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February 16, 2014

Pace Car Catches On Fire In NASCAR Race [VIDEO]

Chevrolet says it's investigating cause of pace car fire at NASCAR exhibition race.

10 Celebrity Siblings Who Probably Have Really Proud Parents

When the parents of these celebrities go to their neighbourhood barbecues and book clubs they must find it REALLY hard not to brag about their impressive gene pool...

13 Underwater Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

With a pool, camera, and some lights, Dana Chapman of Virginia Beach, VA captures images that will make you say "WHOA!"

Angel Haze & Sia Are Fierce Fighters In The New "Battle Cry" Video

Angel Haze premieres music video for her song Battle Cry, featuring Sia.

Kanye & Kim Kardashian Get Matching Yeezys For The Whole Famleezy

Kim and Kanye get matching Air Yeezys for baby North.

5 Signs Someone's On ADDerall/ Vyvanse/"Limitless Pills"

Let's face it Generation-Y, we've all indulged ourselves in the "little helpers" called Adderall at some point along our growing-up journey. Whether it be to stay up for all of Grad Night (because the two breathalyzers on the way in eliminated your chances of drinking) with your entire Graduating class, all of you happy and confusing as shit to the supervision who watched you all doze through four years of High School and suddenly wake up for this all-nighter, to get you through midterms from every fine institution from Yale to Brigham Young University to community college, or, to quote my fifteen year old little brother who just had his first experience and called to tell me about it: "Just to try it." Don't get me wrong, I sometimes see the pro's of this stuff, but for people who actually have ADD or ADHD, which contrary to popular belief is not EVERYONE, thus the cracked-out teens and young adults we see running rampant through society. Its no wonder this stuff was once taken off the pharmeceutical market after the side effects of Obetrol (the first name of Adderall) were discovered to be far worse than the positive side of it (weight loss) before the year 2000. See for yourselves...

This Raccoon Is Just As Addicted To Bubble Wrap As You Are

Pop. Pop. Pop pop pop pop poppoppoppop.

Hey Swiffle Ad! Meet Your Grandmother...

Did you love the Swiffle rejected Super Bowl commercial? Did you know it has a long-lost grandmother?

21 señales de que te quedas despierto hasta tarde

Dormir es para las personas que NO tienen Netflix.

Which Is The Best Viral Cover Of "Let It Go"?

Which "Frozen" cover is your favorite?

This Is How You Binge-Watch "House Of Cards" Season 2

Because you weren't going to accomplish anything this President's Day weekend anyway.

21 Kangaroos Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Think you're having a shocker? Spare a thought for these guys.

19 Reasons HBO's "Looking" Should Just Be About Dom And Doris

"Did you just fuck the pain away with the cast of Wicked?"

20 Signs Your Uncle Is Awesomely Bad At Vine

He may have confused making a Vine with sending a text. Or he might be the next David Lynch. Does it even matter? Ever since my 65-year-old uncle got on Vine I can't stop watching his amazing posts. Here's why:

15 Reasons Why Unemployment Isn't So Bad As Told By "Girls"

This is in no way encouraging you to lay in bed and eat bonbons for the rest of your life but hey, landing a job is hard. There's no reason why you shouldn't take advantage of your involuntary vacation. Also, what are bonbons?

Special: Goth Rosary's Top 13 Fragrances

I've mentioned Goth Rosary several times now. They create all-natural fragrances with darker, Gothic leanings. You can purchase them at I decided to treat myself to a sampler set of all 22 scents, and spent a wonderful couple of weeks wearing a different one every day. I found all of them unique, interesting and really appealing, especially to one of Gothic sensibilities! Moreover, I found them very kind to my skin; I'm allergic to alcohol-based scents, and found these oils gave me no reactions at all! Below, I've reviewed my top 13 fragrances from Goth Rosary's collection. I strongly recommend all Goths, male and female alike, should check them out! (you can find the Goth types featured here on my deviantArt account,

37 Jaw-Dropping New Aerial Shots Of Flooding Along The River Thames

Houses near the river Thames have suffered a week of flooding after the river burst its banks on February 10. A series of aerial shots taken today reveal the true extent of the damage.

Why '80s Movie Remakes Are (Usually) A Bad Idea

Of the three '80s remakes opening this weekend, only About Last Night really did well. And yet, Hollywood can't seem to shake its appetite for re-creating past hits.

19 Common White Guy Photos On Tinder

I recently downloaded Tinder, Here are the photo trends I've noticed and what I assume these men are trying to communicate but choosing them. Keep in mind these are men in there early to mid 20's because this is the age range I search in. Green glasses or other silly stickers have been adorably added to help protect the Tinderer's identity.

