A. Bank's Deal With Eddie Bauer Is Either An Act Of Brilliance Or Desperation

It depends on which side of the bitter takeover feud with Men's Wearhouse one stands.

8 Pixar Movie Moments That Make Us Cry Like Little Girls

It's an instant knee jerk reaction, we've seen it 42,000 times, before AND post-puberty, yet still those little buggers at Pixar have been the puppet masters of our heart strings for over a decade now. Here are the key moments that make us cry very long rivers of sadness.

12 coming-out de stars

« Je suis comme un mec avec les filles. » Politicien, acteur ou sportif, quand une personnalité publique décide de révéler son homosexualité, ça passe rarement inaperçu.

25 Female Comedians Everyone Should Know Lead The Daily Links

Plus Matthew McConaughey talks about getting into character for True Detective, Hollywood's all-time greatest after-parties, and a nationwide CLOWN SHORTAGE.

Why You're Nuts To Pay Full Price At J.Crew

Refinery29 got the scoop on J.Crew's sales. Here's how to make your own sales, and how deep those discounts really go...

Southern Foods - The 16 Southern Snacks You Need To Know About

From MoonPies to fried pickles, these are the 16 Southern snacks you need to know about.

O único problema com os filmes do "Harry Potter"

Tudo estava ótimo até o minuto final do último filme.

11 Reasons To Go On A Coffee Date With Jerry Seinfeld

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is quite literally the most self-explanatory web series of all time. Jerry Seinfeld picks his funny pals up in a super cool car and they chat over coffee. Hi, is this heaven?

15 Times When Cashew The Guinea Pig Stole The Show On "House Of Cards"

Cashew is the guinea pig heart and soul of Washington. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

16 Ways To Make People Smile Every Day

You don't have to be a comedian to get someone to crack a smile. And since smiles are contagious, putting one on someone else's face will almost always brighten your day, too. So try one (or more) of these 16 easy ways to get someone to grin today.

Have Cats Always Liked Boxes?

We've all seen the cute, funny images running rampant on the internet. Cats inside boxes of all sizes but have they always done this...or is just more noticeable in the age of the internet.

Why Your Baby Is A Poop-Stained Linguistic Genius


What If James Bond Was American?

Inspired by BuzzFeed's clever What If "Doctor Who" Was American? column, I decided to consider that other 50-year-strong British franchise.

Disturbing Illustrations Of Conditions In North Korean Prison Camps Made By A Survivor

Kim Kwang-Il created these illustrations depicting conditions of torture and starvation that he both witnessed and endured to accompany his UN testimony. Warning: these images are graphic.

Candy Crush Is Huge, But There Are Many Troubling Signs In Its Parent Company's IPO Filing's IPO is going to be a tough sell. And it isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for the gaming industry as a whole.

A Group Of Teenagers Bring Back Old-School Jazz, And They Bring It Hard

Jazz is sort of the brussel sprout of music: it has its devoted fans, but it's not exactly popular. But I could listen to this all day...

"Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" Might Be Coming Back

Submitted for the approval of the internet, Ross Hull — who played original Midnight Society leader Gary — has posted a teaser trailer related to the classic SNICK series.

Which Strain Of Weed Are You?

Your official cannabis character assessment.

Best Rumor Ever Jared Leto May Be Dating Lupita Nyong'o On Caitlin O'Brien's Blog

We don't have any confirmation about this rumor, but it's too good to not be true! Apparently, there is a story going around that the darlings of this award season, Lupita Nyong'o of 12 Years A Slave, and Jared Leto are dating. The fashionistas and the rockstar-hyphen-award-winning-actor were reportedly spotted hanging

What Happens When You Lose Control Of Your Taste Buds

Flavor tripping will leave your tongue dazed and confused.

17 formas pra lá de inteligentes de usar a câmera do seu celular

Uma imagem vale por mil palavras, especialmente se ela lhe ajudar a encontrar o seu carro.

