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    18 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas You'll Want To Steal

    Bouncy castles, donut bouquets, and so much more.

    1. Ride into your reception on a pair of unicorn jet skis.

    2. Set up a bouncy castle so guests can have fun even when they're not on the dance floor.

    3. Invite some llamas to your big day for some extra-special photos.

    4. Opt for a flower grandpa instead of the traditional flower girl.

    5. Or some flower grandmas, if that's more your style.

    6. Surprise your future spouse with a playful ring inscription.

    7. Make your reception a neighborhood block party.

    8. Instead of a floral bouquet, opt for one made of donuts.

    9. Or ditch bouquets altogether and have your bridal party carry rescue puppies down the aisle.

    10. Rescue kittens work equally well, actually.

    11. Record a Drunk History version of how you met to play for your guests.

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    12. Incorporate details of your favorite fandom, whether it's Harry Potter...

    13. ...or Star Wars.

    14. Exchange Ring Pops if your rings aren't ready yet, or if you aren't doing wedding rings.

    15. Pick a wildly out-of-the-box location, like a net suspended high above a canyon.

    16. Get some custom wedding shoes that encapsulate everything about you, your spouse, and your wedding.

    17. Make a custom chalkboard sign that lets guests know exactly what your priorities are.

    18. And mix up the classic wedding toast with a mash-up of some of the most popular songs of all time.