Why Drew Barrymore Is The Queen Of Chick Flicks

Drew just seems to be in all of the best romantic comedies

15 Beautiful Celebrity Men Who Graced The 2014 BAFTAs Red Carpet

Just a nice opportunity to appreciate some lovely men in some lovely suits, really.

All The Fashion At The 2014 BAFTAs

What a bunch of beauties.

This Animated Music Video Jamaica Made For Its Bobsled Team Is Freaking Perfect

"It's bobsled time!" We salute you, Jamaican tourism board.

Cómo saber si te sientes atraída por Josh Hutcherson

Esta publicación demostrará o desmentirá tu deseo por Josh Hutcherson. Buena suerte.

Katy Perry & John Mayer Are Maybe, Possibly Engaged

After leaving a Valentine's Day dinner wearing a gold ring, Katy Perry fuels rumors about a possible engagement to rocker John Mayer.

26 conflitos que todo fóbico por germes irá entender

Porque o mundo é um lugar sujo, muito sujo.

11 Reasons The Biathlon Is The Most Bad Ass Of All Olympic Sports

I guess I'll start taking the stairs... starting tomorrow.

Simon Cowell Shares First Photos Of Newborn Baby Son Eric

Who knew he could be such a softie?

Mizzou Students Give Standing Ovation To Michael Sam, Block A Westboro Baptist Church Protest

The out gay football star received a standing ovation while Westboro picketers were totally owned by peaceful counter protesters.

27 Delicious Lemon Desserts

Life giving you lemons is pretty much the best thing that can happen.

8 Young Adult Books More People Should Know About

Contemporary, fantasy, paranormal (oh my!)

What Wayne Rooney's New Contract Means

With a new contract earning him £300,000 a week we investigate how the Manchester United footballer compares to everyone else.

Rescuers Start Bringing Up Dozens Of Trapped Illegal Miners In South Africa

A rescue operation is underway to free trapped illegal miners near Johannesburg, South Africa, but some are remaining underground to avoid arrest. This story is developing.

New Bobsled Design Sets The Ice On Fire

BMW teamed up with the USA Olympic team to design a lighter and faster bobsled.

7 Things We Felt On Our White Castle Valentine's Day Dinner Date

What it's really like to eat Valentine's Day dinner in a White Castle.

10 Lies Your Hairstylist Tells You

We've all been there: You're in the salon, discussing a potential new cut, and your stylist admonishes that, no, that would never work on you. Or, while getting a blowout, you watch the pro's jaw drop when you own up to using whatever shampoo came… Well, we hate to be all dramatic, but you've probably been lied to. Hair myths are one thing, but in our experience, it seems that some hairstylists seem to throw around commands and rules that we should maybe just take with a splash of salt (spray). To get down to the bottom of it, we asked a few of our personal hair Yodas to set the record straight on some of the common tall hair tales we've heard. Read on, and breathe easy. We'll get to the bottom of this hairy situation, once and for all! Want even more R29? Get the latest news, tips, and can't-resist stories delivered straight to your newsfeed, in real time.

15 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer In "Frozen"

Snowman building aside, there are somethings I need to know.

21 Best Whiskey Bars In America

If you like drinking whiskey, we've got 21 bars you must visit immediately, or no one will think you like drinking whiskey anymore.

"Snake Salvation" Reality Show Star Dies From Snake Bite

Jamie Coots died Saturday night after refusing treatment.

"Sweet Child O Mine" Gets A Surprising Cover

Guns N Roses created it...but an amazing thing happened on the way to a cover version.

59 razones por las que el negro es el color de boda más elegante

Está bien usar el negro como tu color de boda, lo juro.

Obama: Congress Will Pass Immigration Reform By 2017 [UPDATE]

Congress will pass U.S. immigration reform legislation before 2017, President Barack Obama said in an interview that aired Friday.

Are You Addicted To Makeup?

It's OK — we're all here for you.

27 coisas terrivelmente constrangedoras que nunca deixarão de ser constrangedoras

Estações mudam, pessoas mudam, pais mudam. Mas estas coisas sempre serão constrangedoras. Inspirado por este thread do Reddit.

This Is Why Squids Will Destroy Humanity

There's something very fishy going on.

Here's What Palestine Looked Like In 1896

The sight of Christians, Jews and Muslims, all living peacefully side-by-side, may make you a little sad.