22 maravillosos datos que harán que quieras mudarte a Noruega

Sólo existe Noruega si quieres vivir en otro lugar.

11 Photos Of L. Ron Hubbard's Life In The '50s And '60s

It's been sixty years since the Church of Scientology was formed. Here's a look back at the founder's early days.

How To Lead An Adorable Horde Of Fluffy Bunnies In 5 Steps

You'd be the general of, like, the cutest army ever. (H/T to Gawker!)

Disney Princesses As "Game Of Thrones" Characters

The Wonderful World of Westeros.

Khloe Kardashian Wears Coat With "F*ck Yo Fur" Spray-Painted On It

Unclear whether she's part of the anti-fur movement or if someone from PETA attacked her coat with paint earlier in the day.

27 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Will Be The Best Oscars Host*

*Since 2007, when Ellen DeGeneres also hosted the Oscars.

31 sentimentos especiais conhecidos por quem tem um cão

Além do amor irracional, consumidor e irrevogável.

28 Personas que son mucho peores que tú en la crianza de sus hijos

Estos ''padres'' te harán sentir como uno de los locos padres de la familia Huxtable (del show de TV - The Cosby Show).

This Dad Sat Outside His Daughter's School And Laughed As He Filmed Kids Slipping On Ice

Mean, hilarious, or a little bit of both? You be the judge.

High-Waisted Jeans Declared "Biggest Trend For Spring"

High-rise denim "hits the millennials because it’s cool and new and it hits the little bit older customer who just needs more coverage," said Susan Kellogg, the VF president who oversees 7 for All Mankind, Splendid and Ella Moss. "Whenever a trend like that is so commercial it means money.”

Check Out This Armadillo's Sweet Dance Moves

We're not exactly sure what's going on here, but we really like it.

Adam Brody & Leighton Meester Got Married — Surprise!

Find out what Adam Brody and Leighton Meester did while we weren't looking.

31 Brits To Help You Keep Calm (And Carry On)

Meet your new favorite Tumblr. And some lovely Scots and Irishmen too.

Women Read Real (And Ridiculous) Hook-Up App Messages Aloud

"What a wonderful beard! I'd love to cum on it." Slightly NSFW-ish comedy ahead.

Childhood's Winners And Losers

Which stars of 90s childhood are winning in life and who peaked?

101 Activities That Should Actually Be Olympic Sports

ATTENTION OLYMPIC COMMITTEE: Please consider adding the following activities to the Olympic roster. Thank you.

Watch This Dog Fail At Being A Dog

Quit trying to make fetch happen - it's never going to happen!

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Watching The Mindy Project IMMEDIATELY

Because this show is amazeballs and critically-adored. And who couldn't use some more of the amazing Mindy Kaling and her totally gorgeous love interests in their lives?

The Guys Who Brought You "Smang It" Are Back To Make Your "Crotch Rock"

Turquoise Jeep strikes again in the BuzzFeed premiere of their new video for "Crotch Rock That, Girl."

There's A New Video Out For Aretha Franklin's 'Respect' And Its Kind Of Amazing

The classic track gets a crazy gender-swap treatment. Ladies: kick back, relax, and enjoy the show.

A History Of The Best Awards Show After-Party Pics

Awards shows are always a good time. There's the surprise and anticipation, the witty jokes during the opening monologue, the inevitable slipups, falls, and wardrobe malfunctions. But, the true joy of awards season lies in that shining beacon of…

Types Of Baristas - Small Talk Experts, Tip Flirts, Lifers, And More

Have you met the Tip Flirt? What about the Condescending Coffee Snob?

21 razones por las que nunca deberías hacerte ilusiones

Cuando la vida te da limones, ¡al diablo con todo!

Crumblr: It's Like Tinder, Only Tastier!

The only (fake) dating app you'll ever need. NSFW.

New Gun Safety Ad Urges People Not To Be "Dumbasses"

"The right to bear arms should not be long as people aren't being dumbasses about it."

