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February 13, 2014

15 Songs That Speak From The Heart

Can't find the right words to tell that special someone how you really feel? Allow the music of these ZinePak alums to do the talking...

The Definitive Ranking Of Disney Princess Dresses

Because Disney sparkle is the best sparkle.

Introducing The Coolest Pug On Instagram: Pumba

Pumba the Pug loves "cuddles, socks and bacon." I think I found my spirit animal.

25 Epic Ways To Deface The Five Dollar Note

Australia's money may be colourful, but it's still boring as hell. One artist has set out to change that.

23 Problems Only '90s Girls Will Understand

Why call them "stick-on" earrings if they don't actually stick on?

Democrats Will Try To Force A Vote To Raise The Minimum Wage

Democrats announced Thursday they will try to get enough signatures on a petition to force a vote on raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour.

Applebees Knows What's Up During This Polar Vortex

Everything in your area closed? Not Applebees. Plus, they brought the beer & wings.

26 Powerful Photos From The Nashville Sit-Ins

On Feb. 13 1960, students in Nashville, Tenn. started a non-violent movement to end racial segregation at lunch counters in drug stores. This is what the movement looked like.

How Single Are You?

Because there's single and then there is SINGLE.

How To Have The Most Wonderful Valentine's Day Ever

Enjoy all of the chocolate, basically. As told by two Australian women.

Lebanese Skier Jackie Chamoun Investigated For Appearing In 'Racy' Youtube Video

Lebanese skier Jackie Chamoun is being investigated by the Lebanese Olympic Committee for appearing in a racy Youtube video wearing skis and a thong.

The Official "Lego Movie" Blooper Reel

We never knew Legos could act so well. We also didn't know how funny it would be when they don't.

Which Spice Girl Are You?

If you wanna be my lovah, you've gotta get with this quiz.

Taco Bell Just Cured Every Stoner's "Menu-Board Anxiety"

Taco Bell to release mobile ordering app.

24 Candy Hearts We Need In These Modern Times

"Fax me" ain't cutting it anymore, Necco.

A Genius Made It Look Like A Dog Is Eating With Human Hands And It Is Magical

This is why the internet is mankind's greatest achievement.

Here Are The Hilariously Realistic Valentines One Husband's Been Sending To His Wife

Ah, there's nothing like a mature and stable romance.

What Australian City Should You Actually Live In?

Everyone was born somewhere: doesn't mean you have to stay.

Is There Really Going To Be A Shitload More Snow In New York City Tonight?

It's been a rough week. So here's some more fucking snow.

Mattel Trolling "Society At Large," Not Girls, With Barbie's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Debut

People are wondering why Mattel paid for Barbie to appear in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue this month. The brand was just trying to get the grown-ups talking and it worked.

15 Acoustic Versions Of Songs That Will Move You To Tears

These versions are as raw as the emotions they evoke.

Aziz Ansari Is Becoming An Expert On Finding Love In A Digital World

The Parks and Recreation star talks exclusively to BuzzFeed about his new stand-up tour, the sociology book he's writing, and whether or not technology is ruining romance.

10 Pieces Of Advice For Sounding Like An Australian

An insider's guide to Exuding Aussie-ness. Disclaimer. You will not find the words crikey, shrimp, sheila or beer in this article.

Sensual Video Of Boxers Kissing Made To End Homophobia In Sports

A campaign by creative Perez Bros released a video called The Weigh in, that aims to end homophobia in the sport of boxing.

Is It Warmer Where You Are Or In Sochi?

How does your current winter weather compare to the balmy, 60-degree temps at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia?

71 razões pelas quais temos que SALVAR OS CORGIS DA EXTINÇÃO


Si tus películas favoritas de Disney fueran escritas por Woody Allen

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-la-di-da, la la. O algo así.

The Inspiring Story Of Students Who Are Immigrant Farm Workers By Day And A Football Powerhouse By Night

The Mendota football team out of California is being featured on ESPN's Outside the Lines for its unique story and transformational coach.

WTF Is Happening In Oakland These Days?

This local news report is the craziest thing you'll see today.

Left Out In The Cold

Comcast's surprise deal to acquire Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion leaves Charter Communications, led by CEO Tom Rutledge, with few options. Charter had been pursuing Time Warner Cable for months.

Is Anyone Out There Still Shopping On Flash Sale Sites?