26 Times That Tim Riggins Was Pure Perfection

Clear eyes, full hearts, Riggins — can't lose.

These Knickers Will Warn Your Partner When It's Your Period

Or you could just, you know, tell them.

This Horse Sheltered From Storms In His Owner's House And Now He Won't Leave

It's clearly not a STABLE tenancy agreement but they can't give him the HOOF yet. Oh yes.

9 Stunning Portraits Made With Found Objects

Jane Perkins works with everything from buttons and beads to shells and plastic spoons. She never manipulates their colour: she just organises them into images.

41 truques geniais para acampar

Essas dicas e truques irão garantir que você fique totalmente feliz acampando neste verão.

Las diferentes etapas cuando te quedas solo en casa

¿Los compañeros de apartamento salieron? ¡Yupi! Analicemos cómo evolucionan las etapas emocionales desde que salen hasta que finalmente vuelven a casa.

25 Pictures Of Londoners On Their Commutes

In celebration of the tube's 150th birthday, Brendan Doherty has photographed Londoners on the underground. Via Camden Collective.

This Abandoned Japanese Theme Park Is The Strangest Place You'll See Today

Gulliver’s Kingdom theme park in Japan was left to ruin after the owners closed it down in 2001.

This Is Britain's Youngest Lollipop Man

Charlie Rogers is a little boy who knows exactly what he wants to be when he grows up.

This Car Made Of Lego Bricks Has A Top Speed Of 30 km/h

Romanian tech prodigy Raul Oaida, 20, used more than 500,000 standard Lego pieces to construct the vehicle.

20 Reasons Why Mirai-chan Is Cooler than You

Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them. (Dr. Seuss)

New Zealand's Prime Minister Has Confirmed He's Not A Reptilian Shapeshifting Alien

3News reports that John Key was forced to publicly deny the rumours.

This Man Owns Every Replica Wand From The Harry Potter Films

Richard Hutton, 43, now has one of only three complete collections of replica wands in the world.

15 Perks Of Being A Pessimist

And they say the glass is half empty?

This Homeless Man Says He's One Of The Best Chess Players In Cambridge

Slide Martins calls himself a "Knight of the Road".

Miranda Barbour Says She Stopped Counting Her Victims At 22

A teen satanist charged in one murder along with her husband alleges she's a serial killer and police in Pennsylvania say they are taking her claims seriously.

15 Underwater Creatures You Might Not Know Their Names

A travel photographer/diver took picture of these beautiful creatures then posted it on his website You should put 'Lembeh island' (in North Sulawesi, Indonesia) to your travel destination's list!

Vancouver Has Crack Pipe Vending Machines Now

Two machines have been established by the Portland Hotel Society, a drug treatment centre, so that habitual drug users have access to clean pipes.

Brand Minimalism

Shopping in a supermarket can be visually overwhelming. Designer Mehmet Gozetlik took the packaging of some well-known brands and simplified them (part two). It's interesting how some of these work and some don't. Duracell works really well because…

Tina Turner Didn't Have Stroke, Oprah Says

Tina Turner had flu weeks ago, but didn't have stroke, friend Oprah Winfrey says.

Kanye West Gets Real About Kim Kardashian In This Seriously Raunchy "Drunk In Love" Remix

Kanye West talks Kim Kardashian in this brand new remix of Beyonce's "Drunk in Love".

13 Reasons Why Erin Condren Runs The Planner Business

Because nothing feels better than being organized -- and Erin Condren knows it.

30 Things You Won't Need 30 Years From Now

Prepare to say goodbye to your clothing, hangovers, and heartbreak.

Mistrial On First-Degree Murder Charge In "Loud Music" Killing Of Teenager In Florida

Michael Dunn was found guilty on other lesser charges, including second-degree murder for shooting into a car full of teenagers, after an argument about their loud music. A jury couldn't reach a decision on the most serious charge of first-degree murder for the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

Happy Valentine's Day To My Xanax

Dear Xanax, I can’t believe it’s been 15 years. Jesus, how time flies. Immediately before our impromptu rendezvous last night, I spent some time thinking about our memories together and broke down into a fit of frantic tears. You have supported me through public speaking events, blood draws and first dates. Just last year, you were there when I got stung by a bee at that wedding in Buffalo and collapsed on the church stairs, paralyzed by fear that I had somehow become…

Fat Kid Fridays, February 14th Edition: The Week's Most Ridiculous Eats, Ranked By Calorie Count

What's the fattiest thing of the week? Fat Kid Friday has the answer.

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