Watch A Man Crush An Adorable Baby's Basketball Dreams

Ain't nobody safe in these streets. Even this adorable little girl.

Someone Made A Real-Life, Playable Version Of "Flappy Bird" Inside A Box

Finally, a Flappy Bird you can physical destroy.

28 Times Joe Biden Stole Your Heart

He's a big f*cking deal.

Exclusive: OpenTable Competitor CityEats Is For Sale

No appetite for the service among consumers.

What If Michelle Tanner Never Existed?

I see dead Tanners. #PLOTTWIST

What It's Like To Enter A Marathon, As Told By Kristen Wiig GIFs

It seems like a good idea at the time. Shit is ROUGH.

Which "Girls" Character Are You?

I just want a quiz who wants to hang out all the time and thinks I’m the best person in the world.

Bill O'Reilly Thinks You're A Stupid Dummy

Fox News' highest rated host says the internet is ruining young people's minds.

24 Cats That Really Love Sinks

But they hate water? Who knows, cats are weird.

The 30 Most Fantastic Ice Skating Outfits Of The '90s

Surya Bonaly and Kristi Yamaguchi deserve medals for their fashion choices.

10 Reasons Byron Bay Should Be Your Next Vacation

Because the fact that it's in Australia is just the cherry on top.

Dear #Shakespeare, Your Residual Checks Are In The Mail. RE: #HouseofCards

Because seriously, we've been stealing from you for years.

9 Things A Girl's Female Friends Are Best At

Your close pals likely come in all stripes, but there are just some things a girl needs her female friends for.

19 projetos "faça-você-mesmo" para os obcecados com viagem

Porque literalmente não há nada melhor do que alimentar o seu desejo de viajar

Watch Ellen Degeneres And Rebel Wilson Rap A Song About Internet Cats

The new pop duo, Rebellen, is back (for the first time) with their new hit "Watching Cats On The Internet."

Kate Upton Is On The (Back) Cover Of This Year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Consider the script flipped. She also did a shoot in zero gravity.

The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, And The Cool Gay Auntie

So... I need pubic hair advice. I've been considering sleeping with women, and in my imagining of it, there's a lot more oral sex than I've typically had with men. Which I'm totally down for, but I'm really turned off by the idea of such close… First of all, you should be aware that…

43 Celebrities Who Swear By Yoga

Besides Sting. Namaste in shape, everybody.

Obama Condemns Violence In Ukraine, Tentative "Truce" Declared

A day after the bloodiest in Ukraine's 22-year post-Soviet history, the U.S. and European Union threaten sanctions. Update: Ukraine's president and the opposition have agreed to a truce to end the bloodshed.

Artist Destroys Million Dollar Vase In A Protest To Call Attention To Local Artists

Maximo Caminero, a Miami-based artist, smashed an incredibly valuable vase created by artist Ai Weiwei in protest of what he viewed as the Pérez Art Museum Miami's unfair focus on international artists over local ones.

Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez Are Totally Dating

Model Cara Delevingne is said to have been dating actress Michelle Rodriguez for the past six weeks.

22 Cosas que ocurren en comedias románticas, que no ocurren en la vida real

"Realmente deberías dejar de creerte las tonterías de los clichés de Hollywood sobre el amor verdadero".

25 anéis de noivado deslumbrantes que não são feitos com diamantes

Diamantes nem sempre são os melhores amigos das garotas, e tudo bem.


Their new album "Voices" is out on February 18th. See why we think they're going to take over the world.

30-Minute Workout: Get Total-Body Toned With This No-Equipment Circuit Workout

Get a full-body calorie-blasting burn without any equipment—anytime, anywhere

Edward Snowden Elected Rector Of Glasgow University

The NSA whistleblower will now represent the interests of students in the Scottish city.

Bad Clown Pickup Lines

Clowns need love too.

