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    This Car Made Of Lego Bricks Has A Top Speed Of 30 km/h

    Romanian tech prodigy Raul Oaida, 20, used more than 500,000 standard Lego pieces to construct the vehicle.

    The hot rod was the brainchild of Raul and Melbourne-based entrepreneur and marketer Steve Sammartino.

    Hepta/Barcroft Media

    Here it is in action.

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    The project was crowd funded, after Sammartino sent out a tweet which said: "Interested in investing $500 - $1,000 in a project which is awesome and a world first tweet me. Need about 20 participants."

    The car was constructed in the Oaida family garage in in Hunedoara, 400 km away from Bucharest, before being shipped to a secret location in Melbourne, Australia.

    Hepta/Barcroft Media

    Sammarino told the BBC: "What I am is a technology enthusiast and I wanted to show what is possible when you crowd-fund an idea and use young talented people. I met this crazy Romanian teenager on the web and we came up with the idea but I knew that I couldn't afford to fund it,"

    It took 18 months to build, and features four orbital engines and 256 pistons.

    Hepta/Barcroft Media

    And it runs on compressed air.

    Hepta/Barcroft Media

    The young Romanian designer is making a name for himself online, having previously built a jet engine-powered bicycle.

    Hepta/Barcroft Media

    He's also sent a Lego shuttle 35,000 km into space on a helium balloon.

    Hepta/Barcroft Media

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