With Gilt possibly gearing up for its IPO, we report on the long-term viability of the flash-sale e-commerce model.

The Dutch Are Having More Fun Than Everyone Else At The Olympics

All oranje, all the time. Hup Holland Hup!

Esquire Network Sees Sports-Themed Reality Shows As Key To Success

A new season of White Collar Brawlers, coupled with the buzz around Friday Night Tykes, represents the network's best chance yet to gain traction with a young male audience.

21 Things Cat Owners All Secretly Think Sometimes

Have you ever felt like you loved your cat more than you could even stand? Whisper feels you.

Former Hedge Funder Reveals Shirley Temple Inspired Rap Tribute To Now-Imprisoned Billionaire

"We trade stocks, and we do it well, our first trade was 100,000 warrants of Intel.”

A Russian Woman Speaks Out For LGBT Rights Using A Line From A Joss Whedon Show

As she said on The Daily Show, "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do."

Trainer Confessions: Exercises That Don't Do What You Think

At the gym, I see a lot of people working hard to tone up, trim down, and get stronger. But I also see folks making exercise choices under false assumptions—some based on outdated advice, some because they’re following the lead of other members, and… —Amy Roberts, NASM-CPT

32 Hilarious People Who Were Rejected By "Saturday Night Live" Lead The Daily Links

Plus how you do things differently than Beyoncé, an amazing Instagram account from Australia, and "Sesame Street Fighter."

What Would Jesus ACTUALLY Do?

Jesus glides for your sins. Comics by Cyanide & Happiness.

This Is How Beautiful And Weird The Food Court Of An Abandoned Mall Can Look

Turns out malls aren't such a bad place to be when they're completely empty.

7 Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

Here are some of the biggest proposal videos, all in one place, for you to enjoy when you have a few minutes to cry by yourself. Thanks to RightThisMinute for some of the finds!

A Guide To Living The "Spoice" Life Like U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg

"If they could have gourmet fast food, that would be insane."

17 Phrases Moms Say Illustrated By Cats

"Clean your room! Does it look like I'm kitten?"

Which Term Of Endearment Should You Use For Your Valentine?

Why settle for ubiquitous pet names like "honey," "sweetie," and "darling" when you could woo your beloved with lesser-known noms d'amour that capture the truest essence of your romance? Check out our guide to determine which pet name you should work into your lexicon this Valentine's Day.

This Baby Makes Shia LaBeouf's #IAMSORRY Stunt Totally Adorable

Because what all this weirdness needs is a little baby cuteness.

Watch Four Women React To Being Photoshopped Into Cover Models

"Once you take away your imperfections, there's not much left of who you really are."

What It's Like When You're Twenty-Something And Your Parents Adopt Three Babies

Crazy, right? Here are the stages you go through in this circumstance.

These Photographs Of An Unlikely Mermaid Marriage Tell A Fantastic And Tragic Love Story

Photographer Konashuk Anton tells a tragic story of how a you can take a mermaid out of the ocean, but she will always want to return.

Kate Middleton Takes Prince George On Vacation [VIDEO]

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton took her son Prince George on vacation in the West Indies.

We Hacked Anthropologie

Today: The Anthropologie "Hack" Previously: Super Bowl Face Paint Katie is a producer in Texas. Katy is a copywriter in California. They are best friends who met at piano lessons in the early 18th century. In “Just The Tips,” Katy and Katie heed the siren song of “best life” advice in the realms of fashion,…

Watch This Woman Use Makeup To Age, Die, & Be Reborn

A woman on Reddit used makeup to grow older, die, and be reborn. It's something to see. Click through to watch.

There Are No Words To Describe How Weird This Wrestling Video Is

That's because there literally are no words.

The Little Mermaid [WITH KITTENS]

New and improved! Disney's The Little Mermaid with an all kitten cast!

U-Kiss Is One Of The Most Popular K-Pop Groups In The World, So Why Aren't They Huge In Korea?

Six years in the game, sold out shows abroad, and still no love from their homeland.

20 Times Pizza Brought Out The Absolute Best In Everyone

Pizza is the world's greatest motivational speaker.

What Not To Say To Pregnant Women

It's not nice to make an expectant mom cry

21 Signs You Wear Too Much Makeup

You have to hide your alien face somehow.

New Yorkers Still Bought A Lot Of Stuff During The Polar Vortex

Chicagoans too — but not people in Atlanta. Square has released some spending data from those cities.

