Are You Addicted To Makeup?

It’s OK — we’re all here for you.

    1. Um, sex?
    2. Omg I waited for the new palette for MONTHS.
    1. Again, sex.
    2. A subtle peachy-pink that works on most complexions, even if it’s a little too sparkly for some peoples’ taste.
    1. I don’t know what that means but this quiz seems to be in a really sexual frame of mind so let’s go with that.
    2. If it weren’t so pricey, I’d bathe in the stuff.
    1. Marv Films
    1. Shutterstock
    2. Tal Peleg / Via
    1. $20 - $40
    2. $41 - $100
    3. Who the hell wants to know? I work hard and if I want to spend my money on looking FANTASTIC, that is my right and privilege.
    4. What even is that.
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    1. Radu Bercan / Shutterstock
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