Finland's Olympic Female Hockey Goalie Says She Will Quit If She Can't Play On A Men's Team

Female hockey players make significantly less money than men. Finland's goalie, Noora Räty, says she will be forced into retirement if she can't play on a professional competitive team.

Michelle Rodriguez Opens Up About Her Relationship With Cara Delevingne

The couple has reportedly been dating since January. Update: Michelle Rodriguez's rep has denied these claims, stating Rodriguez never gave an interview to The Mirror.

18 Signs You've Moved From Los Angeles To New York

Because you'll always be an Angelino at heart.

Rihanna Is Vogue's March Cover Gal

Rihanna covers Vogue's March 2014 issue and talks style and career.

23 problemas que solo las chicas de los años 90 entenderán

¿Por qué llamarlos pendientes "adhesivos" si en realidad no se pegan?

19 receitas de espaguete divertidas e fáceis de fazer para o jantar

Porque molhos de tomate prontos não são realmente aquela maravilha.

This Adorable Pup Is Living Out The Work Hard, Sleep Hard Motto

Why count sheep if you can sleep on them?

26 Reasons You Were Not A Gym Class Hero

If you had to run for your life you'd probably die.

Anna From "Frozen" And Frozone From "The Incredibles" Have Met

No snowman building for this grown ass man.

12 Intimate, Intense Portraits Of High School Girls Wrestlers

Photographer Aaron Lavinsky captures the faces — and bruises — of young competitors at a tournament in western Washington.

Democrats Turn To Progressive Agenda To Motivate 2014 Voters

Facing a huge midterm drop-off in the turn out among their key supporters, Democrats are starting to make direct appeals. Operatives point to the Virginia governor's race as proof they can turn people out in an off year.

Which Character From "The Sopranos" Are You?

Meet me at the Bing afterwards to discuss your result.

"Loud Music" Shooter Michael Dunn: "I'm The Victor"

The Florida state's attorney's office releases new audio of Michael Dunn's jailhouse phone calls. "I'm the fucking victim here, I was the one who was victimized."

Flappy Bird: The Final Chapter

Those endless days of wondering who the Bowser of Flappy Bird is are over.

Young & Sick's New Song "Glass" Will Melt Your Winter Blues

The kind of mysterious, U.S.-via-Holland renaissance man is your new music crush.

Kelly Is The Sheltie You Need To Follow On Instagram

This cutie from Japan loves to travel and takes the best pictures on IG.

Watch The First 12 Minutes Of SundanceTV's "The Red Road"

Get a sneak peek at the latest original drama series from the network behind Top of the Lake, Rectify, and The Returned, exclusively on BuzzFeed. Khal Drogo alert!

There’s A New Queen In Town

And her name is Katy-Patra

A "True Detective" Reading List

A list of dark, weird, and Southern gothic books that every fan of HBO's True Detective should read.

IOC Defends Removal Of Italian LGBT Activist From Sochi Olympic Village

"We would ask anyone to make their case somewhere else," an IOC spokesman said.

The 10 Best Friendships in Literature

Celebrate National Friendship Month with these 10 novels that feature the best best friends.

A Definitive Ranking Of 13 Disney Princesses By Badassness

The bravery, intelligence, and capacity for love of these girls (or rather, some of these girls) puts us mere mortals to shame.

L'évolution du hip-hop résumée par Jimmy Fallon et Will Smith

Le présentateur et l'acteur ont repris toutes les danses hip-hop des trente dernières années. En salopette délavée, bien sûr.

At Least 13 Dead, Dozens Injured As Ukraine Protests Turn Violent Again

Ukrainian security forces say they will use "harsh measures" against the opposition if their ultimatum is not met. Update: Police say six policemen and seven protesters have died. WARNING: Graphic content.

22 Times Lupita Nyong'o Proved She's A Flawless Fashion Genius

So many perfect red-carpet moments. So. Many.