Katy Perry Sports The Most Intense Grill Ever In Her New Music Video

Wowza. She showed it off in the newly-released preview for her song "Dark Horse."

22 Things That Happen In Rom Coms That Don't Happen In Real Life

"You should really stop buying into this bullshit Hollywood cliché of true love."

13 Things You Didn't Realize Are Covered In Poop

So, when are hazmat suits coming into style?

For Valentine's Day, We Taste-tested Lubes, Edible Panties, And Other Adult "Romantic Aids"

With a team of strippers and celebrated non-strippers, we hit the adult sex shop…

31 das coisas mais fofas e graciosas que já aconteceram

Garantido que você vai dar um gritinho para cada coisa linda.

6 Classic Mickey Mouse Cartoons That Will Make You Long For Your Childhood

But don't worry you can watch them on youtube and reclaim your innocence.

The 36 Ways To Type Hi, Defined

Here's what your typed and texted versions of "Hayyy" actually mean.

19 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Matching

Because the saying is "like two peas in a pod," not one.

In 2014, No Two Internets Are Alike

The internet is consolidated into huge sites and social networks, but that doesn't mean it's uniform. Welcome to life as a constant A/B test.

A Dog's Guide To Enjoying Your Snow Day


Tell Us About Yourself(ie): Molly Sims

The actress, model, and all-around glamazon takes our Q&A.

Cosmo Objectifies Olympic Athlete In A Single Tweet

Cosmo's tweet about U.S Olympic skier, Julia Mancuso focuses on her body not her talents.

Democrats Know Getting Back The House Will Be Tough, But They're Cautiously Optimistic

House Democrats watched John Belushi's speech from Animal House to get pumped up for midterms on Thursday.

18 True Stories About Interracial Hook-Ups, Dating, And Relationships

"When my parents found out my boyfriend was half Chinese, they started calling him 'Yellow Submarine.'"

Hey, Winter, How About You Shut Up

Winter is a big idiot. Time to tell it how we really feel.

Indiana Marriage Amendment Proposal Will Not Be On 2014 Ballot

No amendments to the proposed constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples were called, ultimately disqualifying the measure from appearing on the November 2014 ballot.

Jimmy Kimmel Mocks The U.S. Olympic Lugers For Complaining About Gay Jokes

"How do you not make fun of a sport that's essentially high velocity spooning?"

9 Rejected Harry Potter Valentines That Are Magically Hilarious

Artist Ben Kling created some wizardly love letters that didn't quite make the cut.

21 Valentines For The "Sherlock" Fan In Your Life

Be the Watson to my Holmes, would you?

21 Cutest Baby Animal Hugs

To help thaw your frozen heart this winter...

Lil Bub Wins The Gold Medal In Couch Jumping, Our Hearts

Last year, Lil BUB could barely walk – but look at her now! You go, BUB!

14 Songs To Celebrate Singles Appreciation Day!

All the single ladies, all the single ladies... and gentlemen. This one's for you.

Rachel Frederickson Biggest Loser

Today, People revealed more details about its interview with Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson—specifically, how she'll adjust to transitioning out of weight-loss mode and into weight-maintenance mode: "That's going to be tricky," says…

Fox Business Host Says He'll Vote For Hillary Clinton Because She's "Ruthless"

“You know why I’d vote for her? I would vote for her because of her husband — because they’re the two most ruthless people on the planet.”

Russian Skating Couple Are Possibly The Most Adorable Pair Ever

Maxim Trankov and Tatiana Volosozhar are a couple on and off ice, but while they are incredibly strong and tough competitors, they are big softies in real life. And you need them in your life. NOW.

Watch Lindsay Lohan Crush A Stevie Nicks Classic

Lindsay Lohan belts out the Stevie Nicks classic, Edge of Seventeen.

Steps To Robbing A Fast-Food Joint According To Melissa McCarthy

She shows us exactly what to do in her new movie Tammy.

A Brief Guide To Modern Chivalry

Men of NYC: just do exactly this. Artist Nathan Pyle has created the perfect GIF guide to being a gentleman on a date.

21 Valentines To Send To Animal Lovers

...Or just your animal.

14 Songs You Can "Middle School" Slow Dance To

Arms extended, penguin waddle from side to side and look away from each other.

