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42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You'll Want To Steal

You'll look back ever so fondly.

1. The sun shining through a heart.

2. An aerial view of the wedding dress in all its glory.

The most romantic picnic blanket ever.

3. Incorporating three generations of women.

4. A perfectly symmetric family photo.

5. Something a little silly, if you don't mind the groom having his head up your skirt.

6. A shot where you're surrounded by the people you love.

Inspire Photography

Draw the heart on the ground with chalk so your guests know where to stand.

7. The bridesmaids before they get ready.


Photograph by Ashley Shutter / Via

9. Fun with mirrors.


11. A shot of the couple before the wedding, reading each other's letters.

You won't NOT be able to look back on this without crying.

12. A "from below" shot of the bridesmaids' toast.

13. The "tiny bride" perspective pic.

14. Another requisite perspective pic.

15. An adorable shot of the bride with the flower girl.

16. Or flower girls.

Because they're small and they pretty much fit anywhere.

17. A "first look" not just with the groom, but with dad.

18. A "first look" with the bridesmaids.

19. A photo of your guests giving you ~a little privacy~ for your hot makeout sesh.


21. Some very goofy photos of the groomsmen.




Otto Schulze Photographers

Boys will be boys.

25. The first aerial view.

26. A photo with photos of your parents' wedding days.

Amanda Marean /

27. A cute photo op with your bridesmaids that lets you reminisce how far in your friendship you've come.

28. A shot with them at the bar...literally.

29. And because you know they'll be Instagramming the shit out of your dress...

30. Silly poses with each of your bridesmaids.

So you can send each girl a thank-you note with your picture together.

31. A romantic photo of the wedding party with the sweet ride you rented for the day.

32. A photo with everyone giving their best bouquet-face.

33. A photo you can include in your thank-you notes. / Via

You can buy the prop signs here.

34. A candid laughing photo.

35. One that incorporates your HUGE ROCK as well as your best furry friend.

Gambol Photography

36. A GIF.

Can you believe we've come this far in the modern age?? See a bunch more wedding photography GIFs here.

37. A pinky promise photo showing off your rings.

Jordan Jankun Photography / Via

38. A jumping photo that is adorable, not corny.

39. A photo with the kids that is perfectly worthy of framing.

40. A creative double-exposure.

You can ask your photographer to do this for you in Photoshop.

41. An artful reflection.

42. L-O-V-E.

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