27 Questions You Should Never Ask The Internet

Of what is the spirit made, and where can I get my genital warts removed? Inspired by Facepalm.

Which Type Of Haruki Murakami Character Are You?

Are you a talking cat, a disappearing tomboy, or an erotically compelling ear?

38 cosas que nunca experimentarás otra vez

Nunca es lo mismo después de la primera vez.

Esse cara enfia objetos caseiros na própria barba e isso é estranhamente hipnotizante

Pierce Thiot tem uma barba muito hirsuta, e sua mulher tira fotos dele com um monte de coisas esquisitas nela. Que bacana!

Secret Menu Items - Testing Secret Fast Food Menu Items At 8 Chains

Fast-food chains have secrets, and we're not talking sauce (it's just Thousand Island!). Almost every chain has a clandestine list of items just waiting to be discovered, forever rendering your typical order of a "#1 with Coke" bland. But which are…

20 Signs Your Crafting Is Getting Totally Out Of Hand

The first step to recovery is accepting you have a problem decoupaging a hand mirror.

55 Of The Most Awesomely '90s Brit Awards Photos Ever Taken

The fashion, the performances, just WOW.

Raed Fares Will Keep Working To Make You Care About Syria Even If It Kills Him, And It Might

Raed Fares, a prominent activist working in Syria, narrowly survived an assassination attempt last month. In an interview across the border in Turkey, where he's recovering, he said he's going back — even though he expects to be attacked again. "I have a lot of work to do."

Makers Of Candy Crush Officially File For $500 Million IPO

King Digital Entertainment filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday announcing it would seek an initial public offering. The company's wildly popular Candy Crush Saga allegedly generates $310 million per year.

7 Quick Dinners To Make This Week

This effing winter just won't stop — at least you can stay in and cook.

25 Problems Only Bridesmaids Will Understand

So much drama and it isn't even your wedding.

Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg Participates In His Toughest Competition Yet: The Snack Olympics

Sage loves nothing more than snowboarding and snacks. But can he take home another gold? BuzzFeed put him to the test.

Who Would Be In Your Dream Cop Show Cast?

Because the world needs more cop shows.

If There Is "A Groundswell Of Support," The IOC Might Add Nondiscrimination Rules For Future Hosts

But it's not currently under discussion in a review of the Olympic bidding process, an IOC spokesman said.

19 White Dudes With Afros

White Dudes with Afros are a breed unto their own. The White Boy Afro also has a certain poetry to it. Whether that poetry is from Lord Byron or Nickleback is up to you, dear reader.

30 Underrated TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch Immediately

Already finished House of Cards season 2? Here are 30 more criminally underrated shows that deserve some of your TV attention. At least until Game of Thrones comes back.

The 10 Pieces Your Closet Really Needs

There's an inevitable ebb and flow to which bits of your wardrobe you actually wear. For every couple of weeks you find yourself reaching for that one peplum top, that same piece will stay buried in the back of your closet for months. However,… Unless you're a true iconoclast (in which case, get it girl!), this stable of essentials should serve you well for as long as your items hold up. Always on trend, always relevant, and always appropriate, these items are the pieces that'll elevate everything else you own. For those reasons, choose wisely. Though they're basics at heart, the pieces you pick should be perfectly aligned with your quirks. Ahead, check out the ten fashion staples every woman should own in a few fun options that'll satisfy almost any taste.

Is Shimon Peres The Only Man In Israel Who Still Believes There Will Be Peace?

Peres, who still meets regularly with the top Palestinian leadership, says that making peace is "the only business" he cares about.

9 Things Malcolm X Said In His Last Ever Public Speech

On Feb. 18 1965, Malcolm X delivered his last public speech to a packed audience of students and teachers at Barnard College. He was assassinated three days later.

Inside The Anti-Pot Mindset

The latest viral buzz from

Why Do So Many Americans Hate Their Jobs?