44 Photos Of The Country's Latest Bout With Winter Weather

Another winter storm marches through the East Coast and parts of the South.

{ 4 Free Printable Valentines Day Cards that Don't Suck }

So tomorrow is Valentine's Day. And if you are like the typical population out there you probably totally forgot. But when you go to the grocery store or wherever you get your cards, you'll notice a not so great selection. The racks will look like there has been a werewolf attack. Even any birthday cards that happen to have a heart or are red & pink are gone. These people made the same mistake you are making last year and vowed never to be in that position again. So what to do? Well I am here to save the butt's & the relationships of countless couples out there. For Valentine's Day I am giving away FREE printable versions of 4 of my favorite V-day designs. The great thing about these is unlike most FREE designs these are adorable & don't, well suck! Simply right click on any card you like (heck get all 4-they are FREE) and save as and then print on card stock. That's it! No really, THAT'S IT. Valentine's happiness will be yours. Although I always appreciate a social share or a shout out on blogs, making sure your relationship is intact is my only goal. So get printing and Enjoy!

Facebook Now Allows Users To Pick A Custom Gender Beyond Male Or Female

Users can now select up to ten gender definitions, thanks to a feature spearheaded by Facebook's Diversity Group.

What Type Of Relationship Should You Actually Be In?

Should you really be in a power couple or with your best friend?

Facebook's Two-Way Mirror

How the social network's transparency push may be fueling recent conspiracy theories.

9 Historic Olympic Cities And What They Look Like Today

Some venues were repurposed and used for years after the games; others were abandoned and fell to disrepair.

A Whole Lot Of People Aren't Happy About Comcast Buying Time Warner

The consolidation of anti-cable company rage...and jokes.

Zara Makes A Shoe That's Meant To Be Messed Up

Zara has created a pair of shoes that's actually intended to be messed up. You can fold these down into ready-made mules. Brilliant, or bad idea?

12 Reasons Why NBC's Olympics Coverage Sucks. #NBCFail

It's not just the tape delay. It's the overall experience. I stream everything because of #NBCfail.

U.S. Diplomats Kept In The Dark Over Arrest Of U.S. Embassy Employee

"Interfering with U.S. diplomatic missions should be a red line."

Why The Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger You Hate Will Be Approved Anyway

Comcast has been through this type of regulatory dance before, and has always won.

17 cidades excêntricas que você definitivamente precisa visitar

Apenas imagine como seria viver lá o tempo todo.

23 experiencias que te hacen sentir orgulloso de ser un hogareño

Hogareños, ¡reúnanse! Pero, como que por internet o algo así para que todos podamos quedarnos en la cama.

11 British TV Shows You Need To Become Aquatinted With

There's more than just Downton Abbey, Sherlock and Doctor Who.

American Figure Skater Jeremy Abbott Falls Badly, Gets Up, Kicks Ass

Abbott shakes off a crash at the very start of his routine.

"Immigration Is Beautiful" Mural Defaced With Racist Graffiti In Kansas

"KKK," "welfare," and "wetback" were scrawled on the artwork created by a group of high school students. "We're bringing to light the reality we live with everyday, we can choose to act like racism isn't out there, but it is."

Headshots And Secret Space Nazis

Master Chief is actually a futuristic fascist. Also, BOOM, your head is gone.

6 Crazy Roofs That Will Blow Your Mind

Be forewarned... You're about to have some serious roof envy.

The 18 Best Little Known Black History Facts

The Tumblr is back for its fourth year of teaching the people what The Man doesn't want them to know. Illustrations by Xavier Payne.

The Red Wedding As Told By Cats

There's a reason why the Lannisters' sigil is a lion, because only kitties are devious enough to have planned the Game of Thrones' Red Wedding. CAUTION SPOILERS.

What Happens If You Eat Too Many Gummy Vitamins?

You've probably been tempted to overdose on those sweet, squishy nutritional candies. A doctor tells BuzzFeed what'll *really* happen if you wolf more than you should.

Olympics Don't Stop Russia From Enacting International Gay Adoption Ban

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree that bans adoptions by same-sex couples and single people in countries that recognize marriage equality.

What State Do You Actually Belong In?

From quiz to shining quiz.

Aaron Paul Was His Usual Awesome Self While Hanging Out At Cheers In Boston

He went to the famous bar after a screening for his new movie Need For Speed, and invited everyone else to go with him.

11 Perfect Valentine's Day Desserts That Aren't Chocolate

Chocolate haters: You're wrong. But also, you deserve happiness.

Valentine's Day - Kirby Pixel Art with Jelly Belly

Don't give a Kirby Pixel Art to your lover for Valentine's Day... Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Why Woody Allen May Be The Real Brainwasher

The director's rebuttal to Dylan Farrow's allegations that he molested her depicts his ex, Mia Farrow, as a deceitful, manipulative, hate-mongering witch who brainwashed his child. A close examination of his own statements paints a different picture.

How Emotionally Unavailable Are You?

Take the quiz! Or don't. Whatevs. I don't care.

Venezuelans Build Barricades And Battle With Police During Protests For President's Resignation

"All of these problems — shortages, inflation, insecurity, the lack of opportunities — have a single culprit: the government."

What Is Your RuPaul IQ?

You're born naked and the rest is this quiz.

4 Gross-But-Weirdly-Wonderful Building Materials

Don't expect to see your regular bricks and mortar here. People are whipping up building materials out of urine and blood. No, really. Read on to be mostly amazed and a little disgusted. --Elizabeth Lilly,

Zander Robinson, Full Back For The Toronto Argonauts: "Love Is Love."

Get REAL is a university student-run non-profit, working to eliminate homophobia in high schools and middle schools. Zander is the first in our new "Young People Series." Love is Love, and Sports Are For Everyone. Thank you Zander.

Here's An 11lb Jug Of Nutella Just In Time For V-Day

The perfect last-minute gift for that Special Someone aka yourself

Literary Throwdowns: 7 Fistfights That Left Writers Black & Blue

Thirty-eight years ago today, Mario Vargas Llosa punched Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the face. It wasn’t the first lit brawl and it certainly wasn’t the last.

This Adorable Gay Couple Braved New York's Blizzard So They Could Get Married

A couple of gentlemen in super-sharp suits had their nuptials in Manhattan this morning, despite the winter storm pounding the city.

An SF Ex-pat's 6 Stages Of Grief

Hi. My name is Matt. Much like your urbane, fernet-swilling self, I once called San Francisco -- aka the greatest city in the world -- home. There, your life will change for the better: you will make amazing friends, have epic Winters in Tahoe, and…

9 livros que transformarão a sua vida sexual

Todos deveríamos lê-los para ontem.

10 Steps To Surviving Valentines Day For The Single Male

You don’t care about Valentines’ do you? It’s for wimps, right? So, why do you stop when you get to Love Actually on your Sky remote having worryingly seen it before. Hollywood, much like the eligible females, have overlooked the sensitive male, but worry not. Here are ten tips to get you through the longest day of the year.

10 Foods Made With The Subway Yoga Mat Chemical

Subway's definitely not the only one.

21 Flourless Chocolate Desserts That Will Never Let You Down

Dear chocolate, we can be gluten-free and happy—let's run away together.

This Guy's Been Making Vines Of Olympic Figure Skaters Dancing To '90s Music And It's Amazing

Smash Mouth is much better than whatever figure skaters normally dance to.

Massive Snowstorm In Northeast Leaves Loads Of Snow On Tables

Snow piling up on tables all over the Northeast!

No, These Are Not The Skulls Of Aliens

They're really, really not.

Watch This South African Man Do Something Cool With His NekNomination

The online drinking game usually involves filming yourself downing a drink and nominating the next person to do the same. When Brent Lindeque was nominated he did something quite different.

17 Genius Buys For A Much Better Commute

Ugh. Commuting. Such a simple word with so many unpleasant associations: stress, traffic, delays, overcrowded Metro cars. Not that we think the schlep to and from your 9-to-5 should be all sunshine and daisies — but wouldn't it be great if you could… Yep, it's possible — whether you want to use your commute to brush up on news, find some inner peace, or fit in a little exercise, we've got the solution. Ahead, the genius gadgets, apps, and accessories that will make the home-to-job journey so much better. Imagine that: A car, bus, or train ride that actually makes you feel better when you arrive at your destination. Let's go!

15 Reasons Why Comcast Buying Time Warner Cable Is The Worst News Ever

Comcast is about to be an even bigger cable giant...and that's terrible news.

This Single Woman Is Rebelling Against Marriage – With A Family Of Mannequins

Artist Suzanne Heintz's project "A Life Once Removed" is a statement against traditional family life and marriage, with added mannequins.