According to Chicago-based CareerBuilder, about one in five American workers (21%) say they plan to look for a new job this year, and far and away the most common reason cited is "job dissatisfaction."

This Urban Adventurer Takes Pictures That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

For the past six years daredevil Lucinda Grange from Hartlepool has travelled the world scaling famous buildings and structures and taking pictures from the top.

Krispy Kreme Introduces Two New Flavors

Krispy Kreme has made your morning coffee experience just a bit sweeter.

17 indicios de que tú eres el viejo de tu grupo de amigos

"¿Son las 11 de la noche y ustedes quieren salir?"

Norwegian Biathlete Nearly Loses Gold Medal In The Most Embarrassing Way Possible

The race is never over until you cross the finish line.

41 Vintage Pictures Of Heathrow Airport That Show Air Travel Was Once A Stylish Affair

This is what flying looked like when it was still cool.

Cat Models Latest Must-Have Accessory For Spring 2014

Chester won't be caught without his catnip pickle and you shouldn't either!

This Woman Loved Coffee So Much She Was Laid To Rest In a Costa Coffin

Karen Lloyd's family decided to pay tribute to her love of caffeine with this casket.

Thousands Of People Are Trying To Play Pokémon At Once And It's Going Disastrously

Twitch Plays Pokémon is an online multiplayer version of the 1996 Gameboy game.

22 gueules de bois qu'on a tous connues

De « Je me sens bien » à « Ceci est un cercle de l'enfer. » On est tous passé par là.

2013 James Tiptree Jr. Winner And Honoree List

The James Tiptree Jr. Award was created in 1991 at WisCon, an annual Science Fiction and Fantasy award that expands or explores our understanding of gender. "The aim of the award is not to look for work that falls into some narrow definition of political correctness, but rather to seek out work that is thought-provoking, imaginative, and perhaps even infuriating. The Tiptree Award is intended to reward those women and men who are bold enough to contemplate shifts and changes in gender roles, a fundamental aspect of any society." Past recipients include Caitlin R. Kiernan, Andrea Hairston, Catherynne M. Valente, Joe Haldeman, John Kessel, Nicola Griffith and more. Here's this year's winner and other titles honored by this year's jury.

38 Reasons You Need To Go To Cornwall

You wouldn't let a little thing like a rail line being down stop you, would you?

Supercut Of This Year's Oscar Nominated Films

Less than two weeks to go until the Academy Awards! What's your favorite Best Picture movie this year?

5 Marvellous Literary Scenes Made Out Of Lego

Including the Red Wedding...

Flayed Alive In Uzbekistan, Frozen Out By Great Britain

Kayum Ortikov says Uzbek authorities ran him through a horrifying gauntlet of torture because of his job at the British Embassy. Since his release, Britain hasn't rushed to help him.

French Police Have Detained A Man Connected With The 2012 Alpine Killings

A 48-year-old man has reportedly been detained by police.

8 Kids' TV Theme/Hip-Hop Mash-Ups That Will Make You Smile

Kids' TV was a lot more gangsta than you remember. You've probably forgotten how dope some of the rhymes on it were. Here's a reminder.

This Is What The "Aladdin" Characters Look Like In Real Life

Exclusive: See the characters of Broadway's Aladdin in full costume! We spoke with the cast of the upcoming show for a behind-the-scenes look at the movie turned musical.

6 Things Facebook Knows About Your Love Life

Women like older men, relationships that start in winter last longer, and Jedis have a tough time, according to Facebook's data geeks.

The Detained Members Of Pussy Riot Have Now Been Released

Maria Alekhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were both held by police in Sochi, only to be released hours later.

12 Pictures Of Death Row Prisoners' Last Meals

Photographer Henry Hargreaves re-created them for his series No Seconds.

"The Bachelor" GIF Recap Week 7: Welcome To Miami

This Week on The Bachelor: Sharleen has second thoughts, Nikki and Clare don't like each other, and Juan Pablo cries (twice!)

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