12 Great (or Hilarious) Apps For Valentine's Day

Depending on your view, you will either love or laugh at these apps. Happy Single's Awareness Day!

The "Trainspotting" Guide To Scotland

Because you know you want to follow in the footsteps of Renton, Sick Boy and Spud... just perhaps a little more sober.

Who Is Your Dream Celebrity Valentine?

Because you shouldn't be eating chocolate alone on Feb. 14.

The 39 Possible Outcomes Of Approaching Your Crush At A Party

So you've FINALLY decided to make the first move. What could go wrong?

An Olympic Skier's Trousers Fell Down During His Run

Don't worry, guys, I don't think anyone noticed.

17 choses qui se produisent après un coup d'un soir

Vous avez perdu le moral, votre dignité, et vos sous-vêtements.

The 15 Bands That Define Glam Metal

It's nothin' but a good time...

12 Reasons Book Lovers Do It Better On Valentine's Day

This one goes out to all you literary lovers out there.

Here Are The Winners Of The Westminster Cat Of The Year Competition

Battersea Dogs & Cats home has endured a brutal stint in politics.

Watch This Artist Age, Die, And Be Reborn Through The Power Of Makeup

Emma Allen puts your average Sephora shopper to absolute shame.

20 coisas que ninguém nunca te fala sobre comprar uma casa

Agente Depo Sitário... Quem é esse?

16 Increíbles viajes de mochilazo para hacer por lo menos una vez en la vida

Vamos, te espera el escabroso, polvoriento y espectacular camino.

This Story Of A Boy And His Dog Will Melt Your Heart

Last year film students at the University of Hertfordshire made a film about Owen and Haatchi. Their story is now being turned into a book.

Top 41 BuzzFeed Cupcake Recipes I Want To Try

Thank you, BuzzFeed, for ruining my diet again.

US Military Ready To Test Real Life Iron Man Battle Suits This Summer

Research has been under way on the Tactical Light Operator Suit for years and they will become a reality in June.

26 Incomparable TV Nerds

We are all Astrid, and we all love our nerds.

Lush's Response To Amazon Selling Fake "Lush" Products Is Very Clever

Lush has trademarked and created products named after's managing director, which it describes as being "rich, thick and full of it." Burn.

25 coisas que ninguém lhe avisa sobre o seu primeiro apartamento

Infelizmente, a Fada do Papel Higiênico não vai lhe fazer nenhuma visita.

El único problema con las películas de "Harry Potter"

Todo fue fabuloso hasta el último minuto de la última película.

This 30-Foot "Star Wars" Tapestry Is What You Need To Complete Your Home

May the force of the 30-foot tapestry be with you.

Team USA Sweeps Men's Ski Slopestyle In Sport's Olympic Debut

Turns out slopestyle is kind of our thing.

Atlanta's Premier Rolling Stones Tribute: The Jagged Stones

Unbelievably talented band pays tribute to the The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World

20 Everyday Things Everybody Hates Doing

You've never been good at the dailiness of daily life.

The Official Ranking Of Herbs, From Worst To Best

An entirely scientific review.

26 Astonishing Before-And-After Photos Of U.K. Flooding

We compare how parts of the U.K. looked just a few weeks ago to present day, following the flooding of many residential areas.

12 Valentine's Cards For The Science Nerd In Your Life

Cut one out and give it to your sweetheart to tell them they are the ln(e).

Are Panel Shows Really Lacking In Female Panelists?

Last year, 72% of all of guests on Have I Got News For You were men.

26 Awesomesauce Parks And Recreation Valentine's Day Gifts

Happy Galentine's Day you beautiful tropical fish. I love you and I like you.

15 Of The Greatest Music Movies

Grab a friend, sit down, turn on the TV, and TURN UP THE VOLUME.

8 Places To Visit In Crown Heights, Brooklyn

There is so much more to Brooklyn than what's off the L train

18 situations que tous les serveurs connaissent

« Bonjour, je suis là pour m'occuper de votre table que je le veuille ou non. »

Texas Sportscaster Delivers A Brilliant Takedown Of NFL Bigots

If you have preconceived notions about Texans and tolerance, Dale Hansen — a sportscaster for ABC's Dallas affiliate WFAA — might surprise you with his thoughts on Michael Sam. Someone give this man a raise.

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